Dingxinxin Towns in Qianxi County and rectifying environmental hygiene

According to Biji News: In the past few days, Qianxi County Dingxin Towns has been promoted, promoting the comprehensive improvement of environmental health and the implementation of the wind, and creates a good health environment and build a civilized countryside. Through the form of cadres and staff members, the masses, the category, the country is actively guiding cadres and the masses to care for environmental sanitation, practice healthy lifestyle, and consciously strengthen environmental health remediation.

At the same time, make full use of the rural big speakers, mobile promotion vehicles, WeChat platforms, and propaganda manuals, and widely carry out patriotic health propaganda, create a good atmosphere of "national love and common environment". Establish a job, improve mesh management, give full play to the "Ten Ten Linkage" advantages, further refine the work responsibility, let cadres and the masses build a civilized new style. According to the environmental hygiene situation in the jurisdiction, the township conducts environmental health remediation actions on key areas such as community squares and roads. At the same time, the supervision team strictly follows the rural environmental health assessment standards, and regularly or regularly regularly conduct environmental health assessments for each village (community) periodically or regularly, and supervising the relevant responsible people in time.

(Wang Kun) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).

Deeply grasp the common prosperity of the scientific connotation

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the realization of common prosperity is not only economic problems, but also the major political issues of the relationship between the party" "We must promote all the people’s common prosperity to put more important positions, the foot, the earth, for a long time, to this The goal is more active for efforts. "

General Secretary Xi Jinping on a series of important discussions, enriching and developing the theory of Marxism, is a contemporary exploration and practice of the Chinese Communists lead all the people’s goals.

Standing in the new stage of history, we must comprehensively accurately understand and grasp the profound connotation of common prosperity, better meet the common expectations of the people, and promote the common prospective progress of all people’s common prosperity.

  (1) Realizing people’s freedom and comprehensive development is the main theory and struggle for Marxism.

The "Communist Declaration" clearly stated that the proletariat movement is the vast majority of people, for the vast people who have interests. Communists do not have any interests of the benefits of the whole proletariat.

Common wealth is an important feature of the future society envisaged by Marx and Engels.

  It is a struggle for our party to be unswerving. The history of the 100-year struggle of the Communist Party of China is also a long-term struggle for the party group to lead the people for a long time, and pursue the history of all the people’s common prosperity. At the beginning of the founding of New China, Mao Zedong put forward the goal of my country’s development and prosperity, pointed out that "this rich is common, this strong, is a common, everyone has a copy." After the reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping emphasized that the common prosperity, pointed out that "socialism is not a few people rich, most people are poor, not that.

The biggest superiority of socialism is common prosperity, this is a thing that reflects the essence of socialism. "

In the reform and opening up, our party has started from actual, allowing some people, part of the region first rich, through the first richest, to strengthen various aspects of vitality, liberation and development of social productivity, and lay a strong material basis for achieving common prosperity.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Common wealth has created a good condition. We are moving towards the second hundred years of struggle, adapt to changes in the main contradiction between my country, better meet the growing needs of people, and must promote all the people’s common prosperity as the people who make happiness for people, and constantly consolidate the party’s long-term Ruling foundation. (2) Common Richness has a distinctive characteristic and Chinese characteristics, and the connotation of common prosperity includes the following aspects. Common wealth is "common" and "rich" organic unity. The common prosperity is wealthy, which is premise and the foundation.

Wealth is based on a certain productivity development. There is no highly developed productivity. There is no social material wealth and the constant accumulation of spiritual wealth, and the common prosperity of all people cannot achieve the common prosperity.

Common wealth is the common wealth of all people, and it is a rich rich, and it is "one that can’t fall".

Poverty is not socialism, a few people are rich, and most people are poor is not socialism. The polarization is not socialism. Only common wealth is socialism. "Common" is a manner of all the people’s wealth, which is relative to both polarization; "wealth" is the extent of all people’s share of wealth, which is relative to poverty.

"Common" and "wealth" are organic unified and indivisible.

  Common wealth is the wealth of co-sharing.

The common prosperity requires all the people’s hard work and unity and mutual assistance, everyone’s participation, everyone’s best, jointly responsible for promoting economic and social development.

