Cangzhou Ke City explores the common prosperity of mountains

People’s Net Zhangzhou November 4th (Zhang Fan) This afternoon, Zhangzhou held "Full to build a four-province’s marginal co-affordable demonstration area" theme press conference in Ke City special. The meeting introduced how to explore the new path of the total wealth of mountainous counties in Mountainous Areas, find the key difficulties and key points of the mountain counties, the common prosperity, and the local system should have realized innovative breakthrough work initiatives, and accelerate a batch of Kucheng The common wealthy first line model of identification. Borrowing "Ecological Advantages" Determining Sports Leisure as the Leading Industry "as the provincial ecological civilization construction demonstration area, ecology is the biggest characteristics of Ke City, the most valuable resources.

"Zhu Shufang, secretary of the Kucheng District, introduced that in recent years, Ke City has always firmly rely on" Green Water Qingshan "to seek" Jinshan Yinshan ", and is based on the national sports and leisure tourism resort, further exploration will The ecological advantages are transformed into industrial advantages, economic advantages, development advantages, struggling to open up the sputum and revitalizing the countryside to achieve common prosperity.

At present, Ke City is in accordance with the "three-year formation, five-year name" of the Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee, accelerates the construction of the Lingbi Mountain Tourism Resort, ensuring that this year’s provincial tourism resort is created, striving for 2023 National tourist resort. "Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government puts forward the ‘focus characteristics, one county and one policy’ requirements, the key points of Cohtou ‘one county one" is to combine the advantages of the main city, create as a support in Lingbi Mountain National Tourism Resort Platform, the sports and leisure is determined as the dominant industry. "The Standing Committee of the Cohti District Committee, the executive deputy director Qi Fujun has" four excellent "in the development of sports and leisure industries, respectively, has a good location, elegant quality, excellent quality. Ke City has 200 kilometers, 39 kilometers of car cross-country road, there are 285 people, about 10,000 in the future, Ke City will also create "1 belt 5" industrial chain, which is the Baili sports promenade. Better, micro-transformation, and improve 30 future villages, create colorful cocheng demonstration belts; use sports car city as the core of the car off-road industry chain; Zen integrity of the spirit of the prospecting of the spirit "; The high-altitude park is the core limit sports industry chain; the exploration of the research industry chain as the core of Taoyuan Qili Scenic Area; the rural cultural industry chain of the future country is the core.

By 2025, Ke City plans to achieve 26 million tourists, with an income of 25 billion yuan, annual taxation of 1 billion yuan, providing 20,000 jobs, and driving the peasant annual income of 5,000 yuan. It is no modernization without industrialization of high-energy ecological industrial platforms.

In order to achieve leap-forward development, Ke City has created a high-energy ecological industrial platform in the region by doing a fine-selling ecological industrial park. The industrial acres has a tax return reached 280,000 yuan / mu, and 10,000 jobs have been added.

"There were 167 enterprises in the Hangye Industrial Park, including up to 121 enterprises under the acres of taxes, 2020 total production volume billion yuan, the storage tax, only more than 100 million yuan, it is difficult to support the high-quality development of Kucheng Industry. Dream. "Zhu Sufang said, Ke City, in accordance with a batch of reservoirs, integrated into the park, rectifying a batch, shutting down a batch of required requirements, 30 departments, 30 departments, gridization Advance, in just 2 months, the "low scattered" enterprises rectified, and there is more than 700 acres of low-efficiency industrial land.

At the same time, Ke City will further do the strong platform by accelerating the construction of the "Hydropower Road" and other infrastructure and small micro enterprise parks, and further improve the strong platform, such as the total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, the Wanyang Small and Micro Enterprise Park has started construction. The first phase will be built at the end of this year, and it will provide high quality carriers for more than 50 small and micro enterprises. In terms of enhancement, Ke City, Jinwu shares, Jinwo shares, and promoted the rendering of the bearing accessories industry extension. Up to now, the Kucheng Ecological Industry Platform has introduced a project of total investment billions, of which 2 billion yuan or more projects, and 4 items.

Cultural Employment Country Helps Rural Revitalization "I have started in Ningbo for many years. I returned to Ke City last year. I have been the first batch of homesick people who have been in the future countryside. For more than a year, I saw Yu Dongcun realized huge The leap, all kinds of business are like the spring bamboo shoots, and the tourists are constantly increasing.

At the press conference, Kokocheng Xian Ye Jinying told the story of his returning home business. "There is more than 800 people in the village of more than 800 people in Yu Dongcun."

In recent years, we have focused on a cultural culture, a village, and focus on building a future rural village, exploring a cultural empowering countryside, achieving a common affluent path.

Chen Jianfeng, secretary of the party committee secretary of the Tangxi Township Township, Cohti District, said that local insistence on the advantages of the human resources of Yu Dong Village into rural economic development and rural residence.

Through cooperation with enterprises, continuously broaden the characteristic cultural industrial chain, such as village enterprises cooperation and development literary, research, study, casual camping, and rural brigade integration, etc., promote six One "feature industry flouries.

According to statistics, Yu Dongcun has achieved the transformation of selling paintings, copyright, selling scenery, selling, selling, selling, selling copyright, selling scenery, selling, selling copyright, selling scenery , There is a live dry, have money to make, the village has also made money from the original two thirty peasant painters to the village.

