“Take your part,Remember makeup,I will go back to the company directly.。”Liao Jie facing the rearview mirror,While,Wipe off the lipstick。

Looking at the car away,Cheng Jing flat flat mouth standing in place,She tired of secretly touched the days,In order to realize the goal of life and winners as soon as possible,Decide that these days are added。Can’t,Just drunk Liao Jie and Tang Judi,Put on a bed。
Idiot,She doesn’t believe who can hold it.。
Three days later,Liao Jie is sitting in the office,Play a few pieces of trim props。
The last time I hit a forced in front of the whole expert ancient crystal.,Directors are parents are his pro.,Now,Ancient crystal became a car crystal,The attitude towards him is also liar from the rivers and lakes,It turned into a little meaningful fortune。
Insverted is not very strong,But the purpose is reached,Liao Jie purchases a few pieces of tutral props with the preferential price,And sign up,Otherwise, the copyright fee to be held。
Slightly disappointment,A few pieces purchased,I didn’t imagine it.。
Such as honest bean sandbags and 波 板 板,Pharmaceutical ingredients with similar spiters,May have onions in the wave board candy,So I will eat tears。
Muscle rigid needle is too dangerous,The dose is not suitable may have a life,He was thrown into the trash can be thrown directly。
Several confirmation,Liao Jie found,The reason why the props can play quickly,Make the victim to absorb the drug effect in the shortest time,Still related to mental。
Variety is not from its Zong。
Car crystal mental level,Strustful than ordinary people but also limited,Independently make whole props,I am afraid that I have not arhened。
Liao Jie guess,If it is not a car crystal with special supplier,That is, he is cheap old.,The last generation of tidy experts left a special skill。
Just as drawing,SSRSuccessful rate,Special skills will increase shipments。
want to。
Another point to let Liao Jie are very disappointed,Anyway,Car crystal refuses to sell 霹雳 霹 无 脱 脱 手 手 手 手。
Money is not enough!
Chery Jing thinks that Liao Jie is too small,Liao Jie feels that he is too high,A pants hand,No problem with ordinary people,Give a master will only take care of it。
and,Master will give you an opportunity to panty pants?
Obviously impossible,Master directly,You haven’t shot yet,He took off himself.!
“Jiege,it’s me,Ax Xing。”
“what happened again,Lin Dawei has a problem.?”
“Indeed, there is a little problem”
Zhou Xingxing small channel:“Snoving you,Lin Da Yue was killed.,Dead at home,Use ice cone to die。”
Liao Jie’s brain floated a series of question marks,how so,There is also behind the scene?
“Hey,Hey,Jiege,Are you still listening??”
“I am still here,Who is killed by Lin Dawei?,Do you have this on your hand?,if you are free,We met。”

On the big Kang of Julan,With a brand new blanket,It feels like a new one。Wang Youcai took a look,The little heart pounced。

Julan lying horizontally behind the big kang,Wrapped in a thick quilt,She looks very cold。I saw her eyes closed slightly,Small mouth half open,Closed in pain。
At this time,Wang Youcai feels his brain is clear,Not a bit drunk。He didn’t wait for Aunt Wang to speak,Two take off shoes,People jumped on the big kang。
Wang Youcai can’t take care of a lot,He reached out and touched Julan’s forehead,Found it was burning badly,Use boiling hot to describe,Not too much。
This is the backwardness of remote rural areas。Once people get sick or something,Finding a doctor is also difficult。Wang Youcai quickly opened the medicine box,He first took out the thermometer and put Julan under his neck,Then I got some alcohol and started wiping Ju Lan.。
Of course,He just wiped Julan’s wrist and calf,Furthermore, he dared not do it in front of Aunt Wang。Take out the thermometer,Wang Youcai was shocked,He said silently:“My mother!It’s forty-one degrees”
“What to do then!Give me an idea”Aunt Wang was walking around the house in a hurry。
Wang Youcai found some cold medicine from the medicine box,Follow the above instructions,I randomly matched more than ten,Then said to Aunt Wang:“Hurry up and feed her”
Aunt Wang poured boiling water,Wang Youcai reached out and lifted Julan from her neck,And squeezed her mouth,Julan just opened her mouth,More than ten pills in his hand poured in。Aunt Wang brought boiling water,I poured a big cup of Julan hard。
After putting down the chrysanthemum orchid,Wang Youcai said to Aunt Wang:“Prepare a towel to put on her head,Then lift the quilt,Take off a few pieces of clothes,It’s best to leave only autumn clothes and long trousers”Wang Youcai arranged for Aunt Wang seriously。
Aunt Wang was terrified at this time,She dare not say anything,So I followed Wang Youcai’s arrangement one by one。Because of taking medicine,Plus rubbing alcohol on his limbs,And all the thick clothes on Julan’s body are taken off,Only left in autumn clothes and long trousers。Her body temperature dropped quickly。
When the thermometer shows thirty-nine degrees,Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,He smiled and said:“My goodness!Finally down,Now thirty-nine degrees,It will be safe if it drops two more degrees”
“Will drop,God will help me”Aunt Wang said excitedly。
The towel on Julan’s forehead has been changing,Wang Youcai is not idle while sitting beside Julan,He kept wiping Julan naked with wine.Exposed place。

