7 physical benefits you can get from yoga

7 physical benefits you can get from yoga

To prevent chronic diseases, don’t think that only the muscles and bones will be tired. The tiredness of the external body can be relieved by the massage of your hands.

And by the various postures of yoga posture massage.

The internal organs of the body can not only promote blood circulation, shrink stiff muscles, make joints flexible, but also make the glands secrete balance and strengthen nerves. Of course, chronic diseases will also be insulated from you.

  Eliminate tension and fatigue. People with incorrect corrections and sitting postures, or people who have been in a state of stress for a long time due to work or life stress, are naturally more likely to feel tired or tired than normal people while breathing abnormally.

The breathing method of yoga eliminates exhaust gas and virtual fire in the body through conscious breathing, and eliminates tension and fatigue.

  Massaging viscera combined with abdominal breathing exercises can improve visceral function, promote and reconcile the functions of circulatory digestion and endocrine system to calm the nervous system.

  Maintaining the full breathing of youth yoga can control the body and keep it in good health.

The active yoga that promotes the spirit of the elderly can also keep people in a state of joy. The vitality of life is originally introduced into the body and makes people often youthful.

  Weight loss Yoga’s weight loss is fundamentally to transform a person’s physical fitness.

Most obese people eat too much and exercise. Abdominal posture resets. Abnormal appetite returns to normal.

In addition, the cause of high blood pressure may also be weak will. Through yoga training, you will have more control when facing the temptation of food.

In addition, too much due to endocrine disorders or other gynecological reasons can of course be achieved by yoga various postures to achieve a good control effect.

  The training target has excess energy in the body that cannot be vented, which can lead to inattention. The persistent practice of yoga can make people focus on one thing, so that the physical body can act according to the inner will, so the spirit can naturally concentrate.

  Let your heart light up, master your emotions, strengthen your spirit, and relieve sorrow and depression.

This is how many people in modern life are constantly telling themselves that they are truly living and free from troubles. The soul needs to be constantly strengthened and purified, just like people breathe fresh air.

Learning yoga ranges from body pacing to spiritual purification, which is a chain reaction.

Human mind and emotion are inherited exercises and relaxation in the body that continue uninterrupted.

Yoga practice focuses on the areas of contraction and strengthening.

When the body is completely relaxed and focused on contracting the limbs, a pleasant “brain endorphin” in the body will produce a stable mood, which can release the emotions and cause positive thoughts to gradually reach “body relaxation and peace of mind” and “physical integration”realm.

The use of abdominal breathing can strengthen the internal organs of the abdominal cavity to control the speed of breathing. The autonomic nerve can be adjusted to control the heart rate and ease the tension.

The 10 most surprising longevity discoveries

The 10 most surprising longevity discoveries

Health and longevity are the goals pursued by mankind.

Several studies at home and abroad have shown that there are ten categories of people who are most likely to live a hundred years.


Short stature: American scientists believe that human beings have a most suitable height for survival. This height is: 165-168 cm for men and 159-162 cm for women.


Slightly fat people: When investigating the relationship between the weight and life span of 6 million people in the United States, scientists found that slightly fatter humans are more resistant to disease than thin people, and therefore have a longer lifespan.


Bald people: Men have strong androgen secretion, are plentiful and toxic, and have a long life expectancy.


Ear elders: How old the ears are and how long they live, which may be related to the strong kidney qi in Chinese medicine.


Waist thin: 95% of the total number of waist thin people who have lived through the age of 70, and rarely suffer from cardiovascular disease.


Firstborn: Hypertension data shows that the first and second births have the longest life expectancy. Among the 90-year-old group, the first and second births account for 60.

6%, and 77 in the 100-year-old group.



People with many plants in the living environment: Gardeners who have the same material living conditions and are busy with green leaves and red flowers all year round live an average of 7 years longer than those who live in downtowns with few flowers and trees and dirty air.


