14 5G + medical health applications in Guizhou Province successfully selected the national pilot

Guiyang Network News This year, Guizhou Province has continued to accelerate the promotion of national health medical big data centers and interconnect pilots provinces and "National Internet + Medical Health" demonstration provinces. The reporter learned from the Provincial Health and Health Committee that 14 5G + medical health applications in the province Successfully selected a national pilot, launching 7 Internet hospitals, promoting health informationization and Internet + medical health achieved significant results.

From January to November this year, the province’s distance medical service is once, and the remote medical accumulated service exceeds 2.3 million times. It is reported that Guizhou Province has developed the "Internet + Medical Health" Demonstration Provincial Construction of Guizhou Province and the three-year improvement plan implementation plan for Guizhou Province Smart Hospital, clearly developing the "Internet + Medical Health" key task, accelerating the construction of public medical institutions, intensive hospitals, and improves health Health Data Standards and Network Security Systems, Promoting Health Medical Data Convergence, Sharing, Application. 14 5G + medical health applications in the province have been successfully selected, and the medical institutions at all levels accelerate the information construction of hospital information as the core of electronic medical records, including the Tongren City, Zunyi City, Anshun City and Quanxi, and South China, etc. Realize cloud storage, cloud sharing, and cloud diagnosis of clinical imaging examination.

At the same time, telemedicine extends to the department. From January to November this year, the province’s distance medical service is once, and the remote medical accumulated service exceeds 2.3 million times.

Public medical institutions above the province level rely on unified appointment registration platforms, providing online appointment registration.

Accelerate the birth medical certificate of electronic license, birth medical certificate, fertility registration service platform and provincial government service network integrate docking, enhance the "Internet + government" service capabilities.

In addition, the provincial medical integrated supervision platform access 260 medical institutions, strengthening the prior reminder of medical services and drugs, and managing in things. "Yunkang Code" promotion application has achieved initial results. At present, 96% of public medical institutions above the province have completed the application environment transformation and online applications. The new crown virus nucleic acid detection and vaccination information system, pushing data from nucleic acid detection and vaccination and the Guizhou health code to achieve interconnection. (Ren Hongzhao Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Zhang Mei) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.

Baoding City Industry and Information Bureau: Passing the spiritual condense of the city party congress

People’s Network Baoding August 19th (Zhang Jihang) On the afternoon of the 18th, the 12th Congress of China Communist Party Baoding Victory closed.

On the 19th, the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau quickly held a party group (expanded) meeting to convey the spirit of the study conference, and the middle-level cadres at the middle school participated in the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that the twelfth party generations of Baoding City played the passionate "14th Five-Year Plan", and then made a new stage of the era, comprehensively painted the next five years, and created a new Baoding and creating a modern quality life. The grand blueprints and strategic initiatives of the "three steps" strategic goals, condensed the party’s heart, gathered in powerful development and competition, and the actions of economic and social development in the next five years and even longer.

"The industrial and tech system must be practical to unify the ideology and action to the decision-making deployment of the city’s twelfth party congress, and build a high-quality and tough new Baoding on the new road of Chinese style modernization, and implement the new development concept, precise Proposing new ideas of work and telecommunications, to fully build a new pattern of Beijing-Hongjian integrated development, build a contribution of modern quality life. "Request, to learn, improve the station; we must conscientiously plan, pay close attention to Passionate work, dare to take.

The industrial and tech system should consciously put the minds and action to the city’s twelfth party congress, quickly set off the spirit of learning and promoting the spirit of the city Party Congress. We must focus on promoting the high quality development of manufacturing, to create a powerful market for manufacturing, and strive to force the "14th Five-Year Plan" to make a new Baoding to provide industrial support.

