“Ok,I call,Mainly I want to ask you,Your device is really amazing,Have you seen that there are only less than ten people left now。”Speaking of which,Mr. Fan can’t hide his happiness。

You know when there were so many red spots before,He was really worried,After all, no matter how good he is,,That is definitely not able to deal with so many people, OK??
but,Fan Lao really did not expect,This Xiao Fan’s level will be so successful,How long is this,Such a big group of people,It’s almost wiped out。
Ask,How can this keep him from getting excited?
“Fan Lao,You look down on me too much,Originally, I didn’t have one goal left?In this case,I can drink a few jars of Tibetan wine here。”Xiao Fan said。
“I rely on!Xiao Fan,I tell you,Don’t be too arrogant, kid!”Although this old man sincerely praised Xiao Fan for his invincibility,But when he heard Xiao Fan’s arrogant words,I can’t help but hurt Xiao Fan a few words。
“You don’t admit?”Xiao Fan asked, raising his eyebrows。
“No,No,How could I not admit it?I admire you now, it’s like a surging river……”
Hearing that Mr. Fan is about to start talking nonsense again,Xiao Fan immediately shook his head helplessly,Then said:“Stop you,Stop,Put away your words,I do not want to hear!”
“Good good,You are the boss,You decide,good or not?”Fan Lao didn’t care about his attitude towards himself with Xiao Fan。
Although the age difference between him and Xiao Fan is very big,But this friend relationship is hard to beat!
And the two of them are already used to this way of speaking。
Chapter 391 Give you a suggestion
Moreover,To put it bluntly now,But I am begging Xiao Fan to help me,Naturally,Xiao Fan is the biggest。
“Is not,I said Fan Lao,give me a call,Mainly to praise me for those few words,is it?”Xiao Fan said silently。
Xiao Fan is very good,This is something everyone knows,Alright?

“Qin Feng,Call your people too。”Cen Wen directly changed the subject。

“my people?what’s the situation?”Qin Feng looked puzzled。
Then Cen Wen clapped his hands,Another familiar face appeared。
“Qiao Wei?Oh my God,Why are you here?its not right,At that time, the official information said that you and Yao Xiaoqin were fighting off
Into the sea。How come here?”Qin Feng felt that the gap between him and them was too big。How come all the information I received seems to be fake?
Cen Wen smiled and said:“It was our people who fell into the sea。But Yao Xiaoqin has indeed been caught by us。Is coming here。I must be there tonight or tomorrow。That’s why I asked you to inform your people to come。”
“my people?”Qin Feng thought,What else can i have,Isn’t it you guys??
Qiao Wei smiled,“My son and Wanyu!Call them over。”
“amount.”Qin Feng just remembered that there was such a thing。
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Chapter Three Eighty One Xuanmen double pride

Zijin Mining (601899): Net profit increased by 19-31% after deducting non-return to motherhood and production capacity release period will be entered after 2020

