“Capricorn,This is a good thing,Just take the power to make up,I save my own brain cells。”

Lingyun,Liao Wenjie continues to drive a knee,There is no behind the scenesbossConsciousness,Perhaps it is like this.,But he really doesn’t feel。
Give a quorum,Liao Wenjie mentioned a sentence,Let the dominance persisted,On the wedding day,He also saved the died of the death,As a result, he is still embarrassed.。
No‘Cheng also Feng Yun,Be defeated’,But‘Cheng Yixiong,Life’,Everything is the problem of hetegent,It is he personally promoted the wind.。
【Three-point return:Three thousand thousand things,Wanfa】
Three thousand things to be born,Wanfa returned to Yuan,Critical intensity,Return。
‘Three-point return’Bywent,It is reluctant to be a martial arts that Liao Wenjie created by Liao Wenjie.,Although it is,Although there is a system to help open,But he is not guilty,The system only helps to reduce time,No system,He rely on his own understanding,I can realize it for a thousand years.。
Moreover,The system is not white,The furnace fee can be he has saved him.。
Try to take a moment,Liao Wenjie looking to the system,See you like the palm of your hand,Suspected in your heart,See only two hundred and fifty financial points,I feel that it is affected.,Finally, I saw it.‘Three-point return’evaluation of,Suddenly frown, mourning。
“Endless,Take back……”
Liao Wenjie shook his head again:“There is no reincarnation.,I want to go back and go back.……Jumping out of a pit,I entered a bigger pit,I am the purpose of my life.,Still this is dead??”
“things in fairy tale are lies,What practitioner is going against the sky,What I am, I am not coming,Ghost,Be a deceptive!”
Hold a few words,Liao Wenjie continues to meditate,‘Three-point return’The martial arts magical pass is too high,With his eyes and martial arts foundation,Just build a framework,I want to make up complete,I can’t do it in my life.。
Good thing,From the side, the power of this martial arts,Plus‘Three boundaries’Hide,Wool can be handless,Don’t worry。
It is another month after,Let the martial arts people who are self-critical,Inside Lingyun,A small face of a fellow hole is standing in the depth of the cave, cross。
Fire unicorn:“???”
I saw Liao Wenjie turned into a stone statue.,Then the breath disappears,It is curious to take the head and gave the arch,After a few laps,Confirm that there is no movement,Smile gradually got up。
No one hundred years,Just a year,It will kill Liao Wenjie,Re-harvesting freedom and a batch of ripened blood。
Beast ecstasy!
Don’t be humble,佯 装成 a dog shakes the tail,Finally, the tactical goal is reached,Successfully walked Liao Wenjie。
This must be discounted to celebrate。
Looking at the stone statue,Fire unicorn nostrils spurt two hot air,Turkish,Expression of the expression in pain and comfort,Swear today, you must have a big one.。
Not only important,Still,Be sure to play the prestige of it。
A loud noise,Stone statue is moving,Fire unicorn inserted the stone wall,It is a face to pull out your head,Return to the stone statue before standing。
After three seconds,Dog unicorn plays the tail,Do you have this reason?,What do you bully your own dog?,wrong,Why don’t you bull it?。
Today, you must give an explanation.!
Otherwise this is not finished.!
Chapter 554 Fairy tales are cruel than any reality
Deep bay,Seafood。
Iron cable,Jin Bi。
Ship on Fengge Dragon Building、Carved beam,Eastern palace design style,Night scene is even more beautiful,It is a palace that is floating on the sea.。
Front-end window,A pair of dog men,Pooh,Handsome male prostitute is ordering。
Liao Wenjie and Dream。
Since Liao Wenjie, the hand of the monkey,And to a large extent, the Dream Rapu has retained independent female dignity.,Dream is getting more and more than him,Today is really pushing,Liao Wenjie changed the schedule,Take her to board the restaurant to eat seafood。

His look,I saw the problem,I didn’t expect any woman to look at him,Suddenly a woman shouted:“Ouch!It’s President Xia Jian!Really fate!“One sentence,Several!This almost knocked Xia Jian on the road。He couldn’t help but secretly admired how charming this woman was。

