“What are you afraid?,Daunting,I am not afraid.。”

“嘿嘿 嘿,Where hated?”
“Where I hate。”
Liao Wenjie:
Maybe this bowl of dogs have a shelf life.,He is forced to feed,I only feel uncomfortable。
Fortunately, walking for many years,Why can’t this small scene?,I will take it for a while.。
“Dad,I feel that this sister is 30 years old.,More young,Ah will not shout old.。”
Liao Wenjie’s heart,yellowsirRetirement,Police station personnel mobilization,ada Wang Chengged Zhou Cao’s direct boss。
“Ajie will speak,But you don’t have to think too much.,I don’t care about this.,and”
ada Wang includes the case of Cao Dahua,Slightly shame:“I prefer Cao Mao.,Calling me that Ah is nothing。”
Liao Wenjie:
Mrs. Cao,Which of you have seen Mr. Cao?,Can you say that everyone is spit??
“Ada this person specially has a bone,The police station attacked him up and down,It is said that he is not a、Work hard enough、Le Goose”
Didn’t wait for Liao Wenjie,ada Wang said,There is a very high speech between words:“If each Hong Kong Island police are as dedicated like Ada,Not afraid of life and death,Not like Zhou Xingxing, hanging,The Hong Kong Island citizen is blessed。”
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,Seeing the opposite Cao Dawhua desperately,I didn’t reveal his old bottom.,Submerged road:“About Zhou Xingxing,I also know and he also,Very good a police officer,The sense of justice is full and dare to fight,No Ah, you are so bad.!”
If there is no accident,Flying tiger team first killer,I should go to work in the traffic group now.,Every day’s task is to put a penalty,Entertainment project roasted corn。
Although Zhou Xingxing is not well in introducing girlfriends.,But Liao Wenjie decided to pull him,Help say two good words。
“Ager,You don’t have to say this thing.,You are not compilation,If I listen to your opinion,It is equal to the migration。”
ada Wang Decissence refuses,Continue to say:“Zhou Xingxing’s file I have seen it carefully,He is a very good police officer,But he is too eager to prove himself,Warning,Like someone heroism,This will make his teammates very difficult,It is also easy to cause unnecessary casualties。I transferd him to the Ministry of Communications.,Grinding his sex,Whether it is to work with him or get along with colleagues,Have benefits。”
Liao Wenges is no longer,listenada Wang this is known,She is still very means,At least in this respect
Uh,Or that problem,Mrs. Cao see people so accurate,Why is Mr. Cao??
Wang Ba looks green beans,In the eyes?
It is very puzzled!
Liao Wenjie,This question is too difficult,He solved。
“correct,Ager,Big Fei Military Fire,Because I have powerful,Now fell to the heavy case group。”
“Do not,Ada,You are not right。”
ada Wang help correct,Proudly:“It is not afraid of sacrifice,Know the most dangerous case,Talection requires entry。”
“What,Teach me to do things.?I am talking to Ager.,Do you have a sneaky??”
“That is not closed,So much nonsense,Become a long-distance tongue。”
Cao Dada snorted,Turning to Liao Wenjie:“Ager,This is the case,You know I am a work mad,Career is particularly important,Now join the heavy case group,May often increase the night shift,I can’t take care of your life.。What do you want to eat later later?,I can’t do it outside.,Don’t wait for me to do it.。”

On the main peak of the crater,The huge inverted vortex is still still there,Very eye-catching and weird,Half a month ago, I don’t know what method Han Conger used to shield the connection between the flame and the vortex of the ruins.,At that time, the boy couldn’t understand,But at this moment he saw a thin transparent barrier at a glance,And a very special spindle-shaped object was found in the chaotic building wreckage,Although the palm size,It’s definitely not a temple thing,It must be the key to activate this barrier。

