China’s successful development of "The 2nd No. 2" of Zumi "<br>" Jiuzhang No. 2 "quantum calculation prototype

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, on October 26 (Reporter Xu Haitao) Journalists learned from the University of China Science and Technology, the research team composed of Pan Jianwei, Zhu Xiaobo, Peng Chengzhi cooperated with the Shanghai Technical Physics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and successfully construct 66 bits can be programmed Superconductive quantum calculation prototype "Zumi II" Quantum superiority "milestone country.

  Zhu Xiaobo introduced that the parallel high-fidelity quantum door handles and fully programmable capacity, which is expected to find a practical value, quantum chemistry, etc.

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, October 26 (Reporter Xu Hai Tao) Journalists learned from China University of Science and Technology, the school Pan Jianwei, Lu Chaoyang, Liu Naile, etc. The quantum calculation prototype "Jiuzhang No. 2" is successfully constructed in recent successfully constructs "Jiuzhang No. 2", solving the mathematics of Gaussian chronic sampling mathematics than the current world’s fastest supercomputer 50 times (billions billion times), Important steps on the way of developing quantum computers.

  It is reported that future general-purpose quantum computers are expected to play a role in password decipherment, weather forecast, material design, drug analysis and other fields.

The current "Jiuzhang No. 2" is only a "single champion", but its superior force, potential value in the field of chart, quantum chemistry.

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2020 Xinhuanet doordachte jaarlijkse vergadering staat op het punt te landen in Hangzhou

  Het West-meer, de verhuurder wordt geverfd. Het is het mooiste als Hangzhou. Xinhuanet denkt op 28 november op Hangzhou. Het trekpad wordt naar beneden getrokken.

  Xinhuanet Sist is het Xinhua News Agency National High-End Zhicin Public Hords Research Center, en de echte jaarlijkse vergadering is de high-end lijn van de high-end-lijn die wordt gehost door Xinhuanet, met het thema van de "China’s economie, de volgende cursus" , het verkennen van de macht van de economische ontwikkeling en het lokale ontwikkelingspad, bieden nieuwe, diepteaanzichten voor nationale strategische beslissingen en openbaar beleid. Sinds 2014 is Xinhua net gedachte jaarlijkse conferentie gehouden in Beijing, Hainan Sanya, Guangdong en andere plaatsen, en het onderwerp is nauw gebouwd in het tijdperk van de tijden, die de "nieuwe economie onder het cross-grensperspectief" bedekt. ??" Na de economische en wereldeconomie van de 19e China, "hervorming en vervolgens beginnen", "China’s kracht en kans in China", Zhang Jun, Zhu Yunlai en andere gezaghebbende economen en industri?le experts zullen advies geven voor de volgende context van de Chinese economie.

  Deze Jaarvergadering Xinhuanet Sist werd gehost door Xinhuanet, Xinhuanet Sist, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Branch, zal relevante experts aan de scène uitnodigen.

De vergadering wordt gehouden in de vorm van "openingsceremonie + hoofdforum + parallelle forum + gesloten deur", waar de theorie van het altaar het "nieuwe Bureau van het Nieuwe Bureau: de Pota en uitdaging van het economisch herstel van China omgeeft" , parallelle fora naar de toekomstige stad van ’14e vijf – vijf: de wijsheid van governance verandert "," de’ Wen Travel + ‘nieuwe kunststatus van het Oost-evenement "wordt besproken. Op 28 november, Xinhua netto doordachte jaarlijkse vergadering, wachtend op jun! () Editor: One-Term: Liu Zhiyuan Second Proef: Xu Lejing Derde Proctie:.

ABC Anhui Branch and the Cangzhou Municipal People’s Government signed the "14th Five-Year" financial services rural revitalization strategic cooperation agreement

Signing ceremony site.

ABC Anhui Branch is an afternoon of November 3, the ABC Anhui Branch and the Cangzhou Municipal People’s Government held a signing ceremony of the "14th Five-Year" financial services rural revitalization strategic cooperation agreement.

Wang Chunlin, ABC Anhui Branch, Zhang Chunlin, Vice-President Wang Xiajian, Panfeng, Deputy Permit, Du Yanan, and Mayor Deng Zhen, Qin Fengyu, who is executive deputy mayor, to attend the ceremony and witness the contract. Panfeng, deputy director of Agricultural Bank Anhui Branch, and Qin Fengyu, executive deputy mayor of Cangzhou, signed an agreement between the two parties.

