Li Hui also did not expect Song Ting to suddenly gave him a pot.。

He is also a bit helpless。
“Hey-hey,This brother,My partner is really a common pet dog,Very powerful。”
The other party heard Li Hui Feng,Eye is even more uncomfortable。
“That dare not, than I?”
“Forehead,This is still better than it is better.?
After all, we have to perform the task.,But I can let you take okay.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly to the big white road:“Big white,Let them see your real battle status。”
Dahuai heard Li Hui’s words,Directly to the two police dogs,Deep eye god。
“Taier” A wolf,Two police dogs are close to the cold and cold,Staring in the eyes of the big white,Don’t say that it is a police dog.,It is also the person who trains the police dog is also a feeling of cold.。
Dalu is not exposed?,But just a look, it’s scared by two police dogs.,I don’t dare to go to the big white dental teeth.。
Li Hui saw this scene,Laughing and patted a big white head。
“All right,All right,Not talking to you, don’t be scared??
Almost get。”
“Wow wow wow” Big white is also very good with Li Hui,Directly issued some grievous sounds。
Song Ting did not expect to seem to be so powerful with a large pet dog.。
Just think about this screaming, the police dog is screamed.,If this is the battle,What strength is there??
“okay,Everyone gets bus,Then give me the collection of our personal clothes for Jiangyu.。”
soon,Someone put oneTTail,Let the white have been smelling。
Although Li Hui, although he knew that the big white is certain than ordinary police dogs.,But it is some touching, but it is a bit touch.。
“How about it?
Can you find it??”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Dahuai nodded directly,This kind of scene is even more than the surrounding players.。
Li Rong Life:“Row,Then you take the way in front of,We follow you。”
Say,Li Hui rode directly on a police motorcycle.,Others are also getting on the bus,I ran directly with the big white.。
When you are in the city, you run very slow.,Li Hui Feng is a big white road,I am afraid that I have been hit by the car.。
However, the adaptability of Dahuai is completely exceeded by Li Hui Feng.。
Soon big white, take the county town,Then go directly to the distance。
Always run along the earth along the way,Even Li Hui felt that it feels that it is reliable.。
In his impression, the police dog is looking for a walk away.,But the big white pressure roots did not stop。
After passing through the road through the woods,Big Bai directly rushed a cemetery that was not far away.。
At the point of the cemetery,The big white stopped directly,Then around the cemetery in one of the cemetery.。
Snow White Wolf Claw Direct Planet,Soon, you will open a thirty-centimexious deep pit.,And the deep pit is clearly exposed to steel plates。

Li Hui Feng asked this, let Zhao have a little inexplicable。

“Have seen it,what happened?”
“Hey-hey,nothing,Just want you to be a certification,I want to call the police,Let the kid are not bullied by the bore,At least let him go in a few days ago。”
Say,Li speaks directly to pick up the phone directly.。
See this scene,Where is Zhao’s helpless to let Li speak a police alarm?,If he feels that the military army can go to the mouth,But came to the police,Warrior’s personality,He feels that 100% will tell tonight.。
“brother,brother,Even if you have,No need to be too serious,And for a slag, it is not worth a good mood for one night.。”
“hehe,How do I feel that every time I have to deal with the man?,You always have reason.?
You won’t be a guy with him.?”
Li Hui Feng’s words let Zhao have no nervousness.,Especially when Sun Yaru is watching his eyes with Qin Snow.,Let him be more nervous。
“no,how is this possible?
I have no relationship with that man.,Just he hit my table,I stand up and want to find you.,But see these two beautiful women,I didn’t make the mind that made you compensate.。”
“Hey-hey,Row,Since it doesn’t matter,Then I will teach him first.,Then alarm again,Don’t stop me,You stop me, it is related to him.。”
Finish,Li Hui Feng goes directly to the army army。
When I was flying by Li Hui,The military army is very scared.,After all, he can have money in the House of Wang Dahai.。
If you are interrupted by Li apart from the wind,His money is probably difficult。
“Lee,Don’t come over,You come over again, I am alarm.。”
The military army took out the phone,Enter the number,Then loudly to Li Hui。
“hehe,You are alarm.,I have to see if you are gotting.,Still I was caught in,You should know if you have this consequence when you shoot Sun Yaru.?”
“Who let her so unclear,It is good to follow Lin Cheng,Also with you。”
For this reason,Li Hui is very disdainful。
“How do she don’t have the relationship with you??
You said.,Don’t call your own,Either let me export,Or you directly say that behind your person。”
Li Hui Feng said when talking to the military army.,He has already found that the Warda’s movement will see Zhao。
This has proved some of his guess,It is definitely that Zhao has no greatness to make Wu Dafa.,Otherwise, Zhao is no longer so launched.。
After all, so many people are indifferent or watching,But with Zhao’s helpless, it’s no one.。
Wu Dafa also did not expect Li Hui Hui to give him three such choices.,And he doesn’t want to choose now.。
“brother,I will see it.,You also played,Gas you also,You will be able to gossip now.。”
“Hey-hey,I am not afraid of gossip.,Just just, he said that he refers to this is you.,I don’t know if this is really true.,what do you say?”
After listening to Li Hui Feng,Zhao Wuji is a full man,The ice in his eyes directly looks directly to the military army.。
The Wudajun also knows that he was given by Li Hui Feng.。
Immediate anxious:“Zhao Laossa,Don’t listen to him,I didn’t say it just now.。”
The Warda army opened this,Li Xiangxiao understood。
And Zhao’s helpless face is even more iron.。
“hehe,It turns out that you are together.,Just don’t know where Zhao Bao is so much, where is it??
Is to let your younon’s younger brother?,Still want to get close to the beauty of such unreliable ideas。”
Li Hui’s ridicule let Zhao have anger directly.。
“Why,Trim him。”
Chapter 322 can’t afford
Although not the first time, I saw Li Hui’s fight,But high white snow still feels some pleasing。

