Wu Tingfang yelled,The right arm suddenly rolled out,A purple fire dragon appeared in front of him immediately,The power of the fire dragon is not trivial,The air was blown apart by this dragon fire dragon,There was a muffled explosion,The air around was trembling。

The ancestor Xuanwu on the side was so crushed by the terrible air current that his eyes could not be opened,That loud bang,Made his ears deaf,Hurry up and move infuriating resistance,He said he was not surprised:“I have realized half of the law of thunder attribute,The half-step stuck in the back is more than three hundred years,Did you meet such a master,Just use him to prove!”Bai Xiao
Right now, the palms are facing each other,Like a ball,Use the most authentic Tai Chi,In front of me is an invisible Tai Chi picture,The picture above shows the air of thunder and lightning attached to it。
“Half-step mine attribute law!”
It is the first time that Wu Tingfang has looked at this sloppy old Taoist priest in front of him.,With emotion in my heart:“A dead thing can actually cultivate to this point,Really a peerless genius。If he is not a corpse slave,It is estimated that the top ten masters of the world have his seat!”
I have to be cautious now:“Old Taoist,Nothing to do with you here,Get out!”
“He is my apprentice,You want to hit my apprentice in front of me,You said it’s none of my business!”Xuanwu is not giving up。
“In that case,Today I will let you two know the power of my dragon and tiger!”
Wu Tingfang suddenly pushed out his left arm,A white tiger of flame appeared in front of him immediately,And the purple fire dragon shines。Watching the dragon and tiger condensed from their true energy,A confident smile appeared on Wu Tingfang’s face。
The purple dragon and the white tiger,Are all condensed from his lifelong qi,It contains various attack methods,Even Gu Rimou, who is the same second-rate master, dare not resist his move.。
He used the trick to catch Chen Xiu quickly,I am also worried that the ancestors of other families will come to share with me。
A turn of mind,A dragon and a tiger immediately made the sound of dragons and tigers,Hit Chen Xiu and Xuanwu left and right!
See the dragon and tiger flying,Both Chen Xiu and Xuanwu’s faces changed a lot。