One thousand two hundred and twelve chapters You fart
The boy remembered‘Holy Hand in the Cloud’,It is to try to destroy this rotating ruin by isolating the torch flame,The methods are better than Han Conger,He found out in time and killed,It seems that the servant is holding something like this,Unfortunately ruined。
But it doesn’t matter,Now I don’t have the energy to consider so much,Skyfire Tinder is fully integrated into the body,Has inspired all the vitality of the Five Elements Temple,There are many ways for teenagers to destroy this transparent barrier,The most direct thing is to burn it over,You can try the power,It can also stimulate the other three flames,Quickly get the Five Elements Base Armor back to normal operation。
So the boy opened his left palm,Five finger bluff,After a swaying blue fire jumped out of the ring finger,A flame appeared on his thumb,Bright red,No impurities,It is Lihuo that can’t absorb the fused Skyfire Tinder by all means。
Young man stretched out his right hand,Use the pinky fingernail to lightly stroke above the flame,Bring a touch of red light,Then flick with the thumb loop,The red light flies away,Submerge in the huge vortex ahead,Bang,Blast from the bottom of the whirlpool,A huge bright red flower blooms,Completely wrapped the lower half of the giant vortex。
But this flower is only a flash in the pan,There was another crash,Bottom-up swept the entire vortex and disappeared,This is a rapid burning effect,Just too fast,Can’t tell with the naked eye,The sky is so powerful,Won’t hurt any temple remains,But all the impurities were removed in the blink of an eye,Including the transparent barrier and the spindle-shaped object。
northeast、There are fires in the southeast and due west,Disappear soon,That is the other three holy flames echoing each other,Sure enough, the vortex began to slowly spin again,And it turns faster,Countless golden squares appeared in the clouds in the sky,The Five Elements Base Armor finally returned to normal。
Deal with this matter,The few dead men rushed to the boy’s side,Fly to the big gate with the youngsters,At this time, many islanders gathered near the Jinmen,Everyone looks solemn,Hand Carrying Weapon,Draped neatly,Always ready to fight to the death,A big man in the lead,Redhead,It’s Wuju,I opened my mouth in surprise after seeing the boy。
“you……You finally wake up?”
“Woke up,Never sleep again。”Young smiling。
“Then,What are you doing?”Wu Ju remembered that a black-robed dead soldier beside the boy had just rushed out of the big formation,Said it was going to be a battle book,In view of the relationship between the dead man and the boy,He can’t stop,But seeing the boy’s appearance,Can’t help but get nervous。
“I’ll go there for a while, Han Conger and Dongfang Old Dog。”
“Not easy、Credit two elders together?”Wu Ju secretly wakes up and wants to fight again,According to Elder Yi’s orders,He dare not let go,But facing the teenager,Wu Ju couldn’t say anything to refuse,The bold and unrestrained character of the past is gone,He hesitated and sold the two elders together。
“They are slow,Wait a minute。”The young man saw my torch embarrassed,Nor will she use her body skills or use her identity as the palace lord,He was commensurate with each other as a brother earlier,Many changes after the ceremony,Never had a chance to be together again,I feel apologetic。

“Scull,Liu Shu,Today has been treated,Let Liu Shu in the rest of the day,Causes can’t be too urgent,After Liu Qi slowly came over,I will come back to Liu Shu.。”

