This is for Gao Xiaofang,What kind of blow is this??

Although Qin Feng didn’t experience anything like this,But just thinking about it, he knows how difficult it is。
“I……”Various complex emotions in Gao Xiaofang,He didn’t think that he would be appreciated the only time,I was still appreciated by one of my enemies。
The subversion of fate makes Gao Xiaofang really want to cry。
Even though he knows he can’t cry,Because once you bow your head in front of Qin Feng,I really can’t hold my head up。
But Qin Feng’s next sentence made Gao Xiaofang want to cry:“No need to say anything,I just want to ask you,Do you want to do a career?I have doubts about your character,But your work ability is recognized by me。”
Gao Xiaofang feels he can’t get around,He looked at Qin Feng in surprise and asked:“what do you mean?”
“I mean very simple,Are you interested in mastering this school,Develop this school into,Famous school in the country,At that time the school will provide you with a house and a car,Materially, you don’t need to worry too much。”
You also know that Qingshui Village now has such capital,But can you be worthy of me?
Jiang Yan is already Qin Feng’s girlfriend,Jiang Yan will definitely have a more important position in the future,So Qin Feng also wants to support Gao Xiaofang。
Still that sentence,Qin Feng is also a person who cares about old love,Gao Xiaofang didn’t leave when this place was most difficult,He naturally cannot disappoint Gao Xiaofang。
“Is not,You tell me again?”Gao Xiaofang’s wine taste also went away in an instant,His body is shaking,He went so hard to drill camp,Want to leave everywhere,Is it just to have a house and a car?。
But now he has discovered his dream,It’s so simple at this moment。
“I said,If you can take on the responsibility of the principal,Having a house and a car is just a moment of effort,You have served the school for ten years,This car and house belong to you。”
seriously,I didn’t recognize your character before,But I agree with your professional ethics,So this is what I said。
Qin Feng thought of the scene he saw before,There is also some warmth in his heart,In the previous few days,There are many things in the village。
But Gao Xiaofang did not abandon himself as he thought,Vent their hostility to those students unscrupulously,Instead, it’s all kinds of patient persuasion。
And what Qin Feng could not think of was,There are students with family difficulties,This Gao Xiaofang actually paid for the kid to eat。
Not much money,Not many people even notice,But that’s what makes it even more precious。

Xiang Chen looked back at Zheng Ziling,Zheng Ziling also stared at Xiang Chen,The first time my eyes looked like an eagle and a wolf。

“Although we often win the academic contest,But we have not won ten years in a row,Next hot news,Are you carrying it??”
Zheng Ziling refused the time for timely treatment,Compared to body pain,What he has to endure mentally may be more severe。
Finished talking,Regardless of Xiang Chen’s response,I smiled first,I am a rich second generation,What’s the matter?“National affairs”。Beckoning people around to take oneself away,Zheng Ziling thought it might be OK to sleep on the hospital bed,It’s just that all the pressure is thrown on the person behind,Somewhat not very authentic,But these have nothing to do with me now!
“Maybe I can do miracles!”
Xiang Chen looked at Zheng Ziling’s back,Smiled and said,Just in exchange for Zheng Ziling to raise her hand and see herself,I looked back and didn’t get it。
The palm of the host on the ring is already covered with sweat,Fortunately, Xiang Chen finally stepped onto the ring。
Under the introduction of the host,The referee checks the protective gear of both sides。
“Go for it!”
When I checked the protective gear for Xiang Chen,The referee whispered。
“Made so many excuses,Wore such parts,To fight,Not tired?”
Xiang Chen muttered in a voice that only the referee can hear。
“tired!But this is legal!”
Patted Xiangchen’s protective gear,No problem,Then the referee stopped talking to Xiang Chen。
After the referee signaled to start,Xiang Chen suddenly felt that the surrounding voices were weakened a lot。
Staring ahead,The muscular blond boy has already raised his fist and hit him。
Raised his hand and grabbed the boy’s fist,Then push forward,The foreign boy took a few steps backwards。
An instant,Cheers around。In the cheers around,The foreign boy who didn’t remember Xiang Chen’s name was full of puzzlement and anger,I want to punch Xiangchen again,But people were stunned,After that,Cheers also weakened。

