Leave the traces left in black spider and Wei Wei,Take more mountain roads more,I saw a slightly flat boulder on the cliff.,Sweeping Murongbo and Yuanshan beads、Friendly appearance,At the same time,Behind the two……

Chu Dee,Can’t help but smile——I remembered what I was in the ancient tomb.,certainly……At this time, Murongbo and Yuanshan are wearing clothes.。
Otherwise, Murong is certainly not saying two words.,Put the stone on the spot……
The ancient tombs did not come together this time.,Let Chu Deirers are surprised slightly,The dragon head has always been so quiet.,Original Chu Deee thought,Li Mozhen is likely to make a lively,Who knows that I have never seen it.。
Sweeping the land is also very skillful,Although I have just been in the sea, I have just been defeated.、This is not good.,Put another……fail,Big brotherpiafly,I have slowed a lot when I have a light power.,Wei Si smile and black spider can fall on him,But there is still a power at this time.,Come into two people……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventy-seventh chapter Dharma resolution
“Four hands,Cellular,Yin Jiyang,Inyang……Wang Baoxiong,Blood sea hate,Light,Dispense!”
Everyone only listened to the scene.,at the same time,Yuanshan and Murong,At this time, it took a burst of black smoke.……
Then I only saw two people who have already saved all.,At this time, I opened my eyes.,First is a confusion,I am laughing。
“father!”Two sounds sound from the side。
Qiao Feng and Murong Jiusi busy,See your respective father,Seeing Yuanshan and Murongbo fell down to the sweeping,The two are also accompanying,Murongjiu may have forgotten to blame Qiao Feng Yin Yang.。
“Grandmaster!Qiao Feng is dull,Unconfolio you are deeply,Rank,Hope Master forgiveness!”Qiaofeng worses the way。
“Qiji is not guilty……”I didn’t think of sweeping,I am actually born in myself.。
At this time, he is not annoyed.,Instead explain:“Two older lesions have been depressed,Ordinary method,Hard to treat,The old man will make them first,Have a life,Conditional。”
Chu Deiren listened to this,Focus on the heart——Just this sweeping“Yin Jiyang,Inyang”Time,Chu Deirers feel strange,Once the internal force of the two,There is no greatness or the nature of the Qiyang。
And two big men,Murongbo,Some of the chest,Obviously, no ancestral woman dress up men’s clothing……
Where is the yin and yang??
Now it seems,Old monk said,Not yin and yang,Yin Yang“road”,Also or……Life and death!
Just this、Kung Fu to the Yin Yang……
How do the Chu deer 着 着 是 门 手 手?This is one of the Buddhist’s foundation logic“Reincarnation”,Faintness!
Therefore, the Chu Deirers speculate in the heart.,This is likely to be a half-way home.……
“You two are born to death、Walking by death,What else can you do??”Sweeping the floor asked two old men。
“The disciples have been in the Shaolin Temple for 30 years.,But no one half of the Buddha disciples,I ask Master to include。”
The two are all ready to open——kindness,I want to open in the meaning of Buddhism,In fact, think about it.、Still a depression,It is the view of each person.,Did nothing with Chu Deirers。
Love Xinjue Luo Yuanshan thinks that he kills people is also a lot.,Among them have their own enemies,Is there any hanged?,He wants to revenge,The others also want to revenge,Murongbo also thought,Qinhuang Hanwu、And even the three emperors,The emperor will be more,Zhu Yan is just one of the people of the sea.,Love doesn’t pay……
So sweeping the land of two,Great relief,Survey,Monk、And even in other rivers and lakes,I have heard it.——No hespentable,In order not to see the group、No horizontal,Also a deputy sensation。
Chu Deirers also a pair“This is reasonable”Look,Smile with thumbs up——When he was not there before him,Just raise him one hand,At this time, he saw his waist.、Also a plain-style look,All in your heart,This old monk is really savory.、Still?
There is also a non-puzzled,智,I heard the halfway.,Turn straight……
After that, Yuanshan and Murongbo,Also stayed in Shaolin Shaving。
Since you have a home,Grudge,Naturally, it’s not cheap——Even if I want to investigate,Think about that big Luohan、So fierce dragon 18 palm……It’s also bigger.。
In fact, their crux,Chu Deirers can also cure,But……Chu Deirens really don’t want to add this trouble!

