And at the moment,In everyone’s heart,All squeezed a sweat。

It’s here,Wang Teng slowly looked into the distance。
Against these,In fact, Wang Teng is basically,I didn’t feel anything wrong with this look。
Chapter 237 The Hatred of Shang Tianyi
this matter,Put on the bright surface。
In fact, it made Shang Tianyi’s heart angry.。
These things,Actually now,It’s already completely obvious。
Shang Tianyi gritted his teeth:“Wang Teng,This guy,Dare to be so proud!”
“This account,anyway,I will count it with him!”
When Shang Tianyi’s words are finished,The people around nodded repeatedly。
These things,Actually they themselves,Already fully felt。
But here,When Shang Tianyi looked in front of him subconsciously,Shang Tianyi’s face,A faint smile appeared。
“Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle。”
“What Wang Teng did to my business,This account,I will never give up!”
When Shang Tianyi saw this,Now,In the eyes of Shang Tianyi,With a trace of killing intent。

Pure Yang Jindan has begun a new transformation,That golden pill is no longer deep,It becomes crystal clear,Under the water and heaven,The space of the golden core in the body is even more vast。

Golden Core Metamorphosis,The mana formed by swallowing vitality has also undergone a qualitative transition。
To‘Water Xingtiandao’as the core,Absorbing the power of chaos and constantly evolving。
Da Luo Mana,to make!
Da Luo Mana,It’s a hundred times stronger than Pure Yang’s mana。Simple theory‘power’Foundation,Li Ming is now comparable to the ancestor god。
“Whoosh~”Three thousand world magic beads are directly collected by the second soul,Now this magic weapon is Li Ming’s strongest,It’s still far above the Shifang Sword Array and Xuanjin Change。
Under the urging of Da Luo Mana,Three thousand world jewels turned into a robe,The robe formed by the gathering of three thousand worlds isolates internal and external cause and effect。
Li Ming’s gaze is far away to a very distant world。
And in the world called Ten Thousand Demons,The nominal leader of Infernal Gate opened his eyes。
“That Ming Taoist,Master the water and heaven,Become a Taoist?”
Chapter One Samcheong
skyline,This is the largest survivable fragment in the ancient Chaos World。
Celestial Central,It’s the heaven ruled in name。

Mu Rongsi thought for a while and said:“Pingdu’s market is currently saturated,After all, there are so many people in the city,And the suburban population is the majority,But we can’t find a sales outlet,Just a few supermarkets,Throughput is too small。Bucheon has a very big market,But no high speed,Development of the market,There are still many difficulties“

“Suburban population is the majority,They also want to eat vegetables!Don’t the farmers here grow vegetables??“Xia Jian is very interested in what Mu Rong Si Nan said,He hurriedly asked。
Mu Si Rongkong smiled and said:“Some time ago,I did a survey,Due to soil quality and irrigation problems,Very few people grow vegetables,And the vegetables grown,No matter from which aspect,All very bad,So most of the vegetables they eat are shipped from outside,This invisibly raised the price of vegetables,Low-income people,Just don’t eat or eat less vegetables“
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up excitedly。
He kept walking around the office,What Mu Rong Sisi said is a very good business opportunity,But how can we make good use of this business opportunity,For Xia Jian,Really a problem。
suddenly,He remembered going this timesMarket time,Saw many vegetable supermarkets,What kind of supermarket specializing in vegetables,If it can be imitated,Why not just…
Xia Jian thought of this,Could not help shouting:“Build a vegetable supermarket“
“what?Vegetable supermarket?“Mu Rongsisi looked at a loss,Of course she has never touched this new type of thing,It’s not an exaggeration to have such an expression。
Xia Jian discovered,My own tripsThe city inspection is really not in vain,Almost killed by a poisonous snake,But he learned a lot of things。
“President Xia!Don’t patronize and be happy,Speak up and let me hear,What is this vegetable supermarket??There are a lot of department stores,You have never heard of this“Mu Rong Sisi’s mood was also mobilized by Xia Jian,But Xia Jian didn’t say anything at this time。
Xia Jian after being happy,Finally calm down,He immediately said to Mu Rong Sisi:“Give me a list of towns outside the urban area of Pingdu,It’s best to go with a brief introduction to this township,Can it be done?“
“no problem,I’ll get it for you right away,I went out to investigate some time ago,All these materials are on hand“Mu Rong Sisi said,Began to organize。
Xia Jian immediately called Fang Fang,Let her take Zhao Hong to Pingdu immediately,Anyway,Zhao Hongcai is the president of the Xiping Village Cooperative,Moreover,About vegetables,How good is it? People discuss it,After all, Zhao Hong is an expert in this area。

After a cut,The mantis is gone,This thing is good at playing fast,The most difficult,Li Tianzhen decided to find a chance to kill this annoying mantis first,Step on the giant’s right foot,The soles of the feet entrain this terrifying wind,There is still a familiar smell in it,Li Tianzhen found his limbs stagnated when he took out the big black gun and hid again,The surrounding air suddenly became extremely viscous,Space Confinement!

