Advertising marketing full of businesses

Recently, some consumers complained that L’Oreal, Paris, has promoted the discount of "the largest strength of the year" on the official Weibo propaganda company’s product Anshu Mask in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room, with a total of 50 pieces of mask for 429 yuan. However, from November 1st to 3rd, the official Taobao live broadcast room in L’Oreal, Paris continued to release tens of thousands of "more than 999 yuan-200 yuan" coupons, making the minimum price after using the same mask voucher. The incident continued to ferment. On November 18th, the official Weibo of L’Oreal on L’Oreal in Paris issued a deep apology for the trouble of the "Double Eleven" promotion mechanism for the L’Oreal Bottle Mask in Paris, and expressed deep apology to consumers due to too tedious and complexity. In the annual "Double Eleven" promotion, various e -commerce platform -level operators have all launched various promotional activities.

Among them, the head of the head anchor has become the main promotional method of many beauty brands. These head anchors often give more preferential prices when bringing goods, allowing consumers to enjoy more benefits.

No matter what form of promotional activities, if the routine is more sincere, it may be suspected of publishing false advertisements. This time L’Oreal’s "rollover" is a good example. The marketing language of "the largest intensity of the year" has been suspected of violating the provisions of the "National -level", "Senior", and "Best" and other extreme terms such as the "Advertising Law". If the price given by the promotion is indeed the lowest price of the year, it is understandable. However, the live broadcast room claims to be "the biggest strength throughout the year", and then gives lower prices in other promotional methods, which is unfair to consumers purchased in the live broadcast room.

Merchant’s "routine marketing" has been suspected of various violations. In addition to the use of extreme advertising terms, it is also suspected of false advertisements. According to the "Advertising Law", the advertisement deceives and misleads consumers with false or misunderstandings, constitutes false advertisements. The performance, function, place of origin, use, quality, quality, specifications, ingredients, prices, sales status, and honor of the goods do not match the actual situation. If it has a substantial impact on the purchase behavior, it is a false advertisement.

If a false advertisement is released, a fine of more than 5 times the advertising fee may be 5 times and less than 10 times. If the advertising cost cannot be calculated or significantly low, a fine of 1 million yuan is 1 million yuan, which can revoke the business license.

In addition, consumers have the right to ask operators to bear the liability for "refund one" for compensation for this false advertisement. According to reports, in November 2019, in L’Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. due to fictional use of goods, it was fined 200,000 yuan by the Chongqing Market Supervision Administration.

L’Oreal has once again planted for advertising marketing, reflecting his side to ignore consumer rights, and take on corresponding legal responsibilities. In Internet society, competition between e -commerce is becoming increasingly fierce.

In order to attract consumers and seek more market share, the merchants have all launched various promotional activities. However, no matter how deeper the marketing routine, no matter how complicated the promotion strategies, consumers who are interested will find leaks, which can compare the price of different periods and different platforms. This warning operator should not use your mind on designing dazzling discounts, but to come up with sincerity and sincerity, otherwise one day you will "turn over".

(Shi Hongju).

The obstacles of the observant have been red.,Seeing that she is more tight than one side,Lips are heavy,After two interest,She screed out a sentence:“Can not be humiliated。”