Xia Jian quickly laughed and said:“President Hu’s arrangement is reasonable,I totally agree”

Lu Xiuli faintly felt that the atmosphere between Hu Huiru and Xia Jian was a bit wrong,But she didn’t dare to ask more。But Xia Jian suddenly asked Lu Xiuli:“Hey!Mr. Lu!Why haven’t you seen Mr. Wang??”
“You say Wang Wei!He is in Qingshan County。Which side of the few projects are particularly tight,He has been supervising the office”Lu Xiuli took a peek at Hu Huiru,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Hu Huiru snorted coldly:“Mr. Lu!You can listen,Mr. Xia is our biggest potential commercial competitor in Pingdu,Something that shouldn’t be said,Better not tell him”
“Ha ha!President Hu wants to draw a clear line with me!”Xia Jian said embarrassedly。No matter if Hu Huiru is joking with him,Still come true,Anyway, he feels very uncomfortable。
Lu Xiuli laughed,Rush to say:“how could be?Who doesn’t know that you Xia and Hu are always best friends”
“is it?”Xia Jian said,Deliberately glanced at Hu Huiru。
First2380chapter Hole cards
Hu Huiru asked with a cold snort:“What does Xia mean??Aren’t we good friends?”
“It must be counted!”Xia Jian said that,But in my heart, I have more defenses against this woman。In case she is unhappy,Then he will be miserable。
Hu Huiru’s treat this time is not a big hotel,It’s a restaurant across the road from their company。But the repair is pretty good,Gives a sense of class and elegance。
The three of them just sat down and ordered the dishes,Feng Yan hurried in。She smiled at Hu Huiru and Xia Jian:“There was still a traffic jam today,Didn’t it waste your time?!”
“No!Just ordered”Hu Huiru’s words are concise and concise,Just say so casually。Xia Jianchong and Feng Yan smiled slightly,Did not speak。
Feng Yan glanced at Hu Huiru,So he sat down next to Lu Xiuli。Hu Huiru has a look,Busy talking to Feng Yan:“Coming from Xia Jian,Your task today is to accompany you。from now on,You two have a lot of dealings,So we must fix the relationship first”
“Hi!This is unnecessary,I, Xia Jian, are always right and wrong。It’s easy to say everything when things are done,Things are not done,It’s no use accompany drinking”When Xia Jian said this,,Deliberately looking at Hu Huiru。
Feng Yan sat next to Xia Jian very obediently,She laughed and said:“Easy to say!We have the right temper。Don’t worry about your project,We will definitely finish it for you,And it’s quality and quantity。It’s just that some factory drawings need to come in faster”
“All right!Let’s eat and drink today,Don’t talk about work”Hu Huiru suddenly said something like this。This makes Xia Jian very confused。
Dishes and wine on the table,Hu Huiru took the lead and started drinking。Xia Jian doesn’t know what medicine this woman sells in the gourd,So he has been on guard。
There are not many opportunities to eat with Lu Xiuli,Xia Jian’s memory,This woman doesn’t seem to drink much,Unexpectedly, she played the leading role today。Alone with a glass full of drinks on the table,And drinking round after round。The two bottles of liquor soon reached the bottom。