Li Tianzhen was furious,I already understand that the familiar breath just now comes from the black unicorn,No wonder the black unicorn suddenly disappeared from the God Sense node,The blood family didn’t know what evil methods were used to refine the black unicorn into such an ugly monster,It’s crazy,Dead end!
at the same time,The terrible green board knife cut across again,There is an unmatched force on the outer edge of the blade, forming another form of imprisonment between the soles of the giant’s feet and the rocks.,Seal up all the space that Li Tianzhen may vacate,This knife,The big mantis is bound to win。
The possible trajectories of Li Tianzhen’s body are in the calculation of the opponent,Even his best magical powers have not been missed,Like leaf knife,Big black gun,And the black dragon that may appear in the big black gun at any time, etc.。
But I want to use space confinement technique to deal with Li Tianzhi,The mantis is still too confident,Back in the magic tower,Li Tianzhen has figured out several ways to crack it,At the juncture,He didn’t move his body right away,But casually stabbed the big black spear aside,Seems to have no goal,Not aimed at the big foot under the head cover,I don’t mean to block the green knife。
But the gun body drew air currents,Even in the domain of imprisoned space, there are tiny ripples,Then there was a loud noise,The mantis board knife that was bound to be slashed on the big black spear.,Two magic soldiers were shaken apart by huge force at the same time,And Li Tianzhen disappeared。
The first thousand and ten chapters Stupid attempt
Loud bang,The giant’s big feet stepped heavily on it,When lifted up again,There is only one deep footprint on the ground,There is no trace of Li Tianzhu,And the big black spear of the magic weapon flew far after the collision,Slamming,Li Tianchou even gave up his weapons。
The giant looked around at a loss,And the eyes of the big mantis search quickly,The triangular head can actually rotate 360 degrees,But still no opponent,I didn’t even feel a trace of breath,Suddenly there is a slight piercing sound in the ear,Flying like mosquitoes,The big praying mantis is very alert,All four limbs push the ground at the same time,The body jumped into the air like a spring。
A big fist appeared in the air without warning,Top down,And the fast-climbing mantis can’t avoid it at all,I hit my head on the punch。
A very dull sound accompanied by the sore fracture,How terrifying is the power of a punch,The body of the mantis slams into the ground faster than before, like a cannonball,Bang dusty,Suddenly broken bones and tendons,Its limbs are shaking violently,Can’t get up at all。
A green light flew out,Go straight to the big praying mantis,Li Tianzhen’s figure was revealed at the same time in midair,Treading the wind and rushing to the clouds for the first time in actual combat,Really sharp,Not only broke the two spatial constraints,Can also hide the perception of strong opponents in close combat,But he doesn’t think the mantis is vulnerable,Even though I smashed the opponent’s skull with a punch,But the touch in his hand is unspeakable,You can’t be too careful with high-level blood,So immediately made up another knife。
really,The body of the struggling mantis suddenly exploded,Two huge board knives hit the blade knife together,A very strange figure flying in the opposite direction。
Li Tianzhen immediately gave up the giant,Don’t even need a leaf knife,Body plummeted in the air,Quickly dive into the airflow,The Holy Blood Array has been fully presented,It takes a process for the blood to open the big array,At least wait for the ten deprived priests to recover some vitality,But this time will not be too long,So Li Tianzhen must kill the mantis as soon as possible,Even other potential opponents,Otherwise, you can’t concentrate your efforts to break the protective cover of the big array。
There is also a lot of uncertainty in the battle overhead,If Sun Tiangang can’t hold it,Will bring endless pressure to Li Tianchou,Facing the shadow of the blood river and the holy blood at the same time,The chance of winning is almost zero。
And that weird figure is very short,Like a monkey in the rush,The knife man is actually a dwarf,Covered with long hair,He went half a circle on the periphery,Then suddenly turned around and wanted to rush into the protective cover of the big formation,Suddenly I found that the transparent protective cover suddenly appeared a cloud of blood,Then there are fine bloodshots,Like a spider web。
Swordsman Creepy,Suddenly realized something,It screamed and wanted to change direction,But it’s too late,I was hit by a fist that suddenly appeared out of thin air,Still the trick,Swordsman still cannot predict in advance,Let alone dodge,The body flew out like a cannonball。
The power of this punch is unexpectedly much larger than the first punch,Li Tianzhen experienced the blending of two true essences when he punched,One from Dantian,The other is from the Shenzang Qihai,The combination of two true essences actually has a strong power bonus,Let Li Tianzhu fully realize the wonderful feeling of extreme power in controlling the battle,So when the giant swung the hammer in his hand and hit it,He couldn’t help but punched out again。
Click,Not only the hammer and giant’s arms were smashed into the air,Even the opponent’s shoulder was smashed into a terrifying hole,The giant roared back and forth,Sat down on the ground,Li Tianzhen is dumb,Before figuring out what happened to the black unicorn,He didn’t intend to attack the giant,Couldn’t hold back this one,I am quite apologetic。

