Zhou Niwu’s meaning is obvious,It is the turn of the corner telling the season.,Your mother will harary!

So I will give me a toss.!
really,Ji Xiuchun has some hesitation。
But that hesitial is just like a Dynasty.,I will become a bubble and then you can disappear.。
Zhou Ye has not come yet, and continues his next step.,As a result, Ji Xiun’s mouth has begun to be in the word.:“I want to go home。”
I go
This person is really embarrassing。
Zhou Ye smiled:“You can go home,But to sign the treatment of the treatment,And I can clearly tell you,As you are like this,If the thyroid diffuse toxic blood is further deteriorated,When you come over, it is very likely that you are heart failure or atrial fibrillation.。”
Speech,Zhou Ye went out of the tablet on the house。
Originally because it is too fast,Then bring it up.,I didn’t expect to have a big usage now.。
Zhou Ye opened the tablet,Then find cases from Ji Xiun,Click to go in and decline the interface,Soon found an auxiliary inspection。
This time point,In the morning, there are still many exams that have already come out.。
Zhou Ye directly opened the indicator of thyroid function,Then point to the data above:“lookT3、T4、FT3andFT4All increase,TSHdecline,You have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism。”
Besides,Zhou Yewei’s thin finger and quickly slide the screen to the interface of the inspection report,Then I found my heart!,Directly open the inspection list。
A complete heart super picture is presented.,this isBSuper picture,Zhou Ye I pointed to the heart of the spring heart super single single:“Do you know why you always have myopathy??Just because of your hyperthyroidism,You see your heart is not asymmetrical.,Is this a big one?,Will be bigger in the future,One day, the heart is a big lost function.,Decline,Your heart will not jump。”
Zhou Ye deliberately said that it is very important,I hope that Ji Xiunchun can be lost.。
However, in the spring of the spring, the word is still the word.:“I want to go home,I don’t feel uncomfortable next time.。”
next time?
How did this person don’t listen? Zhou Yewu is a bit anger.:“Next time, if you have an urgency,The heart is insufficient.,You are fainting.,Do you have a chance to treat??Your mouth sounds say it is for children.,Then you are in this hospital, don’t run.。”
“Otherwise, your child may have no mother.。”
When I said, I was very serious about the eyes of Ji Xiun.,But at this moment, the vicissitudes of this vicissitudes will not dare to look at it at all.!
Because she is guilty。
She feels that every word in Zhou Ye said is right.。
“but I”Ji Xiuchun suddenly became red and swollen.,Tired eyes flow out of crystal tears。
I rely on。
This is still crying.。
Zhou Ye just wants to tell the opposite woman is now dangerous now.,Because each check is made from Ji Xiun, it is moderately condition.,If you don’t stay in hospital, I have a good treatment.,A hospital,No one dares to ensure what will happen next second!
“Wife,We have a good treatment,It’s good to make money.。”
“But I want my son.。”
“Then I took my son to the hospital.”
Zhou Ye watched two people remembered their parents。
What is the case when they are sick when they are sick?,Thinking that there is still a child in your home needs to take care of it.,So the body that drags tired and sick and continues to work,I don’t know how tired。
Zhou Ye wondered。
In the end, Ji Xiuchun promised to continue to be hospitalized.,Also took the child,Zhou Ye also opened for children,Anti-human genetic in terms of thyroid function。
Fortunately, children are healthy。
This makes Ji Xiuchun a little heart.。
And Wenyu’s anti-thyroid drug can continue to be able to use it.,And two weeks to treat,Qi Xiunchun recovery is very good,The eyes have returned to normal people.。
NS463chapter Encounter
On the second day, I will move to the First People’s Hospital of Tianfeng.,Dormitory building in the First People’s Hospital of Tianfeng,The distance from the work is shorter.。