According to the agreement, the ABC Anhui Branch will provide interested credit support for the total amount of not less than 80 billion yuan in the next five years, focusing on the development of financial services rural resolution and the "June 1 strategy" of Zhangzhou City, fully deepen the cooperation of political and silver, Strengthen the reform and innovation, focus on new urbanization, green agricultural product production and processing supply base construction, modern agricultural sector It is better to meet the diversification of rural residence, multi-level financial needs, and promote the consolidation of poverty to the poverty achievements with rural revitalization, and accelerate the development of urban and rural economic development in Zhangzhou City.

Before the signing ceremony, both parties held a deep talks on strengthening financial cooperation. Du Yanan, secretary of the Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that I would like to thank the Agricultural Bank of China’s Anhui Branch and the Cangzhou Branch for long-term contribution to the local economic development of Cangzhou City, will provide "integrity, safety, reliable" business environment, as always, support the ABC in Zhangzhou The development of career, jointly doing a good job in rural resurgence, supporting both parties to carry out more project cooperation, and political and silver work together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development. Zhang Chunlin, the ABC Anhui Branch, said that the ABC Anhui Branch will implement the central and provincial government’s provincial governments on the revitalization of rural revitalization, comprehensively implement the work requirements of the Agricultural Breakfast Service, and give full play to their own advantages. Revitalizing, continuously improving financial services capacity and level, deepening multi-field cooperation, contributing greater strength to build a modern and beautiful Cangzhou. The ABC Anhui Branch Related rooms, Zhangzhou Branch and the person in charge of the relevant units of Zhangzhou City participated in the ceremony.

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China FAW: On the way of printing footprints in the hopes of revitalization

"The child’s smile is the most beautiful scenery of Zigong. The child’s reading sound is the brightest hope of Zuo Gong." The child of the farmers and herdsmen is in class Tibetan proverbs, the highest, Ali is the farthest, Changdu is the most dangerous.

Zuo Gong County is located in the southeast of Changdu, and most of the county is deep, with an average altitude of 3750 meters.

Many places have no electricity no roads, let alone children to school. But the child is to let children access to education in order to truly get rid of poverty.

Substantial transformation began in 2003.

This year, the town of Faw Hope Primary School field properly put into use.

Tian was originally only proper village teaching point, and now have to upgrade the wide playgrounds, clean primary schools and libraries. Children can play basketball on the sports field, in the classroom, the reading in the library. When October 22, China FAW research group came to the town proper field again FAW Hope Primary School, also in front of this vibrant scene deeply moved. China FAW research group entered the town proper field FAW hope primary school teachers and students to visit the town proper field FAW brand new Hope School is Zogang County moving silhouette, but also representative of China FAW helping coordinate on the journey. As the central enterprises, China FAW bear in mind the early heart mission, iron shoulder to bear responsibility, helping journey away for 19 years.

19 years, China FAW footprints engraved in the highlands, mountains, rolled off the road of hope constantly extended.

Snow-covered plateau shine Since 2002, China FAW has targeted aid Chamdo Prefecture and Zogang Mangkang. 19 years, China FAW sent a total of seven batches of 17 group of cadres talent, invested a total of over 200 million yuan, the implementation of more than 130 projects in the improving infrastructure, boost industrial development, improve the level of medical education and many other dedicated efforts . China FAW With these road and bridge reconstruction aid, once the depth of poverty-stricken counties bursting out with a new luster: Zogang County built a bridge across the river, farmers market, repaired roads, the people lived a good life; Mangkang Gatuo Zhenjiang card Village villagers moved into a fully furnished home, harp dance became the gold standard text brigade of local business, people get a sense of happiness and growing. Tibet’s first harp dance performances "high back, forged my body; dangerous road, honed my will; poverty, strengthened my resolve to remember our mission.

"This is the seventh installment China FAW group of cadres Lvhong Ming voices.

Since 2002, China FAW group of cadres is not a give up halfway.

They shoulder the mission of trust, heart and soul forced to do practical things for the masses. Tibet 19 years, China FAW are witnesses of the development of the snow-covered plateau, Tibet cadres and the masses fairly well-off participants. The future, China FAW will also be the promoter of Tibet high-quality development. China FAW helping ignite the engine fixed since 2010 to undertake the task of poverty alleviation.