Say,Li speaks directly to the wind.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng to go,Liu Dafu quickly gave Zhao Xiaoli to make the eyes。
Zhao Xiaoli still doesn’t understand,Now immediately go to the refrigerator,Then take out a bottle of ice coil。
“Xiao Li,You are also tired,First come, a piece of Ice Coke,This is specially bought for you.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli opened a bottle of a bottle and drank a few mouthfuls.。
Seeing Zhao Xiaoli,Liu Dabu suddenly became nervous。
The 383th chapter invisible image
He knows that there is a medicine in the bottle Coke.,If Li Hui is not drinking,For a while, Li followed the wind.,Leaves Zhao Xiaoli,He feels that this is now, but it can’t wait for this mother.。
Li Hui Looking at the Ice Town Coke from the other person,Some embarrassment is in the hands。
“Row,Then I am going home,I don’t bother Liu Shu and my scorpions today.。”
Accessible,Li Hui is directly ready to leave。
Liu Dafu is anxious。
“Xiao Li,You first wait,Let me solve the rope first.,I feel very much now.。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I will let the scorpion will give you a good release.,And today I will give you a needle,I feel that you can have a scorpion.,But don’t over,There should be no big problem。”
Say this,Li Hui also gave Liu Bigfu, an awkward look.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng this eye,Liu Dafu is some want to cry without tears.。
He is clearly known,It is also clear that the power after Taking it.。
Zhao Xiaoli did not think that Li Hui Feng actually just passed through Coca-Cola.,There is also an urgent heart in my heart.。
Dark road:“Mostly,Really,If Li Hui does not drink,She has drank her own,Who will solve the efficacy for a while。”
Think about thinking,Zhao Xiaoli felt that the abdomen was going to start online.。
“Xiao Li,Would you like me to send you?,The street lights on this big night are about to be closed.,You have no flashlight。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoli,Liu Dafu immediately understood Zhao Xiaoli’s meaning.,This is a way you want to deliver your home.,Service home。
But now this situation,It seems only to be so,If Li Hui is also drinking Coke,He feels that he can still watch a good play today.,But very obvious,Li Hui does not seem to have the idea of drinking Coke。
“Scull,no need,My phone has a flashlight,I will go back myself.。”
Li Hui Feng felt that Liu Dafu, Liu Dafu, who tonight than last night.,Any neofability makes him some fear。
Go directly to leave,When he walked out of the door,I found that Zhao Xiaoli is also behind him.。
“Scull,No need to send,You go back.,If you really have to send me,I feel that I have to send you back.,After all, this big night,If you encounter a singular in the village,That can’t escape。”
Li Hui Feng, although it is a joke,But listening to the ear of Zhao Xiaoli means completely changed。
“Xiao Li,The scorpion is not going back tonight.,Xiao Li,What if you want to go to you??”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoli feels that the fire is really burning.,Don’t help but close the body,Then hug 李 随 风 ‘s arms,Taking Li Hui, a three-pointed,Seven points of charm,Looking for Li Hui Feng is a bit stiff。
“Hey-hey,Scull,Don’t tell you,You still have a good time to spend Liu Shu.,I still have something,I’m going back。”
Say,Li Hui has directly smoked his arm.,Then go to the legs and run。
I saw the people who disappeared in the blink of Li Hui Feng.,Zhao Xiaoli stayed。
Why didn’t she think that Li Hui will run away?,It’s so close to her.,I have even feel that Li Hui’s breath is also rushing.,But I didn’t think that the other party actually ran.。
Feel the body, just like to burn,Zhao Xiaoli is directly upset。
She doesn’t know what to do now.。
I can’t find a man casually solved.。

This time Hua Yun paid great attention to the way,I just listened to but didn’t talk at several office meetings,Fully give Jincheng the greatest autonomy。After the meeting, he took the trouble to tell Jincheng his suggestions and the problems that need to be paid attention to and solved in the next meeting.。