Zijin Mining (601899): Net profit increased by 19-31% after deducting non-return to motherhood and production capacity release period will be entered after 2020
The event company released a performance forecast, which is expected to achieve a net profit of 41 trillion to 43 trillion in 2019, an increase of 0.06-2.0.6 million yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.15% to 5%.It is expected that the net profit of non-return to mothers will be realized in 201936.5 ‰ -40 ‰, an increase of 5 per year.89 to 9.$ 3.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19% to 31%. A brief comment on the increase in output of mineral products. The net profit after deducting non-attribution increased by 19% to 31%. Mineral gold and zinc were the main sources of profit for the company.6%, 27.6% and 11.6%).In 2019, the company’s mineral copper output was 37.0 tons, an annual increase of 49%; the output of mineral gold is 40.8 tons, an annual increase of 12%; mineral zinc 37.4In the initial period, the annual growth rate was 35%; the output growth promoted the performance growth. Mineral copper: The company’s output in 2022 will be nearly double that in 2019. The output of mineral copper (including copper concentrate, mineral electrolytic copper and mineral copper deposits) will be 37 tons in 1922, an increase of 49%. The company’s Q1 to Q4 mineral copper output in 2019They are 8.4, 8.7, 9.3, 10.6 ore, mineral copper output continued to rise.The company’s 20-year 22-year mineral copper production plan is 41, 50-56 and 67-74 tons, with an average annual compound oxide of 22% -26%. The 22-year mineral copper output ratio nearly doubled in 19 years. From the perspective of profitability, according to the company’s first three quarters of 2019, in the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton of copper oxide was 3 per ton.570,000 yuan / ton (excluding tax), the cost per ton of copper is 2 yuan.04 million / ton, gross profit per ton of copper is 1.530,000 yuan / ton.The price of copper in the previous three quarters was 4.780,000 yuan / ton (including tax), Q4 price in 2019 is 4.77 million / ton (including tax), copper price will be 4 from the beginning of 2020.91 million / ton (including tax), the cost of mineral copper is relatively rigid, the conversion of copper prices has increased, and the company’s profitability has further improved.Production increased and prices rebounded. It is expected that the company’s mineral copper profits will increase significantly in 2020. Mineral gold: The compound annual growth rate of output in the next three years is 6.3-9.From the perspective of output, the company’s mineral gold output in 2019 is 40.8 tons, an annual increase of 12%; 2020-2022 mineral gold production plans are 44, 42-47 and 49-54 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% -9.8%.By 2022, the company’s mineral gold output will increase by 32% compared to 2019. From the perspective of profitability, in the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton of mineral gold oxide was 290 yuan / g, the cost of ton mineral gold was 177 yuan / g, and the gross profit of ton mineral gold was 114 yuan / g.In the first three quarters of 2019, the gold price in the previous period was 306 yuan / gram, and the price in Q4 of 2019 was 341 yuan / gram. It is expected that the profitability of the company’s mineral copper will be further improved in 2019.Along with the company’s acquisition of the Buritica gold mine, Timok copper-gold mine and technically expanded Longnan Zijin, and other 南京龙凤网 high-quality projects have been put into production, the company’s cost of mineral gold has gradually increased and its profitability will further increase. Mineral zinc: The output will increase slightly in the next three years. From the perspective of output, the company’s mineral zinc will be 37 in 2019.4 Growth rate, with an annual growth rate of 35%; From 2020 to 2022, the mineral zinc production plans are 40, 37-41, and 38-42 indicators, with a compound annual growth rate of 0.9% -4.3%, a slight increase in future production. From the perspective of profitability, in the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s ton of mineral zinc oxide was 1.10,000 yuan (excluding tax), the cost per ton of zinc is zero.6 trillion tons of mineral zinc gross profit is 0.50,000 yuan.The price of zinc in the previous three quarters was 2.0 million yuan / ton (including tax), Q4 2019 price is 1.80,000 yuan / ton (including tax), the company expects that the profitability of mineral zinc in Q4 company will decline in 2019. Estimates and investment recommendations The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.16 yuan, 0.23 yuan and 0.30 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable PE is 26.1x, 18.3 times and 14.4 times, considering the company’s industry level and future growth, the company is given a “Buy” rating with a 6-month target price of 5.75 yuan.

Zhongshun Jierou (002511) Company dynamic comment: Daily necessities continue to lead the company Zero data Jierou stable value highlights

Zhongshun Jierou (002511) Company dynamic comment: Daily necessities continue to lead the company Zero data Jierou stable value highlights

The zero-data daily necessities performed strongly, and the value of mandatory consumption layout was prominent.

Retail data released in April 2019. Daily necessities +12.

6%, ranking first in all industries, maintaining double-digit growth, showing the expected consumption potential.

Under the environment of increasing trade frictions and increasing downward pressure on the economy, Jierou is more stable as a mandatory consumer sector benchmark.

The company’s Q1 revenue achieved high growth, which is the basis for long-term performance growth.

From the follow-up point of view, the improvement of the profit margin brought about by the decline and increase in pulp prices began to gradually manifest in 4 months, and the profit is expected to improve quarter by quarter.

In the long 重庆耍耍网 run, the company’s layout of a care category will open the ceiling for long-term growth.

High demand for wood pulp port inventory is weak. At present, there is no need to worry too much about the previous market cost.

China’s wood pulp imports account for about 33 of the world’s total wood pulp trade.

