The obstacles of the observant have been red.,Seeing that she is more tight than one side,Lips are heavy,After two interest,She screed out a sentence:“Can not be humiliated。”

Advisor,Unused:“Since this,I am like your wish,Kill you。”
“——People have a dead,Major than Taishan,Lighter or light『hair』。”
Branch emergency change,It is like a large drift,“I think it’s dead.,Behind,Very worthless,Not in line with my ideas for yourself。”
The consultant is really hilariously.,Pleasant emotions,Faint:“Speech,You want yourself to die?”
枝,road:“If necessary,It is best not to die.。”
The consultant is not a little.,Think,I can’t see it.,Otherwise it is estimated『touch』The expression from which he is in the heart is not bad.。I am extremely flexible『sex』son,I can’t say that it is the way to climb.。
Live for so long,Still the first time someone took him as someone else、Take this。
Have more courageous。
It’s easy to put her.。
Consultant Yuan,The smile in the eyes is exhausted。No more attention to 枝 红 的,From the perspective,Take it in the language of the usual dialogue:
“I have a good life to find a letter to Hua Zong.,Commitment to send you, I will return Zhangzhou。Come to your ambition,There is a Zhangzhou in the district can’t enter your eyes.,I still want this to send you to me.,To make more benefits。”
“You think too much。”
Branch immediately defended,Exquisite to the consultant is really horrible,But she ran to the devil at this time.,Whether it is really useful, it will be suspected。Prepared in my heart,It is more calm when it should be,“And don’t say that I have no such awareness,I am leaving Hua Zong is not helpless.。”
Consultant Yuan simple throws two words:“Why?”
枝 不 大 启 启 启,Low channel after a moment:“……Half fairyland,I accidentally said that it’s leaking。”
Consultant Yuan listened to this words,I believe three points,But more than doubts:
“How do this happen before this??The light is that you can’t get a lot of roles such as a bottle.,Xiao Yao and Yan Fengxing have taken you.?”
Say,It is a familiar secretary tone.:“Since 裴 裴 星 都 都 气,Xiao Yao, the dead people, also willing to conceal you,You can do it yourself.。It is difficult to say that it is difficult to say。”
Branches are almost pressed by the tail tail:“What I don’t need is Xiao Joyi.!”
Advisor is not expected to be this reaction.,It can be seen, and it is not like a play.,I want to get along with 竹 阮 枝 and Xiao Yao,What is suspicious?。
But there is something unquestionable:There must be an insurmountable gap between these two people.,Otherwise, there is no reason to be in the same time.,Every time you have to toss the needle。
Thinking,Consultant’s doubts have won half。
枝 patients waiting,I didn’t have the first time I heard the consultant’s hot voice.,I know that this step is to go.,She seizes the opportunity to quickly defend against the guest:“Not even if there is no such thing,You will go to Zhangzhou to find me.,This is doubtful in the face of Huazong。If they really do this,Search Huazong is over in the repair world.。”
Take the disciple to change Zhangzhou,It is a confirmation of Zongli, Search.。
This condition is like attractive,In fact, the harm——Just come back from Zhangzhou,It’s not good to stay in the dark line.,Instead, the repair world is penetrated more powerful.。
Branch is implied unrecognizable:
“The funny thing is,This simple truth,But there is really a human movement.……”
so,She is completely disappointed with the trors.,Also made wrong,Talent『sex』Defect?
This is that the drip is not leaking.,Logical self。
Consultant Yuan throws the last question:“But you escape the devil world,Not from an abyss to another hell。”
枝 微 微 头 头:“The demon world is from you to attack,Be more unhappy。I don’t want to gamble.,The most dangerous place is sometimes the safest place。”
Consultant, silent halfway,Didn’t say it, I didn’t say it.,I didn’t unlock the imprisonment of 竹.。
枝 really thinks this is re-cut twice and is also impulsive.,Some unhappy,Trial:“Take care of……Respect,You can see if you can change my tie.?This is really uncomfortable.。”
“Uncomfortable is right。”
Consultant, a rope,Will step by step and stop,The mouth called the quirky,“Tease?”
White said small tricks『shoot』Sound response:“Hey,Smashed here,That is to tease you.!”
Consultant’s argument,No directly,Use the spiritual power to take a small call.。
Put it in your hand.,road:“Actuous waste。”

Toned,Summer road,“They are two small mixed small matters,Dry a door to open the door,The necklace is what they stolen.,Then I made a hand feet in the morning.。”

