827 Bizarre murder
Xiao Li is a low down payment Li Ying whispered in her ear:“team leader,you forgot。That case was too bizarre,The Secretary asked us to be on standby for 24 hours during this period!”
Li Ying was clever when thinking of the case,Put the wine glass in his hand。This time the phone rang。
“Li Ying,Hurry to Lujiazui Financial Center88Floor,problem occurs!”
“King Bureau,What case?”
“The same as before,All three senior women in the financial center were murdered,Preliminary conclusion,All the blood on his body was taken clean,There are two holes in the neck。It is estimated that it is a perverted killer simulating vampire killing!”
Li Ying took a breath:“understood,I will be there in ten minutes!”
After hanging up,Li Ying said to Qin Zhi:“President Qin,I still have something urgent,We’ll drink again next time!”
“it is good!”
Said to Chen Xiu again:“You won’t leave the magic city in a short time?”
Chen Xiu is unheard of,Holding a knife and fork in a daze,Qin Zhi kicked him under the table to react。
“Ok,I shouldn’t be leaving recently。”
“Row,See you when my case is solved。”
Li Yinglei was so popular that she led Xiao Li straight out of the western restaurant,Chen Xiu looked at the back of her leaving, but he was worried。
With his ear power, he naturally listened to Li Ying’s call just now,I was thinking:“It is estimated that the ancestor Baihu sent me and Zhu Huiwei to the magic city,The police also thought that a perverted killer imitated a vampire to kill someone,But I don’t know if there are real zombies!No way,Li Ying was too dangerous in the past。”

What’s the matter?”

I heard this,Ye Shuangzhou is also a little curious。
“Building a school,Solve students’ difficulty,I can’t always have a good job in the village.?”
“This is a good thing.?
You really prepare for investment construction?”
Before he also discussed with Li Hui Feng,But this thing has not been implemented。
I heard Li Hui Feng now.,He understands that Li Hui really wants to do this.。
Otherwise it will not be so。
“Yup,Before you have already said it is good after development??
School,hospital,I am going to start slowly building in the park.。”
“Row,As long as you want to do,I have unconditionally support you.,Not only unconditional,I also let my sister invest with you.,How about it?”
Since the top leader,Ye Shuangzhou is no longer spent on the past.,Didn’t go to the periphery at night。
These problems have changed many。
The most important thing is that he now feels this very meaningful.。
See the smile from the heart,That put the chili sauce in his own home,Douban sauce is given up to give him the love,He also feels good here to help these people develop。
Li Huihe heard this,Nature is also very happy。
“Hey-hey,Leaf big brother,I can say it well.,Investment money is not for profitability,Very likely to have a bloody。”
“and,Subsequent may also continue to invest,The road in the village may continue to expand。”
This way is,Be wide enough,Why is it necessary to be broad??”
For roads that have been repaired,Ye Shuangzhou heard that it is necessary to expand some do not understand。
“Hey-hey,I am also preparing to develop other villages.,Later express delivery,school bus,The shuttle is also following the beginning of the times.,Otherwise, what can we develop again??
Others can’t see,The people can’t feel it.!”
Listening to Li Hui Feng this explanation,Ye Shuangzhou directly erected a thumbs up。
“Row,After Li, Li Lao came out again, this consciousness is much higher than before.,I don’t know what you should say you.。”
“Leaf big brother,No matter,Everything is good。”
Finish,Li Hui Hui chatted again to the development of the mountain,After all, I went in so much money.,That is not a small money。
Ye Shuangzhou is also very satisfied with the development of the mountain.。
Especially now this tourist season,Lotus Village daily tourists are sesame sesame flowers。
The key is,The turnover of the property is also rising.,Nowadays, there are many people who have competed in high prices.。
I heard these changes,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“The problem of the home is not open now.?”
“Um,Can’t open,Many tourists are going to the town,But where the town has lived in the house in the house.!”