From Jilin Zhenlai known as "China Crane town" reputation, to be known as the "hometown of Jindal," the Dragon City, then was named "World Geological Park" Guangxi Fengshan County; from infrastructure to foster industry, to education, health care, etc., we are deeply carved Chinese FAW help mark.

It is known as the "hometown of Jindal" Long Urban Poverty Alleviation and help in the long, long run industries.

Combined with the actual situation in the county and resource endowments, cooperating with the local government to implement industry assistance, promoting employment and rural incomes, China FAW has accumulated a wealth of experience and fruitful. Make full use of the vast grassland resources, China FAW implementation of pro-poor cattle breeding industry base construction project in Jilin Zhenlai innovation; full Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of ethnic characteristics, in Jilin City and Long Liu Tung Village construction of the "Jindal FAW town" foster tourism; plateau based on characteristics of Guangxi Fengshan, helping the development of the alpine ecological cultivation, silkworm breeding and other special industries.

Industry find a prospective, to increase the pace steady. China FAW can be stuck hematopoietic and sustainable industry model is also helping provide value reference for Chinese poverty reduction.

Guangxi Fengshan County village vegetable base paper industry has, where product sales in? Out of agricultural production is a basic, sold well only benefit. To this end, China FAW consumption helping to carry out operations, organize the production and marketing docking, with goods through online, offline multi-channel marketing and other agricultural products to solve the "difficulty in selling" problem, let the people have tasted the sweetness of income, enhance production momentum.

China FAW poor product promotion activities organized by the National Health no headquarters, no national well-off.

To prevent mass poverty caused by illness, China FAW-depth implementation of health anti-poverty project, and effectively build a road "health line of defense." "Thirteen Five" period, China FAW medical relief fund has invested more than million, public institutions work together to carry out "heart to heart project" and other special medical assistance program, so that the people enjoy a better quality and convenient health services. "Heart to heart love rural engineering for large-scale free clinic" activity continued to improve industrial development, production and sales somewhat limit, continues to build a strong infrastructure, medical help the bottom line, China FAW based on local needs, play to its own director, helping ignite regional development engine, has laid a solid foundation for rural revitalization.

Along the Long March illuminate dream "old is not synonymous with poverty, education is fundamental forces to stimulate the development of raw power of the old district.

"This sentence tells China FAW to take the initiative and carry out educational assistance in old revolutionary base areas in mind. From the beginning of 2018, China FAW Red Army to the route of the main line, continue to promote public education projects.

By the end of 2020, China FAW invested a total education aid funds billion yuan to build the "Red Flag wisdom dream school" 15, the creation of "red flag dream self-class" 211, "Red Flag Art Dream Classroom" training more than 1,700 teachers, students overall benefit over 340,000, it lit up the dream of the old students of the school. Red Flag students who dream of self-improvement classes in October this year, a number of "red flag wisdom dream library," unveiled enabled primary Xibaipo, Zunyi, Yan’an’s old. As another important outcome of China FAW education aid, a "red flag wisdom dream library" will improve in the information technology and digital teaching conditions, power sharing quality educational resources to promote students physically labor-round development.

Students read the mind of ambition in the library decided to red flag the dream wisdom feet direction. In the era of the process of the revitalization of the countryside, on the road of common prosperity to China FAW represented companies are struggling to answer the mission continue to play with the next print more solid footprint. Editor in charge: Guo Cong.

Three generations, forty years, the revelation of the eight-step sand green miracle

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response, please refresh this page [Co-construction of the Earth Life Community Action] Fan Jingpeng Gansu Province Chinese Characteristic Socialism Theoretical System Research Center Special Researcher, the Communist Party of Gansu Provincial Party School [Gansu Administration] The hero deeds of the "eight-step Shalin field ‘six old man" have already known a household name, and the new era need more like the’ six old man ‘such a contemporary yelgon, the era model.

It is necessary to carry forward the "six old man ‘difficulties, dare to put the spirit of the desert vast oasis, motivate people to participate in the construction of ecological civilization, continue to force, for a long time, and struggle for building beautiful China. " The green miracle of "sand refund" to "green into the sand" historic transformation. Today, under the unremitting efforts of the three generations of "Yugong", the eight-step sand forest has developed into the only one of Wuwei City. The ecological public welfare forest farm in the joint households has also become a typical type of peasant joint household contracting in Gansu Province.