“Never discussed this issue,Maybe it’s just not fate!There are so many people who never tire of seeing each other,No one is all together!”Xiang Chen pretended to say lightly。

“Do you like me?”Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen and asked seriously。
“If i say,the firstesdcf.Saw you,I’m hard,Do you believe it?”
Xiang Chen smirked……
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Four Entrust
The smirk on Xiang Chen’s face may be unknown to Bai Lu before,But now Bai Lu is no longer what he used to be,Xiang Chen’s voice came down,Understand in an instant,Immediately two-finger Zen continued to greet Xiang Chen’s waist。
The force between Bai Lu’s fingers is getting stronger,But Xiang Chen is still calm and calm。
Reach out to hold Bai Lu in her arms,At the beginning, Bai Lu also symbolically resisted,In the end, he shrank into Xiang Chen’s arms as if he accepted his fate。
“I haven’t fallen in love with you yet!You’d better not get into it。”
Leaning on Xiang Chen’s shoulder,Bai Lu’s tone is a bit headstrong。
“Will fall in love in the future。”Xiang Chen said confidently。
Bai Lu uttered a question,Looking up at Xiang Chen,Asked:“Listen to you,Looks like a veteran in love,How many women have you dated before?”
“Can’t remember!Work required,Sometimes I can’t help myself!”Xiang Chen tell the truth,I don’t want to deceive Bai Lu on these things,God knows when the crazy lady Lan Youmeng will kill a carbine。
“I will beat them!”
Bai Lu seemed to cheer herself up when she spoke,Two cheeks bulging。

As for their side?I can only watch it change!

Before leaving,Li Huan asked,“Master,Shall we let Tim Huang use the Self-Defense Force??”
“Forget it,Don’t want to make things too big!”Qin Feng shook his head,Of course he also knows that at this time, involving the Island Self-Defense Force is the best way。
The issue is,The transfer of the Self-Defense Forces will attract the attention of the whole world。
And once used,Li Huan’s position is definitely not guaranteed。the most important is,People Tianhuang may not agree to this request。You must know that there is a cooperative relationship between Chuanren Tianhuang and Qin Feng and others,But I didn’t say to stand in line completely。Now it’s pretty good to be able to provide help from people in the patrol hall。
After seeing Qin Feng’s order,Cen Wencai said,“How to solve on-site?Do you want to use people to pile up??I have thousands of minions to participate in the battle。just.”
The battle situation in front of you is set like this。Zhong Fa has been taken for treatment,The only person on the court who can change the battle situation is Qiao Wei alone.。
The issue is,If he doesn’t want to continue participating in the war, Qin Feng can’t help it.。Cen Wen didn’t persuade,What he can do now,Is to let your own people fill this hole。
But even if it is a team of thousands,Take action on the Heavenly Sweeper,It may not be able to treat each other。Even the three members of his team may die or die in vain。
of course,If it’s necessary,He can only let these people go。
Qin Feng squinted,“You said there is no other way?”
Although Qin Feng didn’t want to see his thousands of troops die like this,But Jiang Min over the god-level battle circle obviously won’t last long。It seems to take a longer time for the sky side。
Qin Feng looked down at the flying knife in his hand。As long as he takes the knife,Will be able to severely inflict damage to the two heavenly rivals
Those two buy time。But this will affect Qin Feng’s injury。Besides,God level can still be eyeing,Of course Qin Feng must retain some life-saving capabilities。
“Do you have a death squad??Just find someone to carry the bomb and explode!”Qin Feng remembered his battle among the ancients at this time。
But the premise is,If you do,It is possible to accidentally injure the friendly army。
“Try it!”
Logically,As long as people from the death squad run over and hold one’s thigh,Then the bomb works,At least it can hit the opponent’s。The issue is,Can you hold your opponent? This is a question。
and,How to notify those two“companion”Is also a technical activity。
But Cen Wen still started contacting through the communicator。