Wait a closer look,Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,This woman is not someone else,It’s Feng Tianfu’s mistress Zhu Hui,I have seen her for some time。According to reason, Feng Tianfu fell,She should be involved,I didn’t expect to do it somehow,She has nothing。
Zhu Hui came over,Gently patted Xia Jian’s shoulder and said:“President Xia!You won’t say you don’t know me anymore!“Zhu Hui said,Ben haha laughed。
“how come,you are so pretty,I always remember your name in my dreams,You said I can’t forget you if I forget anyone!“Xia Jian said,Also laughed。
Zhu Hui took a breath and said:“Really rare,Everyone escaped from the disaster,Sit down?“Zhu Hui said,He stretched out his hand to pull Xia Jian’s arm。
Xia Jian hurriedly smiled:“Thank you, Mr. Zhu,I have something to do in a while,It’s not easy to delay,Next time there is a chance,I invite you to have tea“Xia Jian said,Turn around and run。
I didn’t expect Zhu Hui to move faster than him,She grabbed Xia Jian’s arm and said:“Don’t run!Even if something happens today,You have to leave me a contact information too!“Zhu Hui said,Took out the phone。
This woman really has the means,It’s a bit difficult to slip away from her hand fruit。Helpless Xia Jian read his new mobile phone number again。
Fortunately, what he reported was true,Unexpectedly, Zhu Hui called immediately,She smiled and said:“Save my phone number。This is mixed outside,Multiple friends multiple roads。Does the mountain turn and the water turns?“Zhu Hui said,Then he let go of Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian hurriedly laughed:“Well said Mr. Zhu,I have something to go,See you next time“Although he is saying that,But I started to scold her。
Get into Big Ben,Xia Jianyi starts the car,He kicked the door on the road。The world is sometimes too small。What happened,You can still meet Zhu Hui if you eat bowl of noodles,This is the open enemy of their entrepreneurial group。
Xia Jian was thinking about Zhu Hui all the way,It seems that this time they are not playing the game,But lose the handsome and protect the car。Feng Tianfu is really amazing,Maybe their business is too big,If there is only one Zhu Hui,Maybe it won’t end yet,You have to get him in。
But when he came out,Zhu Hui will be saved。This woman is also a great character,With her,Feng Tianfu’s group company won’t fall down for a while。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but think again,Why does Zhu Hui have to sit with him??It seems that this matter is not over as he thought。
First0713chapter Sha Pa
At the company gate,Saw Heiwa sitting in the company car,About to go outside。Xia Jian put down the window glass,Shouted:“Just went to work!Where are you going!I have something to talk to you“
Heiwa put down the window glass and said:“Something went wrong at the Eastern Wholesale Market,I’ll go see“
Xia Jian heard that Heiwa was going to the Eastern Wholesale Market,He immediately said:“You take my car!I also want to go and see”His excitement,So I forgot about the interview in the afternoon。

Look at its skilful and calm look,Seems to be used to it。

Li Shaoying hurriedly took out the prepared ointment,Help Black Jiao……
Jiang Zhiyi is very unwilling。
He just ended up like this。
In his opinion,Only need him,Can defeat all the students in Lichuan,No need for anyone else in the team to take action,How can I know that I only defeated the other two,And it won’t look good。
Then came Chen Bai and Lu Wenye。
Both of them are not very high,Solved by the other person alone。
Lu Wenye’s risk of fighting for life,The dragon that hit the opponent hard,Extremely reluctantly let the opponent off。
Lichuan,Four students have already lost。
And Mancheng High Court,Only two players。
This situation,Already very disadvantageous。
“Everybody,Sorry。”Lu Wenye’s face is a little pale。
Long die,It might make her impossible to improve in this life,The scene just now,Really dangerous。
Fortunately, Lu Wenye often goes out to practice,Relying on experience and instinct,Let your dragon escape。
But she still lost。
Did not make it to the next round。
She originally wanted to solve this difficult opponent,At least until the next round,Explore the strength of an opponent for your comrades,But her condition can no longer fight。
“nothing,Do your best。”Duan Changqing comforted。
Lu Wenye nodded reluctantly,She went off the court,I saw Zhu Minglang。