  "Eight-step sand is not cured, the door is not rich" Tenggerry desert is located in the southwest of Alashan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the central border of Gansu Province for China’s fourth largest desert.

In the case of exacerbation of land desertification, the southern edge of Tenggerry desert continues to move in Nanchun, sagging, many villages have been buried in Huangsha, and the land desertification has become the "number one enemy" of the people in the Hiisi area.

  Eight Penxia is a desert that is highlighted in the south edge of Tenggerry Desert. It is said that more than 100 steps are only eight years ago, so it is called eight steps. With the climate change, the population has increased, and the excessive openness grazing, the eight footshas are gradually expanded, and it is approximately 10 meters to the south every year.

By the 1980s, it has developed into 10,000 acres of deserts to become the largest winds and sands.

Since the locals have a generation of generations because of the eight-step sand bitter, there is such a proverb: "The eight steps are constant, the Tumei is not rich." The third generation rule the sander Guo Hui. Guangming Picture 1981 Autumn, Tu Mate Commune’s stone full, He Haolin, Zhang Runyuan, Luo Yuankui, Cheng Hai, Guo Chao Ming, six old people in the form of joint contracting responsibility system, contracting governance eight-step sand.

Without any modern sand equipment, there is only one donkey, a shelf car, a large bucket and a few iron, in front of the eight-step sand, the average age of six old people appear extremely small. In the same year, Guo Wannang had a father Guo Chaomen: "The desert is very can’t see the head, but you have to govern, think that you are gods?" But the six old people used the most original "one step, a seedlings "The earthwork, started the competition with time to change space.

Six oral agreements: "No matter how bitter is more tired, every family must have a person, take eight steps." 1982, 30-year-old Guo Wan Gang, the father of the disease entered the forest; in 1991, He Hairin Laohan died, 21 The old son has strongly taken the father’s shovel; in 1992, Shi Ming Laohan died, 22-year-old son’s stone hill top; 2002, Luo Xingquan took the old man Luo Yuankui to enter the forest field; in 2004, Cheng Shengcheng received his father. Cheng Hai’s old man; 2016, Wang Zhipeng represented the father-in-law Zhang Runyuan Han to the forest farm and became the second generation of eight steps. Then, in 2016, Guo Chao Ming’s grandchildren, Guo Wangang’s nephew Guo Hui joined the forest farm, and eight-step sand has a third-generation ruler. Three generations have always been "although I die, there are sons; the sons are grandson, Sun is born; the sons have children, the sons are still grandchildren; the children and grandchildren are not full", the spirit of Yugong Shan, continuously . In the past 40 years, the three generations of the sands have completed the three-step forest 10,000 mu, the tube seal seal, the sand, and the south, the north and south, 8 miles wide, 8 miles wide The windproof gallery is 15 kilometers behind the county, and 100,000 mu of farmland is protected, ensuring the dry (Tang) Wu (Wei) Railway, Provincial Road 308 and West Gas East, Siyou East Sending the universal artery of national energy construction, also protects more than 60,000 people in this honest. According to the county record, the latest in the early years of Qianlong is still "no water to collect", it has now developed into the country’s largest ecological immigration area. "With the eight steps of ‘green’, there is a ‘live’ and Huangjola!" The comparison of the past, the locals sighed. "Effective Tsha" Baojiayuan, "Engineering Treasury", Fuji, Eight-step Sand, "Sixth Han", three generations, with vowing to change the Desert Oasis, 40 years, not only reversed the passive situation of "Shajin people retreat" Realize the reversal of "green into the sand", but also transform "green water Qingshan" into "Jinshan Yinshan", change the desert, and change the "Sandli", gradually explore A bidirectional transformation path combined with the combination of desert and development desert economy. Compared to the six old people of the first generation, the second generation, the third generation of sanders gradually changed from the "obligation to Congha", the homeland, gradually changed to "Engineering to treat the sand" rich hometown.

The three generations of treating the sand people, doing difficult to innovate, while building a green protective belt, actively develop the ecological economy mainly based on the sand industry, effectively solve "Where is the money from", "How to get" " The problem of continuing ", realizing the organic binding of the sandwalp industry and the development of the ecological economy.