At the same time, Tangxi Township has achieved a village rich by doing a good job in village enterprises, villagers jointly, villagers, villages, and things. An old man sighed, and he lived in the village for more than 70 years, and the guests came without this seven days. (Editor: Zhang Fan, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Constructing science and technology province "four galvan pillars" Hubei to play technology innovation "combination"

On October 27th, at the 18th "China Optical Valley" International Optoelectronics Expo, a concentrated signing "Starlight".Pentium laser intelligent equipment Wuhan R & D Manufacturing Base, Guangyi Filter R & D and production base, highlighting electronic high-end test equipment R & D and intelligent manufacturing industrial park … 27 projects cover laser, semiconductor, artificial intelligence, quantum information and other industrial fields,The total amount reached 30.6 billion yuan, and the creation of the Creative Globs will have a new amount of surprises.At this moment, many people have a strong feeling – Hubei has entered the rapid track of technology innovation, innovative initiatives are more powerful, and the innovation atmosphere is more strong, and the innovation momentum is more rapid, and has become an increasingly important in my country’s innovative layout.

"Full eye life is transformed, the Tianshu is trying to get new." As of now, the increase value growth in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the province has increased the increase in high-tech industries; the first three quarters of this year, the province’s 12,327 enterprises were selected in the national technology type SME library, ranking No. 8 nationwide; technical contract transaction billion yuan, year-on-year growth%. Activating innovation "a chess" phospantine resource comprehensive utilization technology is a world-class problem, and a large number of phosphite accumulation not only occupies land resources, but also safety and environmental hazards.

On November 3, the reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that as a high-energy major innovation platform supporting Yichang Construction Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center – The Three Gorges Laboratory has been substantially operated.

Professor Pool, Chief Scientist Pool, will increase the integration of joint research and research, and strive to increase the comprehensive utilization of Hubei phospantine in two years, and finally realize zero emissions. The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed to accelerate innovation and driving development, adhere to the core status of innovation, optimize the province’s regional innovation spatial layout and innovation factor configuration, and effectively transform the advantages of science and education resources into innovative advantages, talent advantages, development advantages.

The province has a joint association, "1 + 4" policy, "1 + 4" policy, "combined", "combined punches", science and technology province "four beams eight columns" accelerate construction, innovative driver development has achieved remarkable results. Since the establishment of the Guanggu Kok Children’s Corridor, Wuhan, Ezhou, Huangshi, Huanggang, Xianning actively promoted, 82 major innovation projects of more than 50 billion yuan, Wuhan National New Generation Artificial Intelligent Innovation Development Demonstration Zone released application scenario 103 Item; Wuhan Practice Intelligence Computing Center, Wuhan Super Country Center, the first "Double Carbon" Industrial Park, etc. in the middle, start construction.

Today, in this "gold corridor", more than 70% focus on the three innovative industrial bands of optical electronic information, great health, intelligent manufacturing, a series of innovative carriers, is full of regional innovation. energy level.

Xiangyang, Yichang Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center construction hoofs are stable. Take Fuyang, Yichang is the leader, "Yushu", "Yijing Jing", "Yi Jing Jing", "荆恩" and "宜 随" and "荆 荆" Science Corridor, linkage with Guanggu Technology Innovation Great Corridor, promoting North and South Two arrays integrated innovation and development. Breakthrough, first "one kilometer" October 26, Guanggu Laboratory Movement and Health Intelligent Technology Innovation Center will be established to face the major needs of people’s lives, focusing on actual scientific issues and key bottlenecks in sports and health care.

In just 8 months, the Optical Valley Lab has been published in the world’s top academic publication. The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to translate into key accelerated innovation applications, accelerate the development of large science devices, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and maximize innovative entrepreneurship creation vitality. At the beginning of the New Year, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, the new journey started, the Optical Valley Laboratory, Jiangxia Laboratory, the LaCK, Hongshan Laboratory, etc. 7 Hubei Laboratory were unveiled. From the major strategic needs of the national and Hubei economic and social development, Hubei Laboratory has enhanced the original innovation capabilities in the major sectors, breaking through key technology bottlenecks in key industries, and conducts major original research and collaborative research and research, and actively striving for national laboratories. .

The reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that the laboratory has achieved a number of important scientific research results. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Qiza, director of Hubei Hongshan Laboratory, said Hongshan Laboratory, won the investment of Daba Nongnan Group, and both parties will fully strengthen the basic research in the field of biological breeding, key core technical research, product research and development, and achievement transformation. "Chinese species" construction.

The large scientific device is known as the "National Heavy), which is a necessary condition for the breakthrough in many fields in modern science and technology. On November 9, the reporter saw on the construction site of major projects in Donghu Science Town, has been included in the national planned pulsed strong magnetic field experimental equipment optimization, the research facilities of national crop phenotypics, deep geotechnical engineering disturbance facilities, etc. 3 major science The device is accelerating in advance.

Wanli sang sails and rushed again.

Adhere to the "four face", Hubei is struggling to break through "first-kilometer".

On October 19, the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the first batch of "new species" enterprises in Hubei Science and Technology Department. Among the highest levels of "驼" enterprises, Wuhan Huaxing Optoelectronics is the first semiconductor display panel company in Hubei, accounting for 20% of the world’s small size display panel market; Wuhan Jingdong’s code is the highest generation line panel production line project.

The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to enhance innovation ability, optimize high-tech enterprises, and cultivate more subdivided fields "Tile Champion" and more industry leading enterprises.