Even Lin Ling said so,I think how bad my image was this morning。Lin Ling said to the waiter:“All dishes are served,Open the wine”This woman looks gentle,But do things,But very decisive。This is what Xia Jian admires most about her。

“Lin always is more mature and beautiful than before”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Lin Ling glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“You can really talk,I am old,Not mature。I found you,More and more manly,It’s no wonder that this girl Ruyu never forgets you”Speaking of this,Lin Ling’s face suddenly changed,Look a lot depressed。
“Hey!It’s a pity that she is such a nice person,Not long eyes this day,Why did she leave so early”Xia Jian said here,Also very sad。
Guo Meili looked at these two people,Ask carefully:“President Xia!What you say is like jade,Is it Bai Ruyu, the secretary to the mayor of Yuanping City??”
“It’s her!She helped me a lot,If not for her,How do I know a big man like President Lin。And our Xiping Farm,I was inspired by her to build”Xia Jian is here,I poured myself a glass of wine,When I was about to drink it out。
Lin Ling waved and said:“slow!Let’s have a drink for her”
Originally a lively scene,But when I mentioned this white as jade,The atmosphere suddenly changed,This wine is extremely depressing。Lin Ling choked up several times:“she is my best friend,Pity she left,I didn’t see her,This is the biggest regret in my life”
“She is very tenacious,Got this disease,Not going to the hospital,This kind of pain is not something ordinary people can bear。When I gave her a needle,Basically, her illness is in the advanced stage,Can last so long,It is indeed based on a perseverance”Xia Jian and Bai Ruyu’s friendship is not shallow,So when I talk about her,He is equally distressed。
Guo Meili saw that these two men were drunk,This makes her anxious。Because of a bottle of liquor,She hardly took a few sips,Were all drunk by these two。
When the second bottle of liquor is opened,Guo Meili finally didn’t hold back her words:“President Xia!You encountered two things that didn’t go well along the way,Fortunately, the lucky person has the heaven,Didn’t hurt you。But we come this time,Task is not light,So i can’t drink like this,How to carry out the next work after drinking”
of course,Guo Meili’s method of persuading wine is quite correct,But she couldn’t persuade her,Just listen to Lin Ling smile and say:“Miss Guo!Don’t persuade him,Today we have to get drunk。As for what you want to do,I have followedYTWhich person in charge has contacted,Let’s go together tomorrow,I’m only talking about wine today”
Lin Ling shook the glass,I can’t see where she drank the wine at all。Guo Meili couldn’t help but shook his head and said:“President Lin is really massive,It seems that ordinary people are really not your opponent”
“Humph!I usually don’t drink at all,Summer is here,My wine bug is here,Not good to drink,I really lost my good drink”Lin Ling said,Haha laughed。
At this time, her cell phone rang without timelessness,Lin Ling took a look,And immediately died,She smiled and said:“Dad’s phone,No matter what,It’s still important for us to drink”
Her words haven’t finished,The phone rang again,Lin Ling frowned,So I connected the phone,She shouted into the phone:“I said old man and old lady,You two are idle and nothing to do?People come from far away,Are drinking with them,What do you want to do with the phone on the left?“
“what?You don’t believe me drinking with friends?Haha!Of course it’s a man“Lin Ling said,Laughed over here。
The way this woman talks to her parents,Amused Xia Jian and Guo Meili,Where are they sitting quietly,Listening to the call between mother and daughter。

She laughed:“Mrs. Gu。”

Finish,She is planning to leave。
Lady see,Hand chest,Deep crying,“have a look,Don’t wait for me to pack you,Someone packs you.,I can tell you,In this circle,You don’t have a background,You will never mix it.。
Even if there is Lu Hao Cheng to support you,But how long can he take you??Um?”
NS154chapter:Does she look weak and bully?