  In the sideway points of the daily shanghai sand in the northern sand area of ??Gansu Province, the eight-step Shalin scenery gave sand and the masses were squatted together.

Xinhua News Agency has issued today’s eight-step sand, and the ecological environment is getting better and better, and the agglomeration of production factors is getting stronger.

In 2009, the localized forestry of Balang County Eight-step Sand Greening Co., Ltd. has established an industrial development model of "company + base + farmers" and "according to the stock, the benefit dividend, scale-based operation, and industrialization". Industrial management mechanism, investment of 13 million yuan, circulating 10,000 mu of land in Huanghuoyan immigration zone, planting holder, medlar, red dates, and grafting sissy and other sandy crops such as Sakura. At the same time, the introduction of funds to build a large-scale tickry farm. The title "eight footshada" is sold, recruiting local poor farmers, and achieving ecological protection and poverty poverty and rich win-win. After the treatment, the desert begins to show huge economic benefits, and demonstrates the local people to actively develop sand industries through large-scale planting meat, 枸杞, red dates, etc.

As of 2019, the fixed assets of the forest have increased by more than 200 million yuan to more than 30 million yuan, and the annual income of employees increased by less than 3,000 yuan to now more than 50,000 yuan. Today’s eight steps have completely changed the backwardness of the old poor, achieving the ideals of the desert and the rich people. Give full play to the "eight steps", the mass appeal, eight steps "six old people" three generations, the advanced groups and representatives that have emerged in the masses of the first line of the anti-sand, the first line of the anti-sand, they are engaged in the sand The afforestation has a wide range of masses in Wuwei and the Hexi, which is the mass characteristics.

This distinctive mass can better cause more people’s identity, emotional resonance and value orientation recognition. In 2019, the 10th plenary meeting of the 4th Committee of the Communist Party of China was decided that it would not bow on the eight-step Shalin farm "six old man", dare to put the contemporary spirit of the desert to become a contemporary foolish spirit of the desert as a new era of Wuwei spirit, call on all citizens With the example of "six old people" in eight-step Shalin farm, firmly establish "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" concept, unswervingly walking ecological priority, green development.

  Although the eight-step sand is, the greater the cause, the days are getting better and better, but they don’t leave the rural areas, the hands are not separated from the people. Through promoting "eight steps", it is fully affirmed that its positive effect can stimulate the strength of the masses, guidance, education, and smoked pottery to form a healthy and universal social atmosphere and the social atmosphere of participation in ecological civilization.

Only enhance public ecological awareness, improve the understanding of the importance of the people, establish the correct ecological civilization concept, so that the broad masses of the people actively participate in ecological affairs, in order to make the concept of ecological civilization to each unit, family and citizens, ultimately Implement people and natural harmonious ecological civilization society, form a pattern of beautiful Chinese national action.

  It is in the sense of contemporary foolish spirit, Wuwei City people actively act, solidly carry out large-scale compulsory pressure sandal forests and green space multiplies.

Since 2012, Guoyang County has organized cadres in the Spring and Autumn, which have been organized in the spring and autumn, have been organized in the spring and autumn.

On October 8 this year, Gulu County opened the prelude of the autumn duty in autumn in the autumn of the autumn, and thousands of county straight organs focused on autumn obligations in the desert. More than 4,000 acres.

  "Guangming Daily" (November 13, 2021).

Blood blood, weigh, taller, X-ray detection … Animal medical examination

  The weather is getting cold, in order to ensure the health of the animals, Wuxi Zoo has recently carried out an animal’s autumnal medical examination. On the morning of November 17, the staff conducted a number of physical examination items such as giraffe, elephant, chimpanzee, land tortoise, zebra, such as weight, blood collection, X-ray shooting. The height of the giraffe. (Liu Fanghui) Giraffe Baby "Nine" September 23 Journey, Zoo has added a dense training table, height scale, prefecture, etc. in the zoo, can monitor the height and weight of "Nine children" in real time.

The giraffe feeder season master introduced: "’Nine children’s height from the garden, long to the current rice, 30 cm long. The current situation is good." The veterinarian exams the teeth for the small orangutan of May.

(Photographed by Liu Fanghui) The chimpanzee baby born on June 28 this year also has a lovely name – "sugar". "Sugar" as the "cute pet" of artificial feeding, its healthy growth has always been the focus of the staff concerned, and naturally also places in this medical examination list.