At this moment,Gao Baoyi stood in front of Wang Si government,But I feel that this atmosphere seems to be a little less than!

before,I live together on Wang Father,The yard is also small,There is no servant。However, Wang Yuansun is mixed into the gods.,Even if it is a logistics,That is also a person,I have already invited many servants to take care of Wang Shengzheng.,Also live in the big house。
Reason,Should not be so cold。
What happened in the end??
Gao Boyi gently sounded the copper nasal ring on the door,No one has no human response for a long time。
In this junction,What is the old king run??
Gao Baoyi is slightly dissatisfied,Slightly frown。Just when he intends to continue to knock on the nose,Zhu red door open,I saw Wang Yuansun’s face with a stolen look.,After seeing the people is Gao Boyi,It’s also stunned.。
“Don’t ask me to join??”
“what,Herbled negligence,Large manager,Please come in!”
Wang Yuansun is polite to introduce Gao Boyi into the courtyard,Just entering the door,The latter smells a strong Chinese medicine flavor。
“Do you have a sick??”
Gao Baoyi heart,Don’t ask。
Wang Yuansun, a burly body,Then slowly shake his head slowly,I didn’t say a word.。Gao Boi suddenly clear,Wang Szzhi is only afraid that it is the last moment of life.。
“Respected,Why don’t you tell me earlier??”
Gao Baoyi asked。
Who knows Wang Yuansun shakes his head:“Xu Tai Medical Gao Dezheng’s old friend has already seen it.,Say medicine doctor does not die,My father has passed the life of the days.,Ugh”
Wang Yuansun is deeply sighful,What can he have??The elderly always have such a disease.,No one is old and sick, who is also inevitable,Do you want to blame the old days??
The two came to Wang Sheng’s bedroom,But see the other party leaning on the bed,Double eyes look at Gao Bo Yi,It is not like a sick into the cream.。
Even Wang Yuansun is also a little strange,The old man is still unconscious yesterday.,I can’t talk just now.,Now I have already sat up.,You say that he can eat it.?
“General Wang!”
Gao Biyi is excited to hold Wang Sichuan’s hand。
“Dado is polite。Yuanson,You go to bring the cart in the cabinet.!”
Wang Sichuan voice is not large,Not angry,The son Wang Yuansun has to take the cart.,Then put it on the bed。
“Never,When I was in Wei Guo,I once wanted to attack Luoyang.,The big army drifted,All the way to the city,All the way to Jincheng as Bridgehead,Raiders Jinyang,Sleepy toada。”
His yellow face reveals a dedicated look,Use the old man’s finger to the map of several points:“Chengcheng Road,Site selection,City pool itself,Is there nothing to say?。
The urban construction is wonderful,If the selected location is not working,That is not used,Waste humanity。”
obviously,Wang Shengzheng has already thought that the terrain of Jinzhou is clear.,Selected location,Relying on rivers,Really a location of a key node。
Can echo with Jincheng!Turn a point into a defense,Can support each other,Alone,There is no big problem, such as what is lack of water.。
According to Wang Sheng Zheng,If you can build three small towns here,Then it will make Duan Saigue is extremely uncomfortable.!
Dao Wang is really amazing.!
Gao Biyi does not say what you are doing.,Wang Sichuan has already guessed。In fact, this is difficult to say that difficulties are difficult,It’s too simple to say that it is simple.。

“What?You agreed?So fast?”Wei Xiaoxing heard what Cao Wen said,I didn’t expect it to be ironic,I just feel that happiness comes a little too soon,Too unreal。