And now,Those around,They all raised their heads and looked here。

After all, from now on,Such a problem,How to deal with it,This is a problem。
And the others,After learning that it was Wang Teng,They seem to be more interested。
“All right,Let’s not talk about that much for now,This time,We can surely win。”
“That’s right,Does that need to be said?,No matter how much they toss,Actually put it here,Are completely useless。”
“It’s ok,Just let them toss,Anyway, we will never be afraid。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,How to solve it。
In fact, just to deal with such things,It looks like,It’s definitely not that simple。
And looking at it all,For the moment,Wang Teng thinks about it and feels very direct。
“All right,I won’t talk about other issues for now。”
“As for the next,What should I do,I think about it,You should understand!”
When Wang Teng slowly raised his head and stared at him,The more so,Wang Teng was very interested。
I looked at these a little bit,The more so,Actually Wang Teng himself,On the contrary, I didn’t think it would affect much。
And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng’s whole person looks more and more feels,In fact, this matter still needs to be resolved properly.。
And looking at all of this,at this time,Wang Teng smiled faintly。
“so,It looks like,Everyone already knows,How to solve it。”
After Wang Teng said these words,,For the moment,at this point,What to do,Actually very good。
When Wang Teng just finished,In other people’s hearts,Already eager to try。

Gently drank green tea,Laugh:“Then your boyfriend is dry??

Outstanding than you?”
“Gigle is definitely better than me.,Otherwise, how can I see him?,He is a small farmer,But excellent is the quality,There is also a personality charm。”
Wang Grandma listens to a small farmer,I can’t help but feel that Xu Ru is a feeling of being cheated by the other party.。
Now as long as there is a man who is in this matter, he will not say his farmer’s,Even a lot of outstanding men who have seen it are clearly born farmers.,But when you introduce yourself, there is no one who says that you are a farmer.。
There is no other job?”
“Forehead,It seems to be all kinds of land,Nourishment,Also get some other aquaculture,I don’t know if I have other.。”
Xu Ruzhen carefully,I found that Li Hui also really did not have any other industries.,This restaurant has given her directly.。
Just after Xu Ruzhen, I just finished.,The door is coming.。
And still holding a banner。
Uncle Li, who is bonded to Wang Grandma,As for the young man, it is handsome.,But a face of a face。
Xu Ruzhen saw the other party,It is warm and welcomed.。
“Grandpa,I have to congratulations.,Listening to Wang Grandma said that you are now healthy.,Can you drink alcohol?,I know that your problem is related to drinking.,Of course, if you like to drink,I give you a wine.,Drink less,White wine can not drink。”
Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s care of the eyes,The father of Li also smiled and directly let the youth beside the banner to Xu Ru.。
“hehe,Still over, you.,If you are not you, I can’t find such a good place.,Xiao Tian,What is still doing?,Give the banner to others。”
Young people called Xiao Tian also reactive,Hurry to give the banner to Xu Ru。
Just enter the door,He stunned。
Xu Ruzhen is very simple today,An ordinaryOLPack,A pair of black high heels,A ordinary meat stockings。
May be such a simple dress,But it is slightly covering the beautiful face of the other party.,Blowing skin,Water average beauty。
See the first eye of each other,Li Wu Tian felt that his heartbeat accelerated。
He didn’t see the beauty,But with the beauty of Ru Wei is the first to see,Especially the opponent is watching the eyes of our grandfather.,Is a true concern,There is no need to do。
He felt the difference between Xu Ruzhen,Or the difference between the women who are wrapped around him every day。
Those women are wrapped in him for his money.,His family business,But Xu Ruzhen clearly does not know their situation.,But still is very concerned about your grandfather。
Xu Ruzhen took the banner,While smiled and helped the father to Wang’s grandmother。
“Grandpa,Do you not pay me??
We are a restaurant,I don’t know if we are still god doctors.。”
“Hahaha, you are not an hospital hall.,But it is a lot of medicine.。”
Say this,Mr. Li couldn’t help but read a grandchildren in the next day.,This time is actually cauting.。
moment,He feels that there is a play。