The reporter saw at the scene, "sugar sugar" enjoys the most gentle weighing way, by the feeder mother, holding the scale, weighing the "sugar" weight of kg, than three months ago A kilogram of a weighing, heavy thousands. According to the breeder Xiao Dai, now "sugar" has grown out of 8 teeth and begins to eat some foods such as fruits. The venous blood was carried out on the elephant ear. (Photographed by Liu Fanghui) "Monitoring the weight of herbivore, especially the elephant this large-tonnamen animal, sometimes light from the shape, no fat, need more precise weight data," Elephant Museum The member told reporters.

In order to facilitate the elephant weighing, the zoo will be installed on the road of elephants into the inside and outside field.

The elephant "Ideas" slowly moved towards the wealth, and the electronic screen showed "3508 kg".

It is understood that in order to let the elephant good "post-post", breeders and nutritionist move their brains, and adjust the elephant feeding and feeding capacity. After entering the autumn, the elephants eat 100 kilograms of hay every day, 40 kg of grass, 15 kilograms of carrots, 20 kg of fruit, and 2 kg of the wanders.

Check if there is stones in the continent in the container with a mobile X-ray machine.

(Photo of Liu Fanghui) Subsequently, the veterinarian also conducted a fecal parasite detection and X-ray inspection of zebra, contained tortoises. It is understood that this is the 11th animal autumn birth inspection since the Wuxi Zoo moved into Xinyuan in 2010. Through the depth analysis of animal medical examination results, the zoo can improve animal management information, adjust the food ratio, optimize the living environment, and continuously improve the quality of life and benefits of animals. (沐 卢 易).

2022 Winter Paralympic Game-opening Meteorological Prognose opnieuw nauwkeurig

Originele titel: de openingsceremonie Meteorological Prognose is opnieuw accuraat, van 4 maart in de vroege ochtend fluit Peking, en ook met stof. Zien dat de 2022 Winter Paralympics gaat openen, be?nvloedt het Windstofweer de openingsceremonie? De meteorologische voorspelling voor de openingsceremonie van de Olympische Winter gehandicapte Olympische Spelen, eenmaal door de precieze voorspelling, at ik een vaste pil voor iedereen. Om 6 uur ‘s ochtends is de meteorologische afdeling begonnen de voorspelling-informatie met uren bij te werken, en de frequentie van de frequentie en de winter Olympische Spelen zullen ernaar streven om ervoor te zorgen dat de openingsceremonie van de Olympische Winter gehandicapten juist is. Het studieteam van de meteorologische omstandigheden tijdens de openingsceremonie van de belangrijkste voorspeller van de stad wordt overgenomen, en het is een voorspellings- en servicetips voor deze wind en stofweer zo snel mogelijk. Bij de openingsceremonie, de eerste drie dagen van het meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum van Peking, het centrale meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum, het Nationaal Satellite Centre, de omliggende provinciale stad meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum, innerlijke Mongoli? autonome regio meteorologisch station, enz. Ten tweede, gediversifieerde tracking rollende prognose. Om 8:30 op 4 maart voerden veel sectoren opnieuw een gedetailleerde discussie uit over de wind, stof, stof, eindtijd, enz. Verminderen, zal in principe geen invloed hebben op de openingsceremonie van de Olympische Olympische Wintervaliden.

  "Tijdens de openingsceremonie is de wind van Beijing aanzienlijk verzwakt, je zult de wind van de zeven-acht-niveau niet zoals de ochtend voelen." Hij Liang zei dat de bijbehorende prognose van tevoren is vrijgegeven, die van tevoren is vrijgegeven, wat van tevoren is vrijgegeven Relevante eenheden, steden waar de openingsceremonie is voorbereid. De relevante eenheden van de operatiegarantie moeten van tevoren worden voorbereid.

  In vergelijking met het weer in de openingsceremonie van de Olympische Winterspelen op 4 februari, is het windenergie op 4 maart enigszins groot, maar het is ook binnen een acceptabel bereik; maar de temperatuur is meer warm dan een maand, 20:00 tot 22 de Nationale stadiontemperatuur is 8 ° C tot 9 ° C, het lichaam voelt zich niet erg koud, maar wanneer de terugtrekking, zal de temperatuur dalen tot 6 ° C of lager, en het temperatuurverschil in de ochtend en de avond is nog steeds relatief groot.