This year, the province has arrested innovation, and the strength and atmosphere of promoting entrepreneurs have never been unprecedented and effective. In the first three quarters of this year, the province’s technical contract has been exceeded, the year-on-year growth is increasing, and 12,327 enterprises are selected in the national technology-based SME library, which is more than 7606 high-tech enterprises than 2020. It is 2020 annual declaration. Total quantity.

As the birthplace of the National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, Hubei ‘s Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Since this year, there have been two new national science and technology parks in the province. 9 national technology enterprises have 9, the Science and Technology Park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Wuhan University Science Park have been awarded a national excellent.

Up to now, there are 678 provincial-level technology incubators, spatial spaces, and 678 spatants, Xingchuasia, and the number of middle part of the first; more than 2,500 hatching companies, providing a source of rapid scoring regulations for high-tech enterprises. new force. The Dajiang Flow Day, the generous song is not. At the great journey of the new era, Hubei is rushing to the "Star Ocean" of the Science and Technology Innovation in Hubei, and the great journey of the construction of the world’s science and technology, and makes Hubei contribution! (Wen Jun, Qiu Jian Mountain) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

China Datang: Do a good job of people’s livelihood "four things"

Since the development of party history, China Datang has put "I do practical things for the people" as an important result of the test of party history, one person personally hangs, and the establishment of a project is promoted, and the government must, the society is difficult, employee Exotic, the "4 things" of the company "4 things".

It is understood that, as of now, China Datang completed 425 key people’s livelihood projects and 5079 practical things. Do a good job in the government, safeguarding energy supply has a bottom gas November 1st, with the Tang Dynasty, Liaoning, the heat The whole line heated to the residents, and the heat flow is integrated into thousands of households, and sent to "Datang Warm". In the face of the current power supply situation "particularly tight", the winter temperature "especially low", China Datang Xinxin is a major event, the government must, and implement the party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, and resolutely pick up the responsibility mission of energy central enterprises. It is the first time to establish a leading group for the first time to establish a deployment arrangements for the leadership group.

Headquarters leaders to Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Shanxi, and Liaoning Province supervised and investigated, ensuring that coal preservation increases, and the power thermal energy supply is stable.

In China Datang Headquarters, the newly established energy insurance office has played a "central brain" role in the "central brain", with consistent three-level "day scheduling" control mechanism, built, coordinated, coordinated, guided, urged, inspected, and implemented Guard the command system.

In the grassroots company, 1073 energy guaranteed assault teams and tens of thousands of Datang employees stick to fight for safety production, fuel confessions, funds guarantee three energy insurance, resolutely win the energy guarantee for compensation . It is understood that as of November 15th, the accumulated completion of power generation billion kilowatts, the year increases.

The accumulated heat of this hot season is Wanjiao, a year-on-year increase%; 55 heat source plants, 14 thermal companies have been tied.

Doing a good job of work, helping the country to revitalize the ground gas on October 24th, under the Yongshou County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, Shiyang Temple Shan Photo Plant, showing a busy accommodation. "This year, this year is good, this project landed, not only the local people’s income means, my little son can also work at home during the peers.

"The peasants who are chasing are said.

In Xianyang Yongshou County, China Datang’s innovation adopts "photovoltaic + Chinese herbal medicine" aging model, which effectively improves the value of land use, and drives the surrounding villagers at home, including more than 60 people, more than 400 pieces of zerocent labor force. In order to consolidate the poverty achievement, deep plowing rural resolution "Responsible Tian", China Datang sent 140 poverty alleviation cadres to go to 53 help work, leading cadres in-depth residential investigation 276 times.

Focus on building support, Fuzhi, Pi Zhi "three support", sincere, true love, real gold and silver "three real" integration, promotion education, industry, people’s livelihood, employment, party building "five-in one" "Tang Dynasty" 335 "Datang Helping the system has achieved good results.

This year, China Datang implements "future education" to help 561 students to complete their studies, sign an agreement with Beijing Normal University, carry out talents, teachers training, cooperation, and provide talent support for rural revitalization. Promote new energy projects such as clean electric energy into the country, build 10,000 thousand watt, wind power, and promote high-quality development and rural revitalization.

Various "blood transfusion" is "hematopoietic", strengthens the industry support, promoting the employment of the house, and the establishment of the college students in Jia Village, a total of 1360 employment. Do a good job in workers, build "Happy Datang", "charging is very busy" outside the high-grade thermal power plant factory, employees are moving through mobile scan or credit card to the car to "charging journey".

"I used to work, the most worried thing is the car charging problem. Now, the electric gun is inserted. At get off work, it is full of electricity, ‘Xiaoye’ is really more and more.

"The factory human resources department pays Marti Di.

In order to practice the people-oriented thinking, China Datang put "Happy Datang" as "I do practical things for the masses" effectively and long-term mechanisms to advance, surrounding the total care, most direct, most Realistic interests, create a "satisfied restaurant", open "happy shuttle", build "warm small family", oversee implementation "reunion project", to see, the initiative to achieve, will resume the hearts of employees superior.

In the Hongda Windfield, the Inner Mongolia Moni Division has worked for many years, the biggest distress is separated from his wife, and a family is more departure. "Reunion Project" has been launched, Jinxing first registered, under the co-ordination arrangement of the branch, transferred from Huahot to Tongliao, returning home, shortening the whole 1183 kilometers, realizing reunion.