NS154chapter:Does she look weak and bully?
Tauntful look,Ridicule,Every word is like a sharp knife,Deep punctured skin into Blue Xin’s skin。
Intangible pain,Shrouped her whole body。
A person,One,Well-educated people,How can you be thin to this level?。
do not know why?Lady said like this,This pain,For a few times more than her seven years ago。
Blue Xin is parked in the three steps of Mrs.,Lift,Her beauty painful look is in an instant。
Ghevans who are not afraid of wealthy people:“Mrs. Gu,I think you are misunderstood.,I am Blue Xin,There is no relationship with Lu Haozheng.”
“hehe”Gu Duty suddenly broke her words。
“Blue Xin,You said it is so good.,If there is no relationship,Why do he introduce you?darene,Besides,Yi Tianqi is another thing?
Miss Lan seems very good??”She looked at Blue Xin’s eyes,Slightly,Don’t be deeply interested in the words.。
Who is Yi Tianqi??Hujiang City and Fan City real estate tycoon,Even she wants to see him.。
Blue Xinyi,Suddenly I feel that my lady is indisputable.。
She smiled and pulled her mouth.,said laughingly:“Queen’s understanding,It’s really not ordinary people who can understand.,In the eyes of Mrs.,There is no status,Do you have to have a dog??
Is there any qualification to meet the rich people??
Besides,Stop me in half of the way,Ridicule,Let me do not provoke Lu Haozheng,It’s better to go back to teach your daughter.,How can I hold a man’s heart??”Blue Xin finished,Watching a sharp crying, watching an eye,Turning anger。
Does she look weak and bully??Everyone wants to step on her head.。
So,She will tell them in actual actions.,She is not good for her,Not bad。
Seven years,She learns too much.,an expert,She is trying to be very good。
The rhythm of life is so fast,So responsible pressure,She is suffering and tired every day.,More。
During this period,I have been helping her down.,Is her best friend,And her dearest mother。
Waiting for her moment to stand up,She understands,Only by oneself,Can you feel comfortable,Only you have your ability,I can laugh more beautiful。
Not much money,She can find ways to earn,No car, no room,She can spell themselves,Hurt,It is also to bear it.。
A leaf given by others,She will be very grateful。
But she will use this leaf.,Give yourself a big tree。
She is blue,Few of the injustice of fate,She has always remembered a sentence,If you are strong,Big difficulties are small things。
No matter how big the difficulty in front is waiting for her.,She must rely on myself.。
“Blue Xin,You stand。”Lin Dynasty stepped into Blue Xin a few steps,Blocking her way。
Looking at the back of her toe,I am so angry,For a long time, I have said these few words.,Especially the last sentence,She almost didn’t come.。
“Blue Xin,Hao Jun,He is not a general person,He and Anan grow up from a small,The relationship between two people is also very good.,It is after you appear.,The relationship between the two people has gradually occurred.。
Blue Xin,Even if I ask you,Houheng,Let Hao Cheng and An An?Anan cried today,she”
“Mrs. Gu!”Blue Xin quickly interrupted her words。
NS155chapter:Good play is playing

A whole lot of people slept in the hall,Everyone is still in a dream。Uncle Hai’s wife in the courtyard is already busy,One person prepares breakfast for everyone,Very hard。Fortunately, Zhu Lei was thoughtful,I usually have a lot of reserves in this small courtyard,Otherwise I’ll be hungry in the morning。