“roll!”Cao Wen expresses in the simplest and most direct way。
“what?”Wei Xiaoxing was stunned,I thought this woman had such a bad temper,I really want to be together from now on,I’m afraid it’s not easy to get along with!
“Get back!”Cao Wen said again,The tone and words used this time are very straightforward,Make everyone laugh constantly。
All the students in Class 16 are suffocating a smile,Everyone is laughing miserably!
“Wei Xiaoxing!You cow!”
“Our study committee is too strong!I served!I’ll serve it in the future!”
“You deserve to be a student committee member,Please take my knee!You are my honor!”
The classmates in Class 16 are screaming,Laughing to fly,Don’t care that Wei Xiaoxing is suffering from the pain of losing love。
And these laughter,Also deeply stimulated Cao Wen,Her eyes wide open,Can’t believe it,Class 16 in front of me,It’s just a bunch of hooligans!Such a group of hooligans,How could he be a military student carrying glory,Take on the responsibility of defending mankind?
“enough!Shut up all!Hear me out!”Cao Wen furious。
The freshmen of Class 16 saw the head of the beauty department get angry,They closed their mouths obediently,After all they are just naughty,Not really stupid,Except for Wei Xiaoxing that nympho,Who would touch the head of the department at this time?!
“Don’t you think you can go to the red zone??Then I will tell you now,All wishful thinking!Absolutely impossible!”Cao Wen said loudly。
suddenly,All the students in Class 16 are silent,Even the laughter stopped completely!
They have a strange look,Staring at Cao Wen who said this。

“no need!”Xiao Fan walked into the company without looking back。

Chapter Seventy Three Accompany me to the bar
Shangguanyan looked at Xiao Fan and left without looking back,Also confused。
When I realized that I was so mercilessly thrown at the door by Xiao Fan,Yelled immediately:“Not Xiao Fan,What do you mean?”
Xiao Fan has already left without a trace,Naturally, I didn’t hear Shang Guanyan’s dissatisfaction。
Stomped his feet vigorously,After a cold snort,Shangguanyan also left the Lin Group angrily。
The scene in front of me was taken by the security guard at the company gate.,He didn’t expect that the beautiful police flower would take the initiative to find Xiao Fan,I never thought that Xiao Fan would treat that beautiful police flower with such a cold attitude。
Is Xiao Fan’s market already so good??
Thinking that Xiao Fan is also a security guard,Although it’s the security minister,But it’s also a security guard,At this moment, the security guard’s heart admires Xiao Fan even more.。
The security can do Xiao Fan’s job,It’s worth it!
Xiao Fan just sat down in the office,We ushered in another beauty。
Watching Qiao Anan,Xiao Fan asked:“How did you come?”
Qiao An’an cast a wink at Xiao Fan,Then teased:“This girl missed you,Come here to see you,what happened,do you have any opinion?”
Xiao Fan listened to Qiao An’an,Black lines suddenly appeared on my face,This Joe Anan,Again!
Xiao Fan looked helplessly at Qiao An’an,Don’t speak。
Qiao Anan sat down on the reception sofa,Said:“All right,Kidding you!Look scared you。”
“Let’s talk about it now,What the hell are you looking for me?”Xiao Fan asked。
Raise Erlang’s Legs,Picking nails,Said casually:“Suddenly wanted to drink,I want to come over and ask if you have time?”