On the basis of the sharing, sharing, there is no hard work of all the people, and it is not possible to create more material wealth, and there is no achievement of sharing. Sharing is the essential requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to adhere to the development of the people, develop relying on the people, developing results by people, making more effective institutional arrangements, so that all people have more governing, enhance development Power, enhance the unity of the people, steadily move towards the direction of common prosperity. Common wealth is rich in all, full wealth. Common wealth is not a small number of people’s wealth, but the common prosperity of all people is the full reform and development results of all people, and live happiness and good life.

Common wealth is a comprehensive rich, including both material life rich, including spiritual self-confidence, including environmentally friendly, social harmony, public service popularity popularity, etc.

  Common wealth is not a synchronous wealth.

For each worker, their intelligence, physical strength and skills are different, and the income obtained is different, and it is impossible to achieve common prosperity.

For each region, the economic and social development conditions and foundations of regional regions are different, and it is impossible to achieve common prosperity.

In the process of promoting the common prosperity, some people should allow some people to be rich, and they are rich and rich, and they are rich and rich, and ultimately achieve common prosperity goals. (3) Promote common prosperity, is a complicated system engineering, all characteristics such as total, comprehensive, participatory, developability and stage, and we must have a full estimate of the risk challenges of common prosperity. The long-term, arduous and complexity of the common prosperity is fully estimated.

  We must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, give full play to the party’s overall situation, coordinate the core role of the parties, and transform the party’s political advantages and institutional advantages into the power and strong protection of common prosperity.

It is necessary to persist and improve the basic economic system of the socialist, insist that the status of the public ownership cannot be shaken, the state-owned economic leading role can not be shaken, which is to ensure the systemic guarantee of the development of the people in all nationalities, and also consolidate the party’s ruling status, adhere to my country’s socialism Important guarantee of the system. It is necessary to adhere to the people-centered, do the big "cake", always to meet the new look of the people’s good life as the development point and the foothold, and also "divide the cake", correctly handle efficiency and fair relationship, Building initial distribution, redistribution, three distribution coordination supporting basic institutional arrangements, increase tax, social security, transfer payment, etc., and improve accuracy, expand the proportion of secondary income groups, increase low-income group revenue, reasonably regulate high income, Bringing illegal income, forming an intermediate large, two small olive distribution structures, promoting social fairness and justice, promoting the full development of people, so that all people are solid towards the common prosperity goals. It is necessary to adhere to high quality development, to solve the problem of "card neck" affecting the development of the national economy, in order to coordinate the development of the problem of solving the problem of unbalanced development, and promote the harmonious symbiosis of people and natural harmony with green development to open development Enhance the level of common prosperity, to share the development of common prosperity, put high-quality development with satisfying people’s better life needs to be closely combined, make up shortboard, leaving the bottom line, let the people really feel the common prosperity See, touch, realistic facts. In short, it is a long-term task and a reality. In the new stage of development, we must constantly improve the people’s well-being on the basis of comprehensive and accurate understanding, and continue to enhance the people’s well-being. Beautiful picture of a happy life of hundreds of millions of people. [Author: Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) International Strategy Research Institute.

Deng Xiaoping inspect what boat sitting in the South? Huang Wei tells the different customs 私 私 艇 红 印 第 87

Burning a hundred years of memory with the sound, I am a revolutionary cultural relics telling people, host Huang Wei.

The cultural relics I told are "Customs 902" smuggled boat.

It is growing, 13 meters high, and the maximum width is meter.

The 902 boat was put into use in Gongbei Customs in 1989. It is formally retired in 2009. It is now collected in the China Customs Museum, which is a national level of cultural relics.

How is a ship becomes cultural relics? Let us unveil its mystery. It is designed and built by my country. At that time, one of the most advanced boats on the Pearl River waters, total drainage volume of 400 tons, wind resistance level 8, and has satellite positioning, radar navigation tracking search and other systems.

During the 20 years, this spouting boat has also witnessed the glory of China Customs to fulfill the mission after the reform and opening up.

The Gongbei Customs of the 902 boat service is located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Zhuhai, one of the first batch of special economic zones in my country. It is connected to Hong Kong through the waterway, and the forefront of the reform and opening up will be said.