“Ok,I call,Mainly I want to ask you,Your device is really amazing,Have you seen that there are only less than ten people left now。”Speaking of which,Mr. Fan can’t hide his happiness。

You know when there were so many red spots before,He was really worried,After all, no matter how good he is,,That is definitely not able to deal with so many people, OK??
but,Fan Lao really did not expect,This Xiao Fan’s level will be so successful,How long is this,Such a big group of people,It’s almost wiped out。
Ask,How can this keep him from getting excited?
“Fan Lao,You look down on me too much,Originally, I didn’t have one goal left?In this case,I can drink a few jars of Tibetan wine here。”Xiao Fan said。
“I rely on!Xiao Fan,I tell you,Don’t be too arrogant, kid!”Although this old man sincerely praised Xiao Fan for his invincibility,But when he heard Xiao Fan’s arrogant words,I can’t help but hurt Xiao Fan a few words。
“You don’t admit?”Xiao Fan asked, raising his eyebrows。
“No,No,How could I not admit it?I admire you now, it’s like a surging river……”
Hearing that Mr. Fan is about to start talking nonsense again,Xiao Fan immediately shook his head helplessly,Then said:“Stop you,Stop,Put away your words,I do not want to hear!”
“Good good,You are the boss,You decide,good or not?”Fan Lao didn’t care about his attitude towards himself with Xiao Fan。
Although the age difference between him and Xiao Fan is very big,But this friend relationship is hard to beat!
And the two of them are already used to this way of speaking。
Chapter 391 Give you a suggestion
Moreover,To put it bluntly now,But I am begging Xiao Fan to help me,Naturally,Xiao Fan is the biggest。
“Is not,I said Fan Lao,give me a call,Mainly to praise me for those few words,is it?”Xiao Fan said silently。
Xiao Fan is very good,This is something everyone knows,Alright?

“Qin Feng,Call your people too。”Cen Wen directly changed the subject。

“my people?what’s the situation?”Qin Feng looked puzzled。
Then Cen Wen clapped his hands,Another familiar face appeared。
“Qiao Wei?Oh my God,Why are you here?its not right,At that time, the official information said that you and Yao Xiaoqin were fighting off
Into the sea。How come here?”Qin Feng felt that the gap between him and them was too big。How come all the information I received seems to be fake?
Cen Wen smiled and said:“It was our people who fell into the sea。But Yao Xiaoqin has indeed been caught by us。Is coming here。I must be there tonight or tomorrow。That’s why I asked you to inform your people to come。”
“my people?”Qin Feng thought,What else can i have,Isn’t it you guys??
Qiao Wei smiled,“My son and Wanyu!Call them over。”
“amount.”Qin Feng just remembered that there was such a thing。
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Chapter Three Eighty One Xuanmen double pride

Zijin Mining (601899): Net profit increased by 19-31% after deducting non-return to motherhood and production capacity release period will be entered after 2020