Advisor,Unused:“Since this,I am like your wish,Kill you。”
“——People have a dead,Major than Taishan,Lighter or light『hair』。”
Branch emergency change,It is like a large drift,“I think it’s dead.,Behind,Very worthless,Not in line with my ideas for yourself。”
The consultant is really hilariously.,Pleasant emotions,Faint:“Speech,You want yourself to die?”
枝,road:“If necessary,It is best not to die.。”
The consultant is not a little.,Think,I can’t see it.,Otherwise it is estimated『touch』The expression from which he is in the heart is not bad.。I am extremely flexible『sex』son,I can’t say that it is the way to climb.。
Live for so long,Still the first time someone took him as someone else、Take this。
Have more courageous。
It’s easy to put her.。
Consultant Yuan,The smile in the eyes is exhausted。No more attention to 枝 红 的,From the perspective,Take it in the language of the usual dialogue:
“I have a good life to find a letter to Hua Zong.,Commitment to send you, I will return Zhangzhou。Come to your ambition,There is a Zhangzhou in the district can’t enter your eyes.,I still want this to send you to me.,To make more benefits。”
“You think too much。”
Branch immediately defended,Exquisite to the consultant is really horrible,But she ran to the devil at this time.,Whether it is really useful, it will be suspected。Prepared in my heart,It is more calm when it should be,“And don’t say that I have no such awareness,I am leaving Hua Zong is not helpless.。”
Consultant Yuan simple throws two words:“Why?”
枝 不 大 启 启 启,Low channel after a moment:“……Half fairyland,I accidentally said that it’s leaking。”
Consultant Yuan listened to this words,I believe three points,But more than doubts:
“How do this happen before this??The light is that you can’t get a lot of roles such as a bottle.,Xiao Yao and Yan Fengxing have taken you.?”
Say,It is a familiar secretary tone.:“Since 裴 裴 星 都 都 气,Xiao Yao, the dead people, also willing to conceal you,You can do it yourself.。It is difficult to say that it is difficult to say。”
Branches are almost pressed by the tail tail:“What I don’t need is Xiao Joyi.!”
Advisor is not expected to be this reaction.,It can be seen, and it is not like a play.,I want to get along with 竹 阮 枝 and Xiao Yao,What is suspicious?。
But there is something unquestionable:There must be an insurmountable gap between these two people.,Otherwise, there is no reason to be in the same time.,Every time you have to toss the needle。
Thinking,Consultant’s doubts have won half。
枝 patients waiting,I didn’t have the first time I heard the consultant’s hot voice.,I know that this step is to go.,She seizes the opportunity to quickly defend against the guest:“Not even if there is no such thing,You will go to Zhangzhou to find me.,This is doubtful in the face of Huazong。If they really do this,Search Huazong is over in the repair world.。”
Take the disciple to change Zhangzhou,It is a confirmation of Zongli, Search.。
This condition is like attractive,In fact, the harm——Just come back from Zhangzhou,It’s not good to stay in the dark line.,Instead, the repair world is penetrated more powerful.。
Branch is implied unrecognizable:
“The funny thing is,This simple truth,But there is really a human movement.……”
so,She is completely disappointed with the trors.,Also made wrong,Talent『sex』Defect?
This is that the drip is not leaking.,Logical self。
Consultant Yuan throws the last question:“But you escape the devil world,Not from an abyss to another hell。”
枝 微 微 头 头:“The demon world is from you to attack,Be more unhappy。I don’t want to gamble.,The most dangerous place is sometimes the safest place。”
Consultant, silent halfway,Didn’t say it, I didn’t say it.,I didn’t unlock the imprisonment of 竹.。
枝 really thinks this is re-cut twice and is also impulsive.,Some unhappy,Trial:“Take care of……Respect,You can see if you can change my tie.?This is really uncomfortable.。”
“Uncomfortable is right。”
Consultant, a rope,Will step by step and stop,The mouth called the quirky,“Tease?”
White said small tricks『shoot』Sound response:“Hey,Smashed here,That is to tease you.!”
Consultant’s argument,No directly,Use the spiritual power to take a small call.。
Put it in your hand.,road:“Actuous waste。”

Import and Export Bank Shandong Branch in -depth projects to improve the financial service capacity improvement project of small and micro enterprises

In order to thoroughly implement the country’s requirements for increasing the financial support of the real economy, especially small and micro enterprises, the Shandong Branch of Import and Export Banks has conducted in -depth projects to improve the financial service capacity of small and micro enterprises, and take the initiative to bear the responsibility of benefiting enterprises and the people. In terms of resource allocation, it continues to tilt from small and micro enterprises; multiple measures do a good job of paying payment fees to reduce the work, improve the quality of service, practice "payment reduction, allow the people to benefit the people", and effectively improve the service experience of small and micro enterprises.

Increasing credit investment and making every effort to ensure that the financing demand for small and micro enterprises is difficult to finance and expensive financing is one of the difficulties faced by small and micro enterprises for a long time.

