“Ding Dynasty,When http://www.renchenghualang.cn you last last,The efforts will only send people to kill the sea.,Then why didn’t they kill him?,But choose to kill you?”

“Not someone discloses me to the army hospital!”
“Ding Mun Village,Want to kill you a lot.?There are many people who know you.?Your team arrived at the Army Hospital,The chance of being found is large?”
“You are all assumptions,Even if the person of the bank discovers me,Then they will notify the judge to combine the long-term experience of the on-site tank class.?”Ding Mun Village asked,
“Ha ha……,Ding Dynasty,It seems that you still don’t know much.,Judge combination in addition to cooperation with Zheng Yao first,People who have the efforts of the trip will not know their,If you don’t believe, you can ask Tangshan Sea, they are waiting for their efforts.,Sustaining agency, even if you find that you appear in the hospital, it is impossible to contact them.,So there is only one possibility,They are personally coming.!Do you tell me what I said??”
Ding Mun Village is indeed reasonable,According to the level of the sentence,Power, Shanghai Station, I really don’t see them.,But said on your mouth:“Can they be two people!More than a dozen people!”
“How do these more than a dozen people?”
Ding Mun Village sucks the tank,It may be because Li Shun hurts yourself too anxious to see this layer.,More than a dozen people in action ability will never be a general efforts,At this time, Ding Mo Village has regretted to ask for a long time.。
“Ding Dynasty,I am asking you questions。”
“Very strong!Absolutely not a general action personnel,Their purpose is clear that covering judge combined with retreat,And very easy to leave,If it is not planned in advance,The skills they randomly strain are too strong.。”How do you think about Ding Mun Village?,
NS269chapter Interrogation of the old eight seas
Ding Mun Village dare to question his legacy,Seeing him has been asked by himself.,Continue asking:“Ding is actually do not know that there is a strong action team in Shanghai in Shanghai.?”
“You are talking about hurricane!?”Ding Mun Village has really heard of,This traitor is a power station to pick up,After the Shanghai War War, they did not have news.,It seems to stay in Shanghai。
“It seems that Ding Dynasty knows。”
“This liver should also be dispatched by Shanghai Station.!”Ding Mun Village feels that he is ugly,
“good,And I also know that the judge is not only the jellyfish and animal husbandry.,Their total person in charge should be killing God according to my guess.!They have several core members in the end.,And what is the relationship between the hurricane, this needs to be investigated.。”
“If today is a hurricane,Then they should listen to the judgment combination,Or disguise the god。”
“I do not know about this,But it should be like this.,I ask you again.,You have already active last night.?”
“You sent Li Shizun to live in the new Asian hotel.,Passing Zhong Liang went to Joy Hotel,Your Army Hospital, who took the team in the morning.,Is it right?”Qi Rui,
“Is Wang Mun, told Long Tailor??”
“you guessed wrong,She can do this,I don’t allow her to do this.,so,Ding Dynasty,Don’t think that only you are smart.,Many times the real action master is able to infer the enemy target plan with limited clues.,Is this the highest realm of intelligence person??Obvious,Our opponents have such a level,Otherwise, we will not be hit by them.。”
Zhuneng Yunzi said:“that is,Ding Dynasty,Because they have such an ability,So, I will bring people to the long-term cloth leader in the morning.,Long Pool class leader, pre-regulating the killer will hit the team in the clock tower.,Seeing Hai Zhengchu safe passed the car to pick you up,At that time, the tailor long, I already know that you are not in the team.。”
“So according to my judgment,Judgment combination they should find that Ding did not get on the bus.,Instead, I left the hospital so it is a action to change.,Give up the killing sea,But choose to kill you。”
“Why do you http://www.jiangxilucha.cn say that?”
“DING should be one of the people who want to remove the people?”
“This is right,I only hit me after the Emperor,They always wanted me to die。”
“You caught eight big king’s old eight,Judge combination and the old Zheng Yao first relationship is very good,They prefer to give up the killing sea.,Society, they are hate to you.,Ding Dynasty,You are our big Japanese emperor real friend,I understand that Li Shousun is hurt for you, you are sad.,So you have no rude this time.,But please don’t have a next time.,Because I am a large-scale Tri-class class class,I am not allowed to question and blasphemy to the empire.!”
Ding Mun Village has been repeatedly turned to a long-awaited,Seeing that the wine Yibei Huizi and Zhunee Yunzi have some desirable eyes,Apologize quickly:“Yes!Yes!Weird,Also please long-term Pool http://www.szusootltbrxis.cn Leafai Haihan,I blame, I am too simple to see my opponent.。”
“Ding Dynasty,You are very good,Dare to doubt any suspicious people,Please keep it,But in doubt, you still see the suspicion,I am a big Japanese Emperor Shao Jojo,Recruitment,How can I make a betrayal empire interest?,You are not a white waste。”
“Yes!Yes!Yes!Please ask for a long time to forgive my stupidity.。”Ding Mun Village is apologizing,But the doubts in my heart have not completely eliminated,
“All right,Long pool,Haizheng first is still from you.。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
Hurry and hurry:“I am not trial.,One original person,What should I do?,Wine well training is still looking for an interpretation expert.。”
“The meaning of Tanaka is to let you review。”Wine Yi Yibei is a smile,
Rui Rui made a long-awaited cry of tears。