Jincheng has been painful and happy for a few days,Of course he hopes Hua Yun will chat with him every day,It doesn’t matter what you talk about,Best talk like this forever。But sometimes alone,I still feel bad,With Hua Yun’s participation, he realized that many of his previous work ideas had problems,Not even practical,This made him feel a deep sense of loss。
Hua Yun’s work efficiency and energy are also amazing,While adjusting Fukuyama Corporation,She arranged intensive visits,From the deputy county head in charge of construction to the county construction committee、public security bureau、Transportation Bureau、The Environmental Protection Bureau and even the Propaganda Department of the county party committee visited one by one。
The purpose of the visit is very simple,One is to promote Pantech,I hope that the competent authorities at all levels will pay attention to and care for the Fushan Commercial Street reconstruction project,After all,It is a municipal project,This is important。If even municipal engineering has a lot of problems,I believe that everyone’s face will not look good。
The second is to show an upright attitude,Pantech has the ability to make quality projects,More importantly, Pantech will never withdraw from the project due to temporary difficulties,This is also a hint to the opponent。
The way Hua Yun chose to visit was also very direct,Working hours during the day,Uninvited,Go directly to the door,But never do anything in the clouds and mist。From Hua Yun’s point of view,Any questions are placed on the table not only for everyone’s convenience,And it has its unique effects,That is the invisible and intangible psychological pressure。
Jin Cheng was exhausted by Hua Yun for days,And the two had a serious disagreement on the way of visiting,In the eyes of Jincheng,Hua Yun’s approach completely deviates from some conventional rules,Be straightforward,Unspoken rules。The consequence of this tossing is to let others alienate you,Talk about caring and paying attention。
Hua Yun is not ignorant of this,But she has a deeper purpose,Is to force out the opponent in this way,Let the opponent jump。Because besides,She can’t think of a better way。
Of course, supervisors at all levels are not so good to see,The regional director of a private enterprise is still a flat-headed citizen.,Public servants are very busy,See if you want?If you want to engage in petition,Naturally there will be a petition department to receive you。
But Hua Yun is not discouraged,Twice if not once,Not twice,Then make time to come again。She has a lot of confidence,One is to report on the progress of the project,The second is the current difficulties faced by the appeal project。
Hua Yun’s toss has caused a small wave in the county government,The most uncomfortable is the Environmental Protection Agency and the Public Security Bureau,Pantech,They know,And the issues involved are the most direct,Can’t hide,Then see you。
The environmental protection bureau received Hua Yun from the bureau office director Huang,Both sides are seated,After a few words of greeting,Hua Yun made it clear,When will the application for dumping construction waste at designated locations be approved,The delay of the muck truck will seriously affect the subsequent construction。
Director Huang is naturally prepared,I was surprised and said I didn’t know,But I will pay serious attention to this issue。Then declare,Will find out the cause as soon as possible,Report to the director to go through the approval process。Then talk about the concern for the commercial street project,Finally, praise Hua Yun for her beauty and youthfulness,The whole half an hour is basically nonsense,The critical approval time was not mentioned。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Food poisoning
The Public Security Bureau is serious here、More serious,After all, Hua Yun represents the victim,And Jincheng visited several times in the early stage to ask about the case,Relatively familiar。
The person in charge of receiving is Captain Zhou Nan, who is responsible for the investigation of the criminal police team.,He briefly introduced the characteristics and progress of the case within the scope permitted by the policy:

Not waiting for Cai Xiangdong to finish,Lian Changheng and Ding Haijun looked at each other,Nodded all together:That’s right,The root must be here!