In recent years, in order to effectively implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s work requirements for supporting the development of small and medium -sized enterprises, the Shandong Branch of Import and Export Banks has continuously increased cooperation with local legal person banks, actively promoted the small and micro enterprise bank transfer loan business, and continued to help small. Development of micro -enterprise.

The branches continued to deepen the cooperation with more than ten commercial banks including Rizhao Bank and Jining Bank. In 2021, it issued nearly 10 billion yuan in small and micro enterprise banks to benefit more than 1,700 small and micro market entities. To implement the cost reduction, and continuously reduce the cost of corporate costs for many years, the Import and Export Bank Shandong Branch has actively responded to the industry’s initiative to reduce the expenses of the industry. More than 30 basic services such as customer bank transfer remittance fees, account opening fees, online banking U -shield costs are exempt from handling fees, exempt small and micro enterprises in advance repayment of liquidated damages and the first inquiry letter fees for each natural year. Small and micro enterprises, "agriculture, farmers", and social welfare loan service fees, loan commitments, consulting fees, consulting fees for consultants, handling fees for intentional documents, and credit fees for credit certification. According to the arrangement of the head office, the branch will reduce the payment fee for small and micro enterprises from September 30, 2021. The measures include the cancellation of the check -in fee and the check -out fee of all customers, and the single 100,000 yuan (inclusive) below the small and micro enterprises. The public cross -bank transfer remittance business shall be discounted in accordance with the 10 % discount of 10 % of the current government guidance standards.

The branch has completed the system transformation of this fee reduction in September 2021. It can automatically complete the process of identity identification, charging and exemption, and data statistics by the system to further improve the quality and information level of financial services.

In addition, the Import and Export Bank Shandong Branch opened a small and micro enterprise account opening green channel at the business outlets. In the next step, the Import and Export Bank Shandong Branch will keep in mind the mission of supporting the local real economy, fully fulfill the inclusive financial functions, effectively implement policies and measures to reduce expenses, promote the creation of a first -class business environment, and provide more convenient small and micro enterprises with more convenient enterprises. Financial services play a positive role in helping the national economy. (Li Wei) (Responsible editor: Zheng Puli, Xing Manhua) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

Toned,Summer road,“They are two small mixed small matters,Dry a door to open the door,The necklace is what they stolen.,Then I made a hand feet in the morning.。”

Thunder is more surprised,头 头,Immediately dialed the phone。
Hang up,He asked some concerns,“They will not be out of the mouth in Buchen.?”
“possible。”Summer is also expected,“But still find it.,Maybe still alive。”
“it is good。”
Thunder started car,Flying fast。
When he returns to the villa community,It’s been 12 o’clock in the night.。
“Boss,Feng Tianpeng should be nearby。”
After parking,Thunder Views through the window,“seriously,I really admire this guy now.。”
Summer is okay,Open the door,Walking to the villa。
And Thunder turns the car to leave.。
“Add money!”
Just walk to the villa gate,On the right side。
In the shadow,Going out a haired guy,Wearing a suit,Trousers,Slippers at the foot,Whole man’s head,Big red,It is simply a。
It is Feng Tianpeng。
He walked over,Raise arms,Open palm,Summer,“summer,I am a special code.,Be big,Do you know that I have slept for a few hours in half a month?,Add money!”
“Ha ha。”
Summer is happy,Take a palm of your hand,“Row,How much do you say how much?。”
“Ten thousand,10,000 a day,Half a month,One hundred and fifty thousand,Give money。”
Summer does not hesitate to touch the wallet,At the same time,“Thanks,brother。”
Feng Tianpeng’s scorpion has been appreciated,不 不,“Don’t think that you can pay attention,hurry up。” Summer laughing,Take a card to give him,“Password and last time,Let it go,Live here first night,I will ask you to eat tomorrow.。”
“unnecessary,We are just a transaction。”
Feng Tianpeng results card,Turn away。
After a few steps,He stopped his body,Come to the eye,“See the face of money,I will send you a free message。”
Night,Feng Tianpeng’s scorpion can not check it,And then casual road,“If you deal with the ancient wind,I can fight him,But don’t kill him。”
Paused,I have given an answer directly.。“I want to be your identity,Should hear the guardian,Nothing to hear, it doesn’t matter.,I only tell you,The ancient family and a guardian seem to be associated,Guardian is very powerful,Not you can deal with,certainly,I just talk about it.,Hear
Listen to you。”
After the words,He accelerates footsteps,Soon disappeared in the night。
Summer look is dignified,Quietly,Fall into silence。
This news has indeed been unexpected.。
for a long time。
Summer slow,Re-move to the villa。
“antiquity,I hope you will not continue to find it.,otherwise,What is the guardian?!”
Talk,The eyes of the summer squatted,The killing of the eye is ready to move。

