He encountered a major change in the early years,However, it also got a big firmer.,Get a heroic sword with senior people?I have been in the world for more than 20 years.?Consciously get rid of this,In the past two years, I still have a brush.。

But what is he brush?,They have been falling in the true appearance of the Chu Deirers.,And more far more far,It is inevitable in your heart.!
“Liu Yu has seen Chu Dai……I want to come, this is Murong Gongzi.?Nice to meet you?I don’t know this son……”Liu Yu is a one-old one person to see the most no eye.。
“Hey-hey,This is the second suspect?Flowerless,Say that we will appear together today?Will you rumize in the future,It is a crime of two gangs.?”Chu Deirers。
But obviously no one knows his humor?Murong Jiu disliked him?There is no shortage of flowers and laughs……And Liu Yuru Zhao Quanhai is there again。
Such a small meeting?Temperature in the hole,It seems to have risen a lot。
“It turned out to be a Gori-Piranda who took the floral palace.?Cough,I and the whole sea,Is our own grievances,The flower gong doesn’t have to worry!”Liu Yusi said quickly。
I am afraid that it is slow.,Flower is free to directly put Zhao Quanhai Tianzhi justice……
Zhuo is extraordinary, it is looked at three people.,As if——If these three people go together,The old man is only afraid that there is still some trouble.!
For this behavior that gives yourself,Chu Deeng said ignored,And stared on his unknown sword。
Extraordinary!Chu Deiren will not forget,《Tianlong Babu》Sword God,Effort,Low the sword magic alone, the sword is clear.……
Zhou Gongjian, a word Huijian,That’s more,It is not so easy to use a nursery rhyme.,In《Tianlong Babu》middle,It’s extraordinary but you can make three feet of swordsmanship.!
In the big rivers and lakes,Although the three feet of swords cannot be said to be per capita,But in the good hands of the rivers and lakes,It is also more common,Look at the experience of Chu Deirers,Nameless Sword of the Dajiang Lake……Should give him some other extraordins.?
No more than forty meters long swordsman,Chu Deirers look down on him!
I just didn’t have anything else, I haven’t worried about Liu Yuru.,Just casual,What an abnormal skill is not seen?。
“Chu Tai is saying that he is in order to mediate disputes.?so,Chu Tai is not believed here to have a treasure.?”Zhuo extraordinary somolic tone,As if you are questioning“You have so good”。
“hehe,Say it is a treasure of others,I don’t say it, I’m still aunt.,Dansan Tianmao,Will you think about it??Who knows the temperament of Yan Tai,If you want to pass the sword,Affirmation is also a big party chooses a pass,Will you do what to leave in the mountains and then scattered a set of hidden people in such a way.?”Chu Debans disdain。
Zhuo extraordinary wants to say——I believe!
perhaps,Senior secret,Is an addictive thing,Zhuo Yifan has a protagonist,The more the brain is also, the greater,He is a letter from the heart,I have to get the secret of Yannan Tian this time.。
“Oh?The old man is also lively?If there is any treasure,Let’s not teach people to succeed,But if you really have……hehe,Just so let the old man returned,Some bullied my old man。”Zhuo’s extraordinary charges。
Chu Deirers see people more gathered more,I also know that it is better to blind.,Otherwise, now you have to defeat the extraordinary,Although I have a grasp,But delay for a while,Let others come back later.?
“Also,Let’s go together again.。”Chu Deirers looked at Murongjiu and the flowers,Obviously they have no opinions。
Original Chu Deee thought,Will catch the Ouyangk,After all, when I just came down.,Jinling three swords should have just died。
All the way,Ouyangke did not see,I have met the two groups of people who have fought……
Said to be“Two groups”,But really doing,Only two people,And these two are still very dangerous to fight inner!
One of them,Chu Deirens have a few faces——It is the hills of Wutai Mountain!
It is that the voice is very large.,And Shaoshan has a secretary of the Shaolin Temple,The clear temple abstine seen in Huashan Juxianzhuang。
I am fighting with him.,Chu Deirers look at some strangers……
But with the skill of Shenshan,Shang Ding is even in Yue Yue,Can be stalemate with him,It should not be an unknown generation……certainly,It is definitely not what is the top master.。
Chapter 412 Master is not a few
Wutai Mountain Qingliang Temple Shenshan,Incorns in Zen,Because it is very powerful,It is said that I want to tende Shaolin in my early years.,The result was that it was observed to compete too much.,So confiscate,This went to the Qingliang Temple,In a few years, martial arts became the first temple.,Inherited the place of the abbot……
The martial arts of Shenshan did not,Xuanci Abbot in Nan Shaolin,Be called“Dragon volts”,And this hill is“Dragon”,The reputation of martial arts art is compassionate。
At this time, it is inhabited.,It is also a middle-aged person.,But it is a happiness,Chu Deirers look at him more,Sure enough, a folding fan is still hanging on the waist.。
Take a look……
Click one’s tongue,Sure enough, a slag male,Chu Deirers could not help but。
Didn’t recognize this person’s Chu Deirers,I hit it with the shoulders and hit the cross.:“Who is in the mountains??”