Except for this reason,He couldn’t think of any reason to make Chen Geng so angry and dissatisfied。
Then report to Chen Geng about the articles he saw criticizing their boss,Is this weird?
Although the two have never read those articles criticizing Chen Geng,I don’t know which media published these articles,But China in this era,All newspapers、The media are national,Even a city-owned newspaper,That also belongs to the country,I can think of it with the soleplate。
As for why Chen Geng would know,Don’t forget that Chen Geng had two negotiating teams in China and FAW、Negotiations for cooperation with Magic City,Some of Chen Geng’s two negotiating teams can read Chinese、Understand domestic newspapers,In the eyes of Chen Geng’s men,They saw articles criticizing Chen Geng in these newspapers,It represents the official attitude of China,Of course you have to report these things to your boss,Maybe fax it back to the U.S.。
As for Chen Geng,He has made so many investments in China、Provided such a strong support to the country when it needed external support most,It happened that some domestic media made irresponsible remarks、Gesticulate,It would be a hell of him if he could be fine。
Thought of here,Lian Changheng threw a bitter punch on the table,Road with red eyes:“Such an important thing,Why didn’t you say it earlier?!”
Cai Xiangdong doesn’t know what to say,Feel wronged:How do I know this will have such a bad effect?
“Forget it,This is not to blame Xiao Cai,He didn’t expect Chen Geng to know the things published in these newspapers……right,Xiao Cai?But you can’t be so careless in your future work,Do you know how passive this incident has brought us?”Ding Haijun said,And winked at Cai Xiangdong:“and also,Lao Lian,I’m afraid we don’t know where the problem is,Now that I know where the problem is,Prescribe the right medicine、Just find a solution。”
Cai Xiangdong is not stupid,Of course I know what I should say,Apologize to Lian Changheng:“Yes,leadership,It’s all my fault,Didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter。”
Although Lian Changheng is humming,Didn’t say anything,Just waved impatiently。
I saw my boss beckoning me out,Where does Cai Xiangdong dare to hesitate??Oil the soles of the feet immediately、Good luck。
“What you said is light,”Cai Xiangdong is gone,Lian Changheng just grunted:“It’s people in our system who scold people,You say explain?How to explain to Chen Geng?Even explained,People will believe?”
He’s not really angry with his secretary,But angry with those bastards in the country:You bastards,Do you know that I worked hard、How hard is it to get a rich overseas Chinese who is rich in the motherland??But you guys are fine,Not only does not help,Instead, he desperately demolished Lao Tzu’s platform behind the scenes,Is there anyone like you?
If it’s not now abroad,,He went straight to find those bastards and had all his heart。
Listening to Lian Changheng talking about this,Comrade Ding couldn’t help but frowned:Yes,This is the problem。
The media criticizing Chen Geng,Definitely not CCTV、《Illuminati》、《People》、《Half moon talk》Central mouthpiece,Not even the provincial government media,At most local、The mass media,Such as XX Morning News,Publish such an article,It may not necessarily have any opinion on Chen Geng,Mostly for eyeballs。
But the problem is,Even if it’s the local people like XX Morning Post、Off-market media,In the eyes of Chen Geng’s American employees, that also represents the official attitude of China.。
Where’s Chen Geng,After knowing this,What would he think in his heart?Do you think that the country has the mind to shed its grind and kill the donkey?

Because he treats everyone below**Very good,He is doing his best to help everyone out of the gloomy stage of life with his own heart。

Let them welcome the light in their lives,Then slowly,Live my life well,This is what Xiao Fan wants to see most。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Overweight
Yiming and Chu Yao sit opposite those bosses and the so-called professional training team,Then Yiming and Chu Yao raised their heads,Look at them very calm。
Both of them are very clear,Now is a very important moment,Success and failure,Now that the first official meeting came, it was an important,There must not be a slight difference in this。
The boss told them with a smile:“Welcome to join our team,Explain that you are a very witty person,Can choose to join our team。
You know that joining our team are very elite people,You see our team are very professional,Will definitely get you the reward you deserve。
And you want to make money,Anyone who wants to start a business can be realized here,So you choose us is really the right choice,It can be said to be the most correct choice in life。”
Chu Yao and Yiming secretly cast aside,Maybe meeting you is the worst thing in life。
Then they both smiled and said without changing their faces:“Yes Yes,I hope I can show you more in the future,We will definitely work well,Then make money。”
The boss looked very happy,Because I feel like I can cheat more people’s money again。
Then Yiming didn’t have too much nonsense with Chu Yao,Just spread it out with them,Said his money would be handed over to them,Then I hope they can make their money more。
Their boss is naturally happy,Then he pretended to ask the professional team to pass some information to them,Let the two of them go back and study with great concentration in these two days。
Come to work after studying,Then you can make money naturally,This is a trick,In fact, after they leave, they will be refused all contact information to cheat money。
But there is no evidence to the police,Actually there is evidence,It’s just that college students have less social experience,So they don’t know to collect some evidence。

