Create "One Axial One Street, Walong District", the former buildings "Old Hutong’s modern life

In the front door, the east, the grass in the grass, the grass, the grass, and the Sanlihe water wears street lanes, and the Beijing rhyme is obvious. In the past few years, the front door area recovered Sanli River Waterview, and the grass factory three to ten reproduces the old and beautiful old Beijing alley.

Baoti Sanli River Photography: Beijing News Company Consumer block. This is the reporter learned from the two sessions from Dongcheng District.

Based on the transformation of Gate Sanli River Greening Landscape, in the next few years, the front door area will build an old alley in modern life. Zheng Fang, director of the Dongcheng Quanmen Sub-district Office, said that high standards implement block protection and renewal, strengthening the activation utilization of regional historical and cultural resources, and creating a part of the front door area, one corridor. A shaft is the front door street, one street is a fresh fish mouth – Xinglong Street, a band, the Sanli River Ecological Landscape, the veranda is the west wear mill.

The west wear mill is located north north of Sanli River. It is an old commercial street. In the future, it will create a culture to be a culture visiting creative gallery.

The entire front door area will also be divided into five supporting functional partitions, with the goal of the old Hutong’s modern life, coordinating the development of industrial development, people’s livelihood improvement and community governance.

The entire front door business circle will also promote cultural rejuvenation and build Beijing-style cultural experience in consumption.

Zheng Fang said that by 2025, the top door renovation will be fully completed. The front door business circle will build a significant brand impact, the cultural economy is prosperous, the function support is improved, the mechanism operation is coordinated, the park is harmonious, and the park is harmonious. (Original title: front door construction old alley modern life is livable community) Source: Beijing Daily reporter Li Yao process Editor: U028 Copyright Notice: Text copyright is owned by Beijing News Group, without permission, no reprint or adaptation.