First586chapter It’s a bit different from what I thought

? For Chen Geng’s arrival,China has given a very high standard of reception,Not only the leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration,Leaders of foreign economic and trade departments、It will soon be reorganized as the leader of the Third Aircraft Department of the Ministry of Aviation Industry、The leadership of the central office、State Administration of Radio and Television Industry, which has a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng、State Administration of Computer Industry、The leadership of the Fourth Machinery Department that is about to be reorganized……The leaders of almost enough departments are here,The banquet hall of the huge State Guest House is full of dangdang,Also because there were too many big leaders,So that the leaders of those units that have a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng,Not even qualified to appear in this hall,All sat in the side hall on the other side。
“boss,Why do I think they look at our eyes as if they are looking at the Flying Sheep??”Rosemary whispered to Chen Geng,The eyes of everyone wishing to swallow their boss made her feel anxious。
“Ok,Yes,In the eyes of many of them,We are big fat sheep。”Chen Geng smiled and nodded。
Have no idea,Looking at the four machine department、State Administration of Radio and Television Industry、State Administration of Computer Industry、Modu Automobile Factory、Departments or units such as Chang’an Machinery Manufacturing Plant,Relying on the cooperation with Chen Geng to earn a lot of money、Eat brain full of intestinal fat,Look at yourself again,I can’t scrape two or two oils out of my empty stomach,Who is not greedy?See fat sheep now……Oh,Do not,The Lord has appeared,How could everyone have no idea?
Chen Geng is not afraid that they have ideas,I’m afraid they have no idea。
Looking at the confident expression of my boss,Rosemary nodded:As long as you have a good heart, boss。
Said it was a banquet for Chen Geng,In fact, it can also be said to be a preliminary contact before the formal negotiation、Find out,Like this moment,Deputy Director Li of the Civil Aviation Administration spoke with Chen Geng on the basis of a toast with Chen Geng……
“Mr. Chen,How much do you know about our China Civil Aviation?”
“Don’t know much,”Chen Geng nods slightly:“I only know that78When the reform and opening up,The elderly are just civil aviation management with an economic point of view;At the beginning of last year,The old man made it again‘Civil aviation must be corporate’Instructions;And after a month,The Chinese government made adjustments to the civil aviation system,Decided to separate civil aviation from the military establishment,Changed the Civil Aviation Administration from being under the Air Force to directly under the Cabinet,Implement enterprise management。
As for the specific situation of China Civil Aviation,with all due respect,The situation is not very good,As far as i understand,As of the end of last year,China Civil Aviation has one and only140Transport plane,And more than80%The models are all made by the Soviet Union in the 1940s and 50s.—14、in—2Waiting for the obsolete propeller-powered airplane,The passenger capacity is basically20People to40Between people,Even in terms of the classification standards of contemporary international civil aviation,These planes are also standard regional planes.。
And looking at the entire China,Passenger capacity can reach100The number of medium and large planes with more than people is pitiful,Only inconvenient17frame,The airport is only79A,1980year,The annual passenger traffic volume of the civil aviation system is only343Million;The total annual transportation turnover is even ranked in Singapore、India、Behind countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia,Ranked No. 1 in World Civil Aviation35Bit……”


Chapter 904 Very upset
These funds seem to be a lot,But who doesn’t know if Qin Feng is willing,It is normal for the funds here to increase tenfold immediately。
Lin Qianqian looked at everyone and asked without understanding:“Did I said wrong thing?”
“Ha ha,You are not wrong,But there is a sentence,We also want to ask you,Do you think,This thing is as simple as you think?”
Have you ever thought,If Qin Feng changes the price of vegetables to 30 yuan,How much you might get that day?
Huang Junjie stood up and said,He wants to know if Lin Qianqian knows these things。
Lin Qianqian really doesn’t understand,So she said hesitantly:“Estimated to be hundreds of thousands?”
“Ha ha,Do you think too little,I tell you,The vegetables here are normal for tens of thousands of catties a day,do you understand me?”
And the vegetables everywhere,One more dollar a day,Those are incredible numbers,Not to mention multiple times。
We told him not to have such a low price,Otherwise this thing shouldn’t be like this,But he has always insisted on letting the profit to everyone,unfortunately……
Huang Junjie is also a bit angry,Not to Qin Feng,Just to those who benefit。
Those people haven’t been troubled by Qin Feng,But after something happened here,Those people are not only not willing to help,Most are still cynicism。
Qin Feng didn’t hear those words,But Huang Junjie’s news is so well informed,He naturally knows many such things。
Lin Qianqian fell silent suddenly,She suddenly realized,I seem to have done something bad here?
It’s just that Lin Qianqian won’t admit her mistake,Because she thinks all this is Qin Feng’s fault。
If it wasn’t for Qin Feng,How could she turn things into this step??
“Thank you Mr. Huang,But something has appeared,Then we have no meaning。seriously,For Qingshui Village,I did what I was supposed to do,As for the extra stuff,Really has nothing to do with me。”
Cloud leadership,You also know that I originally wanted to make Qingshui Village develop smoothly,But those people think they can develop,and so……
Qin Feng is telling the story of those people getting the fields back,This incident also made Qin Feng very upset。