On the golden sea of ??Zhuhai, there are thousands of large and small comes, a busy scene every day. But this also makes some lawless elements have a machine, and the maritime smuggling of the maritime smuggling is very profitable. In order to safeguard national interests, July 20, 1989, the 902 boat was officially put into use in Gongbei Customs, and the smuggling team began his heroic sea journey.

On this day, Gongbei Customs received clues, a smuggled boat will take out the night from the Zhuhai waters. The 902 boat receiving the task carries a smuggler, and midnight came to the intercept area, waiting for the suspected vessel appearance in the dark big sea. The commander tightly stared at the radar, and I didn’t dare to relax my moment.

Suddenly, a suspicious goal has appeared! The 902 boat pursued at full speed, and the speed is nearly 80 kilometers, and the smuggling boat is risking, and it escapes at full speed. On the occasion of the thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of two boats, the smuggling players quickly jumped to the smuggling boat and controlled criminals. Original "Customs 902" Captain Wu Jinpeng: At 2 o’clock in the morning, we arrived at the destination sea area. At that time, the sea-faced wind has reached 7-8, so the bad weather is very disadvantageous for us, slightly inadvertently, there is a sterium, Danger of the bottom of the sea. With our excellent handling ability, we successfully boarded the ship and controlled the ship. In the end, heroic players compared more than 1 million yuan of old cars on the smuggling boat, which also became the first old car smuggling case seized by Sea Customs in the Northern Customs.

After the 902 boat was put into use, he established a Herfi war.

All kinds of smuggled watches, TV, cloth, and even smuggled celebrity words, animal fossils and specimens … All such, people are shocking. As my country’s import and export trade management system is becoming more and more perfect, the smuggling space is greatly compressed.

However, the profiteering of smuggling will still have a lot of people who are willing to jail. The smuggling team members have been in the day and the wind is calm, and sometimes the sea surface, and the smuggling elements, firmly guarding this first national door.

902 boat also harvested the honor.

During its service, the customs have seized thousands of marine smuggling cases, and the total case value reached 100 million yuan.

Huang Jian, the original Arches, North Customs, is proud to call it "meritorious ship." Huang Jian: At the time, I was on the 902 boat, the best achievements were 100 million, sometimes I checked the eight and nine smuggling boats at night. The 902 boat is a meritorious ship.

What makes people unexpected is that this gathering ship has also received a glorious and arduous task. On January 23, 1992, Comrade Deng Xiaoping took a 902 boat to Zhuhai from Shenzhen, a total of 24 nautical miles. In the vast waters of the Pearl River, he talks about the reform and opening up in the 902 boat, and he publicized the important part of the famous southern conversation. You may ask, why can this a private boat, why can you get the honor of the Central Leading of Deng Xiaoping? Li Haiyong, deputy director of China Customs Museum, unveiled us: Li Haiyong: First, from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, the sea road is the fastest, most convenient; second, the ship is the whole Pearl River mouth waters One of the advanced ships; the third

The business is too hard, the political is strong, which is undoubtedly the best praise of the customs.

On November 19, 2009, the "Customs 902" boat completed the 1012th cruise, glorious retired.

It is like a soldier who has a long traveler, full of merits and honors, successfully completed the mission.

After that, it was removed from Beijing, Beijing, and assembled it as it was 1: 1 for people to visit. Li Haiyong: This ship has witnessed an important time node of reform and opening up. It uses a witness to integrate himself into the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the great process.

We understand the development process of reform and opening up, understand the great achievements of our great reform and opening up, and strengthen patriotism education is of great significance. The hero boat that once smashed in the South China Sea is now in another gesture, leading us a great voyage of the reform and opening up, and returning to the Customs Guardian National Gate.

Zhang Yuyi: My name is Zhang Yizhen, 29 years old, is a tandemian in China Customs Museum.

After the 902 boat is retired, it is officially entered the China Customs Museum, which has become the best testimony of China Customs and the country with the great history of life.

Today, as a young person in a new era, I will lead you to the history of customs and national sovereignty and nation, and tell the customs red story to more people.