Zijin Mining (601899): Net profit increased by 19-31% after deducting non-return to motherhood and production capacity release period will be entered after 2020
The event company released a performance forecast, which is expected to achieve a net profit of 41 trillion to 43 trillion in 2019, an increase of 0.06-2.0.6 million yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.15% to 5%.It is expected that the net profit of non-return to mothers will be realized in 201936.5 ‰ -40 ‰, an increase of 5 per year.89 to 9.$ 3.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19% to 31%. A brief comment on the increase in output of mineral products. The net profit after deducting non-attribution increased by 19% to 31%. Mineral gold and zinc were the main sources of profit for the company.6%, 27.6% and 11.6%).In 2019, the company’s mineral copper output was 37.0 tons, an annual increase of 49%; the output of mineral gold is 40.8 tons, an annual increase of 12%; mineral zinc 37.4In the initial period, the annual growth rate was 35%; the output growth promoted the performance growth. Mineral copper: The company’s output in 2022 will be nearly double that in 2019. The output of mineral copper (including copper concentrate, mineral electrolytic copper and mineral copper deposits) will be 37 tons in 1922, an increase of 49%. The company’s Q1 to Q4 mineral copper output in 2019They are 8.4, 8.7, 9.3, 10.6 ore, mineral copper output continued to rise.The company’s 20-year 22-year mineral copper production plan is 41, 50-56 and 67-74 tons, with an average annual compound oxide of 22% -26%. The 22-year mineral copper output ratio nearly doubled in 19 years. From the perspective of profitability, according to the company’s first three quarters of 2019, in the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton of copper oxide was 3 per ton.570,000 yuan / ton (excluding tax), the cost per ton of copper is 2 yuan.04 million / ton, gross profit per ton of copper is 1.530,000 yuan / ton.The price of copper in the previous three quarters was 4.780,000 yuan / ton (including tax), Q4 price in 2019 is 4.77 million / ton (including tax), copper price will be 4 from the beginning of 2020.91 million / ton (including tax), the cost of mineral copper is relatively rigid, the conversion of copper prices has increased, and the company’s profitability has further improved.Production increased and prices rebounded. It is expected that the company’s mineral copper profits will increase significantly in 2020. Mineral gold: The compound annual growth rate of output in the next three years is 6.3-9.From the perspective of output, the company’s mineral gold output in 2019 is 40.8 tons, an annual increase of 12%; 2020-2022 mineral gold production plans are 44, 42-47 and 49-54 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% -9.8%.By 2022, the company’s mineral gold output will increase by 32% compared to 2019. From the perspective of profitability, in the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton of mineral gold oxide was 290 yuan / g, the cost of ton mineral gold was 177 yuan / g, and the gross profit of ton mineral gold was 114 yuan / g.In the first three quarters of 2019, the gold price in the previous period was 306 yuan / gram, and the price in Q4 of 2019 was 341 yuan / gram. It is expected that the profitability of the company’s mineral copper will be further improved in 2019.Along with the company’s acquisition of the Buritica gold mine, Timok copper-gold mine and technically expanded Longnan Zijin, and other 南京龙凤网 high-quality projects have been put into production, the company’s cost of mineral gold has gradually increased and its profitability will further increase. Mineral zinc: The output will increase slightly in the next three years. From the perspective of output, the company’s mineral zinc will be 37 in 2019.4 Growth rate, with an annual growth rate of 35%; From 2020 to 2022, the mineral zinc production plans are 40, 37-41, and 38-42 indicators, with a compound annual growth rate of 0.9% -4.3%, a slight increase in future production. From the perspective of profitability, in the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton of mineral zinc oxide was 1.10,000 yuan (excluding tax), the cost per ton of zinc is zero.6 trillion tons of mineral zinc gross profit is 0.50,000 yuan.The price of zinc in the previous three quarters was 2.0 million yuan / ton (including tax), Q4 2019 price is 1.80,000 yuan / ton (including tax), the company expects that the profitability of mineral zinc in Q4 company will decline in 2019. Estimates and investment recommendations The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.16 yuan, 0.23 yuan and 0.30 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable PE is 26.1x, 18.3 times and 14.4 times, considering the company’s industry level and future growth, the company is given a “Buy” rating with a 6-month target price of 5.75 yuan.

Zhongshun Jierou (002511) Company dynamic comment: Daily necessities continue to lead the company Zero data Jierou stable value highlights

Zhongshun Jierou (002511) Company dynamic comment: Daily necessities continue to lead the company Zero data Jierou stable value highlights

The zero-data daily necessities performed strongly, and the value of mandatory consumption layout was prominent.