Xia Jian asked Niu Li to pour everyone a glass of boiling water,He just sat down,Asked with a smile:“Everyone waited for me for many days,What is it for?”Xia Jian knowingly asked this,But he doesn’t ask like that,What can you say?

Everyone, look at me,I see you,No one speaks out。Chen Haiping glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Mayor Xia!When the village cadres’ accounts were checked this time,All of us have problems,But I am not convinced”
“Oh!I finally understand what you mean。This time it’s a unified action across the town,He Shuicheng in Hejiaping Village has serious problems,Not only have to spit back the embezzled money,And face jail。So don’t have any objections to this matter。If it’s really your problem,Have to face。Knowing mistakes and correcting them is still a good cadre”Xia Jian said some Mandarin,Because on this occasion he can only say that。
Chen Haiping paused and said:“Mayor Xia!What kind of village is Shuijing Village,Others don’t know,You know。These years,I have no credit,Hard work。But this time,It turned out that I had embezzled more than 1,300 yuan in public funds。Although not much money,But it’s shameful!”
“I understand you very well。But everything is about evidence,As long as you can show that the money is not evidence of your embezzlement,We will hold a village meeting for you,Restore your reputation”Xia Jian said with a serious face。
Chen Haiping whispered something,Xia Jian did not hear clearly,He didn’t ask。Suddenly these more than ten people stopped talking,The whole office seems quiet。
“Thank you for trusting me so much。If you feel wronged,Then we have to show evidence that we are not wronged,No proof,That won’t work”Xia Jian broke the silence,Said loudly to these more than ten village officials。
Suddenly the head of Zhangjiawan Village said loudly:“Mayor Xia!Our Murakami’s accounts are also right,Missing more than seven hundred and twenty yuan,I really can’t find any evidence。How about this!I admit the money,I took my money back to the village,Is that not counted as corruption??”
“I can call the shots of your money now,You only need to return the money to the village account in front of the inspection team of the town’s discipline inspection committee,You are not corrupt。And you have to remember this,There must be evidence for doing things in the future”Xia Jian said loudly to these people。
With my patience and a solid tongue,Xia Jian finally persuaded these people to leave。Niu Li poured water on Xia Jian and said:“Mayor Xia!You can do it。These people have been here for days,Don’t listen to anyone。Mayor Tong and Secretary Wang have both persuaded,But they always said they want to see you”
“Hey!This is also a mistake in our work。These people want to do things for the village,But lacks some experience in accounting,This requires help from our town”Xia Jian sighed and said。
Niu Li said in a daze:“What can we do for them in town?”
Xia Jian glanced at Niu Li and said:“I’m going abroad in two days to investigate the black potato,You take advantage of my absence,Learn about financial management,Then take time to give each village accountant a simple training”

Xia Jianren hasn’t reached the door of Yang Ying’s office,Yang Ying’s female secretary has greeted me,She said with a sweet smile:“Mr. Xia!please follow me”

