Turn his eyes back to the residents of the community,Li Ming’s keen sight has found that many houses have broken windows。You can faintly smell some blood。

“Are those monsters,Has broken into the homes of residents in the community!?”Li Ming didn’t dare to think,But he knows what it means。
For a time,A surge of blood came up。
As if spanning millions of years,A group of primitive Homo sapiens saw the saber-toothed tiger preying on its kind,That grief、Hate、The emotion of hatred is exactly the same as Li Ming today。
of course,The weak have more fear and fear than anger!
Li Ming,But an absolute strong,Don’t talk about saber-toothed tiger,Even Li Ming, the head Tyrannosaurus Rex, can still eat his flesh!
But he didn’t go crazy and killed him,Mother is still at home after all,In case he runs out and a monster breaks in again,He doesn’t want to make such a stupid mistake。
He wants to help his mother find a safe place,And hunt these monsters!
quickly,He doesn’t have this worries。
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Chapter 6 The Beginning of Disaster(2)

“I’ll find someone to help you remove the mark later,You can do things in my chamber of commerce first!”

Finished,Leo took these people back to the Chamber of Commerce。
In just a few hours,Leo annexed two unions,Become the biggest power nearby。
“Fortunately, I have a senior thug here,Otherwise it may not be able to solve the next problem!”
Annexed two unions,His power has increased greatly,But others will not do nothing,Leo had to show the corresponding strength。
First70chapter New chamber of commerce
night,The Foge Chamber of Commerce held a banquet again。
Whether it’s to welcome newcomers,Or to give some benefits to the chamber of commerce members,Banquet。
“Leo boss,The number has been counted!”
The eve of the banquet,The butler, Tlangote, reported to Leo on the harvest。
Harvest,Including Bailey、gold、Valuables are worth about 8.1 billion Baileys。
And those weapons and ammunition are also a lot,And stock medicinal materials、Food etc.。
“There should have been 9.2 billion Baileys,But in order to pay the slaves,So a lot of!”
The two new trade unions are both in slave trade,There are many slaves in custody,There are more than 2,800 people,More than two thousand people left among them,Everyone Leo gave half a million Bailey to travel expenses,So about 1.1 billion Baileys were scattered。
This number seems huge,But not as many as imagined,A normal person’s salary is only one month。
Some people’s homes are even far away,I want to go home and consume no less。

Chen Riyuan saw Xu Liangquan,The original calm face is also a lot of anger.。

“This meeting……Also no。”Zhou Ye worried behind him behind him。
The airport specially transferred the passenger’s bus has stopped at the elevator.。
There are not many people transferred this plane.,So a big buse,The people below are waiting for Chen Riyuan and Wenyu.。
He Nova saw Ye Ye,The face is also a joy who can’t hold it.:“Little brother,Get on the bus,Are you waiting for you.。”
Zhou Ye did not respond,I don’t know what to say.,Just nod。
He Nuo this speech,Li Shouwei’s face is a bit uncomfortable,He looked at Zhou Yixiang seems to have always been a bit uncomfortable.。
In Li Shouwei’s eyes,Doctor is a weak scholar,Where is the tough guy of the iron and bones?!
Miss Miss actually worship this little doctor……
Zhou Ye went to the bus from Chen Riyuan。
The people on the plane seem to be in the bus.。
“goodbye,Wild。”A familiar sound in the distance。
Lu Tianhe shakes the window,Zhou Ye。
He is sitting on a high-grade high colored car。
“Second brother, goodbye。”Zhou Ye also shouted。
At this time, Chen Riyuan also noticed that middle-aged man.:“The traveler has just been over-tensioned on the plane?”
Zhou Ye:“Yes。”
Chen Riyuan does not understand authentic:“This guy is not simple.,I can let the private car will enter the airport.。”
According to the system,Private sedan cannot be opened to the airport,Especially when the epidemic control is so strict。
Zhou Ye walked toward the bus,Sideways explain:“Lu Di is the deputy general of Xiongke Medical Co., Ltd.,Lv Tun, Lu Tianva。”
Chen Riyuan listens to this introduction,I am also a surprise in my eyes.。
I didn’t expect this middle-aged drunken man who was disappointed.!
It is really a little unexpected。
Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan got a bus,As the airport bus steeled,The person in a car will start with the last point.。
He Novo, Hengji, I’m bus,I also asked a bunch of topics that have nothing to do with medical treatment.。
Originally, he is still thinking about the military background identity like He Non.,There is no special car to transfer,As a result, I learned that He Nuo actually wanted to follow the Tianfeng Medical Brigade to Wuhan Hospital.……
This kind of battle is the battlefield reporter.!
After the driver opened for a while,The bus stops in a spacious gain.。
With the opening of the window,A group of people took a car。
Chen Riyuan’s legs have some old cold legs,Rheumatism and gout,Slow down,So he and Zhou Ye have followed the finals of the team.。
Xu Liangqi originally walking in the next day, it is necessary to take a few steps.,Results Today, in order to catch up with Yi Xiaolian.,It is directly to the front of the team.。
He has wanted to go to the middle of the team under the protection of Li Shouwei.。
I have no problem in my ear.,Zhou Yewu’s ear grove has been cleaned.:“Sure enough, the reporters are a group of people who are headache.。”
When I think that He will go to a Wuhan Hospital life with Tianfeng Medical Brigade.,Zhou Ye can expect the scene to be like。