218 employees have been resolved, and the construction of 96 employee cultural activities are resolved. Increase the number of commuter vehicles, the number of commuter shuttle is increased … China Datang has put nearly 100 million yuan this year to promote the construction of "Happy Datang", with a piece of practical thing, A group of data, let the employees feel the "temperature" of the Datang. Doing a good job in business, the service reform and development Temassee has developed, and there are performances in operations and the foundation and bottom gas of the company. China Datang focuses on cracking production and operation, institutional mechanism reform and high-quality development challenge, further improving mysteria, cohesion promoting high quality development. Workers must be a prostitute.

China Datang wishes to build a world-class energy supplier vision target, focusing system mechanism blocking pain point blind spot problem, successively convened three-year-off-enter-three-year action promotion meeting, through optimizing organizational system, "Six Headquarters", Enterprise management architecture, accelerate industry chain integration innovation, improve the assessment distribution system, etc.

Establishing "all costs can be reduced" concept, carry out special actions for improvement and efficiency, to determine the huge impact of coal prices to the production and operation, achieving the increase of 11.7 billion yuan, maximizing production and operation order smooth. In the face of the implementation of "Carbon Peak, Carbon Middle and" Policy, China Datang does not take urgency, grab the "corner overtaking" opportunity, quickly form a green low-carbon development company, prepare the development of "14th Five-Year" Planning, developing the "double carbon" action outline, accelerating the "source network storage" integrated and multi-can-have complementary project, grab the new energy competitive configuration construction indicators, and go all out to go before, go first, the first three quarters The cumulative nuclear preparation of new energy projects exceed 12 million kilowatts. (Song Chen).

Agricultural Rural Ministry: The final agricultural membrane recovery rate will reach more than 85%

Original title: Agricultural Rural Department: The final agricultural membrane recovery rate will reach more than 85% of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Beijing August 31 (Reporter Li Dong) Recently, Agricultural Rural Ministry Prints and Distributing the "Solid Waste Pollution Environment of the People’s Republic of China" Opinions on the Prevention and Control (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

It is proposed to the "14th Five-Year Plan", the level of agricultural solid waste prevention and control level and resource utilization ability, the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry is more than 80%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is stable in more than 86%, and the agricultural membrane recovery The rate reached more than 85%, and the recovery rate of pesticide packaging waste reached more than 80%.

  Digitally showed that the national livestock and poultry feces generated billions of livestock and poultry, crop straw produced billions tons, and the agricultural membrane was used to use 10,000 pieces of pesticide packaging.

Some regional agricultural palats are serious, and the anti-technical solid waste prevention and treatment is still highlighted, which causes large pressure to rural ecological environmental governance and agricultural high quality development. The revised "Solid Waste Control Law of the People’s Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as "solid waste law") was officially implemented on September 1, 2020. The "Opinions" of the Agricultural Rural Ministry clearly requires the implementation of the implementation and acceleration of the resource utilization of livestock and poultry, and the comprehensive utilization of straw. Six key tasks such as "solid waste method" propaganda, aim to accelerate the promotion of agricultural solid waste recycling disposal and resource utilization, which is important for comprehensive promotion of rural residence and accelerating the modernization of agricultural rurality.

  Specifically, in accelerating the use of livestock and poultry, the agricultural rural department requires the development of animal husbandry green circulation, cultivated land quality and the main goals of agricultural parallel pollution. Using the main direction of the main attack, fully promote the use of livestock and poultry. In the comprehensive utilization of straw, fertilizer, feed, fuel-based utilization is the main direction of the main attack, and construct more than 200 straw comprehensive utilization of 200 or more.

Promote straw science and health, establish and improve the straw storage and storage system, and open the "first km" in the development of straw industry. The farmland "white pollution" caused by the filmmils has seriously threatened soil quality.

The reporter has discovered that in 2017, the Agriculture Department once issued the "agricultural membrane recovery program", requiring 100 municipal governance demonstration counties in Gansu, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, and establishing a thickened film film in the demonstration county, recycling and processing system, Realization When the seasonal membrane recovery rate is more than 80%, the basic resource utilization of the ground film is taken in the first. The agricultural rural ministry issued the "Opinions", requiring the key to the main covering area, recycled, and replacing the main governance method, vigorously promoted standard film application, mechanized pick, specialized recycling, resource utilization, effective defense Control farmland "white pollution". In addition, in accelerating the harmless treatment of pesticide packaging waste, organized a group of pesticide packaging waste recycling, playing the organization coordination, technical guidance, etc. in pesticide packaging waste recovery treatment, and establish pesticides Packaging waste recycling desk account. Agricultural solid waste recycling also requires technology support. "Next, the construction of the regional demonstration base will be strengthened, strengthen the construction of innovative platforms such as key laboratories, long-term observation experiments, and establish a technical standard system for solid waste treatment. Promoting the revision of agricultural solid waste related countries, industries and local standards.

"The relevant person in charge of agricultural rural areas said.

(Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.

2021 National Oral Health Science Speech Exchange Northeastern Region Activities Successfully

Recommended reading 2021-11-1211: 40 Bugs of White Heroni foraging in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, habitat.

At the early winter, Poyang Lake fell below the fine water level, became the assembly of all kinds of migratory birds. 2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County cotton planting area of ??1.02 million mu, of which 990,000 mu of implementation of cotton cultivation mode, seeded, chemically roof, and mechanized mining collection, After production, this year’s seed cotton has produced 426 kg / mu, which increases kilograms / mu, and the level of cotton scientific growth management is continuously improved, and cotton cultivation is mechanized.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold In the first green smart factory built into the metal regeneration resource industry, continue to practice "double carbon" commitment, introduce solar photovoltaic power generation project, can provide clean energy 14 million for national grids each year Kauching time.