Retail data released in April 2019. Daily necessities +12.

6%, ranking first in all industries, maintaining double-digit growth, showing the expected consumption potential.

Under the environment of increasing trade frictions and increasing downward pressure on the economy, Jierou is more stable as a mandatory consumer sector benchmark.

The company’s Q1 revenue achieved high growth, which is the basis for long-term performance growth.

From the follow-up point of view, the improvement of the profit margin brought about by the decline and increase in pulp prices began to gradually manifest in 4 months, and the profit is expected to improve quarter by quarter.

In the long 重庆耍耍网 run, the company’s layout of a care category will open the ceiling for long-term growth.

High demand for wood pulp port inventory is weak. At present, there is no need to worry too much about the previous market cost.

China’s wood pulp imports account for about 33 of the world’s total wood pulp trade.

21% has a significant impact on the wood pulp market.

At present, from 2015 to 2016, China ‘s weak demand side is weaker than improving the decline in wood pulp prices. At the same time, the exchange rate is converted into a decreasing value cycle. Under the indicator that supply exceeds demand, the exchange rate is gradually returning to wood pulp.

We believe that the current port inventory is maintained at a high level, and demand is permanently uncertain and rebounded. Wood pulp prices may be self-adjusted against the depreciation of the RMB, and the company’s overall cost improvement space is limited.

The company has no plan to purchase wood pulp from the United States in 2019.

In August 2018, China announced the second batch of tariffs on about 60 billion U.S. imports of the United States. The tariff on wood pulp increased from 0% to 5%. In the latest list announced in May 2019, wood pulp remained at 5%.Import duties.

Affected by trade frictions, the company has actively made adjustments. At present, the company has not imported wood pulp from the United States. The company’s wood pulp imports mainly come from: Finland, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Uruguay and other ten countries.

From the perspective of the industry, the United States is not the main source of wood pulp never imported. In 2017, wood pulp mainly came from Brazil (22.

88%), Canada (18.

65%), Indonesia (13.

69%), Chile (9.

78%), there is room for expansion and avoidance of wood pulp procurement.

Investment suggestion: The company’s Q1 performance is beautiful. For the basis of continuous growth, mandatory consumer products show gradual value.

Q1 is the inflection point in costs. The improvement of the company’s profitability improves with the reduction of wood pulp, and the company’s profitability gradually increases to release its elasticity under the catalyst of increasing downward adjustments.

The company is the most growing brand of tissue paper company. The breadth of channels, the space for deep expansion and improvement, the steady delivery of new products and the continuous launch of new products, the company’s market share continues to increase.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is predicted to be 0.

41, 0.

51 yuan, corresponding to PE is 24X, 19X, maintain “highly recommended” level.

Risk reminders: the risk of rising raw material prices; less-than-expected capacity release; industry capacity expansion exceeds demand and increased competition; less-than-expected expansion of product expansion categories; and less-than-expected marketing channel construction.

Provincial Broadcasting Group (002400): Strengthening integrated marketing service capabilities with big data as a starting point