I haven’t waited for this person to finish,A group of police suddenly broke in。

Watching the policemen who suddenly broke in,Oscar·The last fluke in Chapman’s heart disappeared without a trace,The whole person was completely paralyzed:He understands,Over!
Without giving any notice,The Detroit Police Department suddenly raided the North American Auto Workers Association headquarters,This is legal?
Theoretically,This is indeed illegal,Normal procedure is not like this。The official who gave the order may even be removed,But the Detroit police did it anyway,This shows what,This shows that Chen Geng must secretly give a promise that the Detroit police cannot refuse,This promise is so big that the relevant executives will not hesitate to lose their jobs。
As for whether future lawsuits can be won,For example, it’s like Simpson’s wife murder case,Even if the police provided the prosecutor with clear evidence of corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association,Also because the procedure obtained from this evidence is illegal and cannot be adopted……
Think about this too much,Chen Geng is not afraid of the evidence,As long as there is evidence,He can hire the best lawyers,So that these executives of the North American Auto Workers Association can’t stand up completely!
and,Even if it’s a step back,These evidences cannot be used,So what?,The police can publish these evidences through the media,Let all the members of the North American Auto Workers Association see what their union leaders look like,At that time, Chen Geng can fully promote the re-election within the North American Auto Workers Association.,These guys still have to get out……In short,There are always more ways。
Chen Geng took action on the North American Auto Workers Association!
Richest man today、 AMCCar owner、Representative of the American Dream、Fernandez who will be the new mayor of Detroit·Mr. Chen,Real-name report to the Detroit Police Department for corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association、Request the Detroit Police Department to investigate the situation and submit it to the prosecutor,The Detroit police received the report and the evidence provided by Chen Geng on the night,Made a surprise attack on the headquarters of the North American Auto Workers Association、In this sudden attack,The police got a lot of news about the evidence of corruption and profit transfer from the top and middle-level leaders of the North American Auto Workers Association,Detonated the entire United States in an instant,The media across the United States flocked to Detroit like crazy,Just to be able to send back relevant reports as soon as possible。
at the same time,There are too many big people who can’t sleep。
Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Geng’s harsh methods,More because they used to take money from the North American Auto Workers Association,Of course when I took money before,it’s good now,The Detroit police raided the North American Auto Workers Association as Chen Geng wanted,Will there be evidence that I took money from the North American Auto Workers Association??
under these circumstances,The phones of the Detroit Police Department and Chen Geng kept ringing,Those big people who are scared want to know what Chen Geng means,the most important is:You won’t be ready to yin me?
“rest assured,Tom,This time,Only to let the senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association get out,”To a certain state legislator on the phone,Chen Geng said seriously:“You know,I have a clear principle,Just don’t mess with me,I won’t mess with you,Some idiots of the North American Auto Workers Association,I want to stick my paw into my territory,Of course I want to chop off the paw。”
“Really?”Tom is relieved,Tentatively:“Fernandez,You know,I have a seaside villa in California,But I haven’t had much time……”
“Just right,Taking advantage of the last time before taking office,I am going to California to relax,Can you lend me your house for a few days?”Without waiting for Tom to finish,Chen Gengjiu:“rest assured,I give rent。”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Richest man today、 AMCCar owner、Representative of the American Dream、Fernandez who will be the new mayor of Detroit·Mr. Chen,Real-name report to the Detroit Police Department for corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association、Request the Detroit Police Department to investigate the situation and submit it to the prosecutor,The Detroit police received the report and the evidence provided by Chen Geng on the night,Made a surprise attack on the headquarters of the North American Auto Workers Association、In this sudden attack,The police got a lot of news about the evidence of corruption and profit transfer from the top and middle-level leaders of the North American Auto Workers Association,Detonated the entire United States in an instant,The media across the United States flocked to Detroit like crazy,Just to be able to send back relevant reports as soon as possible。

“Could it be that this time the Sedum group members shot?”