Dreamers: Japanese researchers have discovered that there is a substance in the human brain that affects sleep-hypnotic peptides.

People with more dreams tend to live longer because they have fewer hypnotic peptides.


People with type B blood: People with type B blood are more gentle and calm, calm and generous, but not overly competitive.

Among the longevity population, 83% of people with type B blood.


Those with slightly higher blood pressure: Finnish doctors have found that those who are over 80 years old have a blood pressure of about 160/90 mm Hg, and their survival rate is much higher than that of people with blood pressure of only 120/70 mm Hg.

Do you know what the correct skin care sequence is

Do you know what the correct skin care sequence is

Every woman needs to pay attention to protecting her own skin. If you do n’t pay attention to skin care, the skin will become worse and worse after a certain age. It suddenly gets older for several years.It is necessary to pay attention to a certain order of skin care, so how is the order of skin care correct?

Let’s find out together!

  How is the skin care sequence correct?
Correct skin care sequence: 1. Makeup remover must first remove the makeup of the shell before preparing skin care. If everyone removes makeup incorrectly, then skin care will be wasted.

There are still some women in life who go to bed without removing their makeup. This will hurt their skin very much. I hope everyone will get rid of this bad habit.

There are also some women who remove makeup without makeup, which is also not good. Excessive makeup removal also easily causes skin problems.

  2. After cleansing and removing makeup, it is the interface. It is necessary to clean the face once in the morning and before going to bed at night. This is a very important alternative. If the face is not thoroughly cleaned, the skin will gradually become dry and feel very tactile.Rough, pores will become larger and larger.

When cleaning your face, just use warm water to moisten your face, and then use an appropriate amount of cleansing product to evenly apply on the face.

  3. Toner The only thing left after the face is thoroughly cleansed is to apply toner. The toner can remove the cuticle from the skin, so that the skin can better absorb the essence of the toner.

  4. Eye essence The skin around the eyes is a very special part, which is very thin and fragile. If you do n’t pay attention to maintenance, a lot of eye lines will be generated. Usually you need to use eye essence care.Nutrient solution for caring for eye skin.

  5. Facial Essence Facial serum is used after cleansing facial skin and evenly applying toner. It is enough to use one type of serum.

  6. After using facial essence, face cream also needs to use face cream, so that the skin will become more moisturized, so as to achieve a very good skin care effect.

  7, sun protection Every woman must pay attention to sun protection measures after going out to prevent the skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays.

  How is the skin care sequence correct?
From the introduction of the above article, we know that there are seven correct skin care sequences, which are cleansing, cleansing, toning, eye essence, facial essence, cream and sunscreen. I hope that every woman should follow the above sequenceIn this way, the skin will become very good, and the whole person will become much younger all of a sudden.

Why is a broken woman more painful?

Why is a broken woman more painful?

Scientists find out why women are more distressed after a love affair-women’s brain regions that produce depression are far more active than menChanging their brains is the real reason why women have more pain than men when it comes to romance.

A report on the study has been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Ajif who leads the research team at South Carolina Medical University?

“After a broken relationship or the death of a loved one, it is very common for women to experience symptoms of depression, such as depression and loss of motivation and appetite for life,” Dr. Narebi said.

The most important point of this research is that it shows that the effect on the brain caused by the breakup of men and women is completely different from the effect on the brain caused by the grief after the loss of a loved one.

“The study looked at women between the ages of 18 and 40.

They have had at least six months of romance, and their relationship broke down at any later time 16 weeks ago.

These women can’t bear the shadow of emotions after breaking up with loved ones, leading to psychological problems.

During their painful memories, the researchers monitored their brain cell activity using advanced MRI techniques.