Provincial Broadcasting Group (002400): Strengthening integrated marketing service capabilities with big data as a starting point
This report reads: The company relies on data and technological advantages to strengthen its one-stop integrated marketing service capability with digital marketing as its core, and continues to strengthen its in-depth cooperation with customers. Investment Highlights: First Coverage, Target Price 3.27 yuan, cautiously increase holdings.The company continues to deploy digital marketing business based on big data and relies on data platforms to empower the traditional marketing industry. It is committed to continuously integrating resources and providing advertisers with a one-stop integrated marketing business.EPS0 is expected for 2019-2021.12/0.14/0.17 yuan, target price 3.27 yuan, the first coverage given a cautious overweight rating. Backed by China Telecom, multiple businesses go hand in hand.As the earliest public service advertising company in China, the company has formed long-term 杭州夜生活网 and in-depth cooperative relationships with many advertisers.At the same time, the company follows the development trend of the industry and develops outbound M & A to develop digital marketing. It has become a domestic first-class integrated marketing service provider across brand planning, public relations, traditional media advertising, digital marketing, and content marketing. Brand management has broad prospects for development, and digital marketing has expanded to integrate mainstream marketing.The increase in income has led to the expected increase in the number of mainstream + value consumers, and the increase in consumer brand awareness has become the most fundamental driving force for companies to communicate brand value through marketing. The future development of brand management is expected.In essence, the advertising 杭州桑拿 industry has transitioned to technology-driven digital marketing, digital advertising has expanded its absolute advantage market share, and big data + artificial intelligence + online and offline scene fusion brings more possibilities for integrated marketing with digital marketing as its core.Sex. With big data as the starting point, we will promote the transformation of Guangdong Guangquan’s marketing business.The company relies on a diversified one-stop integrated marketing business to establish long-term stable cooperative relationships with many high-quality customers, while complying with industry development trends, and continuously strengthening digital marketing capabilities with technology and data as its core, to create more products that meet different industries and different marketing methods.Consumer research tools, as well as launching richer consumer insight products, strengthening the application and monetization of big data technologies in different marketing scenarios. Risk Warning: Uncertainty brought by industry competition, brain drain and asset impairment

Guodian NARI (600406): Expanded growth orders accelerate upward

Guodian NARI (600406): Expanded growth orders accelerate upward

Investment Highlights The company released the third quarter report of 2019: the company achieved operating income of 171 in the first three quarters.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 21.

460,000 yuan, at least -7.

32%, realizing net profit deducted from non-mother 20.

1.3 billion, +4 a year.

34%; the company’s single quarter of 2019Q3 achieved revenue of 62.

460,000 yuan, at least -5.

41%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 9.

45 ‰, at least -1.

93%, realizing net profit deduction for non-attribution8.

99 ‰, +4 for ten years.

69%, performance in line with market expectations.

This is an average increase: gross profit margin and net profit attributable to mothers have increased significantly, especially Q3 single-quarter growth continued to increase.

The company has shown a good development trend, especially the single quarter gross margin reached 31.

13%, a new high in the past two years, showing the company’s shift to the pursuit of order quality and performance-oriented development thinking.

The company’s Q3 single-quarter revenue transition level has an impact on extending the pace of project delivery at this stage, and is expected to remain unchanged.

From the perspective of the company’s operating income confirmation rhythm from 2016 to 2018, the company’s performance is mainly in Q4, and there is no regular pattern during the quarter. The company’s revenue confirmation is mainly the project delivery rhythm.

With the overall expectations unchanged, we believe that Q4 revenue and performance growth will all exceed 20%, and the growth rate will continue to increase.

Orders are forward-looking 杭州夜网论坛 indicators with accurate performance, and more order growth rates should be added.

We believe that the growth rate of the company’s orders is particularly important. The company’s 2018 annual report revealed that the order growth rate was 11%, and Q4 was the peak in revenue recognition. As of the end of September, the company’s orders in hand were about 40 billion, which is expected to be cashed in large quantities in this yearWe have confidence in the company’s development goal of achieving a 10% increase in scale revenue.

Investment suggestion: Benefiting from the widespread investment landing, the order growth rate of the company is expected to rise to a higher level, leading to the improvement of the forecast. We adjust the profit forecast and estimate that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 43.

6, 55.

4, 69.

1 ‰, the annual growth rate is 4 respectively.

7%, 27.

2%, 24.

7%, EPS is 0.

94, 1.

20, 1.

49 yuan, corresponding to the PE of the closing price on November 1, 2019 were 23.

8, 18.

7, 15.

0 times, raised to the “buy” level.

Risk reminder: The risk of flooding in the electric power Internet of Things is less than expected, UHV construction investment is less than expected, and the macroeconomic growth is slowing down.