“Kakaka”The monster behind him screamed harshly,The fishy wind and odor suddenly stirred the dense air in the dense forest,Li Tianchou suddenly felt the tremendous pressure behind him,No need to look back,The monster has been close to the back of his head like a shadow。

Li Tianchou secretly cried out,This thing is really hard to deal with,Although he is huge,But the speed and agility are not inferior to those small predators,I’m afraid it’s far beyond the strength and defense。He played twelve points cautiously and fully responded,Slightly inattentive,May become a belly wrapper for monsters。
When the opponent is close,Li Tianchou’s fast running body suddenly threw forward like a fall,Very embarrassed to crawl,But very fast,Using the hands and feet together, draw a weird arc to the left。
The giant claws of the monster,The huge body stopped like a bulldozer,The crocodile-like mouth opens up and down to make a strange noise,Looks very angry。
Ha ha,This thing still has weaknesses,Although it’s just a little flaw under inertia,It also made Li Tianchou more confident,He continues the weird curve,The body quickly swept back,Go straight to the thickest tree。
Low center of gravity in Li Tianchou、Nearly flying by the ground,The left paw that the monster suddenly stretched out did nothing,But its lower limbs rotate at a strange angle,The whole body quickly narrowed the distance with the prey。
Li Tianchou’s scalp tingling,It’s hard to imagine the other party’s under such thick fur,Still have such flexibility,He straightened his body quickly without daring to neglect,Accelerate with all your feet,Shout like a run-up,One foot has been firmly pedaled on the trunk。
“Hula!”The monster is another attack like a giant spirit palm,The tip of the claw almost rubbed Li Tianchou’s temple,The pungent fishy smell mixed with the wind is disgusting。
Li Tianchou uses his inertial feet to pedal alternately,The body twists suddenly in mid-air,In the eye,At the same time,Suddenly handed out the hatchet like a fire stick。
“Puff”Bang,The hatchet was inserted into the right eye of the beast about to jump,Directly into two-thirds。
“Click……Ga……”The painful monster hissed,Furiously swinging his giant claws,A bang swept Li Tianchou who couldn’t hide,He is like a kite with a broken string,Planted diagonally to the right side of the big tree。
I don’t know how many branches of vegetation were broken,Li Tianchou fell heavily on the ground,Shocked eyes staring at gold stars,Upside down,Can’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood。
He noticed that his right arm was broken,And the right rib was also severely injured,It’s just that there is no time to take care of,Judging from the gully of the fall,This height does not cause obstacles to the monster at all。
Just when Li Tianchou was struggling to sit up and pull out his pistol,The huge figure of the monster fell from the sky like the top of the mountain,The remaining strange eye looked extremely bright and hideous in the dark。
“Bang bang bang……”While Li Tianchou tried his best to retreat,Without hesitation, fire several shots at the eye beads like a flashlight。
“Bang”The sound of,The monster’s body weighed heavily in the place where Li Tianchou had stayed before,Rebounded quickly,Crash into the position where the prey just avoided,A muffled bang,The monster was bounced back,There seems to be a rock wall,Just a little bit above Li Tianchou’s body。
The badly hit monster is crazy,Relying on the sense of smell and the impression before blindness, he pounced on Li Tianchou again,Bang,Stronger than before,It’s a pity that I was still empty。
Li Tianchou, like a gourd, threw away his pistol,Try to keep your body half kneeling to find the fighter。He knows very well,The monster gets crazy,And the more I get to the edge of dying struggle,Just one*Empty,Most of the bullets hit the opponent’s left eye,Plus the depth of the hatchet pierced into the right eye,He doesn’t believe that this behemoth can last long。

That hat black shadow has some skills,Strength should be between Rank 6 and 7 entering the Holy Realm,If you can make those spirit-eaters gather around,Fighting power will increase a lot。