Nezha asked with a smile,See how Sedum is safe and sound now,It’s not like the look of a tragic battle,Nezha Conjecture,It should be Jingtian,So I can end it easily。
“Nezha group members look at me high,I also want to try,Results for the first attempt,Was cut to pieces by that boy,Then I didn’t continue to try。”
“After all, fate is yours,Can’t take risks,I can only use the life-saving jade talisman given by Xu Xian to solve the crazy boy。”
“This time I can really see what is cause and effect,What is sluggish luck,Then I went straight back to the world I was in,It’s impossible for me to go to the city of heaven。”
Jingtian said with a smile,He has never seen so many people in trouble,therefore,He was scared away,Maybe if he hesitates for a while,There will be other accidents,Then he has no choice,I can only find a backer for help。
“Sedum’s group members are persuaded?Absolutely persuaded?”
“Sedum, don’t persuade you,Take out your domineering son of a thousand world luck,Swept away,Overwhelming City of Heaven,Then start a live broadcast,Let me wait to see the heroic figure of King Sedum。”
Nezha said with a smile,It’s rare to see Sedum so bluntly,He feels very novel,In his impression,This is the first time I have seen Jingtian so scared。
really,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water,And Sedum is the son of luck in a thousand worlds,So embarrassed,Really good?I’m afraid I didn’t want to laugh him to death?
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Monkey King’s mission
“Nezha group members laughed,I’m just Mingzhe to protect myself,Knowing that the city lord of the heavens is entangled in cause and effect,I won’t stay in the quagmire。”
Jingtian said with a smile,He has a plain personality,A stable life is most important,Provoke right and wrong for no reason,But not his style。

Su Xuehen was also scared,In her memory,There has never been such a moment of panic。

Mom disappeared?Still taken away by bad guys?
what should I do?Do you want to call the police??But the voice just now,what is that?
All kinds of questions keep attacking my heart,Made her feel confused,Helpless。
but,Su Xuehen quickly calmed down,She tried to remember the last scene,Every word mother said。
“Run fast!Go to Lu Menglin!”
Why did my mother ask me to find Lu Menglin?
He is the overlord Aotian,What does he have to do with me?
and,Will he help me?
Unknowingly,Su Xuehen has already taken to the street alone,Her desperate look,Attracted many passersby。
Such a beautiful girl ran aimlessly in the street,And her eyes are full of confusion,This makes many bold men think。
Su Xuehen also felt the malicious gazes around him,And those who follow,Eager men,I feel more miserable in my heart。
“do not care!Only find him。”Su Xuehen gritted her teeth in her heart。
She took out her phone,I dialed the phone number I didn’t plan to dial。
“Overlord Aotian,I am Su Xuehen。I have bad guys in my family,Mother is gone,Can you help me?”Su Xuehen said softly。
“where are you?I will be there immediately!”Lu Menglin heard Su Xuehen’s request for help,I was shocked in a cold sweat,Asked quickly。
He thought Hong Kong Island was already his sphere of influence,No one should be against Su Xuehen,How can I know that I have been away for less than 24 hours,There was a problem immediately。
“I am in Sheung Shui,On Donghua Street near home。”Su Xuehen was weak,Whisper。
“it is good!You are in place,do not leave,I will call someone nearby to protect you。I will be there soon。”Lu Menglin said。
“it is good,I’ll wait for you at the door of Starbucks。”Su Xuehen answered helplessly。

“what?I gave you the villa too?”Jiang Yan couldn’t believe it even more。

It seems that Guo Zhanpeng wanted to save his son,I really saved it。
“That’s still false!”Qin Feng said pretentiously。
“then you……”
“Then I definitely can’t ask for it!”Qin Feng naturally knows Jiang Yan’s thoughts,It’s because of Jiang Yan’s face,Otherwise Qin Feng won’t be polite to them。
“I knew it!”Although Jiang Yan usually looks cold,,But she is kind by nature,Although Guo Zhanpeng was not kind to her before,But Jiang Yan is not willing to kill them all。
“Poor parents in the world,Guo Zhanpeng paid little for the company,He has today because of his son,and so,I can’t kill myself too quickly,But this assignment agreement,I have to get it back for you,I’m not afraid that someone will turn back in the future。”
Qin Feng promised Jiang Yan,Can’t change for whatever reason,Unless Jiang Yan voluntarily transfers,Otherwise no one can take away。
At this moment Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng and couldn’t say a word,In addition to being moved or moved。
“Brother-in-law,You are the lucky star of our family,No matter what happens to you,This time it’s fine,Jiang Shi Ji
group,Never worry about falling into the hands of others anymore。”
Jiang Yu is the one who blames the most。
“family,You’re welcome。”Qin Feng was a little embarrassed by these sisters。
“Qin Feng,I want to put this share in your name。”Jiang Yan thought for a while and said to Qin Feng。

“Tianyu,If i guess right,Did Geodahua tell you before,The Fuxing Club was established for the revitalization of the four families of Qiao, Lu, Cui and Chen,Is synonymous with the four big families,right?”