Li Da is wrapped with armor,Most of the horse, the horse, we are wide.,Time Gao Biyi actually didn’t recognize it.。lt;/Pgt;

“General Li,please。”lt;/Pgt;
“Recruitment。”Li Da arch,Gently wave。His palm flags around him take out a red flag,Waving hard!lt;/Pgt;
“Allocate,Break!”Li Da shouted,He squats 50 loading cavalry,Gather into a silver long dragon,Shooting the Scarecrow!lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi’s eyes suddenly,Watching the scarecrow and wooden walls like paper paste……lt;/Pgt;
NS217chapter Steel General Murong
Li Da with 50 items of equipment,Wood wall and her herger arranged with Gao Bo Yi,Cut seven zero eight,Almost in an instant,It is completely solved,No slim。lt;/Pgt;
Chopping straw Is a matter of nothing,But the problem is that people have a hurry.!That impact,As long as it is a person who has eye。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi can come out,Estimated impact of the installation of cavalry,Threats for infantry!On the front battlefield of the battle between the two armies,Suddenly there is such a http://www.mmyibao.cn cavalry,Ha ha,It is estimated that there is no general to laugh.。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao scared cold sweat,He is not worried about Li Da,It is fortunate that the cavalry brought by Yang Zhong,Both light cavalry,Instead of loading heavy ride。lt;/Pgt;
If Yang Zhong’s batch of cavalry inside the cavalry in the time,I am afraid that Luoyang City is not difficult.。lt;/Pgt;
“good!good,Sure enough, it is a hundred hundred fertiles.,I am relieved here.,This trip we successfully,Not in words!Camp tomorrow,Go to Zhangzhou!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Biyi praised Li Da and He Zuojun,Flower sedan,Nature is naturally harmonious。However, after opening a banquet at night,Fu May, pulls Gao Bo Yi to his own account。lt;/Pgt;
“Cavalry,Seems to be powerful,However, it is not to break their way.http://www.ygmc100.cn。”lt;/Pgt;
Fu Fu Shen,Take a string of Changping five 钱,Poster a pattern on the table。lt;/Pgt;
“We use the iron ring to make the wood,Assisted step army,First defense line in front。Can make the installation cavalry slow down。at this time,The other party’s step army and equipment,Sequence has been separated,It is difficult to support each other。”lt;/Pgt;

Mu Zijun put the brocade in the hands of Blue Xin。

Laugh:“Blue,This is, it makes me give you a gift.。”
Blue Xin is quite excited to look at the beautiful brocade box,She is excited to pick up the brocade box,The highlights are very light,She understands what she instantly.。
She looked at Muzi,Smile:“Mu,Thank you!”
Muzi lifts:“Blue,you are too polite,look,I am called blue blue.,I remember that,I am three years old.。”
“Forehead”:Blue Xin black line。
He remembers,He is three years old,This is quite intriguing.。
Mu Ziyou looked at the look of Blue Xin,Smile suddenly,A happy mouth,This problem doesn’t know when it can be changed.,He smile:“Blue,Isn’t your resume??”
Blue Xinyi,Slightly ill,This http://www.scgcsl.cn Muzi,He just now,Slightly,She is clear,Rate,What is Mu Zihao also hit her??
But this is just her feeling.。
She asked Lu Haozheng,Lu Haocheng did not see the truth of things。
never mind,Still slowly check it yourself.!
sometimes,Tutorial,Not necessarily。
Blue Xin smiled and said:“Mu is always a golden age,Just right to marry your wife。”
Muzi,Lu Hao Cheng,European,Su Sei Ming,These four people,It’s really good,At least she is really a good person。
Only when you really get together, you will touch the chance of their soul.。
They don’t blindly pursue,Stable maturity,Can always bring the sense of security。
And the four professional ability accumulates http://www.gzballs.cn to the peak,This is not surprising.,The development of the Chast Group is so fast。
“Ha ha”Mu Zi’s smile laugh,He also thinks this time is gold age。
But this age is in your heart.。
In general,Healthy personality,Independent ability,When I arrived at this time, my wife and child.,Indeed to golden age。
“Blue,I really have this now.。”Mu Ziyi looked at her。
Blue Xin smiled and looked at him.,He stands in front of her,Tallful,Eyebrow eye show,Flowing confidence。