“But you have been laughing,Have no stop”

“Shut up,I am a happy monkey showing the horse feet.,There is one or two,One day later, I will make him monkeys and get。”
Tie fan princess waved:“okay,No you are there here.,You go to,You don’t want to stay with wine,What is this?,Not dark yet?”
“Is such that,Niu brother said that the wine is hurting,Let me drink less,Don’t delay the time,Then he pushed me,Go to yourself.。”
“There is something like this?”
Iron fan princess,Suspected that the Niu Demon Wang was lost,Full of joy, go to confirm。
Liao Jie shrugged,Turn over the yard,Push a wedding room embellant red silk,I saw the dungered fox in the big red bed.。
Refreshing refreshments,There is a piece of crispy,Extract is quite neat。
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan,General case,The groom has two sentences,There will be a new woman is shy.,Then affectionate,Both faces,Groom burns in anger,Take the initiative to circle the fire。
very good,Maybe
In the middle of the play。
Smart in the fox,This paste is in order to show him.,I’m right.。
Liao Jie only did not see,Go to the red bed,Lift your hand and pick up red cover。
Yucai princess,White cheeks,Two hands are holding hands,Finger back and forth,A pair of strong appearances。
Liao Jun is gave up,Because of a layer of red robe,Quite bloated,What is the fox?,I can only see that she is not a big fierce.。
certainly,It may also be a type of dressing.。
Does it don’t matter,Although he is a disadvantageFSlag male,But the win is very strong,Don’t mind, change, a constant boring daily。
“Husband,Hour,How have you been so rush??”
Listening to soft mosquito tones,Liao Jie nodded,not bad,This play is not under him.。
Replacement into old cow,80% has been soft,Unfortunately, I met him.。
A nonsense,Liao Jie out, is a strike,In the jade, the princess of the jade is forced.,Push it down in red。
Yucai princess gets up,Careful:“Husband,To drink a cup of wine first,Then there is no black.!”
“alright,Listen to you。”
Two people go to the round table,Jade face princess end porcelain bottle,Two cups,Pushing one of the cups in front of Liao Jie。
Liao Jie’s wine glass,There is no change in the cup.,Bedding。
Fine taste,Very pure wine,No additive,There is no so-called Montamon。
“interesting,I think the princess will make hands in the wine.,I didn’t expect you to pay yourself today.。”Liao Jie。
“Husband,I am willing to die for you.,How can you say this kind of hurt??”Jade face princess small face one white,The eyes are fast and moist。
“no way,Wrong in you,Your fox is not well known,Both the two rolls before,I must know clearly.。”
Liao Jie shrugged:“Ming people don’t say dark words,We will see today,I didn’t say two words.,You don’t want to marry the kings,More impossible to marry me,What is this puzzle??”
“Husband,you misunderstood,I’m only inhabited,And you old,never separate。”Jade face princess tears,I am a heart-sorry story,Be unbearable。
However, there is no egg,Just get the recognition of Liao Jie in terms of acting:“Be,No need to play,You have to say your truth,I shouted the old cow.。”
“Husband,You are willing?”