This kind of people are outside of what they can control,Not particularly powerful in itself。
Xia Chenglong doesn’t want to talk nonsense with each other,So as soon as I open my mouth, I directly put forward what I want to know。
“Sorry,I can’t tell you all three!”
“court death?”
“You are strong,But this is not your battlefield after all,So you can’t kill me。”
Confidence comes at a price。
The Xiaotian Sword has hovered around Xia Chenglong,Turned into countless sword shadows in the black night,Mixed with the white flames of the forest,Become a respected dragon。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
No need to talk nonsense,He still implements his own ideas,You can use the sword to solve the problems。
The Devourer controlled by the opponent has already moved away from him,How to block his blow next?
The shadow of the hat saw the sword light in front of Xia Chenglong,Dare not neglect at this moment,The soaring earth aura transforms into a huge earth-eating queen bee above the body,Inciting the wings to face the stegosaurus。
Two martial arts collide,Make a huge roar,Let this world become dazzling。
“Everything fades!”
The power of artistic conception unfolds instantly,He doesn’t believe that the other party can live。
Being able to defend against the previous attack is already very difficult for the shadow of the hat,Seeing Xia Chenglong directly unfold the power of artistic conception,No desire to fight at all。
The methods used before reappear,The body turned into a mass of spirit-eaters in the explosion,Fly around。

Liu Chunlan was still full of emotions,After hearing Lin Feng teasing himself like this,I immediately blushed my face。

but,But Liu Chunlan couldn’t find any suitable words to refute her husband。
Regarding my previous attitude towards Xiao Fan,Liu Chunlan is really very, very regretful now。
Think about Xiao Fan’s ability now,Liu Chunlan is really even now,The whole person is also afraid。
Such a strong person,Back then,How can he endure his attitude towards him like that?。
to be frank,When Liu Chunlan saw Xiao Fan’s change so great at the beginning,She really worried that Xiao Fan would come to her to settle the bill!
but,Over time,Xiao Fan’s attitude towards her,It’s always been that way,I don’t want to blame her at all。
and so,Little by little,Liu Chunlan has never considered this issue at all。
And then,Liu Chunlan seems to have forgotten her previous attitude towards Xiao Fan,Slowly I became accustomed to the existence of such a son-in-law。
but,just now,Liu Chunlan’s husband mentioned this issue again in front of her。
Liu Chunlan suddenly thought of this question again。
And Lin Feng?
I seem to be aware of what I just said,Seems a bit too much。
after all,Liu Chunlan’s attitude towards Xiao Fan now,It is no different from yourself。
And I just mentioned the unhappy thing before。

Maybe because of the cold weather,Few people on the playground,Very few。

Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan walking in the snow,There is a squeaking snow under my feet。
“So beautiful!The snow here,Very clean!”Kim So Yeon looked at the snow scene in front of her,Can’t help but feel。
“Come,I take you to a fun place。”Lu Menglin is playing,Took advantage of Kim So Yeon’s little hand,Take her through the playground,Go to the opposite audience stand。
Kim So Yeon was holding her little hand,Pretty face reddish,Even breathing seems to be a little bit short。
If able to
Such a clean place,Stay with him for life,Grow old together,What a happy thing!Kim So Yeon thought to herself,A happy smile on my face。
The spectator stands in the big playground are built against the mountain,Behind the cement wall is the foot of the mountain,The mountain in front of you is not very tall,Not too dangerous,It can only be regarded as a very ordinary mountain。
Lu Menglin pulled Jin Soyan,I climbed up this ordinary mountain along the trail at the foot of the mountain。
Rugged mountain road,The path under your feet is surprisingly narrow,It’s a little difficult to walk alone。
Lu Menglin’s agility,Take care of Kim So Yeon behind every step,Lead her to climb up。
Uneven mountain,The slope is getting steeper,Plus the snowy road,Jin Suyan can only carefully follow Lu Menglin behind。
Fortunately, she has good physical fitness,Used to practice yoga,Physical strength and speed can barely keep up。
And every time Lu Menglin turned his head and stretched out his hand,Every pull,Can make Kim So Yeon feel the power,Is pouring into the body continuously,Not tired at all。
quickly,The two climbed up the extremely narrow mountain road,What appeared in front of us was a slightly flat terrain,exactly,Is a large bamboo forest。
“Do you know why the road we came up just now is so narrow?That’s not the way,That’s the bamboo slide!Farmers on the mountain fell the bamboo,Then slide down that path,Concentrate on processing。”Lu Menglin said cheerfully。
Kim So Yeon’s eyes blinked,Nodding。