21% has a significant impact on the wood pulp market.

At present, from 2015 to 2016, China ‘s weak demand side is weaker than improving the decline in wood pulp prices. At the same time, the exchange rate is converted into a decreasing value cycle. Under the indicator that supply exceeds demand, the exchange rate is gradually returning to wood pulp.

We believe that the current port inventory is maintained at a high level, and demand is permanently uncertain and rebounded. Wood pulp prices may be self-adjusted against the depreciation of the RMB, and the company’s overall cost improvement space is limited.

The company has no plan to purchase wood pulp from the United States in 2019.

In August 2018, China announced the second batch of tariffs on about 60 billion U.S. imports of the United States. The tariff on wood pulp increased from 0% to 5%. In the latest list announced in May 2019, wood pulp remained at 5%.Import duties.

Affected by trade frictions, the company has actively made adjustments. At present, the company has not imported wood pulp from the United States. The company’s wood pulp imports mainly come from: Finland, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Uruguay and other ten countries.

From the perspective of the industry, the United States is not the main source of wood pulp never imported. In 2017, wood pulp mainly came from Brazil (22.

88%), Canada (18.

65%), Indonesia (13.

69%), Chile (9.

78%), there is room for expansion and avoidance of wood pulp procurement.

Investment suggestion: The company’s Q1 performance is beautiful. For the basis of continuous growth, mandatory consumer products show gradual value.

Q1 is the inflection point in costs. The improvement of the company’s profitability improves with the reduction of wood pulp, and the company’s profitability gradually increases to release its elasticity under the catalyst of increasing downward adjustments.

The company is the most growing brand of tissue paper company. The breadth of channels, the space for deep expansion and improvement, the steady delivery of new products and the continuous launch of new products, the company’s market share continues to increase.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is predicted to be 0.

41, 0.

51 yuan, corresponding to PE is 24X, 19X, maintain “highly recommended” level.

Risk reminders: the risk of rising raw material prices; less-than-expected capacity release; industry capacity expansion exceeds demand and increased competition; less-than-expected expansion of product expansion categories; and less-than-expected marketing channel construction.

Provincial Broadcasting Group (002400): Strengthening integrated marketing service capabilities with big data as a starting point

Provincial Broadcasting Group (002400): Strengthening integrated marketing service capabilities with big data as a starting point
This report reads: The company relies on data and technological advantages to strengthen its one-stop integrated marketing service capability with digital marketing as its core, and continues to strengthen its in-depth cooperation with customers. Investment Highlights: First Coverage, Target Price 3.27 yuan, cautiously increase holdings.The company continues to deploy digital marketing business based on big data and relies on data platforms to empower the traditional marketing industry. It is committed to continuously integrating resources and providing advertisers with a one-stop integrated marketing business.EPS0 is expected for 2019-2021.12/0.14/0.17 yuan, target price 3.27 yuan, the first coverage given a cautious overweight rating. Backed by China Telecom, multiple businesses go hand in hand.As the earliest public service advertising company in China, the company has formed long-term 杭州夜生活网 and in-depth cooperative relationships with many advertisers.At the same time, the company follows the development trend of the industry and develops outbound M & A to develop digital marketing. It has become a domestic first-class integrated marketing service provider across brand planning, public relations, traditional media advertising, digital marketing, and content marketing. Brand management has broad prospects for development, and digital marketing has expanded to integrate mainstream marketing.The increase in income has led to the expected increase in the number of mainstream + value consumers, and the increase in consumer brand awareness has become the most fundamental driving force for companies to communicate brand value through marketing. The future development of brand management is expected.In essence, the advertising 杭州桑拿 industry has transitioned to technology-driven digital marketing, digital advertising has expanded its absolute advantage market share, and big data + artificial intelligence + online and offline scene fusion brings more possibilities for integrated marketing with digital marketing as its core.Sex. With big data as the starting point, we will promote the transformation of Guangdong Guangquan’s marketing business.The company relies on a diversified one-stop integrated marketing business to establish long-term stable cooperative relationships with many high-quality customers, while complying with industry development trends, and continuously strengthening digital marketing capabilities with technology and data as its core, to create more products that meet different industries and different marketing methods.Consumer research tools, as well as launching richer consumer insight products, strengthening the application and monetization of big data technologies in different marketing scenarios. Risk Warning: Uncertainty brought by industry competition, brain drain and asset impairment

Guodian NARI (600406): Expanded growth orders accelerate upward

Guodian NARI (600406): Expanded growth orders accelerate upward

Investment Highlights The company released the third quarter report of 2019: the company achieved operating income of 171 in the first three quarters.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 21.