De twee sessies zijn onderworpen aan de afgifte van het nationale comité van de politieke raadgevende conferentie van het Chinese volk deelnemen aan de 13e nationale vijfde vergadering van de 13e zitting van het nationale comité van de politieke raadpleging van het Chinese volk

Xinhua News Agency, op 6 maart, de nationale CPPCC-leiderschapscomades, op de 6e, respectievelijk, in de 13e nationale volkspolitieke Consferentie, vijf vergaderingen van de 13e vergadering van het nationale comité van de politieke raadpleging van het Chinese volk. Discussies met leden . Over de leiding van kameraden op de bespreking van de discussie: Liu Qiwei, Wan Steel, Li Bin, Su Hui, Zheng Jianbang, etc.

Liu Qizhen, vice-voorzitter van het Nationaal Comité van China, in de bespreking van het lid van de kunstgemeenschap De piloot van de secretaresse is het roer van de mensen uit alle lagen van het leven, verenigd en worstelt. Dit jaar is een bijzonder belang van het nieuwe tijdperk, we moeten nauwer verenigd zijn om rond het feest van het feest te zijn om de kern te jammeren, de verantwoordelijkheid te versterken, de taken actief te vervullen en meer gecondenseerd werk te doen, Ontwikkeling van goed beleid, voldoet aan de twintigste overwinning van het feest in de daadwerkelijke actie. WAN-staal, vice-voorzitter van de nationale commissie van China, in de bespreking van de discussie van de groep, 2021 is een mijlpaal in de geschiedenis van het feest en het land.

Het nationale comité van de politieke raadgevende conferentie van het Chinese volk wordt geleid door het socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk van Xi Jinping.

De president Wang Yang benadrukte de intensieve missie om de eenheid van de kinderen van Chinese kinderen te versterken en worstelen in het werkverslag van het CPPCC-commissie.

Onder het honderdjarige eeuw moeten we de grote eenheid van de Chinese kinderen in de klassiekers van de Chinese kinderen in binnen- en buitenland versterken, hetzelfde hart schilderen, het hart condenseren en meer kracht brengen voor de grote prestaties van de inspanningen. Het geschiedenisproces. Li-bin, vice-president van het nationale comité van de politieke raadgevende conferentie van het Chinese volk, in de bespreking van het Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, volledig overeengekomen met het werkverslag van de overheid en het Permanent Comité van de CPPCC. Vorig jaar, het Partij Centraal Comité van Xi Jinping als de kern van de centrale partij van de partij, die de mensen van alle nationaliteiten in het hele land leidde en de nieuwe belangrijke prestaties van de Partij- en Nationale ondernemingen gepromoot.

In 2022 moet het Nationaal Comité van Political Consulens Association het belangrijke denken van de General Secretary Xi Jinping verdiepen over het versterken en verbeteren van het werk van de politieke raadpleging van de People. Het wordt gecondenseerd rond de 20e overwinning van het feest, die politiek benadrukt, de effectiviteit verbetert en de effectiviteit verbetert en het Wet in prestatiewerk. Seks, speel de rol van speciale overleginstellingen in het nationale governance-systeem.

Su Hui, vice-president van het Nationaal Comité van de Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, zei in de bespreking van de Ledengroep van Taiwan, het werkverslag van de regering en het Werkverslag van het CPPCC-Comité, dat volledig de sterke leiding van het Centraal Comité aantoont Van de Communistische Partij van Xi Jinping Als de kern is de economische ontwikkeling van mijn land niet gemakkelijk. Prestaties, alle Chinese kinderen eenheid van eenheid.

In het bijzonder wordt het algemene deel van het Taiwan-probleem opgelost rond het nieuwe tijdperk van de partij, en het heeft een belangrijke inzet gemaakt bij de vreedzame ontwikkeling van dwarsstraatverhoudingen en de eenheid van het moederland. Taiwan moet de geest van de twee sessies concurreren, en het voordeel is diepgaand, en de consensus heeft eenheid verbeterde, waardoor de twee straits van landgenoten kunnen worden omgekeerd "onafhankelijkheid", met praktische acties om de 20e overwinning van de CCP te ontmoeten.