2021-11-1011: 01 In recent years, Fuyang County, Guizhou Province has actively promoted the "medical combination" new pension model through integration of pension and medical resources, and creating a medical center integrating pension care, medical rehabilitation, leisure and entertainment. Provide the elderly to provide the old man to enjoy his old age. 2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "Advocating Renren Sports, create a better life" "100 million" series of events – 2021 The game was held.

This competition is divided into three categories of personal racing, individual flower samples, group competitions, two groups of adult groups and youth groups, aimed at passing jumping rope activities, driving national fitness boom, creating people in the city, people love sports, everyone A good atmosphere of love fitness.

2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Sending Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team to organize the party members’ rescue team to go to the island survey point, the wind is rain, not afraid of cold, take three classes inverted continuous operation, staying all day and night The sea cable is cut and defective, the insulation measurement, and the repair of the sea cable and its internal fiber, which is expected to be completed before November 8.

2021-11-0810: 00 November 4, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, the shadow hall is playing a wonderful cloud dream leather, "Yang Jia will", many middle-aged and old age audiences have seen 津 津. 2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, I found a beautiful body, dragging long tail, feathers, and foraging from the forest from time to time.

After identification by professionals, the bird is white and belongs to the national secondary protected animal. 2021-11-0511: 20 In order to further strengthen new coronal pneumonia epidemic regular prevention, Huzhou City Deqing County Zhongtu Town party member disinfection small team actively cooperates with the bus station to do a good job of disinfection, temperature measurement, propaganda, and implement the bus stop "One is sterilized", a ventilation time is not less than 15 minutes, while reminding passengers, we must wear a mask and do its own protection.

2021-11-0511: 17 This year, Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau focuses on "going out" enterprise tax-related demand, with intelligence tax building as a goal, according to "credit + intelligent" mode, create "self-trade omitary tax" New formats, to "go out" enterprises to expand foreign markets to provide tax intelligence and strength. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province ushered in the processing season, local farmers stepped up with the sunny weather to peeled, drying and processing, and persimmon processing became a special industry in the late autumn season. one. 2021-11-0511: 07 On November 3, 2021, Jiangsu Huai’an, college students played at the Games.

2021-11-0411: 28 November 3, 2021, the first primary school in Luoyang Road, Qingdao watched the four-footed machine dog presentation in the artificial intelligent exhibition hall. 2021-11-0411: On October 30, 2021, located in the navigation of Nanjiang County in Pakinean City, Sichuan Province, the best viewing period, the autumn color, the tourists are in the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, Hebei Province, from Gu Jiwu, as the Erlang Boxing of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hebei Province, is more widely passed, the county’s Erlang Xialu performance team, in "Russian-Chinese Culture Year", etc. More than 1400 awards were obtained, adding a bright color to the country.

2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, the primary school students in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, dressed in national costumes and danced to participate in the sports festival. 2021-11-0311: 29.

Short video is a beautiful economy on the tour "scene"

Short video and tourism marriage are as well, people’s travel habits have also quietly changed.

Before traveling, look at the short video to do Raiders; travel, shoot video sharing experience and experience.

The travel destination will use short video as a marketing new cutlery.At present, "Cloud Travel" has entered more people’s lives, and the pace of digital tourism is accelerating, and the interaction between short video and tourism is more frequent and in-depth.A few days ago, China’s Internet Information Center released the 45th "China Internet Development Statistics Statistical Report". As of March 2020, my country’s short video users were billions, accounting for the whole of netizens.In promoting rural tourism, short video played an important active role in promoting sales of agricultural products.

Shanghai Youth Qian Shengdong is a video blogger, with the net name "G 东" released a series of Shanghai travel videos, through its own perspective, showing Shanghai’s historical and cultural, city well, to netizens to the original Shanghai travel experience .

Many netizens looked at his videos, followed by his route, he was also called "Shanghai Tourism Folk Spokesperson" by netizens. Short video has become a new way of people exchange, people can give full play to their own creativity and express themselves. On the short video platform, "content is king" is never an empty talk, and netizens will answer with a click quantity. Like "G Manda", it is possible to provide interesting, useful, quality video creators to attract many "fans."

The propagation effect brought by high quality video is unmatisfactory for a tourist destination. In 2017, it was called "short video in the first year". In this year, the "light rail through the" light rail "of Chongqing Li Ziba has attracted a number of domestic and foreign tourists to shoot through the spread of short video. Another city from Short Video Xi’an, 2018 Total Total Income has increased by more than 50% year-on-year.

These two cities were originally popular via short video, they look "unhappy,".

Since then, the governments of various localities have gradually pay attention to the propagation of short video.

For example, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, gave birth to a group of Gannan cultural tourism "spokespersons" to help the local cultural industry development; at the end of 2019, Zhejiang Jiashan County held "I am a Jiashan Spokesperson" short video contest, In the form of a short video, the charm of the city development, rural revitalization, and ecological civilization.

In late April, Shandong Yantai City Culture and Tourism Bureau issued a news, held a "fresh beauty" short video contest, invited the majority of netizens to pick up the camera, mobile phone as a "anchor", record, recommend Yantai’s beauty, food, beauty And through the big short video platforms to promote the "Xi Mei Yantai", "endorsement" for Yantai Tourism.

The short video continues to be hot, and the big short video platforms attracted hundreds of millions of individual users, and also brought a "followed by short video to travel" trend.

