Li Hui also did not expect Song Ting to suddenly gave him a pot.。

He is also a bit helpless。
“Hey-hey,This brother,My partner is really a common pet dog,Very powerful。”
The other party heard Li Hui Feng,Eye is even more uncomfortable。
“That dare not, than I?”
“Forehead,This is still better than it is better.?
After all, we have to perform the task.,But I can let you take okay.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly to the big white road:“Big white,Let them see your real battle status。”
Dahuai heard Li Hui’s words,Directly to the two police dogs,Deep eye god。
“Taier” A wolf,Two police dogs are close to the cold and cold,Staring in the eyes of the big white,Don’t say that it is a police dog.,It is also the person who trains the police dog is also a feeling of cold.。
Dalu is not exposed?,But just a look, it’s scared by two police dogs.,I don’t dare to go to the big white dental teeth.。
Li Hui saw this scene,Laughing and patted a big white head。
“All right,All right,Not talking to you, don’t be scared??
Almost get。”
“Wow wow wow” Big white is also very good with Li Hui,Directly issued some grievous sounds。
Song Ting did not expect to seem to be so powerful with a large pet dog.。
Just think about this screaming, the police dog is screamed.,If this is the battle,What strength is there??
“okay,Everyone gets bus,Then give me the collection of our personal clothes for Jiangyu.。”
soon,Someone put oneTTail,Let the white have been smelling。
Although Li Hui, although he knew that the big white is certain than ordinary police dogs.,But it is some touching, but it is a bit touch.。
“How about it?
Can you find it??”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Dahuai nodded directly,This kind of scene is even more than the surrounding players.。
Li Rong Life:“Row,Then you take the way in front of,We follow you。”
Say,Li Hui rode directly on a police motorcycle.,Others are also getting on the bus,I ran directly with the big white.。
When you are in the city, you run very slow.,Li Hui Feng is a big white road,I am afraid that I have been hit by the car.。
However, the adaptability of Dahuai is completely exceeded by Li Hui Feng.。
Soon big white, take the county town,Then go directly to the distance。
Always run along the earth along the way,Even Li Hui felt that it feels that it is reliable.。
In his impression, the police dog is looking for a walk away.,But the big white pressure roots did not stop。
After passing through the road through the woods,Big Bai directly rushed a cemetery that was not far away.。
At the point of the cemetery,The big white stopped directly,Then around the cemetery in one of the cemetery.。
Snow White Wolf Claw Direct Planet,Soon, you will open a thirty-centimexious deep pit.,And the deep pit is clearly exposed to steel plates。