Focus on the development of emerging industries such as "Medical Car Electricity" and passive ultra-low energy consumption, strive to cross the development value of strategic emerging industries during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. At the same time, I persist in the truth and pragmatism, I really caught up, and constantly strengthen the construction of cadres, focus on the development of the first one, focus on the city of modern quality life, and focus on the people’s first, stick to hard work, passion, doing, trick, use power, Seeking effect, every work is new, every cadre dares to take responsibility, strive to put various decision-making deployments into practice, struggle to write a new chapter in building socialist modern countries.

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31 provinces added new crown pneumonia confirmed patients with 51 cases of 51 cases

Original title: 31 provinces added new crown pneumonia confirmed patients with 87 cases of native cases, 51 cases of China’s new network December 11th, the main website of the National Health and Health Committee, at 0-24, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, There were 87 cases of new confirmed cases in the midway and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Among them, there are 36 cases of foreign input (15 in Guangxi, 7 cases in Shandong, 5 cases in Shanghai, 2 cases in Shaanxi, 1 case in Yunnan) 4 cases: 51 cases of local cases (Zhejiang 35 cases, including 17 cases of Shaoxing City, 14 cases in Ningbo, 4 cases in Hangzhou; Inner Mongolia, 15 cases in Hulunbeier; 1 case in Yunnan, in Dehong Dai Jinglu Autonomous Prefecture) In contrast, 20 cases converted to diagnosis cases (all in Zhejiang).

No new death cases. No new suspected cases. At the same time, 37 cases were added to the hospital, and 773 close contacts were released, and 77 of the severe cases were reduced by 1 case higher than the day. Overseas input existing diagnosed cases (3 cases of severe cases), existing suspected cases were 1 case. A total of 10,431 cases of diagnosis of diagnosis, cumulative treatment of 9938 cases, no death.

  As of 24:00 on December 10, according to 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported, there were 1272 cases of diagnosis cases (including 8 cases of severe cases), cumulative cure 46,696 cases, cumulative death cases 4636 cases , Cumulative report confirmed 99,604 cases, existing suspected cases of cases. Take a cumulative tracking of 135,5094 people in close contact, still 47,250 close contacts in medical observation.

  31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 30 cases of no symptomatic infection, including 16 cases of overseas, 14 cases of native (Zhejiang, including 7 cases in Shaoxing, 5 cases, Hangzhou 1 case; 1 case in Jiangsu, in Wuxi City; 28 cases of confirmed cases (8 cases of overseas input); 21 patient observation of medical observation (18 cases in foreign countries); 489 cases of non-symptoms still observed (403 cases in overseas).

  Accumulated receipt of 29,280 cases of diagnosis in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

Among them, 12,482 cases (12159 cases of death, 213 deaths were discharged from the hospital), 77 cases in the Macao Special Administrative Region (77 cases discharged), and 13,742 cases were discharged from the hospital, 848 deaths in the hospital. (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

2021 China International Digital Economic Expo is open to society on the 8th

People’s Daily News September 7th 2021 China International Digital Economic Expo will be open to society on the 8th.

In order to protect the public visit, 4 feeding lines will be added to the inter-international convention in Shijiazhuang City to Shijiazhuang (Zhengping) International Convention and Exhibition, and 2 ferroads are opened in the Convention Center area. The surrounding centers of the Central Exhibition Center is now around 143, 177, Zi Mini 1, and 4 bus lines in Micro 2, which are put into the vehicle 50. The 177th road of the Garden Expo to the Nangjiao passenger station, 22 operations of vehicles; Zhu River to the 143 road of the bus, operate 8 vehicles; the garden will go to the Zhengding Station of the Zhengding Station, 10 vehicles 10;蟠 蟠 正 微 2 2 2 2 路 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

The above line is taken by line fare ticket purchase. The provisional addition of 4 feeding routes from the Exhibition Center in the city to the Exhibition Center can take the North China Mall to the Convention Center. The North China Mall is located in the eastern side of the main street, the North Gate, the South Gate, South Gate, Northern Mall. North side of Hebei Avenue. Wanda Plaza to the Exhibition Center feeding vehicle line, Wanda Plaza originating station is located in the north side of Xihua Avenue, the South Gate endpoint of Hebei Avenue in Jianhua Street. Xinyi Square to the Convention and Exhibition Center feeding vehicle line, Xinhaima Plaza originating station is located in the east side of Zhonghua Street in Zhongshan Road, and the South Gate endpoint in Hebei Avenue is located in the north side of Hebei Avenue.