“Yes indeed,Is not it?”I heard Geodaye say so,Qiao Tianyu asked suspiciously。
“fart!Certainly not!They dare to put gold on their faces!”Geodaye scolded,Said contemptuously。
“Tianyu,Let me tell you today what is the real Fuxing Society!”
After talking about Geodyne, stretch his right arm over,Roll up the sleeves of clothes,It reveals a tattoo design on the outside of his right arm deltoid muscle。
The tattoo design is in a circle as big as a teacup,Embedded with two triangle patterns in opposite directions。
“Tianyu,This pattern,Have you seen it before?”Geodaye pointed to the tattoo and asked。
“This pattern!Have seen!I have seen!”As soon as I saw that pattern,Qiao Tianyu became excited。
Qiao Tianyu was so impressed with that pattern,Isn’t that the pattern I saw in the burned room of Mr. Wu Wenjie in Qixian Academy??
But soon Qiao Tianyu became alert again,what’s the situation,Why does this pattern appear on GEODIS,Does this pattern have anything to do with GEODIS??
“Yes,Tianyu,I think you should have guessed it,The meaning of this pattern is indeed very unusual。”Geodaye explained seriously。
“It’s the same as the pattern of an arrow hitting a plum blossom is the symbol of the arrow cherry organization,This pattern is the logo of Fuxing Society!”
“Logo of Fuxing Club?”Qiao Tianyu was dumbfounded,Cast a doubtful look at GEODIS。
“Daye,Not right,I’ve been to the Fuxingshe headquarters,If this pattern is really the logo of Fuxing Society,How come I haven’t seen this pattern in the headquarters of Fuxingshe?”
“Because the Fuxing Club headquarters you went to that time,Is actually a fake!”Geodaye explained righteously。
“what?Risk.Counterfeit goods?”Qiao Tianyu was even more dumbfounded,Could it be that there is another Fuxing Club in the world??
“Daye,what happened,Talk about it,I’m so anxious!”Qiao Tianyu couldn’t wait to ask。
“Tianyu,Don’t worry,Listen to me tell you slowly。”Geodaye explained calmly。

Lingxiao City Warrior Association,Chairman Liu is sitting at the top of the conference room,Looking at everyone with frowning,Since the man in black appeared,The entire warrior association is in a state of tension。

Threat from a martial artist who entered the Holy Realm,No one can sleep well。
But weird!
Since that night,The shadows disappear completely,Even if they use all their power,There is no way to find it out,The other party seems to be completely missing。
Lingxiao City said it’s too big,Small but small,As usual,Don’t say it’s alone,Even if it’s a missing piece of martial arts,They can be sent back to the association within 24 hours。
There is a depressive atmosphere in this conference room,Mainly from people sitting around。
Who would have thought,In addition to the five saint martial artists on the surface,There are three hidden holy masters in the Warrior Association,Plus the president,There are a total of nine masters who have entered the Holy Land。
Such a huge power,I’m afraid that even Tujia wouldn’t think of it。
This is the powerful strength of the warrior associations all over the country,If Xia Chenglong alone,It’s really hard to shake each other。
“President,Did that person leave after knowing our strength?,After all, it’s just a city,Is it possible to dare to challenge the Martial Arts Association?”
“Oh,I think what the fourth child said is possible,Looking at the entire Lingxiao City,He, a foreigner may have the ability to fight with us。”
For several elders,The first man also thought,And judging from the current feedback,This fully meets the requirements。
I do not know how it is,He still feels uneasy inside,As if something big is going to happen。
“just in case,Everyone, please stay here for a while,After all, that person is not a fool,He won’t come to me for nothing,Then leave without doing anything。”
“President,You worry too much,But this is also true,Then let’s stay a little longer!”
“But what about several clubs?,If the other party uses this time to invest,Isn’t it that the loss is not small?”
Someone made this hypothesis。
For this,In fact, President Liu has already given up those branches。