  Voor de prognoseclusies is Yan Liang nog steeds erg zelfverzekerd. Variabelen, maar in plaats van stof, zal de voorspellers een aantal spanningen enigszins hebben.

  Yan Liang legde uit, in vergelijking met de wind, het stof is moeilijker, omdat het stof een gasgroep is, het heeft de effecten van tijdknooppunten en er is geen erg heldere grens, "Wees niet als een trein, zeg maar een paar Punten naar een paar punten De impact van zandstof is een langzaam proces. Het kan nog niet zijn gevoeld, maar de impact van zandstof is begonnen, en mensen voelen dat de lucht geel en met aarde is. "Het stof is voorbij." Tijd is ook dezelfde reden, niet om een ??tijdspunt te zeggen, het moment is voorbij, en het is ook een langzaam proces. Het is moeilijk om een ??specifieke tijd te defini?ren kan worden gewist en er zijn enkele onzekerheden.

Op 4 maart staarde hij altijd naar het weerradargrafiek en let op de ontwikkeling van zandstof, daarna van 13 uur, is Sandstone de invloed op Beijing blijven be?indigen, en de zichtbaarheid wordt geleidelijk omgezet, hart.

  Om 20 uur is de openingsceremonie van de Olympische Olympische Spelen van de Winter op tijd. De windvlaag van het National Stadium heeft de vier niveaus verzwakt en heeft geen invloed op de openingsceremonie, volledig in overeenstemming met de voorspelling.

"Deze voorspelling, we hebben ook accuraat bereikt, met succes de beveiligingsaak voltooid." Hij zei tevreden.

Onze Reporter Luo Qianwen (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

The first batch of 2.9 million pound of fish seedlings help

This newspaper (Reporter Shengdao Li) is high-quality development in the Taichung County Rice and Fishing Comprehensive Seed Industry and Ecological Reservoir in Taijiang County, and consolidate expansion. "Ecological Fish Fish Seasoning Ceremony was held in Taijiang County.

Guangdong Province Agricultural Rural Hall, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Yuezhao Cooperation Task Force, Country Garden · Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation will give local farmers to local farmers 9000 catties, the reservoir proliferates 20,000 pounds.

In recent years, Guangdong Provincial Agricultural Rural Hall, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Cooperation Task Force and Country Garden Group, etc. Recently, two batches of batch times will be distributed to Taijiang County free of charge, and the reservoir proliferation and discharge, 60,000 pounds. This stocking rice fishing comprehensive species raised squid and reservoir proliferation and agriculture. Among them, the rice field squid is "Jin Yuanzi" is a few years after the Guangdong Fisheries Enterprise. According to the NATM, according to the characteristics of rice fishing, the cultivated technical force is selected, which has fast growth, strong disease resistance, and good meat. It is suitable for rice farm farmers, and will further help the increase in farmers in Taijiang County. According to reports, rice fishing comprehensive species can achieve economic, ecological and social benefits, and is an ecological circulatory agriculture model suitable for the development of Guizhou mountains.

Next, the two sides of Guangdong will continue to increase the development of the ecological fishery industry, reasonable planning layout, shape excellent fishery brands, actively open the sales channel, extend the industry development chain, and strive to achieve the improvement of the fishery industry, to make Guizhou rural villages Great contribution.

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Shanghai today is cloudy to sunny, 16 degrees, no rain in 9 days today

[New People’s Evening News · New People Network] With the removal of the cold wave, Shanghai is re-returning, and the wind blows from the Southwest Inland, but does not bring too much water vapor.The highest temperature in Shanghai will rise slightly, approach 20 degrees.

It is no rain in Shanghai today, everyone may wish to go to the city to enjoy the autumn scene.

Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory issued 5 o’clock on November 12, 2021, released today and tomorrow Shanghai weather forecast: cloudy to sunny, today’s night to tomorrow.Northwest wind, today’s night to southwest wind tomorrow, wind is 3-4.