As the office of the group chairman,Naturally a lot bigger。And the layout inside can be said to have everything。But Xia Jianyi entered the cloud,Just swept with my eyes。He doesn’t want to look like Grandma Liu is in Guanyuan。
“President Xia!Please sit here”Yang Yingyi saw Xia Jian coming,He quickly got up from behind the desk,Hello Xia Jian, walk towards the coffee table。
I have experienced more occasions like this,So Xia Jian doesn’t care,He sat on the sofa very generously,Then smiled and said:“Mr. Yang’s office building is really bold”
“Ha ha!generalization。This is a facade,any drinks?”Yang Ying wears a professional skirt,Appears dignified and generous。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“casual!I can drink anything”
Yang Ying nodded,And said to the female secretary:“Make two cups of Longjing tea,New tea”The female secretary responded,Then retired。
“Manager Yang!You said on the phone that you want to visit us?But I have to explain in advance,It’s winter now,Where are we so cold,The temperature should be below zero every morning and evening。I don’t know if you can live it”Xia Jian laughed and said。
In fact, Xia Jian is worried about more than this。North now,Look around,A piece of desolation,Hard to see a touch of green。Especially the suburbs,This situation is most prominent。
Yang Yingyi listen,Hehe smiled and said:“Mr. Xia is too worried!I’m not made of paper,Can still be afraid of this?Moreover,I won’t wait to come out at noon,Must come out sooner or later?”Yang Ying said,Smile at Xia Jian。
In this woman’s smile,Has multiple meanings。Xia Jian hurriedly looked away,He really didn’t dare to face Yang Ying。
At this time, the female secretary brought two cups of tea,Xia Jian quickly reached out and caught it。
Xia Jian carrying tea,Smell gently in the nostrils,Then smiled slightly,Only then took a sip slowly。The action is a bit elegant,He did it completely。
“The situation is like this,I’m going to investigate,Just a personal wish。Not planning to bring other inspectors there,Bring only one secretary”Yang Ying took a sip of tea,Said with a smile。

“This turtle carapace actually has an advanced function,Is to help children stimulate their potential,Adjust bones,Grow the way the family needs,In other words,A child wearing a turtle carapace,Can actively choose future career,Pre-lay the foundation for the chosen profession。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

After saying this,The whole audience seemed to be ignited,The crowd is boiling。
“I have to order one from Beigong,Do not,Order three!”Bei Gongwang quickly shouted。
“Our Sun Du clan also wants one!”
“Xiangliu wants two pieces!”
“Order now!I want five pieces from the fire!”
Suddenly passionate in the banquet hall,Everyone is ignited。
To know,The point Lu Menglin said just now,Is the place that really touches these gods。
Bet the hope of summoning heroes on the heart of a young boy,It’s a little ethereal,As for the cultivation of temperament,Only the real big names,Or those upstarts who want to be among the richest have the most direct needs,But choose a career in advance,But it is something that has a strong attraction to all the wealthy young children。
These giants in Hongliu City,Deep savings,Many children in the clan,But with the continuation of blood and the tilt of resources,Many of them will have a problem,Is that the whole family prefers a certain profession,The ratio of the three occupations is very uneven。
Such as Nanshi,Is the Taoist family,Most of the people in the tribe are Taoist professions of choice,The other two professions are very few。
Thus,Had to ask for help from outside,Exchange resources and manpower,Sometimes even a great price。It’s far from a simple matter of cooperation。
And if these families in the gods can let the younger generation of disciples choose careers in advance,Can maximize the use of resources in the family,For the future of the whole family,Has an extremely important role。
Those real giants,Such as the four great families,Basically, the children of the clan have three occupations。So this is what other families dream of wanting to emulate。
And at the moment,This tortoise shell from another world,Can have such a miraculous effect,Allow young people in the ethnic group to choose their own occupations in advance,Lay the foundation,This is for families other than the four giants,It’s the gospel,No wonder they are all competing to offer,I haven’t even seen the real thing,Just for a hope,Already started to compete。
Seeing Mufeiyan,The eyes rolled a few times quickly,Suddenly stood up,Take the initiative to step forward,I got in front of Lu Menglin。

Next day,Populus slept in until nine o’clock,Woke up,It feels so good。

He just saw,Hua Zi has already called him three calls,The earliest is after seven o’clock。yesterday,Everyone make an appointment,Went to a place this morning。
Hu Yang glanced at Jianbao Live Room System。
Ok!No daily check-in task,Very humane。
He dialed Hua Tsai’s phone,Ponder,How can I upgrade the primary treasure hunter?。
Task of access system?Still how?No experience value displayed,I can’t see it at all!Populus spit again:Really a defective system,So many loopholes。
“Wah Tsai,Sorry!Just woke up,but,You too early。Where is it now?”Hu Yang asked。
At this moment,Hua Zai has been to the place Populus said,Waited for more than an hour。first day“Go to work”,How to give“leadership”A good impression?
and so,He went out earlier,The breakfast his mother prepared。
The family knows he has found a job,I didn’t ask much about the profession,Anyway, support,Better than staying at home。
“I remember there is a place for morning tea around there,You go up and book two seats,Let’s eat some。”Hu Yang said to him。
As someone who has been in love,He can cook,But today is a bit late,Too lazy to do it,I’ll eat out。In their Yangcheng,The most famous is morning tea,All kinds of exquisite dim sum are world famous。
Hua Zi is very depressed,I knew this,Don’t eat it, just come out。
As a native of Yangcheng,He has not eaten authentic morning tea many times。To know,Eat in those tea houses,Why should it cost one or two hundred??They eat rice rolls at the roadside stall,Only a few dollars。