Blue Xin laughs:“It seems that you are a must。”
Wen Wen is so happy,It is impossible to hear and between him.。
“correct,Her shares”
“Ha ha”Mu Ziyou suddenly smiled and interrupted her words.。
Blue Xin is quite strange to watch him,Look at him so confident,Is the shares also solved??
http://www.fzxcgcmy.cn Mu Ziphao stopped smile,Looking at Blue Xin,“Blue,Who am I??Muzi,do not worry,Shares,Solved by our two people。


Li Daishi:Not allowed to return to a word
The old monster has come to front.,Walking on the river,The strip is a long steel pipe.,Ten centimeters in diameter,At her feet, it is like flat,Doing this kind of training with Xiao Zheng girl is full of violations……There is another wonderful feeling。
“How to say Li Da?”
“Say to play games together at night。”
About ten o’clock in the evening,And Jiang Yi said that it is going to go to the Internet cafe to play the game.,He feels better than sneak touching。
“Pay attention to safety!”
Nan Ge and him at the entrance of a TV game。
Zhou has never crossing the road,I saw a female hooligan who was lang in the Internet cafe.,Not only http://www.snc815.cn squatting,Still left right,I should be my girlfriend if I should be unexpected.。
Approaching,Sure enough。
Although because of light reasons,Her face is shrouded under shadow,But the hair is straight by the street light.,That antenna is very conspicuous。
“Blue brother!!”
The group shouted in the west of the arms.。
Hear sound,Nan Ge looked up:“Provoke?Oh, this is Xiao Zheng or a sequin?”
“I am Xiao Zheng!”
“槐,How long have you been waiting??”
“Just right?”
“How do you talk like this??”
“hold head high……”
“Um?Let me see……”
Zhouzhi found,I look close carefully to her,See her twist avoided,Stepping next to each other,Around her front。
I didn’t hide this time.。
Know that you can hide。
Zhouzhi is very curious:“How is your mouth??”
“Similar to Guo Min……”
“You are so vague。”
“What did you eat?”
“Less session,Boot paper……”
Zhou walks into the Internet.,During the period, she continued to use the Yu Guang to steal her.。
And she constantly glances,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
No wonder dare to call the electric bidding hall。This Internet cafe is very good,There is a very fresh style,A lot of potted plants,Most mint and green,The seat spacing is larger,The machine looks very performance.,Of course, the price is also more http://www.local-alliance.cn expensive.。
Three people a cat,槐 序 不 不 身 身 证,Handling card in front desk。

Li Ming’s teeth bite“Grid”Make noise,There was an unstoppable anger in my heart。

It’s not that he has seen a similar tragedy。
Is this life,Small tribe squeezed in Saito,Encountering bandits is even worse than now。
On the edge of the west sea,Occasionally there are monsters breaking http://www.mideajfl.cn into the interior,Attack those ordinary tribes,More often than not, every tribe has no survivors。
however,That tragic Li Ming now feels completely different。
And now,Li Ming lived in this mountain village for two years。
Two years,Not worth mentioning in his long life,But those who get along with the http://www.ailianhe.cn villagers、The feelings of communication are by no means false。
Saw those familiar with being killed,Looted,An unknown fire came out of my heart。
With Li Ming’s heart and power in the third realm‘dominate’,Nature can dominate itself,Abandon these feelings。
But dominate,But still just‘Dominate oneself’Nothing more。
An instant,Li Ming places himself in the ordinary,Looking up at the world from a mundane angle。
“Click”Li Ming’s hunting bow was directly pinched off,Body shape flashes,Appearing in the mountain village http://www.yqzjyf.cn at a speed that the naked eye can’t see clearly。

Just when he suspects if there will be a silly fish.,Hands of fishing rods accidentally sink,Fast fishing, spots, black squid。