South Second Ring Road Hongqi Surgery, the exhibition center, the exhibition center, the departure station of the South Second Ring Road Hongqi Sanda Street is located in the south side of the Southeast Second Ring Road, and is located in the north side of Hebei Avenue.

The above 4 lines take one-stop operation, and there is no stop station in the middle. With 3 car, the first car 8:00, the end of 19:00, the average starting space is 30 minutes. The Convention and Exhibition Center area opened 2 ferroads, the audience can take a free departure station in the North Gate of the Convention and Exhibition Center. The line is passed through the Yangyang Road, the New City Avenue, Hebei Avenue, Garden Board Street, Hengyang Road.

Retitude along the line: Exhibition Center North, Exhibition Center Metro Station, Exhibition Center West, Exhibition Center South Gate, Hebei Hotel, Garden Boyai Street South Exit, Daginji, Convention and Exhibition Center North.

Fortune 5, the first car 8:00, the end of 19:00, the average shop is 20 minutes. Zhengding South Gate Safety Line Departure Station is located in the south gate parking lot, will be directly fixed by the South Gate, the Convention Center, and the Olympics Center.

The route passes through Hebei Avenue, Olympic Street, Hengyang Road, Taihang Street, Hebei Avenue.

Set the station along the line: Zhengding South Gate, Olympics Center, the South Gate of the Convention and Exhibition Center. Fortune 4, the first car 8:00, the end of 19:00, the average shop is 30 minutes.

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Cuba new crown vaccine is progressing smoothly as a general enhancement clinical trial

Reading: Director, Director, Dadga Garcia, director of the research office of Cuba Vinculi, said that a new clinical trial of new crown vaccine in the country and Italy has progressed smoothly, and the test will verify that Cuba independently developed new crown. The vaccine "sovereign PLUS" is the effect of a universal strengthening needle.

Xinhua News Agency, November 18th (Reporter Lin Zhaohui) Director, Director, Dadam Garcia, director of the Research Office of the Cuba Viagrant Research Office, said that a new crown vaccine in the country and Italy’s cooperation Successfully, this test will verify that Cuba independently develops new crown vaccine "sovereign PLUS" as a universal enhancement needle. On the 15th, 35 volunteers who have completed other new crown vaccination between the ages of 19 and 59, come from Italy Turin to Havana. On the 16th, they vaccinated a "sovereign PLUS" vaccination.

Matai Sakani Sakani Sakani Sakani, participated in this clinical trial, said: "We sincerely thank you Cuba … We hope that the results of this study can benefit all humanity.

"In April 2020, in the most severe situation in the Italian new champion, Cuba sent Henry Riff International Medical Team to save the lives of Turin. According to Garcia, this is a strict The clinical trial of scientific standards is recognized by the Ethics Committee of the ancient intention.

The main trial location is a hospital in Pradra International Health Center in Cuba and a hospital in Turin City, Italy.

Garcia also said, "This clinical trial helps strengthen international research cooperation." According to data released on the 17th, the country has added 246 cases of new crown diagnosis in the country, and 959,553 cases were diagnosed; 2 cases were added, 8246 patients were accumulated.

As of the 17th, about 76% of the population of Cuba has fully vaccinated the country’s autonomous new crown vaccine, some research institutions and medical sector staff have been inoculated.

At present, Cuba vaccinated that its autonomous Avdara, "Subject 02" and "sovereign PLUS" vaccine.

Xinhua Finance Statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment recommendations.