Thunder is more surprised,头 头,Immediately dialed the phone。
Hang up,He asked some concerns,“They will not be out of the mouth in Buchen.?”
“possible。”Summer is also expected,“But still find it.,Maybe still alive。”
“it is good。”
Thunder started car,Flying fast。
When he returns to the villa community,It’s been 12 o’clock in the night.。
“Boss,Feng Tianpeng should be nearby。”
After parking,Thunder Views through the window,“seriously,I really admire this guy now.。”
Summer is okay,Open the door,Walking to the villa。
And Thunder turns the car to leave.。
“Add money!”
Just walk to the villa gate,On the right side。
In the shadow,Going out a haired guy,Wearing a suit,Trousers,Slippers at the foot,Whole man’s head,Big red,It is simply a。
It is Feng Tianpeng。
He walked over,Raise arms,Open palm,Summer,“summer,I am a special code.,Be big,Do you know that I have slept for a few hours in half a month?,Add money!”
“Ha ha。”
Summer is happy,Take a palm of your hand,“Row,How much do you say how much?。”
“Ten thousand,10,000 a day,Half a month,One hundred and fifty thousand,Give money。”
Summer does not hesitate to touch the wallet,At the same time,“Thanks,brother。”
Feng Tianpeng’s scorpion has been appreciated,不 不,“Don’t think that you can pay attention,hurry up。” Summer laughing,Take a card to give him,“Password and last time,Let it go,Live here first night,I will ask you to eat tomorrow.。”
“unnecessary,We are just a transaction。”
Feng Tianpeng results card,Turn away。
After a few steps,He stopped his body,Come to the eye,“See the face of money,I will send you a free message。”
Night,Feng Tianpeng’s scorpion can not check it,And then casual road,“If you deal with the ancient wind,I can fight him,But don’t kill him。”
Paused,I have given an answer directly.。“I want to be your identity,Should hear the guardian,Nothing to hear, it doesn’t matter.,I only tell you,The ancient family and a guardian seem to be associated,Guardian is very powerful,Not you can deal with,certainly,I just talk about it.,Hear
Listen to you。”
After the words,He accelerates footsteps,Soon disappeared in the night。
Summer look is dignified,Quietly,Fall into silence。
This news has indeed been unexpected.。
for a long time。
Summer slow,Re-move to the villa。
“antiquity,I hope you will not continue to find it.,otherwise,What is the guardian?!”
Talk,The eyes of the summer squatted,The killing of the eye is ready to move。

These three days,Has been the rest of Han River in Arrangement。

Birj cloth is responsible for,Qi Yana is responsible for finding Windyi with a game.。
Every Wantati will refuse,But Qiaa and buds will come every time.。
So Wenyi thought in the bottom of San Feria very well,But you are a person who is human enemy.。
But there is support for Bronia,Wen Ti still decided to see see。
The Eastern Branch is better than the Oceania branch,Both can’t be mixed。
Han Jiang took Wen Ti to the school leader office。
There have been three people in the office,De Lisa,Ji,Budding。
“Miss Wing Ti,Hello。”
Han Jiang pushed Wantati to the desk,Turned to the door,De Lisa active open greetings。
“De Lisa,you,Hello。”
Wen Tei did not dare to look up to Lisa,Looking down at the hands entangled together。
Next,Ji Ji Recall,“Miss Wing Ti,We already know that you are the fourth law.。”
Wen Ti instantly looks up,There is a breeze surround around。
Ji smiled and wanted to look at the bud.,Then smiled in Wanta:“No need to nervously,The law is not necessarily our enemy。”
The buds are on the front of Wantati.:“actually,I am also the law.,Third law。”
Say,Arc appears in the buds。
The law is still aware of each other.,This thing can’t do。
“you,You are actually a law”Weni feels incredible。
These three days,How do everyone treat buds?,She can see。
Han Jiang’s gentleness,Qi Ya’s sticky,Fans and blood hugs are very friendly for buds。
Not to mention,Three days,Bronia’s evaluation of the buds is very high。
“Yes。”Schuli pulls the hand,Let her feel accurate as possible,“I am also the law.。”
“That why!”
“Because the law can get along with us peace,The law can also destroy the collapse。”
De Lisa said:“Retrogractive entropy that has been in the same time,Their alliance is also a law。”
Retroon Encupu Lord is the news of the law,Wen Ti is the first time I heard。
This example is far away,Snating jacket is the law,Weni is already 100% can be determined。
Just a time you can’t accept,Obviously the enemy,Why is the buds can live well in the Plus branch?。
“We believe that the law will become our friend,Because in addition to the identity of the law,You are also humanity。”
Ji was then said:“The school leader has said two examples.,So far,Participants become the retrnight of Retrimentary,Unhefeit with life,Still in confronting the collapse。”
“Third legs become my student,Also in confrontation。”

