“This turtle carapace actually has an advanced function,Is to help children stimulate their potential,Adjust bones,Grow the way the family needs,In other words,A child wearing a turtle carapace,Can actively choose future career,Pre-lay the foundation for the chosen profession。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

After saying this,The whole audience seemed to be ignited,The crowd is boiling。
“I have to order one from Beigong,Do not,Order three!”Bei Gongwang quickly shouted。
“Our Sun Du clan also wants one!”
“Xiangliu wants two pieces!”
“Order now!I want five pieces from the fire!”
Suddenly passionate in the banquet hall,Everyone is ignited。
To know,The point Lu Menglin said just now,Is the place that really touches these gods。
Bet the hope of summoning heroes on the heart of a young boy,It’s a little ethereal,As for the cultivation of temperament,Only the real big names,Or those upstarts who want to be among the richest have the most direct needs,But choose a career in advance,But it is something that has a strong attraction to all the wealthy young children。
These giants in Hongliu City,Deep savings,Many children in the clan,But with the continuation of blood and the tilt of resources,Many of them will have a problem,Is that the whole family prefers a certain profession,The ratio of the three occupations is very uneven。
Such as Nanshi,Is the Taoist family,Most of the people in the tribe are Taoist professions of choice,The other two professions are very few。
Thus,Had to ask for help from outside,Exchange resources and manpower,Sometimes even a great price。It’s far from a simple matter of cooperation。
And if these families in the gods can let the younger generation of disciples choose careers in advance,Can maximize the use of resources in the family,For the future of the whole family,Has an extremely important role。
Those real giants,Such as the four great families,Basically, the children of the clan have three occupations。So this is what other families dream of wanting to emulate。
And at the moment,This tortoise shell from another world,Can have such a miraculous effect,Allow young people in the ethnic group to choose their own occupations in advance,Lay the foundation,This is for families other than the four giants,It’s the gospel,No wonder they are all competing to offer,I haven’t even seen the real thing,Just for a hope,Already started to compete。
Seeing Mufeiyan,The eyes rolled a few times quickly,Suddenly stood up,Take the initiative to step forward,I got in front of Lu Menglin。