Investors should operate accordingly, risk borne.

The green development of the chemical industry has become a task

Original title: The green development of the chemical industry has become a task of January 30th, Jiangsu Yancheng Intermediate People’s Court and the seven grassroots courts such as the Salt City, Yanyang, and Binhai, which are Jiangsu Renshui Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. " 3 · 21 "22 criminal cases involved in the criminal cases were conducted, and 7 defendants and 53 defendants were sentenced to penalty according to law.

From the fact that the judgment is based on the fact that the special explosion accident involves multiple links such as production, approval and supervision. It is also the ring loop drop, resulting in this tragic accident. Construction of Ping An China, safety production is the top priority. In recent years, chemical enterprises or chemical products storage and transportation accidents, especially stored transportation accidents, and their products have become the main body of safety production accidents. Tianjiayi, Jiangsu, China, was killed by the explosion caused by long-term illegal storage of nitrated waste, causing 78 deaths, 76 people seriously injured, 640 hospitalized treatment, direct economic loss nearly 2 billion yuan .

Tian Jiayi company ignores the national environmental protection and safety production laws and regulations, long-term illegal and illegal storage, disposal of nitrification waste, enterprise management confusion, and the salt urban environmental monitoring center issued false lost document interference misleading supervision work, salt urban environmental protection department and ring Water county emergency management, environmental protection and other department-related staff have negligent, some national public officials still have bribes, these factors are superimposed together, causing this extraordinary explosion. This lesson is painful and profound, and chemical enterprises, especially nitrifying companies, must be repaired. At present, the safety production situation still has a short board, and the green development of the chemical industry has become a top priority, and the construction of Ping An China still faces many challenges. In the Yangtze River Economic Belt, "Chemical Wizhou River" has not been completely solved. The nitrification enterprises along the Yangtze River have the same process, products, and hidden dangers as the Shui Tianjiayi company, and the repeated police do not improve or have a poor rectification. Threate the economic and social development of the Yangtze River ‘s economic band, the safety of the people and the safety of the people.

This also exposes the industrial structure and layout of the chemical industry to be optimized. In this regard, the chemical industry is relatively fragile to the ecological environment, and the safety of the western and northeast of the western and northeast of the safe and environmentally friendly basis can neither implement the optimization layout and the market principles.

The urgency of the safety production of the chemical industry is actually in the acceleration of chemical companies to accelerate the development and use of industry-related clean production and safety production techniques.

In industrial developed countries, chemical companies have generally adopted cleaning and safe production technology. In China, due to the cost and regulatory problems, many chemical production companies that have the ability to apply these technologies are still produced by lagging outdated technologies, resulting in a large number of safety hazards. These problems are the issues that must be solved during the "14th Five" period. "Comprehensively improve the level of peaceful China construction, continuously enhance the people’s sense of happiness," this is an important starting point and foothold of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The chemical industry is the pillar industry and basic industries of the national economy. It is related to national economic lifelings and strategic security, many new products, new materials, new energy, etc. are chemical products, which affect and change people’s production and lifestyle. However, in any case, the development of the chemical industry cannot be at the expense of the quality of life and property of the people. Therefore, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must start from the concept of transformation development. Monitoring the network, driving digital technology in the use of chemical enterprises, through "Internet +" and other data and intelligent high-tech monitoring monitoring production sections, realization of safety production supervision, from product design, production process, waste treatment recycling Waiting for the whole industry chain to achieve safety production, laid the foundation for the construction of Ping An China.

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Bank of China XingQing Branch organiseert alle medewerkers om deel te nemen aan de epidemische preventie en controle vrijwilligerservice

Bank of China Xingqing Federation voert vrijwilligersdiensten uit.People’s Network Yinchuan 25 oktober (Zhao MO) epidemie is de volgorde, preventie en controle is verantwoordelijkheid.