“If the two sisters are coming to Jiangnan,Can go to Jiading Dongcheng door corner,Three peach blossoms,Month time,Self-existing deafness will pick you up to Taohua Island……This time I and the wood sister, I’m doing the two sisters.,If it is from Jiangnan,Ping teaches the little girl and the landlord。”Huang Rong smiled and pulled Li Mozhen sent an invitation.。

Chu Dee people have been very pleased after seeing,These two months,Huang Rong and Mu Qingqing,Also familiar with Li Mozhen and others,Even if Li Mozhen already knows,Huang Rong is a daughter of Huang Phase,There is no obvious enemy。
“Yellow girl rest assured,If I and the teacher went to Jiangnan,Decide your sitting。”Li Mozhen smiled。
“If you want to find Chu’s big brother,Haven’t heard where he is?,Also can come to Taohua Island to find。”Huang Rong smiles。
“That is nature,You can’t see you Chu Da Ge,Can also come to the ancient tomb。”Li Mo smiled。
“Especially this time Chu Gigao is busy with Lin’an.,Just come to Taohua Island。”Huang Rong smiles。
Chu Deiren saw a few people to get along with a few people,Very harmonious,I am very pleased in my heart.——After all, the family should not neonly,I successfully resolved the grievances of the ancient tomb and Taohua Island.。
It is a pity that the first chance of the world does not send“Jianghu Peace Award”some type of……
Just listen to listening, there are some awkward,How to be one“disappear”,Not in Taohua Island、It’s in the ancient tomb.?
“The world is so big,Where am I not all possible??”Chu deer interrupted their misleading。
Huang Rong and Li Mozhen heard,At the same time,After that, he looked with the Chu Deirens.,I look at each other again.,Not before“Friendly communication”Intelligence。
Li Mo said that he said:“it is good,If we go to Taohua Island,You can watch the respected。”
So the Chu Deirers will start again,Brought a lot of Wang Yizhen who wants to go home。
In addition, Huang Rong said that it is right.,It is indeed a decader,Ready to go to Taohua Island to see——Zhou Botong’s left and right patron,And his keeping《Jiuyin Zhenjing》、Especially the part of the total,Chu Deirers also have some ideas。
Calculated that Zhou Botong is also awkward,Because when the yellow pharmacist is unreasonable、Use《Jiuyin Zhenjing》When you pay homage to death,Zhou Botong does not agree,Still threatening the verses,So Huang Laoxie is set up with him,Huang Laoxi will not use the next means,Stealing Zhou Botong’s scriptures,And Zhou Botong unless you can win Huang’s ethics、Or hand over,Otherwise I don’t escape.……
Prompt this unreasonable condition,It is already enough,Be more……Zhou Boto is actually starting to create left and right patriants.,It is already better than Huang Laoxi,Just he did not find,This was trapped for more than ten years.!
As long as you break this,Zhou Botong can go out at any time。
The reason why did not go to Taohua Island before going to Lin’an,Is because of the sea,In the original, you have to wander a day.、Even half a month,Calculate round-trip,Add to Taohua Island,Zhou Bentong is not to see who teaches me.,want“Raiders”He also needs time,What can I have to learn in two months?,Not as good as insurance,Shenxia’s heart cultivation。
So Chu Deirers、Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong、Wang Yizhen four people,Taken away the ancient tomb,When you pass the Chongyang palace,Chu Deirers sigh a few times at the door,It’s a good time.,Just have good Yin Zhiping Road,Send a full-scale horse,Chu Deirers also moved away,Later……
Chapter 242 Linan
Last year July,Chu Deirens bring Wang Yanyu to Manda Villa。
Li Qinglu said at least half a year,And Chu Deirers a year,Only in Tianzheng five years,Send Wang Yan back。
As for Huang Rong and Mu Qingqing,Chu Deirers have sent them to Jiading,Deaf and dumb servants on the island,That time you purchase every time,See the secret number of them left,I will come to pick up them back to Taohua Island.。
Now come to Manda Villa,Although Li Qinglu is not a person who pets a daughter.,But the first time my daughter left for so long.,Still very much。
Inevitable to Chu Deirers,Some grievances——Actually put your daughter“Abduction”so long!
Especially I have heard it.,Some gossip of Chu Deirers……
For example, Huashan,Wufeng knife door Qin Red cotton daughter,And Chu Deirers“Private service”This matter,How to escape“Rivers and Lake Tall”?
Chu Deiren’s end、Sit,Naturally, there is nothing,But it is inevitable that there are those people.,Will have a common understanding。
For example, Li Qinglu learned about this.,Because when the segment is still,It’s a good life.“Duan Lo”Face,Impressive this behavior of Chu Deirers。