“What’s not easy,As long as Sanye Xia doesn’t come out to stop,Let’s excavate,Whether it’s a graveyard or a flat ground,Old grave,Nothing to be afraid of”Chen Erniu continued Zhao Hong’s words。

Xia Jian shook his head,Hehe smiled and said:“you’re so dumb!Burial ground,Bone forest,Can’t be thrown into the wilderness!There must be a solution to this matter,Don’t invite Sanye Xia out,Dead bones dug out,You handle,how about it?”
“Hey hey!I can’t do this,Please let us all go tonight!“Chen Erniu shaking hands,A nervous look。His look,Amused all the people sitting there。
Xia Sanye saw that several leaders of the village committee came,And gave him a gift,The old man is dumb eating dumplings。I saw him who was lying down,Close your eyes,**Scolded:“Xia Zecheng’s son,You made me angry。You want to plan the Xia family’s ancestral grave,Wouldn’t it be my life??“
“Grandpa Three,This is not my life,If the whole village has no water to eat,Everyone will kill me“Xia Jian sits on the edge of the Kang,Hehe said with a smile。
Xia Sanye’s daughter-in-law is in her fifties,Heard from the villagers,Even if she is the most educated in this generation,I saw her laughing and saying:“dad,You can’t die,Good days are yet to come,It depends on whether you want to live it。Xia Jian did a good job,We have to take care of the overall situation,What does a cemetery count?,Rare for it,The whole village will not eat water?“
“You look,Water pouring in glass,It’s all mud after drinking,You say it’s disgusting or not disgusting“Xia Sanye’s daughter-in-law continued,She returned the cup to everyone。
Sanye Xia opened his eyes,Sat up slowly,He shook his head and said:“The graveyard of the Xia family has a history of hundreds of years,then**Time,Wang Degui’s father wanted to level this grave,As a result, the Xia family all rebelled,In which fight,Also killed or injured,Grandpa Xia Jian,Was killed in this fight“
“what?“Xia Jian stood up in surprise,The atmosphere in the house suddenly changed。
No wonder their Xia family and Wang family have always been at odds,It turns out that there were enemies in history,To divert water,His dad sent him to beat him,It turns out that the knot is here。
“It’s all past,This fight,The royal family also had casualties,This is historical reason,Our descendants cannot do this,Tangled for a lifetime。Since you have to dig,Then dig it!But you have to listen to me“Xia Jian continued。
Xia Jian never thought,The ancestors will have such a deep hatred,He was completely stunned,Even Xia Sanye made a request,He didn’t reflect。
“Row,You speak!We do exactly that“Zhao Hong saw where Xia Jian was sitting stupidly,She hurriedly agreed。
Xia Sanye took a breath and said:“I want to ask Mr. Yin Yang to recite the sutras,And take out the dead bones,Re-coffined,These expenses are paid by your village committee,otherwise,No discussion about this“

at this time,EOVThe big broadcast at the venue rang。

“Attention all players,Games appeared in the King of Fighters DivisionBUG,Repeat again,The King of Fighters on stage 74 is suspended,The organizing committee of the conference will hold an emergency meeting on this matter。”
The host’s voice is in addition to the announcement in English,I deliberately used Chinese and repeated it again。
Heard the news,There was buzzing discussion all around the venue。
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text Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Forbidden move
? All the King of Fighters players are making a noise。
Some people think that the child’s Iori is unlimitedBUGUp,Seriously affect the balance of the game,Should be banned。
Some people think,This is a new technique developed by the Chinese,Should face its existence,Then find a way to beat it。
For a while,There was a lot of discussion everywhere,Team Menglin and the child were on the cusp。
And this match between Team Menglin and Team Golden Sun,Requested to be suspended。
The child sits in front of the console in a daze,Haven’t got up for a long time。
He remembered the words Menglin said to him on the eve of the game。
“This trick is called a trickUnlimited connection,It’s the ultimate forbidden move of Iori!if possible,We better use it in the finals。Early exposure,It’s hard to say what the result will be。”
“Ok!Menglin brother,If you meet a very strong opponent before the final,What to do if you can’t win?”
“Don’t worry!There are resurrection matches,And me!We two join hands,There is no unbeatable opponent。”
Lu Menglin’s words are still in my ears,It’s a pity that the child was dazzled by victory,He didn’t keep the agreement,But to win,Used a ban in advance。

