Next day,Populus slept in until nine o’clock,Woke up,It feels so good。

He just saw,Hua Zi has already called him three calls,The earliest is after seven o’clock。yesterday,Everyone make an appointment,Went to a place this morning。
Hu Yang glanced at Jianbao Live Room System。
Ok!No daily check-in task,Very humane。
He dialed Hua Tsai’s phone,Ponder,How can I upgrade the primary treasure hunter?。
Task of access system?Still how?No experience value displayed,I can’t see it at all!Populus spit again:Really a defective system,So many loopholes。
“Wah Tsai,Sorry!Just woke up,but,You too early。Where is it now?”Hu Yang asked。
At this moment,Hua Zai has been to the place Populus said,Waited for more than an hour。first day“Go to work”,How to give“leadership”A good impression?
and so,He went out earlier,The breakfast his mother prepared。
The family knows he has found a job,I didn’t ask much about the profession,Anyway, support,Better than staying at home。
“I remember there is a place for morning tea around there,You go up and book two seats,Let’s eat some。”Hu Yang said to him。
As someone who has been in love,He can cook,But today is a bit late,Too lazy to do it,I’ll eat out。In their Yangcheng,The most famous is morning tea,All kinds of exquisite dim sum are world famous。
Hua Zi is very depressed,I knew this,Don’t eat it, just come out。
As a native of Yangcheng,He has not eaten authentic morning tea many times。To know,Eat in those tea houses,Why should it cost one or two hundred??They eat rice rolls at the roadside stall,Only a few dollars。