Xuefeng City
Need to pass through the mountain pass behind Xuefeng City,To get closer to the brown earth,After Zhu Minglang arrived at Xuefeng City,Also rested here for a while。
The Dragon is already snoring like thunder in the spiritual realm,I wish Minglang helpless but can only ride horses,I went all the way back to the brown earth。
Took a look at the spiritual realm,Silver Snow Cocoon、Golden silk green cocoon、Metal sword bud、Giant black cocoon……
Like four gorgeous tombs,Nothing happened,Let Zhu Minglang miss them every time,I can’t wait to put some incense under their cocoons。
How come the reincarnation has changed。
Tianshalong is full and drunk,Unless you have life concerns,Otherwise it won’t work hard for itself,This makes Zhu Minglang, Venerable Dragon Shepherd, return to primitive people overnight,Not even a mount,Can only ride a horse。
Fortunately, Xuefeng City is more prosperous,Have money on hand,A flying dragon in the concession,I believe there is no need to travel so long。
Days without dragons,It was a bit bitter indeed。
And how should I explain to my own ladies?……Madam and sister-in-laws confess!
On the way back,I have to rely on them again for some things。
of course,Big things,I can do it myself,But it depends on whether this matter is big enough,Big enough to be the Dragon King level。

An oversight let go of the demon,Makes Li Tianzhen extremely unhappy,Since the black unicorn’s judgment is accurate,There is no need to waste time here,He simply accepted the puppet,Then carefully explain the black unicorn,So he left with Zhong Miura,Mobei,It will be the gathering place of the blood gods and demons。