The man believed in what Hu Yang said,Nod immediately,He’s not in a hurry to spend money anyway,Since it can still appreciate,I must keep it in my hands first。

Populus looked at the time,Bid farewell to everyone:“Folks,We have to go to a place,Don’t bother,Have a chance to come here again。”
A group of people in the village,Especially Luo Mu and others,I also stuffed Populus euphratica with a lot of local products。
Populus estimates,When I go back by myself,I’m afraid to fill up the rhythm of a car!
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Wumachuan(Subscribe、Monthly pass)
Next,Hu Yang is famous where they are going,Quanzhou。
This city was one of the four largest ports in the world during the Tang Dynasty,Song Yuan Dynasty became“The largest port in the east”,Known by Marco Polo as“City of Light”。
It can be said,Inside a famous historical and cultural city in China,This city can be ranked in the top positions。
this time,Fitch did not follow Populus,Turn around and return to my home。
Wumachuan stood at the street and waited,very nervous。He didn’t expect,I can get Hu’s response,Really invited。His family,I don’t know how to receive rich people like Brother Hu,Afraid of neglect。
He is a street vendor who makes snacks,Start doing it before graduating from high school,It’s been almost ten years。
Speaking of age,May be one or two years older than Hu Yang。But he dare not let Hu Yang call his brother,But just like others,Shout brother Hu。
He who watched the live broadcast,Remembered Hu’s license plate number,After seeing the car,Raise your hands,Crazy swing。
“Hu Ge,Can the car be parked outside?My family lives in a small alley,Can’t get in the car。”After parking,Wumachuan trot over,Explain to Hu Yang。
Populus smiled and nodded,Open the door:“Wuma brothers get in the car first,Let’s find a hotel or something。”
Finished,I also explained to friends in the live broadcast room:“You may not know,Wuma is a surname,Belongs to the double surname,I believe you will see you often in TV series,Such as Ouyang、Orient。”

Thought of here,Qin Feng looked at them and said:“We still think,How to bridge it,Does anyone have a plank that is more than three meters long??If any,Get it out first,Let’s build some bridges that can cross people。”

“Who has such a long plank?”
“Mary next door,This is to be trapped here?”
Many people are very depressed,Seems to be dissatisfied with this kind of thing。
Qin Feng is a little speechless,He didn’t do this,These guys rush like this?
Qin Feng ignored the nonsense of those people,He measures the distance here。
He glanced down again,If you fall,People may have trouble。
Because the distance is four meters high,And there are some sharp things below。
Qin Feng doesn’t know who made this,Can get to this level。
Qin Feng also weighed it,Then he took a deep breath,This place is difficult to handle。
While Qin Feng was thinking,There is already a car coming in the distance。
It’s just that the driving guy turned out to be Zhuang Kai。


PS:Brothers, please wait a few minutes。
What is the state’s requirement for FAW?
the first,Commercial vehicles are autonomous and controllable;second,Hongqi’s international image cannot be lost。
Has FAW achieved these two points??
Not only did it,And it can be said that FAW has overfulfilled,Commercial vehicle,engine、Gearbox、reducer、Independent production of these key large parts of the chassis has been realized;
Has FAW retained Hongqi’s international image??This is also no doubt,Don’t worry about how everyone scolds FAW for not keeping up、Red flag,Speaking of luxury cars,Everyone admits that Hongqi cars are luxury cars(Although it belongs to“Luxury brand I would never buy”series),Everyone admits that the red flag driving on the road is more aura than the Les Les Phantoms。
As for passenger cars,The country has no requirements for FAW in terms of passenger cars.,If you insist,That is to ask for employment,This is also the country’s first requirement for the entire passenger car industry,As for the second requirement,Ok,We all know……
Pull away,Speaking of the current FAW,That day was quite miserable,Hongqi sedan was ordered to stop production by the central government,The old Jiefang, which has been in production for more than 20 years, has been141Unsold shock,Lao Jiefang almost fills up the parking lot,But in this case,The production line of the old liberation dare not stop……Life is as hard as it is。
under these circumstances,Hongqi sedan also wants multi-line combat?What a joke!
“Our FAW’s situation is not so good,Even if I don’t say anything, I guess you can see Mr. Chen,Hongqi car,We can’t invest much money,and so……”Speaking of which,Chen Shouhua suddenly looked up at Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,Let’s cooperate?”
“What?!”Chen Geng is confused。
Really dumbfounded:FAW invited me to cooperate with Hongqi?!