Van 23 tot 24 oktober heeft Yinchuan City nucle?nezuurdetectie uitgevoerd op Xingqing District, Jinfeng District en Ximei District (inclusief Chang Human Population, Mobile Population).Het Partijcommissie van China Bank Xingqing-tak lanceerde snel een responsmechanisme, georganiseerde medewerkers van de volledige rij om deel te nemen aan de epidemische preventie en de controle van vrijwilligerswerkactiviteiten.GOEDE GEMEENSCHAP, EN GEHUISTERD NAAR NATYUAN COMMUNAME RAPPORT, DE PARKEERTERING VAN DE OUDE FOUTEN, ZELFSTANDIGING VAN DE GEMEENSCHAPPELIJKE GEMEENSCHAPPELIJKE GEMEENSCHAPPELIJKE GEMEENSCHAPPELIJKE PARKEERTERIJ PARKEERD PARKEERD PARKEERKOMEN, QINGSHAN COMMUNAUTI?LE COMMUNAUTI?LE COMMUNAME, DAXIA-GEMEENSCHAPPELIJKE GEMEENSCHAPPELIJKE GEMEENSCHAPPEN het werk.

Geef volledig spel aan het vechtfort van de partijtak en de baanbrekende rol van de partijleden, en helpen de nucle?nezuurdetectie van de stad Yinchuan.

The 7th Haishi International Tourism Festival will start collecting the cultural elements of 闽 in November 23

People’s Network Fuzhou November 17th (Qian Jiahe) on the 16th, according to Fuzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau, the 7th "Sea Silk Road" (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival (referred to as "Haishi International Tourism Festival") Located on November 23, the event lasted until mid-December. It is reported that Haishi International Tourism Festival is the only comprehensive large international tourism festival in China’s theme of "Maritime Silk Road". According to the relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau Continue to highlight "International Characteristics, Haishi Characteristics, Text Travel", based on the state, Haisi portal, to create international radiopeous travel and tourism cooperation platform, during the period, will hold the launching ceremony and the peak of the Cooperation Forum, Haishi wonderful night and other subjects and series supporting activities.

Among them, Haishi International Tourism Festival launching ceremony and Wenxue Cooperation Summit Forum will be held at the International Convention and Exhibition of Fuzhou Straits on November 23.

The launching ceremony implements the organic linkage underline, domestic guests can be partially present, and overseas guests and unable to cope with domestic guests can participate in the VCR line through field connection or in advance. The Wenxo Cooperation Summit will hold a round table summit with the theme of "Collaborative Cooperation Multi-Circular Market Cooperation Mechanism", and hold a multi-game parallelism. It is understood that the Haishi International Tourism Festival pays attention to broadensing the foreign cooperation, Fuzhou Haishi "friends circle" continues to expand. The event is in invite Russia, Thailand, Benin, Sri Lanka and other ambassadors, and "all the way", the national and regional tourism department officials, Haishi Tourism Alliance representatives, international tourism agencies, etc., jointly build a sea Silk Road AC link.

In addition, the Haishi International Tourism Festival will focus on the international brand of the Chinese nation and promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The event will rely on the main body and series of supporting activities, through the joint sharing of hot spring theme culture, up and down the history and culture, non-legacy art, special immersion performance, Haishang Dynasty exchange, etc. , Spread the spirit of China, consolidate the promotion of the 44th World General Assembly Dental Exchange, show and cooperation results.

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Two departments: a number of new infrastructure projects in the field of 5G, Gigabit Gang.com

People’s Network Beijing December 14 (Shen Jiaping) Industry is the main body of the national economy, and the industrial is stable. According to the official website of the National Development and Reform, the "Notice" requires the promotion of major projects to fall.

Accelerate the implementation of major projects in the "14th Five-Year Plan", regional major strategic planning and annual work arrangements, and promote the level of qualified major projects to grasp the horse, the project can start construction as soon as possible, and accelerate the construction progress in the construction project, and strive for the early days Completed and put into production.