460,000 yuan, at least -7.

32%, realizing net profit deducted from non-mother 20.

1.3 billion, +4 a year.

34%; the company’s single quarter of 2019Q3 achieved revenue of 62.

460,000 yuan, at least -5.

41%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 9.

45 ‰, at least -1.

93%, realizing net profit deduction for non-attribution8.

99 ‰, +4 for ten years.

69%, performance in line with market expectations.

This is an average increase: gross profit margin and net profit attributable to mothers have increased significantly, especially Q3 single-quarter growth continued to increase.

The company has shown a good development trend, especially the single quarter gross margin reached 31.

13%, a new high in the past two years, showing the company’s shift to the pursuit of order quality and performance-oriented development thinking.

The company’s Q3 single-quarter revenue transition level has an impact on extending the pace of project delivery at this stage, and is expected to remain unchanged.

From the perspective of the company’s operating income confirmation rhythm from 2016 to 2018, the company’s performance is mainly in Q4, and there is no regular pattern during the quarter. The company’s revenue confirmation is mainly the project delivery rhythm.

With the overall expectations unchanged, we believe that Q4 revenue and performance growth will all exceed 20%, and the growth rate will continue to increase.

Orders are forward-looking 杭州夜网论坛 indicators with accurate performance, and more order growth rates should be added.

We believe that the growth rate of the company’s orders is particularly important. The company’s 2018 annual report revealed that the order growth rate was 11%, and Q4 was the peak in revenue recognition. As of the end of September, the company’s orders in hand were about 40 billion, which is expected to be cashed in large quantities in this yearWe have confidence in the company’s development goal of achieving a 10% increase in scale revenue.

Investment suggestion: Benefiting from the widespread investment landing, the order growth rate of the company is expected to rise to a higher level, leading to the improvement of the forecast. We adjust the profit forecast and estimate that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 43.

6, 55.

4, 69.

1 ‰, the annual growth rate is 4 respectively.

7%, 27.

2%, 24.

7%, EPS is 0.

94, 1.

20, 1.

49 yuan, corresponding to the PE of the closing price on November 1, 2019 were 23.

8, 18.

7, 15.

0 times, raised to the “buy” level.

Risk reminder: The risk of flooding in the electric power Internet of Things is less than expected, UHV construction investment is less than expected, and the macroeconomic growth is slowing down.