Chapter nine hundred and seventy one Go to Mobei
Just after Li Tianzhu and Zhong Sanpo left Wumingshan,Old man Dong also started arranging a large-scale evacuation,****、Special Forces,And all logistics support units are withdrawn,The underground palace of Wuming Mountain has been completely destroyed,The suppressed demon has fled,Nothing but the cracks in the underground space,So there is no need to waste a lot of manpower。
The key is,Old man Dong got Li Tianzhi’s promise,Only the black unicorn can guard the space rift here,As a wild animal,Has a natural restraint effect on the undead army rushing out of the rift,Old man Dong has no doubt,So the withdrawal is very simple,The other two fissures are in urgent need of manpower。
In the end, a combat team of less than ten people was left to cooperate and communicate.,And the black unicorn hides in the mountains,Didn’t meet this team,It has a unique means of directly contacting Li Tianzhi。
In a small building under Fenghuangling Mountain,Old man Dong called an emergency meeting,Except for Gu Changfeng who couldn’t get out of the scene,All the backbone forces have participated,The first is to report the simple situation of the bloody case of Liuyunguan,Try to eliminate the impact as much as possible。
Secondly,Analyzed the grim situation at the moment,Although there is no emphasis on revealing the typical bloodthirsty murderous kind of blood,Also did not appear similar to‘Mark of the End’’S word,But the main meaning has been very thorough,The purpose is to let everyone have a clear understanding,Be prepared,In the future battle,What kind of enemy will everyone face。
Affected by Li Tianzhi,Old man Dong’s thinking has become more pragmatic and open-minded,Of course he doesn’t want his subordinates、Brothers inexplicably bleed and sacrifice。
Sounds a bit sad,actually not,This is to face the enemy on a very formal level、Face the crisis,Actually put out fire everywhere、The action of small troubles has risen to the height of unified deployment at the national level,In fact, higher levels are already quietly mobilizing on a large scale。
Old man Dong just made an advance,He will be busy in the future,It’s hard to have this opportunity again,He needs to pay attention to the blood line,Personally participate when necessary,Also involves international cooperation,The territory is vast,Only three gaps in space were found,Still so busy,And the latest news,A small country in South America unfortunately has a space gap,Very weird and cruel alien black worms broke into human society,Devour all living things that can be seen,Flooding,The country is instantly at a critical juncture of life and death,influenced by,Neighboring countries have closed their borders,But where can I live?
The trend of large-scale invasion of alien organisms is beginning to emerge,No longer a region、A country thing,Is a crisis facing all mankind,The long road to defend our homeland has just begun。
After the meeting,Xu Yin, the great cultivator who has been standing next to Old Man Dong, quietly left Phoenix Ridge,His destination is also Xiaoqinggou in Mobei,Old man Dong can’t get out,Xu Yin’s mission is to be his eyes,Staring at the coming storm on the Mobei Wasteland。
Zhong Sanpu is the Taishan Beidou of the spiritual world,Unparalleled status,There are also a group of hidden masters who can’t even invite Old Dong,Jong Miura must come forward,So he must not have an accident,Old man Dong doesn’t doubt Li Tianzhen’s ability,But the horror of the blood family made him cautious,Besides,Do not know why,He also has an unspeakable anxiety and panic。
Autumn season,It’s already very cold on the Mongolian grasslands,But the desert principle of Mobei is farther north of the grassland,The Xiaoqinggou area is actually near the border,The dark cyan clouds press the sky very low,The outline of the mountains faintly appeared in the northwest of the endless wasteland,On the horizon is like a squiggly gray line,Yuanyao echoes the rolling clouds。
“In front is the Buried Mountain Range,For thousands of miles,Not high mountain,But wins。”

This is for Gao Xiaofang,What kind of blow is this??

Although Qin Feng didn’t experience anything like this,But just thinking about it, he knows how difficult it is。
“I……”Various complex emotions in Gao Xiaofang,He didn’t think that he would be appreciated the only time,I was still appreciated by one of my enemies。
The subversion of fate makes Gao Xiaofang really want to cry。
Even though he knows he can’t cry,Because once you bow your head in front of Qin Feng,I really can’t hold my head up。
But Qin Feng’s next sentence made Gao Xiaofang want to cry:“No need to say anything,I just want to ask you,Do you want to do a career?I have doubts about your character,But your work ability is recognized by me。”
Gao Xiaofang feels he can’t get around,He looked at Qin Feng in surprise and asked:“what do you mean?”
“I mean very simple,Are you interested in mastering this school,Develop this school into,Famous school in the country,At that time the school will provide you with a house and a car,Materially, you don’t need to worry too much。”
You also know that Qingshui Village now has such capital,But can you be worthy of me?
Jiang Yan is already Qin Feng’s girlfriend,Jiang Yan will definitely have a more important position in the future,So Qin Feng also wants to support Gao Xiaofang。
Still that sentence,Qin Feng is also a person who cares about old love,Gao Xiaofang didn’t leave when this place was most difficult,He naturally cannot disappoint Gao Xiaofang。
“Is not,You tell me again?”Gao Xiaofang’s wine taste also went away in an instant,His body is shaking,He went so hard to drill camp,Want to leave everywhere,Is it just to have a house and a car?。
But now he has discovered his dream,It’s so simple at this moment。
“I said,If you can take on the responsibility of the principal,Having a house and a car is just a moment of effort,You have served the school for ten years,This car and house belong to you。”
seriously,I didn’t recognize your character before,But I agree with your professional ethics,So this is what I said。
Qin Feng thought of the scene he saw before,There is also some warmth in his heart,In the previous few days,There are many things in the village。
But Gao Xiaofang did not abandon himself as he thought,Vent their hostility to those students unscrupulously,Instead, it’s all kinds of patient persuasion。
And what Qin Feng could not think of was,There are students with family difficulties,This Gao Xiaofang actually paid for the kid to eat。
Not much money,Not many people even notice,But that’s what makes it even more precious。