The three of them all stared at Lu Menglin,See how he chooses。

Lu Menglin looked at the check on the desktop,Look a little weird。
After a while,Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“Mr. Lucas,What if I don’t accept it?”
Reaction,As if already in Lucas’s expectation,He smiled confidently:“Captain Marine,You are a smart person,If you are not willing to accept the friendship of the angels of hell,Then we will be enemies next time we meet!I think,MGM Grand Hotel will not guarantee your safety。”
“after all,This is las vegas,Not China,The glory of socialism cannot shine here!”Lucas thought he was humorous and added。
In his opinion,Six hundred thousand dollars is a lot,Enough to impress these poor Chinese。
Jiang Jinghong heard these words,Frowning deeper。
But she didn’t say anything,Because she believes that Lu Menglin will handle this matter properly,Any disagreements,You can discuss it in private,at this time,There should only be an external voice。
In front of outsiders,She would never say anything。
“I can accept the friendship of hell angels,But I have a small condition。”Lu Menglin pondered for a moment,Said loudly。
Lucas laughed but said nothing,Instead, he nodded greatly,Motion to Lu Menglin to continue。
“I am a very small person,Who made my idea,I will definitely return!I know who instigated those Vietnamese,His name is Tadao Hojo,Japanese,Live in the MGM Grand Hotel。”Lu Menglin said angrily。
“OK!It’s easy!”Lucas shrugged,Said indifferently。
“I want to see with my own eyes how he was repaired。”
Lu Menglin added a sentence。
“no problem,Someone will send me the time and place of the show later。How about at the door of MGM Grand?You can see clearly as long as you stay in the room。rest assured,We are good at this kind of thing,There won’t be any trouble。”Lucas said very intimately。
“Ok,Deal!”Lu Menglin said solemnly。

Chen Wenjin responded with a fake smile,Wang Shuai said again:“Eat rice noodles with you ten times!Interesting enough?I haven’t eaten it for three consecutive days!This is full of sincerity!”

“White rice no?”Chen Wenjin asks,Wang Shuai said badly:“This is the stance!What’s the main food?”
“Are they all staple food??”Chen Wenjin deliberately continued to lift the bar,Shuai Wang stopped talking,Watching him,Wait a while,Chen Wenjin hasn’t said yet,Just say:“so sad,Talk to Xiaocui in the evening……”
Not finished yet,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing。“Somehow change someone else。”
“You still laugh if you change?Laughing means agreeing,Stop being wordy,What a big deal!Calling you to eat,I’m not calling you to be slaughtered!”When Wang Shuai finished speaking, he picked up the phone and called Xiao Xiao,Ask her if she wants to go together,Hung up without saying a few words,Then say:“Xiao Xiao explained,Hesitating in words。I think she is avoiding you on purpose。”
“Isn’t that good?You don’t have fun,Why did you say it specifically??”Chen Wenjin wondered why Wang Shuai deliberately talked about this。
“You have no idea?Really not cheating?Gu Quan’s reputation is so powerful?”What Wang Shuai is interested in is still unfulfilled。
“Motivation is not just the reputation,Is to maintain the inner self form。As long as the true self does not change,Without fear of external criticism;The true self collapsed,There is no way to deceive yourself even if there are countless praises。”Chen Wenjin sees what Wang Shuai is thinking,moment,Just listen to Wang Shuai:“Xiao Xiao is not as thick as you,I definitely don’t think so much,Should just care about others’ criticism,She had to avoid。Ok,obviously,Her personality doesn’t fit you。”
“You are thinking about it elsewhere,Your persuasion can easily arouse my rebelliousness。As for the main reason Xiao Xiao avoided,Psychologically aside,It’s okay to avoid criticism。Did you know you were misunderstood?,She continued to use actions to deepen her misunderstanding,Even sit on the truth?”Chen Wenjin wants to discuss with Wang Shuai,Just say:“Stop,Chat something else。For example,I’ll go home to sleep tonight,Don’t drink。”
“……Too much!”Wang Shuai is very dissatisfied,But Chen Wenjin plans to spend the afternoon again,Destined to come again today,He won’t go,So the attitude is clear,Just say:“Qiangwei recently intends to shape her image,I think she wants to use Li Xiang as a stepping stone,May be launched at any time。May I talk to you recently,Let her be determined,Don’t come to me to admit my mistake!”
“Do not worry,She won’t talk to me。”Chen Wenjin judged Amei should have some determination,Execution is also very good。Originally, Ami and Wang Shuai didn’t spend much time together,From the beginning,May is very active,The rhythm is also fast。
“Then I’m a bit lost,I’m so good,She should be with me,At all costs,Don’t hesitate to lose all your pride!”Wang Shuai didn’t think he was very aggressive,Chen Wenjin ignored,Too lazy to take care of this。
Wang Shuai doesn’t care,Deliberately made a long sigh,Muttering to himself:“A person who is too perfect is destined to have many troubles,This is also good,That’s fine。I should have learned that all children want,However, as a person who also demands high moral standards,I have to make a choice。What a decisive force it takes,To make a choice?But i can——because,I’m so perfect!”