Xiao Song didn’t get up to help,Quiet in the room,Should still be asleep。Li Tianchou hardly ever said a word to her these days,Mainly because of no time,Besides, I don’t know what to say,In short, it’s not a taste,After his eyes stayed in front of the door for a while, he shook his head and walked out of the hall。
Say hello to Uncle Hai’s wife in the yard,Li Tianchou is doing simple physical exercises at will,Although the wound is still painful,But most operations are not affected。At this time, there was a very small voice outside the courtyard,Estimated to be ten meters away,His ears are excellent,I immediately judged that someone was approaching the courtyard。
After watching from the door,Li Tianchou was relieved now,It’s the broad bean back。There is a thick layer of frost on this guy’s clothes and hair,Like a cloud of dust。Dare not take a car along the way、Cycling,Walked back purely on foot,It’s not easy。
Uncle Hai’s wife immediately brought steaming rice porridge and small cakes,The two sit down and eat and talk。Fava beans stayed in the county all night,Responsible for the aftermath、Including going around gathering news,Things are done very carefully,And it doesn’t leak。Even the fighting traces in the backyard of the restaurant where everyone lived were cleaned up immediately by him.,Li Tianchou secretly praised,Only the super alertness of Broad Bean can handle such trivial and dangerous things.。
Broad beans bring back a lot of news,I got two new phones by the way。There was a lot of movement in the county town that night,Li Tianchou expected,Also something he didn’t expect。
But the first important news is that Huang has the exact whereabouts,Was caught by the police after being injured,Was sent directly to the county hospital,There should be no big danger。Due to many injuries,There are many police officers watching over the entire floor,Temporarily inaccessible。
Besides,Broad Bean saw two people。First, Wu Fang was found near Yuxing Restaurant,This house seems to be in a hurry,Also went to the back courtyard。Because of worrying about the other party’s ability,Broad beans can only follow far away,Until Wu Fang leaves,He just stepped over the wall to clean up the scene;Next is at the entrance of Xilinmen Hotel,He saw Yuan Hua,Although the other party deliberately disguised,But I still didn’t hide it from Broad Bean’s eyes。
“Wu stayed in the courtyard for a while,I saw what I should see,This guy won’t do anything bad, right?”Broad beans are quite worried,Don’t shy away from Li Tianchou。
“will not。”Li Tianchou shook his head,Although he doubts Wu Fang’s details,But still have sufficient trust in it。In addition to fighting with Zhang Zhiqiang,,More by intuition,Can’t tell why。
Yuan Hua suddenly appeared,Not surprising,It must be Wu Fang’s arrangement。But Li Tianchou feels uncomfortable,It is said that I have some friendship with this person,But just can’t get along,Maybe it’s too different in personality。
Broad Bean is noncommittal,I bit the small pancake in my hand and suddenly remembered something,“Manager Zhao was paralyzed,Also sent to the county hospital,Tiaozi asked him a question。I don’t know what this fat guy knows,Always feel unreliable。”
Li Tianchou pondered,Think it’s a problem,But it’s not necessarily troublesome。He understands Liangzi and Zhu Lei’s methods,Fatty Zhao doesn’t know much,Even if some aspects are bad for Zhu Lei,It won’t hurt the bones,After all, the bar business is legitimate。Step back and say,Even if it involves yourself,That doesn’t matter,As long as there is no fatal harm to Yuxing。
“Not a big deal,Take the time to find Lao Zhu,It’s good to be prepared。”Li Tianchou was chewing on soft pancakes,A relaxed look,This reassures broad beans a lot。
“Boss Hua is discharged。”

Qin Feng’s first sentence was shocking,Tens of thousands of monthly income for each household?

What kind of concept is this?You know this is a big boss who can catch up with some companies。
“What do we need to do?”Huang Longwen knew that Qin Feng couldn’t find them just for this.。
Xie Zhiwei feels a little regretful,This is a step too late。
“What you need to do now is very simple,The first step is to clarify the villagers’ ideas,Then unify,Try not to take out the land here。”
Qin Feng knows that there are some things that cannot be forbidden,But he can only give some advice like this。
“Could it be that the company is going to acquire this place?”Huang Longwen said a little excitedly,He is really curious about this。
If it’s really such a big deal,I guess the people here are going crazy?
It’s not right to think about it,There is only 100 million capital injection,This money looks big,But so many people in the village,And one million per household,That was done by a hundred households,This money can’t be activated at all。
“Ugh,I think,But there is no such powerful force。”
Qin Feng also bowed his head and sighed,“I am going to plan all the shops here,Unified processing,I have to ensure that when everyone travels here,That kind of comfort won’t decrease。”
“This is really not easy。”
Huang Longwen also has a headache,Because chasing benefits is the mind of most people。
If you know that this side will be developed on a large scale,Those people are still willing to listen to Qin Feng’s words,That’s the hell。
Actually,Huang Longwen doesn’t understand,Why didn’t Qin Feng expropriate these lands directly before?。
When the dishes here are declining,If someone gives one million,They are also willing to sell all directly,At that time, what matters is not Qin Feng’s say?