“daughter in law,Have you two eaten yet?,I have something to deal with,I don’t know what time is not finished,I won’t go back too late,Don’t wait for me,You two will go out to eat if you are hungry。”

The message goes for a moment,I received Jiang Yan’s reply。
“I know you are not reliable,Await your return,My sister and I are not starving to death。”
Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan’s simple reply,I know they have eaten dinner,He didn’t rush back。
And already asked Jiang Yan to leave,I believe she won’t doubt it。
“Young man,How much do you drink for other girls??”Old driver,Asked with a smile。
Look at that expression,It seems that I drive people in this place,There is a kind of strange expression。
“what?She drank it herself,I didn’t drink it for her。”Qin Feng was actually the driver,Sudden question,At a loss,I was embarrassed and even explained。
But after he finished speaking,I feel that my explanation is a bit far-fetched,Although it is true,But I don’t believe it,Looking at the driver’s expression。
Qin Feng knows,The driver will definitely treat himself as,Dare to be a beast。
but,Qin Feng doesn’t care,I would think so if I change myself。
If someone said to himself,Now I will smoke him a big mouth。
Big evening,A man took a woman to the hotel,She also said that the woman got herself drunk,Even if you say the sky,I’m afraid no one will believe it。
And the opposite,It’s not bad if others don’t say you prescribed the medicine。
“Young man,You don’t look like that kind of person,Treat women,Can’t use improper means,Don’t blame me for talking too much,I don’t usually tell customers this。
I think you are about the same age as my son,So I can’t help but say a few more words。”Obviously the driver,I really think of Qin Feng as that kind of person。
“she is my friend。”Qin Feng didn’t bother to explain,Even if
The driver was kindly reminded,Qin Feng would not appreciate this love。

No matter how angry you are, you don’t want to hit the dog.。

Tian Lu is anxious,Glanced at it badly,Sigh:“It looks like,I can’t go anywhere today,Don’t finish your business,I really can’t get to work。”
Coincidentally,Phone rang again,It was called by George, who is in charge of Metrojet Fashion Magazine who will be interviewed.,The other party informed that something happened today,I want to make an appointment for an interview tomorrow,I can’t help but apologize to Tian Lu。
Holding the phone receiver,Tian Lu leaned up to the sky and said,Although I didn’t scream up to the sky,I did sigh tiredly。I’m really willing to help,If you really go to interview,It’s strange not to make a joke。
George’s appointment with fashion magazine,It’s a mistake,Right in the middle,Just no time to go,I can’t help but feel a solid burst of joy,But said:“I’m on the way,You cancel when you say cancel,But it’s your job,I am waiting for you to contact me anytime,I’m going to interview!”
After George, the head of the fashion magazine, sincerely apologized,In Tian Lu’s“Tolerance”Got this love。
Tian Lu put down her bag,A lot easier,Big mouth“Gudong”Took a sip of tea,So I have time to cross-examine the Tony dog in front of me。
Suddenly Tian Lu found,Until now,No dog’s name yet,There must be a name。
Tian Lu turned it around and looked around,Talking to oneself,It’s like talking to Tony Dog:“Call you all day,Yes hello、Hey、It’s not so good,Give you a name。”
Tony Dog listened by coincidence and nodded straight。
Tian Lu is like a college asking home,After thinking for a while,Said:“How about you,I found it at night,Stars are spreading at night,I’ll just call you Milo,Miro,Ok,Lingering,You’ll be called Milo in a while,what do you think?”
I’m so talented,I can get such a nice name for Tony Dog。Tian Lu’s self-appreciated laugh。
Tony dog with a name,Looking at Tian Lu humming,I feel like I finally have a name。
Tian Lu turned towards Miró,Roll your eyes and let out a breath,Grinning and grinning without a smile。
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