Most of this lake is a big mouth trout、Small mouth squid and spotted black squid,Chen Linzhi rarely eats squid,Indiscriminately,But the white bodyguard next to him knows,The bodyguard helps take the fish down,I didn’t let Chen Linzhi’s hand doubtful.。
Few meters away,Newman standing on another boat,Seeing this:“Sure enough, the novice is lucky.,But you have no soul like this.,Not catching a poisonous sea snake,Do you have a babysitter??”
“Shut your mouth, you,I am just learning how to take the fish hook.,瞧 背,Proud to affirm pain。”
Chen Linzhi refuted“Take a nanny”Statement,Wait until this spotted black squid is put into the net,Continue to get the fishing bait out,Return winder,Seriously paying attention to the movement of the bait。
I still don’t forget to die in my mouth.:“Fishing master,I have a fish on it.,Your fish??I see someone else fishing,Not a giant grouper is a bluefin tuna、Atlantic flag,Do you have a lot of fish you have come”
For a half newcomer in the style of fishing,Newman feels deeply malicious from this passage,Suddenly hardening,Chen Linzhi, contempt, telling him, scar。
Chen Linzhi saw this haha laughed,Do not mind。
Attention is fast on the fish,Because of the fish,This is really a big mouthful squid,More than five pounds。
The whole set of equipment is high quality,He was dragged the fish with brute force to the boat,This unlucky big mouth squid is not running off,Chen Linzhi arrested in hand to show Newman。
The real fishing contest has not started,Today is just the opportunity to give the entrants.。
At this moment,Chen Linzhi has already taken home Zhou Baomong.,Let her help cook,Two squid,A steamed red burning,Put some of the beans or tofu,That taste should excellent。
In the next one hour。
Chen Linzhi, the side of the fish,Already caught in seventh,Newman finally can’t help but,骂 好 好 竿。
Chen Linzhi,Soon, return to the shore,Haven’t forget to take a shot of Newman’s shoulders,tell him:“Just got wrong,Fishing is really interesting,Especially the big mouth squid http://www.putao365.cn that may have eight pounds is caught in me.,Savage。Your squid is a big mouthful squid?,It should be enough for two years.。”
Newman:“……Feel sorry,I now refuse to talk to you.,You use it well today.,It is definitely not as good as tomorrow.。”
Nothing nearby interesting places。
Day night,Chen Linzhi rests in a luxury home from Stanford University.,Newman followed together,Open the ride。
This house Chen Linzhi never lived,Is a entrepreneur that is investing by him,Deficing debts after bankruptcy,I haven’t finished it in February this year.。
later,Chen Linzhi invited the decoration team to take over,Total worth 300,000 US dollars,Garden area is relatively large,About six hundred square meters。
If you just come to this?,I am too lazy to find a helicopter to fly back to San Francisco overnight.,He even forgot that http://www.chuandangou.cn he still has this house.,The accompanying life secretary reminded,Remember this。
Dinner did not eat squid,But fried chicken and burger。
Stanford University is nearby,Newman and Chen Linzhi are not available,I don’t want to go to the truth.。
NS355chapter Next year
It can be said。
At present, Chen Linzhi is one of the rich people who are most annoyed in Silicon Valley.。
from1972The first venture capital is settled in the Shangsha Road, the University of Stanford,Risk capital has greatly promoted the growth of Silicon Valley Technology Industry,At present, Chen Linzhi has three companies in Fengsha Road.,Fund company,He himself,Target different directions。
The reason why the individual and the newly established San Francisco joint capital is separated,Mainly due to risk control,Less personal and http://www.ahdx10000.cn make money,Fund did not earn,The investors are composed in private hoses。
Everything is everything,I haven’t given Chen Linzhi for the time being.。