Hongqi Chain (002697) Company Express: Channel Expansion Drives Revenue Growth

Hongqi Chain (002697) Company Express: Channel Expansion Drives Revenue Growth
The company disclosed three quarterly reports.The company achieved revenue of 58 in the first three quarters.88 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.82%, net profit attributable to mothers4.0.6 million yuan, an increase of 58 in ten years.69%, the basic profit income is about 0.3 yuan.The company achieved revenue of 20 in the third quarter.58 ppm, an increase of 11 years.59%, net profit attributable to mothers1.69 ppm, a 67-year increase.51%. Investment expansion Channel expansion drives revenue growth, Q3 supermarket main business growth is expected to gradually increase: the company Q1, Q2, Q3 achieved revenue growth rate 2 respectively.7%, 9.2%, 11.6%, the company ‘s channel expansion accelerated in the first half of the year, and the new stores gradually exerted their efforts to promote the third quarter revenue growth.The company achieved net profit growth of 45 in each quarter.7%, 56.8%, 67.5%, the third quarter profit growth rate is close to the performance forecast upper limit.The company invested in Xinwang Bank to promote the realization of investment income of associates and joint ventures by approximately 1 in the first three quarters.2.6 billion.Excluding this item, the Hongqi chain supermarket business is expected to achieve a profit growth rate of about 30 in the first three quarters.6%, the increase in direct procurement ratio and food CPI promoted the supermarket business growth of about 35 in the third quarter.6%, a growth rate of 27 in the first half.3% further increase. The proportion of direct procurement and imported goods pushed up the gross profit margin, and the accelerated expansion of channels affected cash flow: In terms of profitability, the increase in direct procurement ratio and food CPI increased the company’s gross profit margin in the first three quarters.08pct to 30.The 05% sales expense ratio rose slightly in the short term, the management expense ratio increased slightly, the financial expense ratio decreased slightly, and the total expense ratio increased slightly by 0.26 points to 24.19%, long-term equity investment value changes bring investment income, and eventually the company’s net interest rate increases.22pct to 6.90%.In terms of cash flow from operating activities, the company’s cash inflow from operating activities increased annually in the first three quarters.58%, the growth rate is basically the same as the revenue growth rate, and the reported continuous cash increase is 13.2%, the final net cash flow from operating activities was 51.14 million yuan, with a breakthrough decline each year, mainly due to the accelerated expansion of channels to make Q1 net cash flow from operating activities negative. Value-added services are effectively diverted, accounting for 深圳桑拿网 nearly 50% of the total: The Hongqi chain store close-packing model guarantees effective contact with residents, through telephone recharge, payment of utilities, television fees, sales of automobile train tickets, and bus card recharge, etc.Way for effective drainage.According to the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, the Red Flag Chain joined about 130 in 2018.500 million yuan, of which value-added business sales revenue 62.800 million, value-added services accounted for nearly 50%, effective drainage of other categories of goods. Regional high market share builds pricing power and maintains the company’s high gross profit margin: Due to the close-packing model, Hongqi Chain has been included in the higher market share of the Chengdu supermarket market. If it is estimated by the urban area of Chengdu and suburban 杭州夜网 counties, and assumes revenueThe ratio is the same as the sales ratio. We estimate that the company’s market share in Chengdu in 2017 will be about 50%.The scale of the market leader and the pricing power of Hongqi Chain in the regional market maintain the gross margin level of Hongqi Chain over peers. Investment suggestion: Hongqi Chain is a convenience supermarket based in Chengdu, which effectively drains value-added services, and builds pricing power with a high regional market share.The expansion of the company’s channels has promoted the growth of scale, and the increase in the direct procurement ratio has led to a rapid rise in the net profit margin of supermarkets.We predict that the company’s annual revenue from 2019 to 2021 will be 0.34, 0.38 and 0.43 yuan.Return on net assets were 15.4%, 15.3% and 15.1%.At present, the company’s PE (2019E) is about 24 times, and the “Buy-B” recommendation is maintained. Risk Warning: There is uncertainty about the expansion of stores outside Chengdu; the development of e-commerce and subway may have an impact on value-added services.

Huatai Securities (601688): Solid customer base advantage points to industry leader

Huatai Securities (601688): Solid customer base advantage points to industry leader

In 2019, the marketization and internationalization of Huatai Securities has actually landed: GDR was successfully issued, and fundraising was raised16.

$ 900 million; 武汉夜生活网 subsidiary AssetMark is listed on the NYSE.

On the basis of a solid customer base, wealth management transformation has blossomed in multiple points, the company’s share-based trading market share has steadily ranked first in the industry, and asset management business has grown against the trend.

The company’s overall industry as a whole is solid, and the sword refers to the industry leader.

The marketization and internationalization strategy was effectively implemented.

1) In June this year, the company successfully issued a GDR on the London Stock Exchange and raised a total of 16 funds.

9 billion US dollars, creating multiple financing records in the UK and even European capital markets, further enhancing the company’s capital strength and international influence.

2) The professional manager system reform was formally launched to further advance the pace of market-oriented development and effectively stimulate the company’s operating vitality.

3) In July this year, AssetMark was successfully listed on the NYSE.

In the initial public offering, the reorganization strengthened the company’s influence in the US business; the reorganization, the current assetmark market value19.

US $ 6.6 billion, previously at Huatai’s acquisition in 20167.

The value of 7.9 billion US dollars increased significantly.

The company’s capital strength has been continuously enhanced and the competitiveness of various businesses has been steadily improved.