“With your current mental power frequency,Not enough to increase control authority。Now enter the life potential scan mode,Please wait。”

After this sentence,The sweet voice never reacted anymore。
Lu Menglin had to wait patiently,I think I don’t know what scanning mode is taking up my 30 seconds,If you run out and haven’t scanned it,Then lose a lot!
now,Breeze gusts around,Shaky tree shadow,The howling of beasts in the distance,Virtual scene simulation is extremely real。
Just when Lu Menglin’s heart counted down to thirty seconds,The voice of the shipboard intelligence finally rang again。
“Scan far into,Life potentialelevel,Causalityalevel,Up to standard,Allow access to low management authority。”
Subsequently,Lu Menglin heard only a ding sound,The picture before me has changed again。
A huge hemispherical crystal porthole appeared in the front,Outside the window is the vast starry sky,From time to time there are burning meteors passing by,Magnificent scenery。
“Do you exercise low management authority?”Sweet electronic synthesis sound channel in the ear。
“of course!”Lu Menglin nodded,I was even a little excited。
“Low management authority,Can activate one gene bank warehouse,Does it start?”Electronically synthesized sound。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,He doesn’t know what the so-called gene bank warehouse is,But if it ends just like this,Doesn’t seem right。
“Wait a minute,Can i ask a few questions first?”Lu Menglin Yang said。

“Welcome to join Super Seminary,The food is ready inside,Go in together!”Qiangwei is standing in front of the restaurant,Said politely,Except for a certain stare at Xin Zhao,,Nothing else bad。

As for Xin Zhao,His eyes are just like Qiangwei。
“Big sister head,I am back!”
Xin Zhao ignored Rose,I just ran in,Then I saw the eldest sister Lena standing there with a plain looking farmer,But the atmosphere is a bit weird。
“Yo,Big sister head,Lord Xin, I’m back!”Talking,Xin Zhao rushed towards Rena,Then he came back faster,Hung directly on the wall。
“This is Lena,The other is Cheng Yaowen!”Qiangwei as the first to arrive,Give the following introductions。After introducing Lena,Qiangwei introduced the newcomer“Lena,This is Rui Mengmeng、Qilin、Liu Chuang、Ge Xiaolun!”
Lena has read the information of these people,But you can’t say this at this time。
“Hello,I am Rayna of the Sun,Also your goddess and future captain!”
“Hello, Sister Lena,I am Rui Mengmeng!”
“Hi Rena,I am Qilin!”
“Hello, Sister Lena,I am Liu Chuang!”
“Hi Rena,I am Ge Xiaolun!”
Few people introduced,Lena waved“Have a meal,All sit down,Eat at will,I treat!”
Qiangwei asked the sky silently,She finally found out that Xin Zhao could get along with Lena,Not without reason。

Just when they think,Qin Feng smiled happily:“Why didn’t you speak anymore?Actually,I also know that everyone believes in the vegetables in the village,But I have been thinking,Will there be pie in the sky??No way?”