Hebei Judicial and Administration jointly signed a memorandum of protection of intellectual property

People’s Network Shijiazhuang, April 22nd. On the 21st, Hebei High Court and the Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau signed a memorandum of strengthening intellectual property protection cooperation, established a normal communication mechanism, established a complaint and docking platform, strengthened collaborative protection, created information sharing, improved joint disciplinary disciplinary , Establish a model of judicial and administrative co -governance, and build a new pattern of large -scale protection work in Hebei. According to relevant senior intellectual property scholars, this is a iconic cooperation between Hebei to explore the protection of judicial and administrative intellectual property protection.

This memorandum was signed at the Hebei Provincial Intellectual Property Judicial and Commissioner’s Conference on the Protection Conference of Hebei Province.

The meeting clarified the cooperation mechanism of the Judicial and Administrative Department 6.

In terms of normal communication and contact mechanism, the daily contact agencies and regular business systems have been clarified; in terms of diversified resolution of intellectual product disputes, it is necessary to jointly study and solve practical problems such as mediation teams, funding guarantees, and training. The masses provide convenient and efficient judicial services; in terms of collaborative protection, play their respective advantages, and provide support in terms of investigation of evidence collection, infringement inspection and appraisal, and difficult cases. Administrative rulings and judicial referee documents are implemented with green channels. The two departments have also reached specific collaboration opinions on promoting the information and data sharing of the judicial and administrative departments, the improvement of joint punishment, and the propaganda of joint law, and implement the exchanges and cooperation in the field of intellectual property protection.

The two departments also jointly signed the "Memorandum of Judicial Confirmation Work Cooperation of Intellectual Property Disputes Executive Mediation Agreement" to improve the judicial confirmation system for the administrative mediation agreement of intellectual product disputes. The court’s division of responsibilities and other contents of the division of labor can unblock the connection of administrative protection and judicial protection.

It is reported that the Hebei Court’s civil -intensive civil -owned civil -owned first -instance cases received more than 4,500 cases in 2020 and more than 8,800 cases in 2021, and the growth rate was very fast. Among them, 83%of the trademark rights and copyright cases accounted for 83%, of which a large number of disputes were within 10,000 yuan. The amount of litigation bid is not high, but the cases of inferiority cases are generally difficult to proof, low compensation, and long cycle, which causes great obstacles to citizens’ rights protection.

The in -depth collaboration between the two departments will vigorously promote the resolution of diversified disputes in the case of intellectual property, which will greatly reduce the complaint of the parties and play an important role in the protection of intellectual property rights in Hebei. Yang Baosen, deputy dean of the Hebei Provincial Court, summarized this cooperation as "improving the co -construction mechanism, adhering to the concept of co -governance, and adhering to sharing goals."

He believes that strengthening the exchanges and cooperation in the field of intellectual property protection, building a large -scale protection work pattern of intellectual property rights, further optimizing the mechanism for the protection of administrative and judicial protection of intellectual property, strengthening social supervision and co -governance, and accelerating the impact of the construction of intellectual property protection work.

Jin Hongjun, director of the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, said that this marks that the Hebei Market Supervision Department will form a "closer cooperation and a good collaborative relationship" with the court with the court around the promotion of intellectual property administrative protection and judicial protection. It is reported that in the next step, the two departments will promote the construction of provincial, municipal and county -level cooperation networks with "vertical and horizontal penetration".