In terms of channel business, the company’s share-based trading market share was 7 in the first half of the year.

63% for the fifth consecutive year.

The asset management business maintained a good development trend and achieved revenue in the first half of the year.

0 ppm, a year-on-year growth of 25%, achieving a large increase against the trend, and active management transformation is effective.

In terms of treasury business, we actively worked out layout investment strategies, and our credit business remained under pressure.

For self-operated businesses, the company actively promoted the transformation of equity-based businesses into transactions; reorganized and consolidated income businesses used a variety of trading strategies to achieve steady growth in investment performance.

In terms of credit business, Liangrong Business ranked second in terms of market share, with outstanding customer base advantages. The risk control of stock pledge business was stable, and the scale continued to drop.

Investment Suggestion: Maintain Strongly Recommend-A.

We have a stable and positive outlook for the market outlook. The company’s industry integration is solid and its overall strength is steadily improving.

We are optimistic about the company’s subsequent development based on: (1) industry development trends (capital market reform); (2) the company’s excellent customer base; (3) further optimization of the state-owned enterprise mixed reform mechanism; (4) and relatively high performance flexibility.

The company’s 19/20/21 net profit is expected to be 8.2 billion / 9.3 billion / 10.4 billion, of which +62% / + 14% / + 12%.

We give company 1.

9 times 19-year PB estimate, target price is 24.

22 yuan, space + 41%.

Risk Warning: The equity market has changed rapidly, industry innovation policies have exceeded expectations, regulatory policies have clearly become more severe, and competition in the industry has intensified.

Postpartum Yoga Helps New Mummy Eliminate Fatigue

Postpartum Yoga Helps New Mummy Eliminate Fatigue

Yoga is a kind of physical and physical exercise. Even if people get inner peace and tranquility, they will also have a positive impact on health.

The new mummy after the baby is born will always feel physically exhausted, and many times the mood will be bad. Practicing yoga at this time may have unexpected results.

  ◆ Boat style 1.

Lie on your back with your legs straight.

Lay your arms flat on your side, palms down.


Inhale and lift your head, upper torso, legs, and body all off the ground.

The two countries should be straight forward and parallel to the ground while holding their breath, while maintaining this posture for as long as possible, subject to no effort.


As you slowly exhale, gradually restore your legs and torso and relax your body.

Repeat this exercise 3 times.

  Role: Improve human organs and muscles, and help promote interventional peristalsis and improve digestive function.

  Cat style 1

Kneel down, sit on your heels, and straight forward.


Lift the top and place your hands on the ground.

Inhale, look up, and contract your hip muscles for 5 seconds.


Exhale, lower your head, arch your spine, and hold for another 5 seconds.

Arms straight, perpendicular to the ground.

  Role: Helps the uterus to return to its normal position.

  ◆ Tiger style 1.

Kneeling at first, sitting on both heels with the spine straight.

Put your hands forward, place them on the floor, raise the stairs, and make a crawling posture.


Look straight ahead, inhale, and shrink your right leg backwards.

Without breathing, bend your right knee and point your knee towards your head.

Gaze upwards for 5 seconds.


Exhale, put your knees bent back under the hips, close to the knees, above the toenails, look down, your noses close to the knees, and your spine should be arched.

Press the right leg backwards and do 5 reps on each leg.

  Role: Reduces hip and thigh areas, strengthens reproductive organs.

  ◆ Progressive legs and hips 1.

Sit upright with your legs stretched forward and your palms on your thighs.


Straight forward and straight forward, shoulders retracted backwards, inhale, be sure to lift your head high, exhale, slowly bend forward, bend forward as comfortably as possible, hold your calves with both hands, and bend your elbows longer and downward, Lower your head, as close to your knees as possible, hold for 10 seconds.


Inhale, straighten carbon dioxide to reduce.Relax your body and repeat twice.

  Role: Helps to make the uterus and bladder full of vitality, and the gonads are nourished.

  ◆ Perfluorinated insect type 1.

Lie on your back with your arms straight back and exhale, while raising your head, chest, and legs.


Breathe regularly and keep this position for as long as possible.


Initial reduction, body relaxation, repeated twice.

  Role: It is beneficial to all organs in the pelvic area.