Something that didn’t exist for so many years,Suddenly this year,This is the favor of the gods?Do you believe?I don’t believe it anyway,So i dare not do anything。
Many people reacted to Qin Feng’s words,They were still wondering at first,Why did Qin Feng insist on asking for ten yuan a catty?,Now they reacted。
Qin Feng, this is a rainy day,If it’s ten yuan a catty,At most, it’s a part of being expensive by the market,Although a little unacceptable,But it won’t turn into a big thing。
Now they are so greedy,If this matter is not good,Which one can be kind?
“Qin Feng,We are all from the village,Can you help us say something?”
“These bosses,What do you want to do now?To know,So many of us here,You are really going to come here indiscriminately,That’s definitely illegal。We have something to say,If you need compensation,We just need to compensate。”
“So many bosses are not the kind of people who have no brains.?If it becomes a bloodshed,Everyone won’t do any good,I think you all admit it?”
Sunshine and Zhuang Kai quickly persuaded them,As for Chen Da’s head dizzy,He even wanted Qin Feng to speak for them。
Qin Feng is not a fool,He had nothing to do with these,What does he care about?
But Qin Feng is also a very grudge,He still has one thing hidden in his heart,He also has to wait for the meeting,Wait and see,I’ll talk about other things later。
“Haha,Now it’s time to make money with harmony?But before, you broke my ten yuan road behind my restaurant,What kind of statement is that??”
This is a previous purchase with Qin Feng
The boss who bought vegetables,He always remembers this thing,Later, I went to Zhuang Kai to buy groceries.,It doesn’t mean that he will forget this kind of hatred。
The rest of the people also stood up,Today they want Zhuang Kai to give an explanation,Or hand over those dishes,Or lose money。

Can make the warrior of the extraordinary peak willing to die,The identity of that old man is not simple,Xia Chenglong looked at the old man who left,Whispered in my heart。

But the other party is pretty good,He actually helped pay for the meal when he left,This is not the bottle of peach blossom stuffing that blinded him in vain!
Out of the hotel,It’s already night,Busy day,I can finally go back。
But even though this is also High Peak City,But there is still some distance from the city where they live,At least three hours’ ride,Think about how big Lingxiao City is。
And when they go back peacefully,There are many people who are irritated by memories of what happened today。
Yuan Family Hall,The man sweeps the teacup on the table to the floor,Someone dared to attack his son,Also seriously injured,This kind of thing is never allowed in Lingxiao City。
“Patriarch,It seems to be caused by the third son,He takes people to provoke others。”The people below tell the truth tremblingly。
“Even if Huaer is at fault,A group of people,Don’t need to be like this!”
Yuan family’s famous guardian,This matter must be a big fight。
“Did you find out who that person is??”
Head down:“This one……I only know that the other party is called Along,Dress plainly,There should be no background!”
“should?”The man asked rhetorically,“I don’t want to hear such words,Go check it for me,Even if it’s digging the ground, I have to find it out for me。”

Alex nodded,Asked after thinking about it:“how about you?Do you want to stay here?”

Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Do not,I still want to continue to see。But don’t come down,The following will be more dangerous,I’m afraid I can’t take care of you。”
Alex nodded again,Tao:“Yes。I know!The environment below will only be worse than here,But what is worse than the environment is the human heart。I won’t be your burden。I will wait for you。”
“Well!You go up first,I will definitely come back to find you。We will leave here together。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Alex nodded,Waiting to leave,Suddenly turned around again,Said seriously:“land,I have an opinion,I hope you can accept it humbly。”
“Oh?”Lu Menglin was a little surprised,This foreigner still has opinions?I don’t know what he wants to say,So nodded。
Alex hesitated again,Still speak boldly:“I watched all your battles just now,I think your kung fu is great,But there are still some small problems。”
“Nothing,Just say it straight,I didn’t practice Kungfu for long。”Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Still very humble answer。
A smile on Alex’s face,He thinks his master is really great,There is no arrogance or prejudice in him,Get along with people like him,It’s really a very pleasant thing。
People like Alex,Actually not many friends,Because they spend most of their time and energy on dedicated careers,So the heart is still pure,Also very sensitive to people’s hearts,Is a person a good person,Kind enough,They can easily judge。
“When you moved just now,Speed can actually be faster。But you didn’t step on the most accurate point。Can you understand what I said?”Alex asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Seems to feel a bit,But can’t hold it for a while。
“such,The distance from here to the edge of the cliff,You run as fast as you can to show me。”Alex says。
Lu Menglin nodded,Suddenly burst out underfoot,Rush out like an arrow,Mention one,The toes only stepped on the ground twice,Fell steadily to the edge of the cliff。
His body method is based on the post,Grab the ground with ten toes at every step,Under a sudden force,Extremely fast action,There is already a feeling of shrinking in it。