He also didn’t think there would be such a thing.,Although it has already guess,But I didn’t expect the scum of Gao Wei.,Li Dequan actually wants to close one eye。

Such hospital,Such medical ethics,It is unqualified in his eyes.。
“Director Li,I don’t want today’s work today.,I don’t want to come here to see a doctor here.。”
Li Hui Feng, let Li Dequan can’t stand on a sense.。
It’s Lin from Yun, I want to say something, I didn’t say it.。
“hehe,You still want to see a doctor later.?
From now on, you http://www.guodalang.cn may have no chance to give people sick.。”
Chapter 292 chapter people’s heart
Gao Wei’s moment,Li Dequan’s face is not a change。
Li Hui Feng also does not understand why Gao Wei will say this。
But watching a few people with a high gay,Li Hui’s heart suddenly has an unique feeling。
“Hello,Please show your physician qualification certificate,And employment certificate,Or relevant qualification certificates that you can have a physician。”
I heard the question of the people who are highweight.,Li Hui immediately understood what happened.。
The other party is looking for someone to engage him.。
This kind of thing he has also seen,Just I didn’t expect one day to fall on myself.。
Just when Li Huiwei wants to admit that his own documents are not,Li Dequan is rushing out。
After all, Li Hui Feng is http://www.52kashangwang.cn gave up by Gao Wei.,Then he will definitely be implicated.,Anyway,Li Hui Feng is his invitation.,The convenience of this order makes him don’t work.。
“Several comrades,Our Xiao Li is very good.,And the physician qualification certificate is being handled.,Soon you can do it,Today, he is not a physician.,Is learning。”
Say this,Li Dequan pushed Fang Cai to the front。
“This is our internship doctor,How many comrades did not misunderstand??”
Seeing Li Dequan is so good,Gao Wei is directly angry。
“Li Dequan,You are less in front of this young master.,Small butterfly is a nurse,And still internship,And I have given a doctor to the patient.,Here are monitored,Monitoring can’t lie?”
It’s a trick of Gao Wei.,Li De comprehensive color is also a change。
The few people brought by Gao Wei heard this,I am directly ready to do it.。
“This little brother,You don’t have these things,Already suspected of illegal,Please take one with us.。”
Li Huihe heard this,Smile。
“Row,I will take you with you.。”
Say this,He also looked at Li Dequan with Lin from Yun,road:“Director Li,Do you feel such a hospital now??
Professor,Do you feel that this is a heart that saves a wounded??
Sometimes, a mouse can make a pot of porridge, no one, no one rushed to touch。”
Said that Li Hui is directly with a few people.。
Fang Yucai saw this scene,I thought about helping Li Li and said a few words.,But I was stopped by Li Hui.。
After all, he is creating a disease.,He feels that he is illegal.,It should also be affordable,Will not be sentenced。
As Li Hui is taken away,Gao Wei directly exposed a victory smile。
“Director Li,You can think about how to accept it for a while.,Hire a person who does not have a doctor qualification to come to the hospital,Your right is not really small.。”

South Korea will lift outdoor masks from May 2nd to make the new crown infectious disease level

South Korea cancels public places for fasting (data map) Overseas Network, April 29. According to the Yonhap News Agency on the 29th, South Korea will lift the outdoor mask order from May 2.South Korean Prime Minister Kim Fuqian announced on the 29th that next week, South Korea does not require wearing masks outdoors, but people still need to wear masks at places where more than 50 people gather.

The situation in South Korea’s new crown epidemic is still severe.

South Korea ’s Central Epidemic Prevention Council reported on the 29th that as of 00:00 on the day, 50,568 newly confirmed cases were added in the past 24 hours, and a total of 17194616 cases were accumulated.There were 136 newly died and 22,724 deaths.(Overseas Network Wang Xiaoyu) Overseas network copyright works shall not be reproduced without authorization.Responsible editor: Wang Xiaoyu and Liu Qiang.

Li Qiang: firm confidence and determination to resolutely win the tough battles decisively

■ Holding and maintaining construction Simultaneous follow -up management operation must always put the people’s lives safety and health first, so that the sense of urgency and the responsibility of only time to scramble to accelerate the construction of the cabin hospital. To complete the construction, we must also follow up the management operation simultaneously. Scientifically and reasonably set functions, laying a solid foundation for fast transfer to the infection of infected infections. The last link of the distribution of materials to the household.