Zheng Jianbang, vice-president van het Nationaal Comité van China, zei in de bespreking van het lid van de revolutie van de mensen, zei dat het werkverslag van het Permanent Comité van de CPPCC het niveau van hoge politiek, theorie en het schrijven weerspiegelt. Vorig jaar leidde het nationale comité van de politieke raadgevende conferentie van het Chinese volk de "vier geschiedenis", bekleedde consensus en gaf het volledige spel aan de rol van het onderwerp, de institutionele constructie, de geest van de Commissie van de Commissie van de CPPCC, en gaf een sterke garantie voor de CPPCC. Het werkrapport van de overheid weerspiegelt de sterke wil en governanceconcepten van kameraad XI Jinping als de kern, de prestatie is niet eenvoudig en het is moeilijk om het moeilijker te bereiken, de superioriteit van het socialistische systeem van Chinese kenmerken te benadrukken, wat de vertrouwen van de mensen van het hele land.

De eerste epidemische preventie en controle van erlingshot wordt vastgesteld in de preventie- en controle-frontlinie

  Op 29 oktober, de EDIAN YAMAN YAJIYUAN A District Aqual Affairs Prevention and Control Teminary Party Branch officieel vastgesteld, en Party-leden nieuw leven ingeblazen in de eed van het feest door "Cloud" live uitzending, die de vastberadenheid uiten om de epidemie te bestrijden.

  IKEA CHINAN AUAFAFACAF / CONTROLE TIJDELIJKE PARTIJFICH IS OM HET FUNCTIE VAN DE SLAGFRESS EN PARTY Pioneering Model te spelen, en de afdeling Municipal Comité Organisatie is gevuld met de voorlopige partijtak van de afdeling Organisatie van de Gemeente Comité.

De tak is niet alleen de eerste tijdelijke partijtak die is opgericht in ERLINGSHOT, maar ook de eerste tijdelijke partijtak die dit jaar door de stad is opgericht.

  IKEA Chin AA-Area Fantasy Party Branch is samengesteld uit 14 partijleden in de ERLINGSHOT City Trade Promotion en de IKEA NaOA A, inclusief de oude partijleden van de partijen, en de officieren en mannen van de gewapende politie en mannen, bedrijfseenheden, en organen. In de epidemische preventie en -controle organiseert de tijdelijke partijtak specifiek werk van de aspecten van stroomtraceerbaarheid, epidemische preventie, residenti?le levende veiligheid, en het volledige spel te geven aan de daadwerkelijke actie om de eerste missie met praktische acties te oefenen. Het 62-jarige partijlorgaan Wang Guilan is ge?nfecteerd door de eerste-line party-leden om het enthousiasme van de inwoners van de gemeenschap dag en nacht te dienen, en resoluut verzoek om lid te worden van de tijdelijke partijtak. Na het terugkeren naar de eed van het feest, is Wang Guilan enthousiast: "Vandaag ging ik het feest voor de eerste keer dat ik de mobiele telefoon aan de lijn passeerde, het was te trots en mijn hart was vol met ontbering. Als een oud feestje , Ik wil de leden van de jeugdpartijen prijzen, ik wil ze zeggen, in het vechtvesting van de partij, de uiteindelijke overwinning van deze epidemiepreventie en -controle, moet bij ons behoren.

"(Reporter Bayes gogie corresponderstort Zhang ging) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Pet dogs become "split family king" mad mattress owner spend 6 hours to clean the broken block

  According to the British "Metropolis Daily" reported on November 11, the 2-year-old Ronalvius Thor is a "king", it likes to destroy the items in the family, and look at the Wolf scene will show some happy emotions.

  When the master trackwilson took Thor home, it was only 8 weeks old. From then, it has already shown amazing destructive power.

"The nearest ‘victim’ is a memory cotton mattress!" Tracy smiled, "I spent 100 pounds to buy a memory cotton mattress, the first night it didn’t pay attention to this mattress, the next day I got off work When I opened the door at home, it seems that I entered a war scene. The house is all memory cotton pads! I am shocked in this pile of mess, I don’t know what to do for a moment, this time thor I was excited to run to me, I looked very satisfied with it. "When TRACY began to finish the full wolf, Thor started rolling in the broken block, thinking that this is a new game. In the end, the feeling of trac is still cleaned up and then will continue to clean up, and spend 6 hours to handle all the pieces of blocks.

  Thor is really a naughty boy! It also destroys my garden, planing the soil on the land of the garden, got a mud, broken my seat cushion on my sofa, even stealing a traffic cone when walking Bring home. "TRACY recalls," It will make funny facial expressions, no matter how naughty it is, I still love it! "(China Youth Network Compilation).