(Shi Fengqin, Wu Yanxia) (Responsible editor: Li Zhe, Fu Zhaoyu) Share more people see recommendation reading.

These three days,Has been the rest of Han River in Arrangement。

Birj cloth is responsible for,Qi Yana is responsible for finding Windyi with a game.。
Every Wantati will refuse,But Qiaa and buds will come every time.。
So Wenyi thought in the bottom of San Feria very well,But you are a person who is human enemy.。
But there is support for Bronia,Wen Ti still decided to see see。
The Eastern Branch is better than the Oceania branch,Both can’t be mixed。
Han Jiang took Wen Ti to the school leader office。
There have been three people in the office,De Lisa,Ji,Budding。
“Miss Wing Ti,Hello。”
Han Jiang pushed Wantati to the desk,Turned to the door,De Lisa active open greetings。
“De Lisa,you,Hello。”
Wen Tei did not dare to look up to Lisa,Looking down at the hands entangled together。
Next,Ji Ji Recall,“Miss Wing Ti,We already know that you are the fourth law.。”
Wen Ti instantly looks up,There is a breeze surround around。
Ji smiled and wanted to look at the bud.,Then smiled in Wanta:“No need to nervously,The law is not necessarily our enemy。”
The buds are on the front of Wantati.:“actually,I am also the law.,Third law。”
Say,Arc appears in the buds。
The law is still aware of each other.,This thing can’t do。
“you,You are actually a law”Weni feels incredible。
These three days,How do everyone treat buds?,She can see。
Han Jiang’s gentleness,Qi Ya’s sticky,Fans and blood hugs are very friendly for buds。
Not to mention,Three days,Bronia’s evaluation of the buds is very high。
“Yes。”Schuli pulls the hand,Let her feel accurate as possible,“I am also the law.。”
“That why!”
“Because the law can get along with us peace,The law can also destroy the collapse。”
De Lisa said:“Retrogractive entropy that has been in the same time,Their alliance is also a law。”
Retroon Encupu Lord is the news of the law,Wen Ti is the first time I heard。
This example is far away,Snating jacket is the law,Weni is already 100% can be determined。
Just a time you can’t accept,Obviously the enemy,Why is the buds can live well in the Plus branch?。
“We believe that the law will become our friend,Because in addition to the identity of the law,You are also humanity。”
Ji was then said:“The school leader has said two examples.,So far,Participants become the retrnight of Retrimentary,Unhefeit with life,Still in confronting the collapse。”
“Third legs become my student,Also in confrontation。”

2022 China Higher Education International Admissions Line’s online development opening ceremony was successfully held

On the morning of April 27, 2022, the opening ceremony of the 2022 China Higher Education International Admissions Line was successfully held.

Chen Dehai, Secretary -General of the China ASEAN Center, Liu Limin, President of the China Education International Exchange Association, Chen Yinghui, first -level inspector of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education of China, Su Yade, Education Counselor of Education and Culture of the Embassy in China in China, Wang Bo, Vice President of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen Information Professional Wang Hui, principal of the School of Technology, delivered a video speech.

Secretary -General Chen Dehai said that international exchanges and cooperation in education are bridges and bonds that strengthen mutual learning, mutual and interoperable from countries around the world, and have made positive contributions to deepening humanistic exchanges and promoting people’s hearts. The exhibition aims to build platforms, share information, deepen cooperation, and promote Chinese and foreign higher education, vocational education exchanges and cooperation to a new level.

The China ASEAN Center is willing to explore the new path of education and exchanges between China and ASEAN countries with related parties, and play a greater role in promoting the cultural exchanges between the two parties and the development of social and economic development. The exhibition is hosted by the China Education International Exchange Association, and the China ASEAN Center is used as a supporting unit to participate in the event preparation and implementation. From April 27th to 29th, more than 150 universities in China will conduct three -day online live broadcast and global announcement.