Xiang Chen looked back at Zheng Ziling,Zheng Ziling also stared at Xiang Chen,The first time my eyes looked like an eagle and a wolf。

“Although we often win the academic contest,But we have not won ten years in a row,Next hot news,Are you carrying it??”
Zheng Ziling refused the time for timely treatment,Compared to body pain,What he has to endure mentally may be more severe。
Finished talking,Regardless of Xiang Chen’s response,I smiled first,I am a rich second generation,What’s the matter?“National affairs”。Beckoning people around to take oneself away,Zheng Ziling thought it might be OK to sleep on the hospital bed,It’s just that all the pressure is thrown on the person behind,Somewhat not very authentic,But these have nothing to do with me now!
“Maybe I can do miracles!”
Xiang Chen looked at Zheng Ziling’s back,Smiled and said,Just in exchange for Zheng Ziling to raise her hand and see herself,I looked back and didn’t get it。
The palm of the host on the ring is already covered with sweat,Fortunately, Xiang Chen finally stepped onto the ring。
Under the introduction of the host,The referee checks the protective gear of both sides。
“Go for it!”
When I checked the protective gear for Xiang Chen,The referee whispered。
“Made so many excuses,Wore such parts,To fight,Not tired?”
Xiang Chen muttered in a voice that only the referee can hear。
“tired!But this is legal!”
Patted Xiangchen’s protective gear,No problem,Then the referee stopped talking to Xiang Chen。
After the referee signaled to start,Xiang Chen suddenly felt that the surrounding voices were weakened a lot。
Staring ahead,The muscular blond boy has already raised his fist and hit him。
Raised his hand and grabbed the boy’s fist,Then push forward,The foreign boy took a few steps backwards。
An instant,Cheers around。In the cheers around,The foreign boy who didn’t remember Xiang Chen’s name was full of puzzlement and anger,I want to punch Xiangchen again,But people were stunned,After that,Cheers also weakened。

“Never discussed this issue,Maybe it’s just not fate!There are so many people who never tire of seeing each other,No one is all together!”Xiang Chen pretended to say lightly。

“Do you like me?”Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen and asked seriously。
“If i say,the firstesdcf.Saw you,I’m hard,Do you believe it?”
Xiang Chen smirked……
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Four Entrust
The smirk on Xiang Chen’s face may be unknown to Bai Lu before,But now Bai Lu is no longer what he used to be,Xiang Chen’s voice came down,Understand in an instant,Immediately two-finger Zen continued to greet Xiang Chen’s waist。
The force between Bai Lu’s fingers is getting stronger,But Xiang Chen is still calm and calm。
Reach out to hold Bai Lu in her arms,At the beginning, Bai Lu also symbolically resisted,In the end, he shrank into Xiang Chen’s arms as if he accepted his fate。
“I haven’t fallen in love with you yet!You’d better not get into it。”
Leaning on Xiang Chen’s shoulder,Bai Lu’s tone is a bit headstrong。
“Will fall in love in the future。”Xiang Chen said confidently。
Bai Lu uttered a question,Looking up at Xiang Chen,Asked:“Listen to you,Looks like a veteran in love,How many women have you dated before?”
“Can’t remember!Work required,Sometimes I can’t help myself!”Xiang Chen tell the truth,I don’t want to deceive Bai Lu on these things,God knows when the crazy lady Lan Youmeng will kill a carbine。
“I will beat them!”
Bai Lu seemed to cheer herself up when she spoke,Two cheeks bulging。

As for their side?I can only watch it change!