Hanjiang Song Kaifeiyuwan,She flew swiftly on the shoulders of yaezakura。

“cherry,I’ll give you that piece of armor design,Did you try?”Hanjiang looked over and asked。
Yaezakura witch was wearing clothes at the time of the sky encountered City。
after come back,Hanjiang and Teresa two studies Goze filled with practicality and aesthetics。
Teresa with Goze still on the drawing fitted with a computer simulation of how it looks after yaezakura put,Finally, a small wave of his hand,This decision is the armor。
“Teresa Headmaster has sent over a,But I have not tried。”I came here two weeks,Teresa and she already knew the identity of the Hanjiang,We will not continue to Teresa’s sister as Hanjiang。
“That hurry to try it,Shunpian Dai you go out。”
Yaezakura shaking his head,Eyebrows slightly wrinkled,“A few days ago I found a strength is not weaker than my people,If not, Headmaster Teresa took her away,I think I have been found。”
“Not weaker than your people?”
“Is not holding hair,Forehead bangs covered his left eye?”A few days ago Hanjiang Rita did not think there have been in the school garden。
Eight autonomous head,Solemnly say:“The man gave me a strong sense of crisis,Look at her and Teresa’s relationship seems not so close to her I still do not go to the trouble。”
“Unused,The man is the fate of threeSOne level Valkyrie,To academy has its own task,left already。”
Yu Fei Wan has been open eating food inside the packaging flattered fried tofu,Fox ears will follow the mood sway,very cute。
Han Rong waved:“Don’t care so much,Here is San Feria,Is the site of De Lisa。”
“and also,Hurry up with the armor,There is a communication in the above,It is also convenient for us to communicate,If there is something, De Lisa will notify you.,Not like now to run a trip。”
“If you have anything else in the future, you have some responsibility if you don’t make a http://www.hrbdyt.cn big mistake.。”
Eight heavy cherry hesitated for a while,I don’t know if it is Hanjiang, or I am afraid of delay.,Finally, I nodded.。
“Then you come to the clothes,Give me a look at the drift!”Han Jiang suddenly excited。
“Not me, okay.。”
The inner small entangle of the eight heavy cherry,I finally agreed to Hanjiang’s request.。
Hanjiang is in peace,Although it is said to general friends,Let the other party change a beautiful dress what is normal。
But the eight major cherry is a goddess.,Although there is80Point your feelings,But Han Rong still feels a bit restraint。
After a while, the eight heavy cherry has been changed.,Rapida turned from ancient witch to a modern breath,Vigorous girl。
“Not very beautiful。”
Han Jiang is praise,In addition to lacking a headset on your neck,Other and Hanjiang http://www.thmos.cn memories do not meet。
Santa Tropical area,Even if the weather in December is not too cold,Wearing this clothes is just。
“Would you like this?,Today we go out to stroll,Let you know more about modern people,Otherwise, how do you get along with the buds??”Hanjiang proposes。
Some of the action of eight heavy cherry,It seems not to adapt to this clothes。
Eight autonomous cherry from the bones is an ancient person,Even if you have a lot of life in the long-air market, you have lived for a long time.,Still some change, no some previous ideas。
“Let’s go to eat hot pot together.,That is a very famous food in Shenzhou.,Eat these foods all day, I am hungry.。”
Eight cherry is extremely tall,The thin place is thin,The fat place is fat,Very conforming to modern people’s aesthetics。
As for the words of Hanjiang,It’s http://www.hzxhr.cn all whispered in my mind.。
“hot pot”玉 丸 on the table is full of forward,But I can’t help the oil tofu in my hand.。
“Walk away,Have time to share with Qiaa exchange exchange,You are all girls,Nothing different places,Don’t take what special you think。”Han Jiang continued。
This sentence is that Hanjiang comforts eight cherry,But carefully think,They do have no differences。
“The boss has begun to cultivate,How long does it take for a long time? You can jump in front of you.,If you are closed,Don’t understand this society,What troubles have been encountered later,You can’t help,What can I do??”
Eight bodies are still hesitant,Han Jiang no way,I have to sacrifice this killer.。