Beijing: The discipline training fee is not limited to more than 10%

[] [Binal No.] [] In order to implement the relevant requirements of the country and Beijing on strengthening the supervision of the disciplines of the compulsory education, the government’s guide price management is implemented, and the charging information is open, the charging behavior supervision, etc. Recently, The Beijing Development Reform Commission has jointly formulated the "Beijing Municipal Compulsory Education Phase Issue School Training Charge Management Measures (Trial)" (Draft).

According to the comments, the discipline of the disciplines of the discussion of the disciplines, the management of the government is implemented, and the city’s development reform departments will formulate a benchmark charging standard and floating amplitude. The floating amplitude is not more than 10%, down floating.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Development and Reform Commission, the management method is required to mark the document "National Development and Reform Commission Municipal Supervision" Notice on Strengthening the Supervision Education Stage Discipline Training Charge Supervision, etc. The fee is implemented in the government’s guidance management, and the management of the disciplines of the general high school students is implemented. In the pricing scope and principles, pricing rights, cost composition and verification, charge information disclosure, and supervision of the fee information, the supervision of the provisional authority, and the supervision of the charge information, and the supervision of the charge information. Body.

Today’s People’s Daily today: In the early days of the founding, Beijing’s Spring Festival Market

Revision Party News, feel the changes in the times. Today is on February 18, 2018, the 18th year of the New Year’s Eve.

Let us see the history of today’s people today. Today, 67 years ago, on February 18, 1951, the "People’s Daily" 2 "Beijing Spring Festival Market" reported the Beijing New Year Market in the early days of the new China.

According to the report, Beijing this year is the 1951 Spring Festival market, which has broken the market law of "New Year’s Eve" for more than a decade.

Although the purchasing power of people in the city and suburbs is more improved than in the past, the market is always constant.

The reason is a large supply of state-owned trading companies, and the cooperatives have plans to supply social materials and organizational privileges. The article also gave some examples showing people’s lives. For example, the Dong San Market replaces the workers who guards the goods in the market. I have only eaten the nest in the New Year. I bought two pounds of meat for three or four dumplings.

It has been over for more than 60 years. Now Beijing’s Spring Festival market has price fluctuations, but it is not all price rises. Many merchants seize the Spring Festival business opportunities, conduct a variety of discount promotions, gold jewelry, and large electrical appliances are sometimes in the Spring Festival.

Of course, the biggest change is necessary to increase people’s income and great importance. Today, Beijing’s Spring Festival market, only the goods you can’t think of, there is no item you can’t buy.

I have become a homemade, so some people feel that the old year is faint, and it is actually a life that doesn’t become a big change than the Spring Festival. It is natural that it is not easy to feel the special atmosphere of the holiday.

Thanks for watching, goodbye! .

Renjiang Scenic Line 丨 Jiangsu Aid Ke: Highlighting the intellectual aid to build talents

  Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Song Weiguo Xuanwu Lake City Center Park Planning, Construction, Yangzhou Ancient City Reconstruction and Garden Construction, Changzhou Yanyang Tablet Country Construction, Zhangjiagang Yonglian Village Construction & Hellip; & Hellip; Recalling in Jiangsu Exchange Study 10 Days Active scene, Aktao, Aktao Town, Aktao County, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Ai Rikun Village, Aktao, and the director of the village committee, had a full harvest. As a village cadre, you can go to the Jiangsu to study the good practice of studying a rural revitalization, I have learned a good experience, I am too happy.

Now, I have a better building in the village, and more beautiful has new plans and arrangements. On November 10, it was a little excited in the harvest during the study of the Jiangsu to study. On October 20th to 30th this year, 20 colleagues in the housing and construction system of Kyizale Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, and participated in the High School of Kezhou Housing and Construction Systems held by Jiangsu to support Kezhou front headquarters. Quality development training class. The high quality development training class is a talent training method for Jiangsu to support Kezhou front headquarters and the Organization Department of Kezhou Party Committee.

Kezhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau incorporates the county country-level cadres into this training object, achieving multi-level, wide-area talent training.