Attract new tourists, retain turphas, is two major channels for the tourist destination recruiting customers. Short video gives people "breeding grass", let them become new tourists, and they have provided a platform for tourists.

A more than 10 seconds of video can make a city or a tourist scenic spot for one night, which is undoubtedly a new development opportunity for a tourist destination. Local tourism authorities, tourist scenic spots, tourism enterprises, etc. have begun "holding" short video, a batch of government blessings to short video platforms, promoting local cultural tourism resources, and become one of the important contents of the release. Guangxi Autonomous Region, City, County (district) three-level tourism department collectively settled the government shake voice; Xinjiang Hami and short video platform quickly handhaped, through "video live + tourism" model, expand Hami’s tourism propaganda; Hubei Enshi used shake Short video, started a new development of tourism cities, with fired local tourism development; via short video dissemination, Henan Luanchuan Scenic Area became one of the most popular attractions in 2019. In September 2018, the shake, headline index, jointly issued the "Short Video and City Image Research", interpreting the image construction of the popular city on the platform, is the first comprehensive interpretation of China Short video era city image construction white paper.

"2019 National Short Video Creative Development Research Report" shows that government short video has become an important window for governments in governments at all levels.

How to use high quality, tertiary short video, to showcase local stories, showcase urban images, and attach importance to local governments. "Chengdu has a master" "Beautiful Tibet" "Phase Impoo Town" and other short video, which played a good communication of local culture, scenery, etc.

Sun Jingxin, director of the China Foreign Wood Bureau, and the Director of the Communication Center of the World Institute of China and the World Research Institute, pointed out that "there is hope to have a short video area".

For a long time, Ms. Huang, the Haiqing, and Ms. Huang, averaged a few couriers every day. As a question, these are all the local natives of the mother buying on a short video platform.

Mother told her: "These are recommended by the local government leaders, and the quality must be guaranteed, and it can help farmers.

"Log in to the short video platform, Ms. Huang search found that many local government officials shoot short video, transformed an anchor, for home specialty, selling, such as Hubei Jingmen Mayor recommended specialty losny chicken, Shaanxi Shangluo County Deputy County Deputy County Walnut, tofu special agricultural product endorsement, Sichuan Tongjiang County General gives Yinur "belt" and so on.

"These videos are very grounded, and the amount of playback and praise are quite high. The popularity is very popular, and netizens also give high evaluation." Ms. Huang said.

In short video, these local government officials have recommended local local local native products, and also introduce local location, scenery resources, cultural characteristics, etc., short video of selling goods, also become a tourist propaganda film.

For many poverty-stricken areas, development and tourism is an important poverty alleviation.

In many places, tourism poverty alleviation is gradually transferred from a simple selling landscape, selling cultural, selling life, etc., the tourism industry chain continues to extend.

At the end of 2019, the "Short Video and Poverty Alleviation Report" released by the People’s Daily Net Publicity Data Center pointed out that short video and e-commerce, tourism and other fields have spawned the new poverty alleviation model of "short video + poverty alleviation", through short video form Record and spread the special food, beauty and humanistic style in poor areas, and help poverty poverty in poverty. This model is also known as "hematopoietic" poverty alleviation, giving farmers to expand their ability to get rid of regeneration.

(Original title: Short video is added to the tour "scene").

5 dagen na binnenlandse luchtvaartmaatschappij om binnenlandse route brandstof toeslag standaard aan te passen

Aanbevolen lezen 2022-03-0509: 39 maart 20, 2022, gelegen in het National Forest Park van Saihanba in de stad Chengde, de provincie Hebei, het bos, de weg, de berg, de rivier zilver is ingepakt, de pittoreske. 2022-03-0211: Op 28 februari 2022, "China’s smaak · Guangdong Yuexiang" geprefabriceerde plantaardige promotie maandactiviteiten begonnen in Beijing en Guangdong. 2022-03-0115: 46 Op 28 februari 2022, in het Yundun River Park Baitangyuan, Liujiang New District, Chongqing, en meer dan 1600 mooie mensen in volle bloei. De "Pink Huahai" verbonden met de film is verdeeld in lagen en trok een groot aantal mensen aan om te spelen. 2022-03-0110: 57 Xinjiang Entry and Exit Front Defense Inspection Terminal Altai Border Management Brigade Het Sneeuw Motorfiets Grens Patrouille team in het Hemu grens Politiebureau in de Kanas Brigade patrouilleert voor de grens van China Mongoli?. 2022-02-2710: 51 Jiangsu Nanjing Meihua Mountain Plum Flower is bloeiend, het aantrekken van mensen om naar het groen te komen, geniet van de lente. 2022-02-2710: 41 Onlangs, Peking Winter Olympics opgezet een levende boom, en de student nam de Olympische Winterspelen op met handgeschilderde manieren, waarbij de liefde van 2022 Peking Winter Olympics uitdrukten, de geest van de Olympische Winterspelen van de Winter doorsturen.

2022-02-2417: Op 23 februari 2022, Ye Ji Tang Village, Kaihua County, provincie Zhejiang, luidde een groep rode "Ice Pier" in, het zijn vrijwilligers van het Kaihua County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, vrijwillig alsjeblieft strikt koud en Blijf bij de frontlinie van wind en sneeuw, maak de sneeuw van het weggebied schoon, bescherm de gewasveiligheid en oefen mijn echte ding voor de massa’s. 2022-02-2316: 32 februari 20, 2022, in een bedrijfsproductieworkshop in Suhong Economic Development Zone, SUQIAN CITY, Jiangsu Province, rijden werknemers de uitvoer naar "All the way" langs de nationale en regionale producten bestellingen.

