“He Dafu,This is your own,The village can’t take it.,And you should know what it means now,I will tell you.,As long as you go in,Don’t think about ten years old。”

Say,Yao Huai Li is directly let people go back.。
If this is an ordinary person,He may not be able to intimidate each other.,But Li Hui Feng,That is the celebrity in the county,One number known in the eyes of the leadership。
Such a person you dare to intimidate?
I don’t want to think about it.。
He Dafu did not expect to change so fast,The first second, Yao Huai, took a group of people to help.,After a second, let him solve him alone。
How did he solve??
“Yao Village,I can’t solve this this.。”
He Dalifu has some helplessness。
“Humph,I can’t solve it, waiting for people to report you is a black society.,Let’s wait for it to go in a ten years old.,And those things that I do, I feel that it is light in ten years.。”
I am scared by Yao Huai,He Dafu directly feels some soft。
Hey, Yao Huai, who took people left,He Dalifu has some want to cry without tears, Li Hui。
“Hey-hey,That Lee brother,You can’t spare me once.。”
He Dafu, I don’t know how to say this.,But in the face of Li Hui, he is really no other courage.。
“Rao you can,Xiaoping Anjia’s account,I have given me five thousand pieces.,I have to buy a new motorcycle,And what is the lack of things you have?,Grasp will make up,Otherwise don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.,I really want you to go in.。”
For Li Hui Feng,He Dalifu can only beat the teeth into the belly at this time.。
“Row,I will come back to give you,Then I have a few brethren.”Li speaks from the wind knows the other party。
But he is embarrassed to the other party.。
“First take the money with the receipt, then,In the future, I will always see Xiao Ping.,If you are known, you are bullied.,Then you should be prepared by me.,I usually don’t like others.,But if I want to just want to touch the other party,Violate the rules,As a result, I don’t have to say more.。”
“You go back to take the thing I want.,By the way, riding a motorcycle,You are just like this.,Don’t want them to freeze you, you can’t come.,Of course, you can also choose alarm.,At that time, the child has trapped the child.。”
Li Hui’s simple sentence put He Dafu all the returns blocked。
“Hey-hey,Not dare,Not dare,I will go back.。”
This time,He Dafu is fast,Come back。
Hand holding a stack of monocons,Then cash five thousand pieces,And a shabby motorcycle。
Li Hui took a few drug orders.,The brow is wrinkled directly.。
He Dafu is fake,Some Chinese medicine given before, there is no found,Even the pharmacology is probably not understanding。
Key those drugs are still very expensive,But in his eyes, it is worse than the cheapest drug tube.。
Seeing a village doctor,Li Hui also does not help but feel the world。
He is clearly remembers that in fact, the pharmacy of big cities is also the case.,Going to buy medicine is recommended,Obviously, a few yuan can solve things,It is recommended to give you a few hundred yuan.,A few dozens of pieces。
He sometimes has an illusion,The pharmacy is more than the supermarket.。
Pharmacy is also a pressure-free price,Even if you can also increase the price。
“I will not say the bill on these prescriptions. I don’t say it.,Your medicine you open,There are a lot to eat not only can’t cure the disease.,And it is harmful to your body, you know?”
In the face of Li Hui Feng, this question。
He Dafu is also a glimpse。
How can he not know?,Have a lot of medicine, he feels that I have been opened for the body.,What to earn more money,And the average person will definitely find it.,Even if you find him, there is a set of words.。
“Forehead,I also see the treatment efficacy of the medicine box is given.,There is a pain such as anti-inflammatory pain relief,I will open it.。”
For the argument of the other party,Li Hui is also angry, not playing.。