  Let the village cadres participate in training, can improve their ability and level of the country’s revitalization strategy, and let the state’s country’s goal is clearer in the future development process. Xiao Wei, deputy director of Jiangsu Aid Cadres, Deputy Director of Kezhou Housing and Construction Bureau. Let talents go out and is only one of the specific practices of Jiangsu to support the headquarters of the headquarters, and they have also taken the way to come in the air classroom group and other means to bring more real materials to Kezhou talent training. . Jiangsu pair support Kezhou front headquarters cadre talent group, Zhang Zheyi, deputy director of the Organization Department of Kezhou, introduced that Jiangsu to support Kezhou, the headquarters, invested 26.34 million yuan for the support of the supporting land for 26.34 million yuan this year. Work, organized state direct education, animal husbandry, and Wenxi and other key fields, a total of 101 talents went to Jiangsu to participate in the research and short-term training.

The Kunshan Working Group launched 4 special training in the village revitalization, secretary of the village party branch, and the non-public party construction; Wuxi Working Group continued to conduct centralized training on Aheqi County teachers.

  At the same time, it also absorbs 87 high-end experts in Jiangsu Province in the fields of state-owned enterprises, agriculture and animal husbandry, education, and medical care, establishing intellectual assistance experts, relying on the warehousing expert to carry out the cooperation of Kezhou, expert answers, Kezhou, experts, experts Activities, helping Kezhou solved a batch of fundamental, bottleneic puzzles that restrict economic and social development. Jiangsu’s pair of pairs, the headquarters commander, the deputy secretary of the Kezhou Party Committee, said that in recent years, Jiangsu has to highlight the headquarters of the headquarters to implement the intellectual aid project, and continue to carry out the Pamir 3123 talent program KXZ-pilot to build a dream project. Waiting for a group of operable, available, covered, high-wide talents, helps strengthening software construction, enhances the quality of local cadres and talents in Kezhou.

Taiyuan Epidemic Prevention and Control Office Tips: Please actively inoculate new crown vaccines

  Original title: City Epidemic Prevention and Control Office suggests that citizens who have not vaccinated new crown virus vaccine Please actively vaccinate on May 18, the city’s epidemic prevention and control office is prompted. Please ask the public to not go to the high-risk area, citizens who do not vaccinate new crown virus vaccines. Active vaccination. Recently, aggregated epidemic in Anhui, Liaoning and other places have increased, and there are 17 in the country.

On May 14th, on the 16th, Anhui Provincial Prevention and Control Office has notified the close contact person of Hefei City diagnosed cases in our city, a total of 2. Templane survey, a close contact person is a city in our province. On May 13th, it has been concentrated in the local area. The nucleic acid detection has been negative for 6 consecutive times, and it has been short-lived in our city; another close contact At Cantonese, Municipality came to our city on May 14th, and May 15 was concentrated from Wan Berlin District, and the nucleic acid was negative.

In addition, recently reported in the city, a case of re-enterprogin diagnosis, the case was diagnosed after the entry of Guangzhou, and returned after Guangzhou cure and the isolation period was returned, and the nucleic acid detection during the health monitoring period has been transferred to Taiyuan. The fourth people’s hospital is isolated, and the current patient has no symptoms and nucleic acid detection results are negative. In order to strictly prevent the epidemic input, the municipal party committee, the municipal government attaches great importance, and the conference arrangement has been held to arrange deployment prevention and control work. Relevant urban areas quickly on the recovery case, the close contact person of the Anhui confirmed case and the close contact personnel are deeply visible and isolated Medical observation measures, there are currently 135 control related contact personnel, and nucleic acid test results are negative. Here, the city’s prevention and control is specially suggested that the general public is not necessary to go to the medium and high risk area; (Village) and units are reported, accepting community management, actively cooperating with epidemic prevention measures such as nucleic acid testing, health monitoring, isolation control; vaccination is the most effective means of preventing neoguan pneumonia, please invoke new crown virus vaccine citizens to close The inoculation point (for specific distribution, please go to the health Taiyuan official micro-inquiry) to make an appointment to register for you to arrange vaccination as soon as possible; ask the general public to hold hands, always ventilated, wear masks, use gathering, do not gather, "one meter", Sneezing or coughing, try to cover up good hygiene habits such as nose, and develop healthy and civilized lifestyle. (Reporter Hao Xiaoyu).