The green development of the chemical industry has become a task

Original title: The green development of the chemical industry has become a task of January 30th, Jiangsu Yancheng Intermediate People’s Court and the seven grassroots courts such as the Salt City, Yanyang, and Binhai, which are Jiangsu Renshui Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. " 3 · 21 "22 criminal cases involved in the criminal cases were conducted, and 7 defendants and 53 defendants were sentenced to penalty according to law.

From the fact that the judgment is based on the fact that the special explosion accident involves multiple links such as production, approval and supervision. It is also the ring loop drop, resulting in this tragic accident. Construction of Ping An China, safety production is the top priority. In recent years, chemical enterprises or chemical products storage and transportation accidents, especially stored transportation accidents, and their products have become the main body of safety production accidents. Tianjiayi, Jiangsu, China, was killed by the explosion caused by long-term illegal storage of nitrated waste, causing 78 deaths, 76 people seriously injured, 640 hospitalized treatment, direct economic loss nearly 2 billion yuan .

Tian Jiayi company ignores the national environmental protection and safety production laws and regulations, long-term illegal and illegal storage, disposal of nitrification waste, enterprise management confusion, and the salt urban environmental monitoring center issued false lost document interference misleading supervision work, salt urban environmental protection department and ring Water county emergency management, environmental protection and other department-related staff have negligent, some national public officials still have bribes, these factors are superimposed together, causing this extraordinary explosion. This lesson is painful and profound, and chemical enterprises, especially nitrifying companies, must be repaired. At present, the safety production situation still has a short board, and the green development of the chemical industry has become a top priority, and the construction of Ping An China still faces many challenges. In the Yangtze River Economic Belt, "Chemical Wizhou River" has not been completely solved. The nitrification enterprises along the Yangtze River have the same process, products, and hidden dangers as the Shui Tianjiayi company, and the repeated police do not improve or have a poor rectification. Threate the economic and social development of the Yangtze River ‘s economic band, the safety of the people and the safety of the people.

This also exposes the industrial structure and layout of the chemical industry to be optimized. In this regard, the chemical industry is relatively fragile to the ecological environment, and the safety of the western and northeast of the western and northeast of the safe and environmentally friendly basis can neither implement the optimization layout and the market principles.

The urgency of the safety production of the chemical industry is actually in the acceleration of chemical companies to accelerate the development and use of industry-related clean production and safety production techniques.

In industrial developed countries, chemical companies have generally adopted cleaning and safe production technology. In China, due to the cost and regulatory problems, many chemical production companies that have the ability to apply these technologies are still produced by lagging outdated technologies, resulting in a large number of safety hazards. These problems are the issues that must be solved during the "14th Five" period. "Comprehensively improve the level of peaceful China construction, continuously enhance the people’s sense of happiness," this is an important starting point and foothold of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The chemical industry is the pillar industry and basic industries of the national economy. It is related to national economic lifelings and strategic security, many new products, new materials, new energy, etc. are chemical products, which affect and change people’s production and lifestyle. However, in any case, the development of the chemical industry cannot be at the expense of the quality of life and property of the people. Therefore, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must start from the concept of transformation development. Monitoring the network, driving digital technology in the use of chemical enterprises, through "Internet +" and other data and intelligent high-tech monitoring monitoring production sections, realization of safety production supervision, from product design, production process, waste treatment recycling Waiting for the whole industry chain to achieve safety production, laid the foundation for the construction of Ping An China.

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