Before leaving,Li Huan asked,“Master,Shall we let Tim Huang use the Self-Defense Force??”
“Forget it,Don’t want to make things too big!”Qin Feng shook his head,Of course he also knows that at this time, involving the Island Self-Defense Force is the best way。
The issue is,The transfer of the Self-Defense Forces will attract the attention of the whole world。
And once used,Li Huan’s position is definitely not guaranteed。the most important is,People Tianhuang may not agree to this request。You must know that there is a cooperative relationship between Chuanren Tianhuang and Qin Feng and others,But I didn’t say to stand in line completely。Now it’s pretty good to be able to provide help from people in the patrol hall。
After seeing Qin Feng’s order,Cen Wencai said,“How to solve on-site?Do you want to use people to pile up??I have thousands of minions to participate in the battle。just.”
The battle situation in front of you is set like this。Zhong Fa has been taken for treatment,The only person on the court who can change the battle situation is Qiao Wei alone.。
The issue is,If he doesn’t want to continue participating in the war, Qin Feng can’t help it.。Cen Wen didn’t persuade,What he can do now,Is to let your own people fill this hole。
But even if it is a team of thousands,Take action on the Heavenly Sweeper,It may not be able to treat each other。Even the three members of his team may die or die in vain。
of course,If it’s necessary,He can only let these people go。
Qin Feng squinted,“You said there is no other way?”
Although Qin Feng didn’t want to see his thousands of troops die like this,But Jiang Min over the god-level battle circle obviously won’t last long。It seems to take a longer time for the sky side。
Qin Feng looked down at the flying knife in his hand。As long as he takes the knife,Will be able to severely inflict damage to the two heavenly rivals
Those two buy time。But this will affect Qin Feng’s injury。Besides,God level can still be eyeing,Of course Qin Feng must retain some life-saving capabilities。
“Do you have a death squad??Just find someone to carry the bomb and explode!”Qin Feng remembered his battle among the ancients at this time。
But the premise is,If you do,It is possible to accidentally injure the friendly army。
“Try it!”
Logically,As long as people from the death squad run over and hold one’s thigh,Then the bomb works,At least it can hit the opponent’s。The issue is,Can you hold your opponent? This is a question。
and,How to notify those two“companion”Is also a technical activity。
But Cen Wen still started contacting through the communicator。

“Ok,I call,Mainly I want to ask you,Your device is really amazing,Have you seen that there are only less than ten people left now。”Speaking of which,Mr. Fan can’t hide his happiness。

You know when there were so many red spots before,He was really worried,After all, no matter how good he is,,That is definitely not able to deal with so many people, OK??
but,Fan Lao really did not expect,This Xiao Fan’s level will be so successful,How long is this,Such a big group of people,It’s almost wiped out。
Ask,How can this keep him from getting excited?
“Fan Lao,You look down on me too much,Originally, I didn’t have one goal left?In this case,I can drink a few jars of Tibetan wine here。”Xiao Fan said。
“I rely on!Xiao Fan,I tell you,Don’t be too arrogant, kid!”Although this old man sincerely praised Xiao Fan for his invincibility,But when he heard Xiao Fan’s arrogant words,I can’t help but hurt Xiao Fan a few words。
“You don’t admit?”Xiao Fan asked, raising his eyebrows。
“No,No,How could I not admit it?I admire you now, it’s like a surging river……”
Hearing that Mr. Fan is about to start talking nonsense again,Xiao Fan immediately shook his head helplessly,Then said:“Stop you,Stop,Put away your words,I do not want to hear!”
“Good good,You are the boss,You decide,good or not?”Fan Lao didn’t care about his attitude towards himself with Xiao Fan。
Although the age difference between him and Xiao Fan is very big,But this friend relationship is hard to beat!
And the two of them are already used to this way of speaking。
Chapter 391 Give you a suggestion
Moreover,To put it bluntly now,But I am begging Xiao Fan to help me,Naturally,Xiao Fan is the biggest。
“Is not,I said Fan Lao,give me a call,Mainly to praise me for those few words,is it?”Xiao Fan said silently。
Xiao Fan is very good,This is something everyone knows,Alright?

“Qin Feng,Call your people too。”Cen Wen directly changed the subject。

“my people?what’s the situation?”Qin Feng looked puzzled。
Then Cen Wen clapped his hands,Another familiar face appeared。
“Qiao Wei?Oh my God,Why are you here?its not right,At that time, the official information said that you and Yao Xiaoqin were fighting off
Into the sea。How come here?”Qin Feng felt that the gap between him and them was too big。How come all the information I received seems to be fake?
Cen Wen smiled and said:“It was our people who fell into the sea。But Yao Xiaoqin has indeed been caught by us。Is coming here。I must be there tonight or tomorrow。That’s why I asked you to inform your people to come。”
“my people?”Qin Feng thought,What else can i have,Isn’t it you guys??
Qiao Wei smiled,“My son and Wanyu!Call them over。”
“amount.”Qin Feng just remembered that there was such a thing。
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Chapter Three Eighty One Xuanmen double pride