Sitting across from him is Father Lori。The latter is also very happy now,After all, he hadn’t expected all this。

“At that time I also said that the Tokugawa family would regret if they didn’t join hands with us to deal with the Miyamoto family.。Unexpectedly, the Miyamoto family blew up first。Let’s make a false alarm。”
It’s just Lori’s words just finished,Suddenly the teahouse made a loud noise。
“Demolition mercenary group attack,Who in the world competes!”
The teahouse was directly bombed,A man with a red turban shouted arrogantly。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five Blackpool dismounts
Members of the Explosive Mercenary Group attacked again,These people are like committing suicide crimes。Of course they won’t find a dead end。After bombing and shouting slogans, he will run away。That is, those who are too arrogant will be killed。
And this time,They somehow got the activity information of Oda Muska,Then play blasting directly in this teahouse。Then the teahouse was blown up.
Qin Feng froze when he saw the news,Then suddenly smiled。He didn’t understand the purpose of blasting the mercenary group,But as long as they come out and make trouble。
Now the chaos is definitely more beneficial to the Miyamoto family。After all, the Miyamoto family has already fallen behind the other two families in the hard power competition.。So if the two big families also suffered heavy losses,The Miyamoto family may be able to hide behind the fisherman。
It’s just that Qin Feng didn’t expect,The bombing just happened this morning,In the afternoon, Kurosawa invited him to a meeting again。
“What meeting?I am not an official。”When Qin Feng received the call, he went back so directly。
“Come quickly!”
However, Kurosawa Jiro did not give Qin Feng any opportunity to refuse.,Just hung up。

Chapter five hundred and forty one Buddha illustration

Cen Wen is crying,“Old man,What’s the matter, let’s talk about it later?Don’t move your hands, OK??I want to go to the toilet now,Can you let me go first?”
“Young man,I heard about your conversation before,Don’t you want to be an innate monk??Why are you leaving in a hurry??”Old man puzzled。
Cen Wen is almost crying,“Old man,Didn’t you ask knowingly??They are all like this,Once i was affected,I will die no doubt。the most important is,Even if Qin Feng is my friend,I cheated him over,It’s really a ghost if he doesn’t get me revenge after he settles Qingxin。”
Cen Wen feels he has insight into people’s hearts。the most important is,This is not a joke,Once I guess wrong,The price is death。That’s why he wouldn’t use this to gamble。
The issue is,He doesn’t want to bet,But the old man doesn’t want him to leave either!
“Old man,You let me go?”
“Little brother,This is your chance!”
“Chicken edge an egg!”Cen Wen has already begun to shake hands,I want to put aside the old man and hold his arm。It’s a pity that the two are compared,He found that he had no way at all。
How to do?Are you going to die here??
Just when Cen Wen was thinking about it,Qin Feng finally couldn’t hold it。
The crazy Nikaido Harunobu is indeed stronger than Qin Feng by more than one level,If it weren’t for the Kunlun dagger as a buffer to resist,,Maybe Qin Feng will be hammered to death by this one in minutes。
When Nikaido Harunobu’s demonization ends,Qin Feng put the short sword out without saying a word,Cut off the opponent’s head directly。