Chinese medicine for stomach pain

Chinese medicine for stomach pain

Stomach pain, known as epigastric pain by Chinese medicine, is a disease of the digestive system.

The primary causes of epigastric pain are: sickness and guilty of the stomach, feeling cold, overeating, coldness or fatness, or overeating, etc .; worry and anger, qi stagnation and liver injury, liver loss and drainage, qi reversion to stomachIn addition, diet, fatigue and other factors have long injured the spleen and stomach, resulting in insufficient gas and spleen and stomach deficiency.

According to the principle of “dialectic treatment”, Chinese medicine practitioners have different correction methods, and can choose treatment according to the condition.

  Diet side: 1.
100 grams of fresh potatoes, 10 grams of ginger, squeezed juice and 30 ml of fresh orange juice and mix thoroughly, put the cup in hot water and warm 30 ml daily, suitable for neuropathic stomach pain, nausea, vomiting.

Previously, 60 grams of rice and 5 grams of ground ash.

Earlier rice porridge was boiled with water. When the porridge is good, transfer it to ground amomum and then boil 1?
2 can be opened.

Take it sooner or later.

This prescription is effective for Deficiency Cold stomachache, fullness, and vomiting.

  3.Fresh ginger 3?
5 tablets, suitable amount of brown sugar, re-soak with boiling water, drink while hot, take a little sweat after taking.

Applicable to cold stomach pain.

  4.Spring onion 3?
4 segments, ginger 3?
5 slices, the amount of white pepper noodles, brew with boiling water; or cook onions, ginger for a while, add a small amount of salt when serving, then add pepper noodles, drink soup while hot.
Suitable for cold stomach pain.

  5.6 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of hawthorn meat, 30 grams of brown sugar.

First fry the hawthorn with water and then add the cinnamon. After the hawthorn is cooked to heat, filter the juice into brown sugar, mix thoroughly and heat.

For stomach pain caused by cold food and excessive stickiness.

  6.Previously 100 grams of rice and 25 grams of beef floss (or other floss).

Use the usual method to cook porridge, add meat floss and mix well, and eat while hot.

Suitable for stomach pain caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.

  7.20 grams of bergamot decoction to remove residue, previously 100 grams of rice, add an appropriate amount of water, cook porridge, add rock sugar when porridge is ready, and cook in bergamot soup.

Take 2 times daily.

This prescription has better curative effect on chronic gastritis and stomachache.

  8.250 grams of fresh lean mutton, cut into small pieces and cook before congee with the same rice.

  Take 2 times daily.
This prescription cures cold stomach pain, middle-aged and elderly qi deficiency symptoms, insufficient yang, cold chills, and stomach pain.

  9.15 grams of raw hawthorn flakes and 20 grams of fried malt.

Pre-process the foam with boiling water. After foaming, add an appropriate amount of sugar and replace it with tea.

For spleen and stomach deficiency and cold stomachache.

  10.Honey 100?
150 ml, steam over water, take on an empty stomach before eating.

3 times a day with 2 servings?
3 weeks.

Honey can reduce the total acidity of gastric juice, the pain disappears, and the stool is normal.
Suitable for duodenal ulcer.

  11.5 grams of black tea, honey and sugar.

Add black tea to the low temperature cup, brew with boiling water, cover with soak for 10 minutes, then add honey and brown sugar, and serve while hot.

3 doses daily.

Treatment of duodenal ulcer.

  12.250 grams of ginger, 250 grams of red dates, 250 grams of lard, 250 grams of flour.

  Wash and dry the ginger, moisten the water, fry the pigs with red dates, and grind them into fine powder. Mix well with flour and add water.

It has the effects of warming the spleen, relieving spasm and analgesics.
It is effective for duodenal ulcer.

  13.Fresh cabbage, moderate sugar.

Wash the cabbage with cold water, smash it, and place the juice in a sterile gauze.

Take 1 cup of fresh cabbage juice daily before breakfast and dinner, add warm sugar and drink after warming.

2 times a day, every 10 days is a course of treatment.

Have heat-clearing and analgesic effects, and promote healing of ulcers.

Suitable for gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Early curative effect is obvious.