But now I know those bosses,His eyes are also wide.。

I know that I want to make money with myself.,Don’t have any rich and great expensive。
So he decided to set up an security company to make money.,Free to make a dart,But for free for free,After three days, I will return directly.。
Chapter 1144 no longer retains
I want to not return to your team,Then it is to leave or talk about the price of the bodyguard.。
“Row,As long as you promise to help,Two years,I am in the past two years, I am purely brush in the village.。”
“Hey-hey,I am so busy with you.,And I have another condition。”
For Xu Tianci, did not start,This kind of thing that has been running,Li Hui’s heart is not happy.。
The reason for promise each other,It is also looking at Xu Laifu’s face.。
“What conditions?”
Xu Tianci naturally knows that Li Ping is not likely to be such a simple condition.,After all, it is not a day and two days.,Many things do he know。
If you want to make Li’s cheap, it is almost impossible.。
In fact, as long as Li speaks cheap,So, he earned him.。
“Very simple,I have to choose ten security people.,How about it?”
“rest assured,This is also very busy.,Otherwise, you have trained who don’t give you to find a job.?
I like this, I solved the employment problem.。”
Xu Tianci thought about it.,Indeed。
“it is good,We opened the day after tomorrow,Can you rush??”
Li Hui also didn’t expect the other party to open so anxious.,This is definitely there are other things,But he doesn’t know.。
But think carefully,These things are not much related to him.,He just went to help!。
It is also nod to agree.。
The third day of the third day,Li Hui Feng has already felt Rao Shang City.。
And Xu Tiancai is already busy。
What is the first time to open the security company is also challenged.,The same seems to be an indispensable regulation on the rivers and lakes in the South River.。
“He Big Brother,Do you really have a lot of people who come to find??”
“Um,After all, there is one more to open security.,Less earnings less,No one wants to make new power,Unless the new forces have absolute strength。”
Xu Tianfei does not know that this choice is or wrong,But he feels that it should be failed.。
When the bodyguard is a month, he feels the peak.,But he can’t be a bodyguard for a lifetime.。
And Li Hui cultivated him as an security manager,He also likes it very much.,After all, although he is a smile and enemy.,But a lot of things, I can’t go to the ridge.。
For these, he feels that Li Ping should also know。
8:28,His security company started listing,Then the drums,Firecracker。
Tang Can I want to tease Xu Tianci to play.,But I will see this time with Xu Tian.,She felt Xu Tianci’s indefinite to a man。
Every time I have something to come forward.,And the other party can restrain the fantasy to her.。
Once two people are drunk,She took the initiative to kiss each other.,Then it is a Tianlei rope。
Just when you want to make the last step,She decisively refused。
According to her at the time,If the other party is impulsive,She may be half-pushed。
But it is a moment that she refused.,For the convenience of stop all actions。
This also made her have a new understanding of Xu Tian.。
“Go and talk soon.,Don’t be in this。”
Seeing more people around you,Tang Can also knows almost。

Three forces have surrounded this place,Waiting for the final showdown。

The firmness of this hall is daunting,Their previous battles did not cause much damage to it,Want to get out from here,The only way is to turn this place into ruins。
No one can resist the pressure caused by the collapse of a hundred meters of land,Xia Chenglong couldn’t do it when he asked the gods,So neither of these two。
He is not strong enough,Of course to catch the power of these two。
The three-party attack has begun,It means that what happens next cannot be stopped。
Xia Chenglong is very excited,This is a crazy show。
His swordsman has its own appearance,Without any power,So next he only needs to avoid the attacks of both sides。Then let it help smash the top beam above。
This is a bet,After all, it is not easy to get rid of the attack of the two,But he has the teacher’s Yuanhuo plate,That is the basis for him to be so bold。
But the result was surprising,Because Xia Chenglong’s sword is not only tangible but also godlike!
“One sword,The second type of broken sword”
If Xia Chenglong saw the effect of his last sword before leaving,Maybe it doesn’t need to be as real as it is right now,He can use this sword himself。
Three terrible energies collide together,The imaginary explosion did not appear,But finally disappeared at one point。
This condition is not common,But it doesn’t mean it won’t appear。
Because the three forces reach a certain balance,So I just tear up that little space,Take away all the power of the three parties。
but……This situation will not last too long,After all, a space that is not deliberately built does not have the ability to accommodate for a long time。
and so……
Xia Chenglong really panicked,Kick off the lid of a coffin next to it,Then nothing else,Jump into it quickly,at the same time,The Yuanhuo Pan appeared in the body。
Absolutely unimaginable power,When the three parties come together,Will burst out in an instant a force far beyond the previous one。
Xia Chenglong thinks he is strong,But he has not been so arrogant。

Regarding Li Xiangdong’s statement,Chen Geng was also a little surprised,But surprised is surprised,Of course this scene can’t scare him,Chen Geng didn’t even speak in person,Just to Kelly who has been silently serving as a human background board·Hicks nodded。