2022-02-2110: 34 FEBRUARI 20, 2022, SANMENXIA, Henan, zat op het Sanmenxia Swan Lake National City Wetland Park. 2022-02-2110: 32 december 18 The Family Plaque ", Li Xi en Gong Renjin.

2022-02-1821: 19 SHIJIAZHUANG CITY, Hebei Province, versterkende oude boeken om te beschermen en onderzoek en ontwikkeling, inclusief een reeks werk, zoals kaard, algoriteit, opname, digitalisering en literaire ontwikkeling van 160.000 boeken in Shijiazhuang City Library Collection . Tegelijkertijd wordt "Yulu Run" Popularisatieactiviteiten uitgevoerd naar het publiek, zodat meer lezers dichtbij zijn.

2022-02-1809: 56 Anhui Provinciale Algemene vakbond "Trade Union Send Job Looseality in Jianghuai" Tiger New Year’s First Online Job Eerste gehouden in de Sixteenti Municipal City, die meer dan 3.000 banen in verschillende banen biedt, en het helpen van stedelijke en landarbeiders Dicht bij de werkgelegenheid, het verlichten van de moeilijkheden van ondernemingen. 2022-02-1511: 292022-02-1420: 13 februari, 2022 om de tour te bekijken 2022-02-1413: 222022-02-1413: 222022-02-1320: 54 Jiangsu Nanjing Tianzhu Palace en Taiwan Xinbei City San Quancheng gezamenlijk Hield 2022 twee-shore en hij Xinchun "Cloud Light" -activiteit.

Cross-streng-landgenoten verzamelden zich in de "wolk" en verlichtte de lantaarns gemeen. De afbeelding toont de paleislamp hoog om het nieuwe jaar te verwelkomen.

Spring Festival Returns zijn geopend. Als de "droogte-terminal" van de Jinan "Droogte Terminal", zijn de passagiersmensen gevroomd als een weven, vergeleken met schouders. 2022-02-0819: 35 Xinjiang Karami nam deel aan het nationale arbeidsmodel Meatmium tarwe Mimei Buck keerde terug naar het toortsrelais van de Olympische Spelen van Beijing, zal de fakkel naar huis brengen, in Dongao Square en "Ice Pier" en "Snow Barness" Maak een foto.

2022-02-0710: 33 Tijdens de 2022 Winter Olympische Spelen in Beijing, het ijs en de sneeuwbeweging van Zaozuang City, bleef Shandong Province opwarmen en de ouders namen de kinderen om van ijs en sneeuw te genieten.

De foto toont op 5 februari, kinderen ervaren de besneeuwde ski?n in Zaozhuang City Hulu Scenic Spot Snow Park. 2022-02-0710: 20.

Use Yunnan Baiyao Yangyuanqing to open the water Get Wheat Wawns

There is no more lively place in the holiday, but the rare rural areas of people.

Autumn wind blows the valley, and Mai Golden Wanli, really beautiful.

But the wind blows to feel the cool, and then touch the growing hair, and the beauty is unfamiliar. On the way home, elevators, stations, shopping malls, and all walks of life can see the hair advertisement, it is true, there is such a loss of heart. But I think of the cost, my heart is calm.

Besides, the hair is still the most reliable.

Good, looking for it, I finally encountered Yunnan Bai medicine Yangyuan Qing hair and hanging water, let me have a waves of waves again.

In fact, the hair loss is not a new thing, just with the rapid development of society, everyone’s life pressure is getting bigger and bigger, the work is irregular, and the diet is getting more and more complicated. event. While afraid of hair loss, I envy those hair princes and become a real portrayal of many people.

After all, the influence of the launch of the color is really more than one star, watching a lot of stars to start Amway, I understand. The fake is always fake, if it is scraped by the wind, it is a social death scene. Yunnan Baiyao Yangyuan Qing hair is open on the water arrangement, growing up with real hair! Yunnan Baiyao Yangyuanqing Washing Water Wishes Wishes the National Food and Drug Administration to issue anti-releasive hair-of-style font size and the US Department of Agriculture USDA’s natural source is more than 70% certification, and anti-off-breeding liquid has obtained national invention patents and national drug supervisors. The bureau issued a non-releasive hair-of-style font certificate. . After washing the hair, the hair was blown to the semi-dry state, and the hair was opened to put the dropper against the scalp and then extruded the liquid, and the hembulus was gently massage the head skin to fully absorb.

It is also very convenient to use, the effect is very ok, the hairline it returns to normal horizontal, the hair can also pull the fluffy meat head without stalk. Want to better default, shampoo can’t choose from.

With Yunnan Baiyao Yang Qingxing, it is safe to open, and finally can feel the happiness of the wind to the hair. This time, I will definitely cherish the hair that I don’t give up, try to get better early, healthy diet, maintain a good habit.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Technology innovation boost food processing industry transformation and upgrading

  With the continuous improvement of consumption level in my country, the food industry has ushered in the vast development opportunities and space, including the new vitality of the old-fashioned food processing brands using technological innovation. China’s old name, intangible cultural heritage "Emperor" is a brand of Guangzhou Yuexiu Fengxing Food Group Co., Ltd.