On the afternoon of April 21, the pre -exhibition of the public announcement training was successfully held. The Education and Counselor of the Embassy in China in China, Su Yade, China ASEAN Center, China Foreign Literature Agency, Beijing Normal University, Communication University of China, China Education International Exchange Association and other institutions and colleges and universities conducted relevant training for participating institutions.

Not soldier,Remind enemy to do things,This is obviously not logical。

“My prince is a column of universal people.,Oh,Also included Yang General。
That’s today,Never attacked Hong Fung City,Even constraints Wang Jun should not send troops。A word, it is difficult to chase,Column countries should know the style of our prince。
He is young,But a word of Jiu Ding,Qi Dang is really a few people。”
Solitary correspondence and Yang Zhong pair,Gao Boyi this person still has a holiday on the battlefield,Wei Guo officialdom and military circles are very good for him。
As for the sinister,That’s just that。
The bird does not pull the bird,What should he do there??
Example of Weijing Xuan posted,Now Wei Guo has no longer dare to take Gao Bo Yi。As long as Gao Bi is still in Yucheng,Then explain that there is still a backhand in North Qi.,So Yu Wenji is not daring in Shaoguan to now。
“If I returned to Pusan City,Then, the Light, the light, there is no doubt,What is the benefit of this for Gao Boyi??”
Solitary message。
“Tell the college,Qi State is re-prepared,Demertion,For our prince,Not necessarily something bad,Is not it?”
Young people in front of me smile。
Solitary signal slightly nod,This may be one of the reasons.,There is also a bit of reason。
He has intuitive,Maybe Gao Baoyi has no figure to him.。
But this person must have a big picture of Wei Guo.
Just now I don’t think it.。
“If I promise,What is your car??”
Promise and become incident,This kind of thing is not too much,Solitary correspondence is to ask if you don’t need to write a letter to make Gao Bo Yi。
Otherwise, this is like a plot.。
“Our prince said,He has always been a good idea to the column.。Waiting for the column of the country to return to Changan,From the previously mentioned self-see。No one must。
If the column of adults don’t understand our goodwill,That can only let the relatives will be thrown away.,have nothing to say。”
Gao Bo Yi is in the style of life?Why do people feel so weird??
He gave his husband:“You go back and live,I said that I promised。”
“Then in the speech。”
The other party is refreshing.,Solita trust suddenly found that he didn’t even ask this.。
“what do you think?Will it be a conspiracy of Gao Baoyi?”
Solitary believe that Yang Zhong’s eyes are asked。
“Conspiracy is certain,But there should be no harm to us。
If Gao Bi wants to pit us,There is really no need to make so many tricks.。to be honest,He is not tired, I am too tired.。”
Yang Zhong is very trustworthy.。His symbol,It is said that it is very good in Yucheng.,Gao Biyi has reused his son Yang Su,And also took the initiative to give him two rooms。
As for why Gao Biyi always likes a woman to give others, such as solitary,Yang Zhong is also a hundreds of thoughts.,Can only say this person is a quirk。
“Since this,It is not easy to say,We will stay a thousand people in the army tomorrow.,Then all military pressure,From the side wings to attack the law”
Two people set a policy,Yang Zhong went back to rest,After all, I will lead to the army tomorrow.。
Solites a person staying in the study,Think about Gao Bao Yi Run,Can’t help but laugh:“You are diligent, you are useless.,I can’t call you as a son-in-law.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS345chapter Made in the edge of death

Implement the child -friendly ideas and actions (observation of the commentator)

  Focusing on the "one meter height", the policy is more tolerant, the service is more matched, the guarantee is more in place, the space is more sufficient, the facilities are safer, and the rights of the children of children’s survival, development, protection and participation are comprehensively advancing and condensing together. Turn your best, help all your heart, educate carefully, and take care of them into sunlight and dew. A seedling seedling can be nourished, and you can better thrive "one meter to see the world". Inner needs.

"I hope the zebra crossing at the door of the kindergarten is as beautiful as a rainbow" "Can the toothpaste in the hotel be so spicy?" Essence The innocence and simple words include the "small scenery" that adults can’t see, and the "golden ideas" unexpected. Children are the hope of family, the future of the country and the nation.