Today, the highest temperature is 16 degrees, the lowest temperature tomorrow is 9 degrees.(Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

Photo: Jiang Qinqin responded to playing Yang Rong, playing controversy, "Where to get rid of Run Sister"

Photo: Jiang Qinqin responds to play Yang Rong, playing, the controversy, "Where to get ridge sister" http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / D0788465 / 609 / W1163H1046 / 2021111 /: /// n / 20 / 4_ori / upload / D0788465 / 609 / W1163H1046 / 2021117 //: /// n / ENT / 4_ori / upload / d0788465 / 609 / W1163H1046 / 2021117 / / November 17th 22:20 Sina Entertainment News Recently, Yang Rong talks about interviews At that, Jiang Qunqin insisted on her face and triggered her face. On the evening of the 17th, Jiang Qinqin’s sunshine video responded: "Where is the sister of the sister, it is the hand.

"Subsequently, Yang Rong also forwarded response:" I said that Diligent sister is like the sun, treating everyone warmly. They are all professional actors, some media malicious splices and excessive interpretation are greatly. "3560989 Photos: Jiang Qinqin responded to play Yang Rong Yang Duo dispute called" Where to get ridge sister "http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / D0788465 / 627 / W1162H265 / 2021117 /: /// n / 2021117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / upload / d0788465 / 627 / w1162h265 / 20211117 //: /// n / ent / 4_ori / upload / d0788465 / 627 / w1162h265 / 20211117 // in at 22:20 on November 17 LOS ANGELES recently, Yang Rong in an interview When I talked about it, Jiang Qinqin insisted that when I took a slap in the light, Jiang Qinqin insisted that she had to swollen her face, triggering a hot discussion. On the evening of the 17th, Jiang Qinqin’s sunshine video responded: "Where to gain the sister, play himself is the hand . "Subsequently, Yang Rong also forwarded response:" I said that Diligent sister is like the sun, treating everyone warmly. They are all professional actors, some media malicious splices and excessive interpretation are greatly.

"3560990] Jiang Qinqin responded to Yang Rong Yang Duo dispute called" Where to get ridge sister "http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / D0788465 / 688 / W1376H912 / 20211117 /: /// n / 2021117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / D0788465 / 688 / W1376H912 / 2021111 / 4_ori / upload / d0788465 / 688 / W1376912 / 2021117 / / November 17, 22:20 Sina Entertainment News Recently, Yang Rong received an interview When I talked about it, Jiang Qinqin insisted that when I took a slap in the light, Jiang Qinqin insisted that she had to swollen her face, triggering a hot discussion. On the evening of the 17th, Jiang Qinqin’s sunshine video responded: "Where to gain the sister, play himself is the hand .

"Subsequently, Yang Rong also forwarded response:" I said that Diligent sister is like the sun, treating everyone warmly.

They are all professional actors, some media malicious splices and excessive interpretation are greatly.

"3560991] Jiang Qinqin responded to Yang Rong Yang Duzu dispute called" Where to get ridge sister "http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / D0788465 / 724 / W1356H968 / 20211117 /: /// n / 2021117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ori / upload / d0788465 / 724 / w1356h968 / 20211117 //: /// n / ent / 4_ori / upload / d0788465 / 724 / w1356h968 / 20211117 // in at 22:20 on November 17 LOS ANGELES recently, Yang Rong in an interview When I talked about it, Jiang Qunqin insisted on her face and triggered her face.

On the evening of the 17th, Jiang Qinqin’s sunshine video response: "Where to hit the sister, play himself is a hand." Subsequently, Yang Rong also forwarded: "I said that Diligent sister is like the sun, treats every one. people.

They are all professional actors, some media malicious splices and excessive interpretation are greatly. "3560992] Jiang Qinqin responded to play Yang Rong Yang Duo dispute called" Where to get ridge sister "http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / D0788465 / 775 / W1405H970 / 2021111 /: /// n / 2021111 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / Upload / d0788465 / 775 / w1405h970 / 20211117 //: /// n / Ent / 4_ori / upload / d0788465 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 775 / W1405H970 / 2021117 / / November 17, 22:20 Sina Entertainment News When I talked about it, Jiang Qinqin insisted that when I took a slap in the light, Jiang Qinqin insisted that she had to swollen her face, triggering a hot discussion. On the evening of the 17th, Jiang Qinqin’s sunshine video responded: "Where to gain the sister, play himself is the hand .

"Subsequently, Yang Rong also forwarded response:" I said that Diligent sister is like the sun, treating everyone warmly. They are all professional actors, some media malicious splices and excessive interpretation are greatly. "3560993.