The latter smiled,“Do you think,We are the god-level powerhouses of China, are we really one mind??The age of war,Of course we fight the enemy together。But in the peaceful years,For rights,Maybe for ideas,There must be disputes and power grabs。Although we are not in the official power center now。But we have great influence。Simultaneously,There are still differences in some concepts。”

After listening to Jiang Min’s explanation,Qin
The wind just remembered,The whole world is actually the same。Regardless of the era or country, the regime is the same。
Even if you sit in the position of supreme leader,Are there still a few emperors who killed the founding heroes in ancient times??
Not only that,After the establishment of many foreign regimes,There are also a lot of internal struggles??
so,Even if Father Yuan Tu killed all the people in Skynet,But the idea may not be the same as Jiang Min’s meeting。
“This one.”Qin Feng felt bitter in the corner of his mouth。Because he doesn’t know how to describe his feelings at this time。
Jiang Min shook his head,“Don’t have too much psychological burden。In fact, even if it’s Father Yuan Tu,His idea is actually very simple。I just hope my offspring can sit in that position。But you also understand,Since the five big families have always stood at the commanding heights,So it’s normal for him to hold those in his hands。”
“Son of Yuan Tu?”Qin Feng was taken aback,But after thinking,Jiang Min has granddaughters,It’s impossible for Yuan Tu to be alone。
“That’s right,Didn’t you have a big conflict with Yuan Tu’s heir before??Palace Lord Yuan Zhendao,Did you forget?And your cousin Qin Tiannan,Didn’t you forget these people??”
What Jiang Min said,Qin Feng just remembered the things he had encountered in Demon City。But speaking,Since that time Qin Feng signed a contract with the Tan family,He never interacted with the people over there anymore。
Plus there are too many things happening later,Qin Feng didn’t even think about it at all。That’s why I forgot such a thing。
But he never expected,Palace Lord Yuan Zhendao is actually the heir of Yuan Tu。If you explain,It seems that many things can be explained。
The people of Hongmen want to make a king,So there is no intention to go all out in contact with the official,At least I want to continuously weaken the strength of the five major families。
“Will the Hongmen deliberately impose charges on the five major families??”Qin Feng thought of a terrible situation。
“rest assured,Even if we old guys are selfish, it makes sense。We can’t do anything like wronging people。We are all people who participated in the island war。We don’t want to be called traitors,Some principled questions,We won’t compromise easily。”
Since Jiang Min dared to say that,That’s because he has a deep understanding of Yuan Tu。
Besides, even the Chief Chief said,Father Yuan Tu must believe。After all, if the other party wants to do it,Don’t talk about the family owner,Even the heads of the other five families,Father Yuan Tu can kill them all。
Qin Feng shook his head,I didn’t let myself guess。

Seeing Chen Geng’s surprised eyes when looking at these two Chinese Garden Dog pups,The leaders of the delegation breathed a sigh of relief.:Became!