Kelly received the signal from her boss·Hicks picked up the microphone and coughed slightly,Speak:“Dear sirs,very sorry,Today’s briefing session is just a briefing,We will not discuss specific cooperation details,of course,The staff has prepared the corresponding Chinese and English documents and fax machines for everyone、Telephone,I think that instead of dragging our boss,It’s better to convey the content of today’s meeting to your person in charge as soon as possible。”
This is very nice,But everyone understands the true meaning of this:Don’t you hereBBUp,Useless!The best way is to inform you of our investment plan as soon as possible.,Then come up with a plan that can attract our interest as soon as possible。
As for what“Please mention if you have any requirements”Something like,Please!Needless to say in this case,Now is the time for you to show your sincerity,You yourself put the greatest sincerity you can show before me,Then let me decide……It’s time for me to pick you guys。
It seems impossible for Chen Geng to let go today,A group of people are always on top、The pampered leaders looked at each other,Suddenly said:“Miss Hicks,Where are the fax machine and telephone?”
Chen Geng’s assistant could not prepare many telephones and fax machines,right now,Even if you can be one step ahead of others,I have a little more time for discussion in my own province,The possibility of success can also be higher than others……success,It’s accumulated from such small details。
First778chapter No money to talk, not hard
What Chen Geng didn’t expect was,Ideas to build aviation industry group and auto parts industry group by yourself,Even the highest level was alarmed,The next morning,The planning committee got in touch with Chen Geng,Expressed hope to communicate with Chen Geng on this issue,After getting Chen Geng’s consent、After the two parties have agreed on the time,That afternoon,The Planning Commission appointed an old acquaintance of Chen Geng、Executive Deputy Director Wang Guoqiang came to interview Chen Geng。
“Mr. Chen,You are a big move,”Everyone is busy,And at this level,Everyone is used to going straight,Don’t like going around,Deputy Director Wang took the initiative to enter the topic,Ha ha smiled:“to be honest,Your idea of building an aviation industry cluster and auto parts industry cluster,We can’t even think about it。”
“You are too kind。”
Chen Geng said with a smile,But he knew,Deputy Director Wang’s words are really not polite,The reason is simple,For example, the auto parts industry group,If there was no such thing as Chen Geng, a person with considerable influence in the automobile manufacturing industry worldwide,Come to China to invest in this auto parts industry group?Why!

“how about it,How is my good girl?”Wang Zicheng patted Wang Mengmeng’s head with his hand,Asked distressedly,The daughter who she regarded as the jewel of the palm ran and was rejected in public。