In the fields of 5G, Gigabit Gang.com, a new group of infrastructure projects.

Start the integrated big data center hub node construction project and the basic network of the Midwest Synchronization. Give full play to the project of national and local foreign investment projects, accelerate the implementation of major foreign investment projects such as advanced manufacturing.

At the same time, vigorously promote enterprise technology transformation.

Amend the Industrial Structure Adjustment Guide Directory, guides enterprises to speed up technical transformation and equipment updates.

Implement Industrial Enterprise Technology Reconstruction Investment Upgrade Guidance Plan.

To organize technical transformation in key areas such as steel, non-colored, building materials, petrochemical, coal and electricity, promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, implementation of production lines and industrial engine transformations, complement key technology short board, and improve product supply quality. Accelerate the construction and popularization of industrial Internet and promote traditional industrial enterprises to rely on industrial Internet to carry out digital transformation. Carry out quality technology to help "Tour consultation", encourage enterprises to establish quality traceability mechanisms to effectively implement corporate quality responsibility. Cultivate new models of new activities.

In-depth development of national strategic emerging industrial cluster development projects, build a group of strategic emerging industrial growth engines with complementary, advantages complementary, and reasonable structure. Forwarding future industries, organizing the implementation of future industries, and promoting the construction of a group of national future industry pilot test areas. Support manufacturing large-scale enterprises provide R & D design, entrepreneurial incubation, measurement test, inspection and testing services to industrial chains.

Deepen the application of new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration.

In-depth development of standardized construction actions in the field of technology, and promote the development of the manufacturing service industry standard system. Release the consumption potential in key points.

Accelerate new energy vehicles promotion applications, speed up the construction of supporting facilities such as charging piles, power saving stations. Improve home appliance recycling system, implement home appliance producers recycle target responsibility system. Encourage conditional places to launch a new round in the field of home appliances.

Encourage new energy vehicles, smart home appliances, green building materials to go to the countryside. Major scenarios of the Beijing Winter Olympics will promote the promotion of ultra HD video. Promote the digital transformation of traditional lines of low state supply chain and operation management to develop new information consumption.

Increase the integration of the line on the line, expand its own brand consumption and online new consumption, promote old-fashioned innovation and development, and high level to run China’s brand day event.

In addition, the "Notice" proposed to increase the level of foreign use.

The 2021 version of the foreign admission is issued, and the field restrictions such as manufacturing industry are further relaxed.

Carry out international industrial investment cooperation series activities, build foreign-funded enterprises and local communication exchange platforms. Purpose time to revise the "Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Directory" to encourage foreign investment manufacturing.

Promote the stability of foreign trade.

Implementing good and stable foreign trade policy measures, consolidating the role of enhancing export credit insurance, and grasping the foreign trade credit.

Relying on national logistics hub, expanding shipping, air transport, railway international transportation lines, promoting the construction of international logistics service networks supporting "global procurement, global production, global sales", and promoting international logistics.

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Two-color ball 2021092: First prize 4 note 906 million yuan, prize pool 721 million

On the evening of August 15, China Welfare Lottery Two-color Ball Game was conducted on the 2021092 lottery.

The current two-color ball red ball number is 02, 07, 08, 10, 12, 31, the blue ball number is 03.The two-color ball head award is 4 notes, and the single note bonus is 906 million yuan.

These 4 injection first prize flowers 3: Hebei 2 note, Shandong 1 note, Guangdong 1 note, total 4 Note.The second prize opened 154 note, and the amount of more than 130,000 yuan.When the final prize opened more than 12.59 million.

According to the Search of Guangxi Fucai Center, the second prize in this issue, settled in Tunxi City 1 note, the winning ticket is a single ticket for 10 yuan.

After the prize, the two-color ball prize pool is 100 million yuan.On August 17th, two-color ball No. 2021093 opened a lot, and the purchase and color will have a chance to get 10 million yuan in 2 yuan.

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