“Isn’t it?To pass?”

“The reserve price is too high?”
“Hard to say,Brother Hu said just now,Recent years,There are also five or six million Yongle sweet white glaze transactions。It seems,Everyone is cautious,8 million reserve price,Probably a bit high。”
“After all, it’s just the reserve price,Just eight million,After the competition,Isn’t it over ten million??”
“Tut!That’s funny,The auction house overestimated the market price of sweet white glaze,Going to smash in your hands。Brother Hu didn’t suffer,It’s cheaper。”
But the audience in the live room just discussed this topic,A weak voice suddenly appeared at the scene。
“8.2 million!”
Hu Yang look over,Is a young man。I saw him probe his head,Look forward to,Really thought,Everyone thinks the price is high?He only adds 200,000,You can get that Yongle sweet white glaze fine plum bottle。
But when he comes out,Immediately there was a fire in the pan。
“8.4 million!”
“8.8 million!”
“Nine million!”
“9.2 million!”
The young man rolled his eyes,Feelings, you were waiting for others to speak first?All suffocated?
The audience in the Populus live studio was also speechless,I thought this auction was going to collapse,Who knows everyone is still waiting,Wait for others to bid first。
Just when everyone is bidding fiercely,An inconspicuous location,Suddenly raised a hand。
“This gentleman,Please bid。”Jiang Xiaobai smiled。

Facing these few used car dealers who fell into silence,Chen Geng continued:“In addition,You might be surprised to say it,But according to my calculation,After becoming a partner of Fernandez,You actually earn more than the first plan。”

Todd raised his head suddenly in surprise:“Earn more?why?Just because you don’t charge for testing,as long as5%Maintenance fund?It is absolutely impossible。”
“Because the partners will tune up with each other。”
Internal shunting?
Todd、Molson and the others suddenly realized。
When Fernandez had just implemented the four promises,Coordinating with various used car dealers,Maybe it’s because the business of Fernandez is so prosperous.,Maybe it’s simply unhappy with Fernandez,Same car,The price transferred to Fernandez is much higher than the price transferred to other used car dealers:Isn’t the price of your car sold high?,Then I will make a fortune from you。
Everyone has a good idea,But Fernandez is more ruthless,After realizing that I was tacitly targeted by Detroit used car dealers,They first persuade customers who come to buy cars to choose other cars,Most users don’t really insist on the car,If Fernandez recommends a car that meets their requirements,Basically bought,If a customer insists on buying a certain car……Fernandez does a great job,They would rather not do this business,Don’t give Detroit used car dealers a chance to blackmail themselves!
Come and go,The second-hand car dealers in Detroit also know about Fernandez, although they didn’t say it.、But everyone knows the attitude:Want to cheat me?I really want to blind your hearts!
But based on Fernandez’s current daily turnover,If they realize mutual mobilization of vehicles between several partner companies……It’s really exciting to think about it,Let’s not talk about all the other benefits,Only this,At least it can add at least10%Monthly volume?
This is all money!
Just want to understand this,Several used car dealers are silent,One by one, I started to figure it out in my heart:If you become a partner of Fernandez, you can make more money than now,So it doesn’t seem impossible to give up part of the shares。
Only Molson’s grievances:“You didn’t say this just now。”
Chen Geng looked surprised:“Did i not say?”
Molson nodded heavily:“You didn’t say。”
Chen Geng:“Then treat it as I didn’t say it,I probably forgot。”
Finished,Chen Geng is just a pair“Anyway, I’m done with you,Where to go, think about it yourself”Emoji,Master sitting there drinking tea。
Molson suddenly wanted to cry。
More than Molson wants to cry,Several other used car dealers actually want to cry。
At this time,They completely understand,Chen Geng was playing with a yangmou:Promise my terms,You can make more money,Not agree to my terms,Just wait to eat some of my leftovers!
Fernandez has firmly dominated Detroit’s used car turnover10%,And it’s the most profitable10%,Once Fernandez’s high-end used car alliance is established,They can extract the fattest piece of meat in the entire Detroit used car market,Want to occupy20%to25%Of used car turnover is not a problem,In addition, it is estimated to affect5%to10%Customers who were planning to buy a new car,Let them turn around and buy used cars in their alliance。