Build a child -friendly environment to create favorable conditions for children and children to grow up, related to family happiness, and national development. For a period of time, from the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" plan and the far -reaching target outline of 2035, we must specialize in to improve the level of minor care service, and to the "Chinese Children’s Development Outline (2021-2030)" The system of creating work and creating a child -friendly environment is increasingly perfect, and the concept of children’s friendship is more deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Focus on the "one meter height", so that the policy is more tolerant, the service is more matched, the guarantee is more in place, the space is more sufficient, the facilities are safer, and the right to ensure children’s survival, development, protection and participation can help to realize the vision of child friendship Essence The degree of children’s friendship shows the level of urban and rural development. Some people lamented that there are more high -rise buildings and more cars on the road, but children can catch fish climbing trees. To this end, some communities introduce balanced wood and rock climbing wall suitable for children to use, allowing children to better participate in outdoor fitness; some cities change the roads around the school to a single line to ensure children’s walking safety. To schools, parks, and hospitals, as small as a table, one chair, one bed, the details of children’s growth need to be taken care of. To create a good environment for livability, learning, Yile, and Yiyi, you should start from the characteristics of children’s physical and mental development of children in all ages. It always reflects care, and strives to make children unobstructed and worry -free.

  Children’s friendship is not only reflected in hardware facilities, but also in software configuration; not only a way of construction, but also a social concept.

From the perspective of the development environment, whether the children’s supplies are environmentally friendly and reliable, and whether the network security line can be firmly built; from the perspective of public services, whether the care for infants and young children is in place, and whether the rehabilitation for children with disabilities is sufficient; from the perspective of social policy, how to "double reduction" is to land on the ground. Objective, how to improve the support measures of the "three children" … complex test questions, test the ability of all parties to protect their children’s healthy growth. The key to building a child -friendly environment is to establish a child -friendly concept and often use the perspective of "one meter height". Make ideas and actions, and promote the formation of a good atmosphere of understanding children, respect for children, care of children, and serving children.

  Guarding children’s healthy growth is not just a matter of parents and families, but also the responsibility of all sectors of society. At the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the children of the Ma Lanhua Children’s Sound Choir brought the sound of Tianshiya from the depths of Dashan to the world stage. Their growth is inseparable from the support of Ms. Deng Xiaolan for more than ten years, and the support of special teachers, poverty alleviation cadres, and volunteers. In fact, everyone is the "environment" of children’s growth. All parties work together and cohesion to combine their efforts, treat them with all their hearts, help themselves, educate, and take care of themselves into sunlight and dew. A seedling seedling can be nourished and thrive.

  Caring for children is to protect the future. Listening to the children’s hearts and respecting their needs can make development more temperature and make children have a better life. May wish to remember the "one meter to see the world", implement the child -friendly ideas and actions, and support the children with more affection for the children. (Responsible editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Share let more people see it.

Li Ming’s teeth bite“Grid”Make noise,There was an unstoppable anger in my heart。

It’s not that he has seen a similar tragedy。
Is this life,Small tribe squeezed in Saito,Encountering bandits is even worse than now。
On the edge of the west sea,Occasionally there are monsters breaking into the interior,Attack those ordinary tribes,More often than not, every tribe has no survivors。
however,That tragic Li Ming now feels completely different。
And now,Li Ming lived in this mountain village for two years。
Two years,Not worth mentioning in his long life,But those who get along with the villagers、The feelings of communication are by no means false。
Saw those familiar with being killed,Looted,An unknown fire came out of my heart。
With Li Ming’s heart and power in the third realm‘dominate’,Nature can dominate itself,Abandon these feelings。
But dominate,But still just‘Dominate oneself’Nothing more。
An instant,Li Ming places himself in the ordinary,Looking up at the world from a mundane angle。
“Click”Li Ming’s hunting bow was directly pinched off,Body shape flashes,Appearing in the mountain village at a speed that the naked eye can’t see clearly。