“Dad,Don’t blame you,I said no when I arrived,You still force me,Now it’s alright, your daughter is rejected by others,You are happy?”Wang Mengmeng looks aggrieved,Acting with Wang Zicheng。
“It’s bad father,Dad won’t force you anymore,It’s my father who made my baby girl wronged。”
Wang Zicheng naturally knew,My daughter’s mood,Not at all affected by this incident,And he looks very happy and proud,But as a father,Watching others reject my daughter in public,It’s not like being a father。
Wang Zicheng knows,My baby girl has always been a person no one yearns for since childhood,Unexpectedly, today I was rejected by the Hua family。
“You are cute,Sorry,Uncle Dai Ziyu apologized to you,This kid doesn’t know what happened today,I will educate him well when I go back,Please also give him a chance,Do you think?”
Why is Hua Tianyi willing to lose such a big piece of fat from the dealer?,As everyone knows, the Hua family is such a baby girl,In the future, his family’s property will belong to Wang Mengmeng。
So don’t look at anything else,This family background alone is quite a temptation,But my son is not up to date,As a father, he can only humbly and say good things。
“Of course not,Uncle Hua,You also think no one wants me,Or do you want your son,Refused me twice?”Although Wang Mengmeng said with a smile,But entering Hua Tianyi’s ears left him speechless。
“That was not what I meant,Don’t worry about today,Uncle will give you an explanation。”Hua Tianyi doesn’t know what to say at this time,Can only prevaricate,So as not to embarrass both families。
“Cute,Sorry,I don’t know you are cute,You know my heart for you,I really didn’t know it was you,Give me a chance to love, OK??”
Hua Ziyu, I can’t care if Qin Feng did it on purpose without waiting for Qin Feng to say anything,After talking with Qin Feng, he hurried to catch up,Now he just wants Wang Mengmeng to give him a chance。
“Hua Ziyu,Can you not do this,Can you be responsible for what you said,So many people are watching,Why am I the one who you say if you want it?”
Wang Mengmeng smiled,But his face is indifferent,Looks like a victim to others。
“What a nice girl,If I have a son, I will let this girl be my daughter-in-law。”Many people present praised Wang Mengmeng,But also a pity for the Hua family。
“ladies and gentlemen,friends,Just a small episode,Don’t mind everyone,Today is the birthday of Master Cheng,The descendants of the Hua family,Send blessings to all the guests!”
Originally, these procedures were performed at night,But now to ease the atmosphere,Had to go ahead。
Actually this link will not take long,Because those who can offer gifts at the birthday banquet except for the descendants of the Chinese family,Only those who are well-known or are friends of the doctor Cheng have the opportunity。
The rest don’t care what birthday gift you bring,You can only write your name and put it on the registration。
First of all,Is Hua Tianlong, the eldest son of Doctor Cheng,Although Hua Tianlong didn’t work with his father in medicine,,But I am also a businessman,I saw him come up on stage with confidence,Holding an antique solid wood box in his hand。

but,Lu Menglin didn’t believe what A Jianglong said,After all, it’s just a rock wall in front of you,Nothing looks like an alien spaceship。

A Jianglong found out that Lu Menglin didn’t believe it,Simply put your heart down,Dragging the remains,Struggling to slap on the rock wall with a palm。
boom!Rocks flying around,The strength of this palm is not weak,Comparable to a strong fighter。
This also made Lu Menglin guard himself,It seems that A Jianglong was seriously injured,But not completely without attack,Be careful,Don’t be killed by him。
After this palm,That eagle eye rock looks normal,And no changes。
Lu Menglin frowned,About to speak,But found something strange。
Those rock fragments crushed by A Jianglong’s palm,Actually floated slowly into the air,Then like memory metal,Re-adsorbed to the rock wall,Fill in the gap just now,No damage at all。
This scene,Make Lu Menglin secretly surprised,Because he is already on alert,And didn’t perceive any changes in A Jianglong,Including mental power。
But those pieces will automatically gather,I can only say that the rock wall is really weird。
“I did not lie to you!I’m dying already,I really don’t want this big secret to be buried,As long as you leave me a crippled life,I can hand over this spaceship to you!”A Jianglong said confidently。
Lu Menglin lowered his head for a moment,Asked:“How to open?”
A Jianglong sees the other party on the set,Secretly happy,But his face still looks like a weak man,Kick a piece of gravel with your toes,Lasing into the middle of the rock wall。
boom!The gravel hit a point in the middle of the rock wall,A small crack suddenly opened in the middle of the rock wall,A green beam of light shot out from the crack,Sweep to the ground。

But what does it matter?,For the vast majority of consumers,They only believe in what their eyes see,I saw Ford launched an anatomical model of Victoria Crown,It shows that Ford has confidence in this car、Full of confidence,So they dare to show us the deepest hidden thing in a car,Do you dare other manufacturers??

