2-type fitness yoga

2-type fitness yoga

Modern people eat more and more finely, without highlighting fitness, it is easy to have health problems such as shoulder and neck pain, indigestion, and obesity.

Today, I recommend 2 fitness yoga exercises for you to help you correct various diseases.

  Simple angle variation This type has the effect of stabilizing brain waves, so we use it as the first exercise position at night.
Consciousness should be placed on the heart and breath that slowly becomes peaceful during practice.
  Adjuvant treatment: Periarthritis of shoulder, cervical stiffness, indigestion, insomnia, acne, migraine, etc.
  Relax: After completing this style, completely, close your eyes and relax.
  Tip: Try to keep the back end straight as you practice.

With the mountain standing, take a big step forward with your left foot, keeping the hip joints on the same plane, with your hands behind each other and straight.
Inhale, raise your head slightly, and straighten your body.

Exhale, bend your body forward, bring your body close to your left leg, press your shoulders down, let your arms gently extend forward, close your eyes, keep this position for 30 seconds, and do the same exercise while changing sides.

  Arrow style This style is a balanced posture with the hips as the fulcrum, which has the effect of adjusting the abdominal muscle lines, and also has the effect of correcting the leg shape and relieving back pain.

When practicing, consciousness should be placed on the body’s balance and breathing, and relax the face and face as much as possible.

Beginners can also bend their legs slightly if they cannot straighten them, but try to straighten them as far as possible.

Consciousness should be placed on the sense of balance and contraction of the legs and waist when practicing.

  Adjuvant treatment: indigestion, obesity, back pain, urinary system diseases, etc.

  Relax: After completing this style, sit relaxed, close your eyes, and relax your body.

  Tip: You don’t need to do all of these poses at once. Of course, if you have good softness and balance, you can do it all at once.

  1. Sitting position with feet facing each other.

  2. The body leans later, the center of gravity moves to the hips, and the legs leave the ground, keeping breathing evenly for 20 seconds.

  3. Keep your left foot in the original position, slowly straighten your right hand and right leg upwards, keep the posture for 20 seconds, and take a uniform breath.

Do the same exercise on the other side.
  4. Or tilt your legs and tibia to both sides, relax the fracture, straighten your spine, and maintain balance.