Chapter Twenty Seven:Heavenly Armor

Wait for Lena to assemble the armor for them,Xin Zhao and others felt that they were tall and tall,Even facing aliens is nothing。
In a word,This group of people now have their self-confidence swelled to the extreme,I really thought to bring armor,I am a hero。
“what,Angkor,Where’s your helmet?”Xin Zhao looked at his handsome heroic appearance,Then look at Wu Xing,Found that the opponent was not wearing armor,Can’t help but feel a little strange。
Xin Zhao’s words caught everyone’s attention,When he found out,Looking at the presence, only Wu Xing has no armor,Suddenly,All looked at Lena in doubt。
Now Liu Chuang Leina gave it all,Wuxing shouldn’t be without,They are curious why the other party did this。
“amount……That one,Your armor is not ready yet。”I saw everyone looking over,There was embarrassment on Lena’s face,Very unnaturally。
She can’t wait to slap herself now,So hi,Distribute all the armor in advance,it’s good now,I don’t know if the other party will misunderstand me。
really,Lena’s words fell off,The scene fell into embarrassment。
People who were originally happy because they had armor,I’m not embarrassed to show off at this time,Qiangwei directly used the micro wormhole transportation technology to take the armor back。
Play,Noisy,But everyone came to Super Seminary,Will be all comrades in the future,If because of this,Cause mutual grievances,That’s serious。
Qilin wanted to take off the armor too,But she doesn’t use the wormhole transport technology,I can only try to take it off one by one。

Amei asked Taozi because it is because Taozi is closely related to Lin Shangyun and Xiao Xiao.,May has a good impression of Lin Shangyun,Get along well for some days。

Ami prepared steak for dinner,I ordered a few candlesticks in the restaurant,The temperature in the restaurant is carefully controlled by Amei,During decanting,She talked about the history of the winery with great emotion,And some stories about wine……
Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but think of what Wang Shuai said,When getting along with May,Her style and taste are very interesting,Ritual preparation,For Ami, it is a sense of ritual itself。
May tells the story behind the wine,Taozi listened very carefully,At the end,Learn the wine tasting steps of others,Drank。
“The fruity aroma and vanilla aroma of this wine are charming。”Lin Pinjian’s words remind Chen Wenjin of a friend in memory。
“The thick taste is also good。”Xiao Xiao added her opinion。
Amei looked at Chen Wenjin,He had to say seriously:“My taste is stronger,Appreciate the mature black currant fragrance more。”
A smile flashed in Lin Shangyun’s eyes,Chen Wenjin caught it when he looked at him instantly,But just continue to pretend to be serious。
May is very happy with the taste of the three of them,I didn’t want to ask Taozi,I’m afraid she minds,Just asked:“Do you like peaches?”
Taozi liked it after hearing the story,But don’t know how to say,Just want to say something delicious,Lin took the sentence:“Peach has been observing the wine,I should really like the beauty of this wine’s dark ruby red。”
“Ok,Is pretty,Taste good too。”Tao Zi didn’t have the right silence because of Lin’s relief,Such sincerity makes Amei feel that her mind is simple and good。
May introduces the prepared steak……
Chen Wenjin expected this meal to be insufficient,May has always been exquisite style,Deliberately prepared more,But it only scored three or four points。
Finished eating,Watched another movie at May’s house,It’s almost time,Thank you so much。
When Chen Wenjin sent Lin home,Big Bear drove and waited at the intersection of Jinhu District,Picked peach away。
This time,Lin didn’t say anything to get off at the intersection,Obviously feel that there is no need to hide。
Send it inside,After polite farewell,Xiao Xiao looked at Chen Wenjin,said laughingly:“Let’s go,Go to dinner with you,I must not have enough to eat at night?May I can’t guess your appetite。”
“Then thank you。”Chen Wenjin drove back,The few sips of red wine in the evening were taken as alcoholic beverages by him,A few sips of drinks said it could affect his driving?Anyway, he would never believe it if he didn’t run into a drunk driving check!
“Amei just told me,Surprisingly you still like wine tasting,The taste is very accurate,I don’t know you have this hobby。”Xiao Xiao naturally cares about Chen Wenjin’s preferences,But only heard him say with a smile:“I just say something like that,I vaguely remember that your tasting words with Lin were used with that word。I mostly don’t pursue refined style in eating and drinking,Thanks to Ami for his meticulous hospitality,Respect her preferences。Look back and find an opportunity to help let Ami know the truth,So she doesn’t get me wrong,That was a waste of her treasure。”
Xiao Xiao couldn’t stop laughing for a while,Thinking of Chen Wenjin’s serious appearance at the time,And the number of tasting words just right,Take Ami’s stunned moments and moments,I was so excited that I found a soulmate,I know the truth later,Afraid of being angry and funny。