You didn’t do that,Just say you have a guilty conscience,Explain that you have insufficient confidence in the quality of your products!Explain that your product is not as good as the Ford Crown Victoria……If consumers don’t think so,As a manufacturer,You are responsible、Obligation to guide consumers to think here、And get them to agree with you。
Listening to the cheers and applause that can almost overturn the roof,Henry·In Ford’s mind, he couldn’t help but remember what Chen Geng said when he persuaded himself to make an anatomical model of the Victoria Crown.,I admire Chen Geng to death:This is the real marketing master。
Simultaneously,He also thought of another thing Chen Geng said at the time:“Henry,When other manufacturers did not do this,Ford did it first,Ford Motor is the forerunner that consumers consider most in the automotive industry,You should take this opportunity to establish your own public image,Also if convenient,By the way, it is also possible to step on the feet of other manufacturers,For example, those Dongying enterprises……”
First264chapter I can still play like this?!
Watching the excited crowd and flashing flashes,Henry·Ford thinks Chen Geng is too correct,Since Chen Geng is always correct,So why are you polite?……
Thought of here,He covers his mouth with one hand,To the CEO Philip·Caldwell whispered:“Philip,Later, you will find a few media that have a good relationship with us,Let them publicize it。”
“Good boss,I will arrange。”Philip·Caldwell nodded immediately,He doesn’t even need to think,I already understand the purpose of the boss’s arrangement——As Lee·Iacocca’s successor after being kicked out,Philip·Caldwell knows his identity and position in Ford。
Look to Philip·Henry Caldwell Whispering·Ford,The reporters thought to Henry·Mr. Ford and Philip·The content of Caldwell’s exchanges was immediately extremely curious:Can make Henry·Ford wants to face Philip in front of such a reporter·What Mr. Caldwell said,Must be very, very important?The reporters suddenly shouted:
“Mr. Ford,Can you tell me what you just said to Mr. Caldwell?”
“Mr. Caldwell,Could you tell me what Mr. Ford said to you just now?”
“Mr. Ford……”
“Mr. Caldwell……”
Although I know my question99.999%Impossible to get a response,But the reporters still raised their hands and asked loudly——A reporter,Do you care about your own face??
But the results were a bit beyond the reporters’ expectations,Face everyone’s questions,Henry·Mr. Ford did not refuse to answer this question,Think a little,He actually nodded:“I also just thought of it……I said to Philips,In order to let users better understand our cars,In addition to this Victoria Crown,Ford will launch more vehicle anatomical models,Will also hold more experience activities,Let everyone have a deeper understanding of Ford。”

“That is naturally good!”Of course Qiao Tianyu knows that the Rothschild family is something he cannot afford to provoke,Reconciliation with them is my best way out right now。

“But Lord Lu,How can we resolve the conflict with the Rothschild family??”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Haha,We have already thought of this for you。”Seeing Qiao Tianyu agreed,Lu’s face showed a relaxed color。
“Cui Laosan invited the messenger of the Rothschild family,almost there,You put down your posture for a while,Two cups of tea,Say something nice,We should apologize,Should lose money,This matter is over。”
“OK then。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and agreed,Even though he still doesn’t know where he is wrong,I don’t know why I apologized and lost money。
But for the Fuxing Society、For Palizovsky and other close friends,Qiao Tianyu decided to lower his noble head this time,Let the Rothschilds let them go。
Talk about Cao Cao,Cao Cao arrived。
Lord Lu just mentioned the Rothschild family messenger,Then I heard the elevator door“Ding”A bang,Cui Laosan smiled、The waist is bent like dried shrimp,Guided a teenager out of the elevator。
Master Lu dare not neglect,Immediately pulled Qiao Tianyu and the others,Greeted him with a smile on his face.
First0212chapter Extremely provocative
On going“meet”On the way,Qiao Tianyu looked the boy up and down。
By the way, the boy looks seventeen or eighteen,Medium size,Typical Jewish appearance,Handsome face、The blonde hair is combed and shiny,A slim tuxedo is extraordinarily noble and elegant,He is a young talent who is personally loved。
But the young man exudes an unpleasant arrogance all over his body,The nose grows to the top of the head,I’ve been holding my head high since I entered the hall,I completely ignored the smiling faces of Lu Ye, Qiao Tianyu and others.,Go straight to the chair in the middle of the hall,Sat down。