Over the years, "Emperor" adheres to technological innovation, participated in the research and development project of "Key Technology Research and Industrialization of Materials and Industrialization of Circular Tablet Products" and Industrialization, "Types of Modernization and Industrialization of Traditional Tablets." Technological innovation in the series of processing processes such as granules, pickling, enema, drying, packaging, promotes scale and intelligent production process, and helps meat products processing industry chain transformation. "Emperor" food processing center. Xinhuanet issued the work efficiency in the "Emperor" food processing center, fusion of traditional crafts and modern production technology. Want Di, Guangdi, Guang Di, a "spray rinse + spiral centrifugation" process, which prevents fat oxidation caused by high temperature temperature by hypothyroidized and rinse rinsing system. The free grease of the fat grease in the fat lamination can be removed by centrifugal force.

While the new process enables the rinsing process to automate and standardize, the rinsing efficiency has increased by 33%, and the equipment is saved by more than 30% of the equipment.

  In the sausage baking shop, integrated modern ovens of integrated use of steam, solar, heat pump, controlling temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind, and time during air-drying process, maintaining the traditional flavor of the product.

  In addition, Yuexiu Fengxiang Food’s popular milk Xianquan Lake Ranch has been rated as a national student drinking grandmother source supply base, the national farm modern farm demonstration site and China Agricultural Reclamation Rodber Ranch.

The fresh milk of the Xianquan Lake Ranch is only 1 hour from the pasture to the factory, ensuring that the milk is fresh and sweet. The efficient transportation system benefits from the high-efficiency cold-chain service system of "production enterprise + e-commerce system + cold chain logistics distribution + self-point". Fairy Spring Lake Pasture breeding cows.

Xinhua Net Hair Land Milk is also a streamlined area of ??new retail and experience interactions. Innovation launches Xianquan Lake pasture, parent-child farm, milk small classroom and other immersive interactive experience activities, encourage parent-child to feel the original ecology in the process of embrace nature Charm.

  It is reported that 2021 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition will be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. At that time, Guangzhou Yuexiu Fengxing Food Group Co., Ltd. will participate for the first time.

The 4th China Henan Recruitment Innovation Development Conference was successfully held

The event site, many students entered their work. People’s Daily reporter Deyuan photo People’s Network Wuhan October 16th (Reporter Case Yuan) "Henan Development Station has gone in the new historical starting point, for talents, especially young talents, is more strong in history."

"On the morning of October 16, Deputy Governor of Henan Provincial People’s Government, Dai Baihua, in the 4th China · Henan recruitment, mini-innovation, the province’s foreign recruitment, the promotion ceremony, the launching ceremony of Wuhan special recruitment meeting, The Wuhan excellent student and the majority of talents have sent sincere invitations. I hope they will actively return to Henan, and they will go to Henan to innovate, and they are intelligent. Wuhan is the central city in China, the national important industrial base, Science and Education Base and integrated transportation hub, various innovations Entrepreneurial talents gather, high quality colleges.

This event, surrounding the people’s needs of Henan key industries, emerging industries, "Top Ten Strategies", the General Assembly organized 153 households to recruit, including 44 seats in the province, 109 exhibitors in 16 provinces, provided 12,833 jobs, focusing on doctoral, master student. The conference is located in the provincial seat unit, provincial enterprises, postdoctoral, provincial cities, "high-level talents introduced green channel" and "comprehensive service window", special exhibition area, etc. Compared with previous recruitment activities, the number of jobs this year is more, quality is better, involving many major majors such as information technology, equipment manufacturing, health care, and economic management.

Liu Xiaoxue from Wuhan University in Wuhan University is Zhengzhou, Henan, and she has been paying attention to the development meeting of the recruitment of recruits held by Henan. After the Wuhan specialized in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, she came to the recruitment party early, and it has been achieved with Henan University.

"The talent policy of Henan University is very superior. I also look forward to returning to Henan, making my own contribution to the development of Henan University.

"Liu Xiaoxue is full of expectations to return to his hometown through this recruitment. Henan University, Henan University, has brought 240 doctoral posts, and all can be included in the career.

Song Guoqing, Personnel and Corporation of Henan University Personnel, told reporters that in the morning they have received 86 doctoral job resume, more than 20 have reached intention with schools. According to statistics, the 4th China · Henan Recruitment, Innovation and Development Conference, Provincial Foreign Recruitment, Temple – Wuhan Special Recruitment Conference, 15 well-known colleges and universities such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, more than 8,000 students Search, on-site receipt of 5,305, including 16 postdoctoralens, 516 doctors, 2017 Master.

At the site, 1018 people were reached, including 13 postdoctoralens, 302 doctors, 526 master’s degree.

129 people directly handled directly from the green channel site, and 11 post-doctors directly enter the station.

Next, the 4th China · Henan Recruitment Innovation and Development Conference will be held in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, October 23 – 24th in Zhengzhou At home activities, Guangguan allocated to Henan employment entrepreneurship.

"This Congress adopted the combination of online and offline, and the service is more accurate and convenient. Construction of the online platform of China · Henan recruitment, the network platform, improve the function of mobile app, applet, etc. ‘Ai smart interview’, new features such as online signing.

The network platform will be open all day and strive to create a never ending recruitment.

"Li Hai Long, member of the Party Group of Henan Province Human Resources and Social Security, said. China · Henan recruits The Issue Innovation Development Conference has successfully held three sessions, accumulating all kinds of talents signing more than 150,000 people, landing talent project 1500 Many, forming a vivid situation in the past, and people do their best.

(Editor: Chang Li Yuan, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.