before this,Many people still have fierce opposition to giving Chen Geng such two ubiquitous puppies as gifts.,Even if this is Chen Geng repeatedly begging domestic comrades for help before returning to the United States,Their reasons are irrefutable:The puppy must help Chen Geng find,I want two puppies,Don’t we give it?Not only looking for,Also look for the purest Chinese pastoral dog,And we have to go through all customs clearance procedures for these two puppies,So that Mr. Chen Geng can raise these two puppies legally,but!
First237chapter Has a relationship with the military?!
Everyone chatted for a while,Ding Haijun can’t help but curiosity in his heart(And Hu Liang and other delegation members winked over),Ask Chen Geng:“Chen Dong,When we just came,I saw a weird-looking plane parked at your company,That is your company’s new product?”
“You said that power delta wing,”Chen Geng casually responded:“Ok,Is our new product。”
That big kite-like thing is called a power delta?Ding Haijun is a good general“This kite-like thing can really fly?”This sentence says bald mouth。
The same idea also exists in the hearts of all delegation members present:This big kite-like thing can really fly?Are you sure you are not joking?
No wonder they have this idea,They are not from the aviation system,Does not have basic knowledge of aerodynamics,I have never heard of unpowered delta gliders,Just instinctively feel that the plane has to be a fighter—5、Annihilate—6、Luck—5And the Boeing I took when I came to America707Wait for these planes,There are a pair of big metal wings on the fuselage,This is the plane,But this big kite in front of me……Power delta wing is really crude and outrageous,Just a few steel pipes(Actually not steel pipe,But aviation aluminum tube)A triangular piece of cloth,This thing can fly?!
They have a big question mark in their hearts。
Even Professor Song Jingying and Harbin Institute of Technology in the delegation、Several professors from Xi’an University of Technology,Although they are professors of science and engineering,But after all, it’s not an aviation professional,Although with my rich knowledge, I think this thing should almost be able to fly,But there is also a question mark in my heart,And they have never seen an unpowered hang glider——Although it is said that the power delta is in70First appeared in Europe at the end of the decade,But the first power delta that can be tested is1982Just appeared,They haven’t heard of this stuff and it’s normal。
Who is Chen Geng?,Of course, the suspicion in everyone’s eyes cannot be hidden from his eyes。But he is not angry or irritated,Smiled and nodded:“Although this thing is a bit simple,But it can really fly,Still flying……Anderson,You arrange,Let our Chinese friends take a look。”
Although he doesn’t mind flying by himself,But this time,Chen Geng’s identity determines that he can’t fly。
But no one stopped,Everyone is really curious:Such a simple thing,How could it fly?then……

When the nurse saw this, he ran over quickly,Support the real dragon,Homeopathy also promoted another operating room。

Real Dragon and Xia Chenglong,The national backbones of these two great Chinese nations,Are performing operations in two operating rooms respectively,In this small hospital,Carrying the hope of this nation。
It’s no exaggeration to say,If one of them falls,Great China may all fail,May become a colony of others。
The operation went on for a day and night,The surgeon dared not panic the slightest,Have always maintained full vigilance,All the doctors who are operating on these two people,Since the moment I entered the operating room,Although the operating room is very cold,But their backs are always wet。
Till the end,When the doctor finished the last stitch,At this time, he let out a long sigh of relief,The operation was finally completed without any risk。
And the two operations performed simultaneously are very smooth,In fact, even the doctors who performed the operation are also lamenting Xia Chenglong’s injury,Because his body is terrible,Countless blood vessels have burst open。
And at this time Xia Chenglong’s internal organs,Almost all internal organs have been damaged to varying degrees,His body is also overloaded,If it wasn’t for his strong desire to survive,I’m afraid it’s already dead。
The doctors present were also moved,Feeling Xia Chenglong’s strong desire to survive,I also sigh with the will of this iron man。
Among them, a little girl cried directly,She felt sorry for the one standing in front of Xia Chenglong。
Actually, it’s not just that little girl,Some people’s eye sockets are basically moist,They are feeling how much this iron man has paid for Dahua。
At this time, Xia Chenglong was plunged into darkness,That darkness,Bottomless,Out of sight,He ran like crazy,But not a trace of light,He doesn’t know where to go。
So he can only run crazy in one direction,But he didn’t know how long he ran and didn’t find the right direction,At the end he was desperate。
One thousand one hundred and eight chapters wake
Xia Chenglong sighed quietly at this time,And at this moment,He suddenly saw a ray of light in the distance,When he saw the glimmer of light,It’s like grabbing a straw for life,At this moment he desperately ran towards that place。