For the "one old and one small" that is isolated at home due to the epidemic prevention and control, the group must actively touches it, and provide the necessary help in a timely manner. The municipal medical team member Bai Yi took the armor and retrograde. With your strong support, we have made us firm confidence, concentric, and resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control. With the confession of life supplies, visit the medical teams of all parties who help Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work. On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and the people of the city, they express their sincere gratitude and respect to all medical staff.

Li Qiang pointed out that we must resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, adhere to the overall strategy of "external defense input, internal prevention and rebound" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing", firm confidence and determination, and resolutely and decisively to resolutely relax and decisively put them decisively. The prevention and control of the epidemic is strict and tight, and it is grasped in the same way from details. It further condenses the strong joint effort of everyone’s participation in cooperation and the anti -epidemic resistance of the city, and go all out to win the strong battle of the prevention and control of the epidemic. At present, Shanghai is making every effort to raise beds and isolation houses, and choose places that meet the disease prevention conditions to speed up and expand and expand.

Li Qiang came to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) to observe the design plan and construction progress of the squares hospital. By fully digging the potential renewal, this prescription hospital is expected to provide more than 40,000 beds after completion.

Li Qiang thanked the builders on the front line of fought, and told everyone to do a good job of personal protection and strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements. Li Qiang pointed out that we must always put the lives of the people’s lives and health first, and to speed up the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility that are not waiting at the time. Management operation, scientific and reasonable setting functions, laying a solid foundation for fast transfer to infected people.

A residential life material guarantee warehouse on Changde Road, integrating and using various market resources, cooperating with the units in the district to launch a supply package and carry out "community collection".

Li Qiang inspected the progress of the construction of the district -level supply system on the spot, and came to the nearby residential communities to learn about the distribution of materials to the household.

Li Qiang pointed out that the supply of living materials during the epidemic is the most concerned about millions of households. It is necessary to fully consider the basic living needs of citizens, do everything possible to ensure the supply of necessities of life, and concentrate on the final link of the distribution of materials to the households. The "one old and one young" that is isolated at home due to the prevention and control of the epidemic and the group of difficult groups must be actively touched, and the necessary help should be provided in a timely manner. The city leaders also visited and condolences to the medical team of Shanghai. Thanks to the brothers, municipalities, and troops for gathering medical elite soldiers and supporting Shanghai to help Shanghai resist.

Li Qiang took care of the medical staff in Shanghai and instructed everyone to pay attention to protection and take care of the body. Please put forward timely difficulties, requiring the relevant parties to do their best to care about clutching to Shanghai medical staff. He said that in accordance with the decision -making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission, the brothers and cities and municipalities medical players Bai Yi took the armor and retrograde. Thousands of miles came to support, which made the city’s people encouraged and excited. With your strong support, we have made us firm confidence, concentric, and resolutely win the prevention and control of the epidemic. City leaders Zhuge Yujie and Wu Qing participated in related activities.

Brother Chen’s reaction is not very surprised,Lin Tianfu, who listened to their conversation behind, exclaimed,He really wanted to run over and pull Duan Junjian and say,I did this job!

“Be a martial arts teacher?”
“This sounds good,Not http://www.antimonopolylawyer.cn at one hundred middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills。”
“Since Tianwu Dojo is a place for martial arts,,There should be a lot of cheats and combat skills,I can also learn the knowledge of cultivation systematically。”
Chen Xiu is really moved,But he knows his identity is fake,Duan Junjian’s invitation may not be so sincere。
“Don’t rush to reject him,Wait for me to reach Baiyun City,Take a look at how the cultivation ecology of the big city of the Great Zhou Kingdom is talking about。”
Chen Xiu smiled:“Duan Brothers,This is a big deal,Let me think about it for a few days。”
“Not urgent,It’s still a few days away from Baiyun City,Brother Chen can consider slowly;If still can’t decide,In Baiyun City, there is also a branch venue of our Tianwu Daochang,But Brother Chen can visit our temple before making a decision。”
“So good。”
The conversation between http://www.szhljj.cn the two ended in a friendly atmosphere,Let go,The team is moving forward。
In the carriage,Duan Junjian is waving a few splashes http://www.maylinhouseware.cn of ink,After a while, Chen Xiu’s appearance was already on paper,Handed it to Jinfeng and said:“Jin Lao immediately sent people back to Qingmu County,Check his background!”
Don’t look at Duan Junjian’s really bad skills,Dan Qing is really good,Chen Xiu’s charm is drawn vividly on paper with just a few strokes。
“Little Lord,You are afraid of him lying?”
“How can I believe in people so easily!”
Duan Junjian sneered:“I saw Chen Xiu was not injured just now,It’s not time to turn face,It’s just a donkey。We can deal with him after finding out his foundation!”
“understood,I’ll let someone send the portrait back。”