Not soldier,Remind enemy to do things,This is obviously not logical。

“My prince is a column of universal people.,Oh,Also included Yang General。
That’s today,Never attacked Hong Fung City,Even constraints Wang Jun should not send troops。A word, it is difficult to chase,Column countries should know the style of our prince。
He is young,But a word of Jiu Ding,Qi Dang is really a few people。”
Solitary correspondence and Yang Zhong pair,Gao Boyi this person still has a holiday on the battlefield,Wei Guo officialdom and military circles are very good for him。
As for the sinister,That’s just that。
The bird does not pull the bird,What should he do there??
Example of Weijing Xuan posted,Now Wei Guo has no longer dare to take Gao Bo Yi。As long as Gao Bi is still in Yucheng,Then explain that there is still a backhand in North Qi.,So Yu Wenji is not daring in Shaoguan to now。
“If I returned to Pusan City,Then, the Light, the light, there is no doubt,What is the benefit of this for Gao Boyi??”
Solitary message。
“Tell the college,Qi State is re-prepared,Demertion,For our prince,Not necessarily something bad,Is not it?”
Young people in front of me smile。
Solitary signal slightly nod,This may be one of the reasons.,There is also a bit of reason。
He has intuitive,Maybe Gao Baoyi has no figure to him.。
But this person must have a big picture of Wei Guo.
Just now I don’t think it.。
“If I promise,What is your car??”
Promise and become incident,This kind of thing is not too much,Solitary correspondence is to ask if you don’t need to write a letter to make Gao Bo Yi。
Otherwise, this is like a plot.。
“Our prince said,He has always been a good idea to the column.。Waiting for the column of the country to return to Changan,From the previously mentioned self-see。No one must。
If the column of adults don’t understand our goodwill,That can only let the relatives will be thrown away.,have nothing to say。”
Gao Bo Yi is in the style of life?Why do people feel so weird??
He gave his husband:“You go back and live,I said that I promised。”
“Then in the speech。”
The other party is refreshing.,Solita trust suddenly found that he didn’t even ask this.。
“what do you think?Will it be a conspiracy of Gao Baoyi?”
Solitary believe that Yang Zhong’s eyes are asked。
“Conspiracy is certain,But there should be no harm to us。
If Gao Bi wants to pit us,There is really no need to make so many tricks.。to be honest,He is not tired, I am too tired.。”
Yang Zhong is very trustworthy.。His symbol,It is said that it is very good in Yucheng.,Gao Biyi has reused his son Yang Su,And also took the initiative to give him two rooms。
As for why Gao Biyi always likes a woman to give others, such as solitary,Yang Zhong is also a hundreds of thoughts.,Can only say this person is a quirk。
“Since this,It is not easy to say,We will stay a thousand people in the army tomorrow.,Then all military pressure,From the side wings to attack the law”
Two people set a policy,Yang Zhong went back to rest,After all, I will lead to the army tomorrow.。
Solites a person staying in the study,Think about Gao Bao Yi Run,Can’t help but laugh:“You are diligent, you are useless.,I can’t call you as a son-in-law.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS345chapter Made in the edge of death

Li Ming’s teeth bite“Grid”Make noise,There was an unstoppable anger in my heart。

It’s not that he has seen a similar tragedy。
Is this life,Small tribe squeezed in Saito,Encountering bandits is even worse than now。
On the edge of the west sea,Occasionally there are monsters breaking into the interior,Attack those ordinary tribes,More often than not, every tribe has no survivors。
however,That tragic Li Ming now feels completely different。
And now,Li Ming lived in this mountain village for two years。
Two years,Not worth mentioning in his long life,But those who get along with the villagers、The feelings of communication are by no means false。
Saw those familiar with being killed,Looted,An unknown fire came out of my heart。
With Li Ming’s heart and power in the third realm‘dominate’,Nature can dominate itself,Abandon these feelings。
But dominate,But still just‘Dominate oneself’Nothing more。
An instant,Li Ming places himself in the ordinary,Looking up at the world from a mundane angle。
“Click”Li Ming’s hunting bow was directly pinched off,Body shape flashes,Appearing in the mountain village at a speed that the naked eye can’t see clearly。

NS640chapter Nine brother

Let Gu Xiaomei have more accidents to kill God.,She is just very strange why killing will trust himself.,And it is certain that he is really comrades.,And the level is not low。
“The Wang fake government signed a joint plan with the Japanese army.,I have recently taken the initiative to take the Japanese in accordance with some of the bases.,We must give Wang Puba to these traitors some colors,This is the case, this is the purpose of bringing people.。”
“Team leader,You are too late.,August 20,The high-level officials of the Wang Puppet will hold an important meeting in the Presidential Palace.,At that time, there will be representatives.,It is the big man of the Warrior of the meeting.。”Gu Xiao Meng said,
“August 20,Some urgent time!”
“This time, many officials who have worked in the field also returned to Nanjing.,This is a good opportunity,But the risk is also very。”Gu Xiao Meng said,
“You give me this intelligence very valuable,This proves that I didn’t see the wrong person.!The next thing doesn’t have to take you.,Your task is to continue to lurking in the military machine。”
“Team leader,Next……”
“Xiao Meng,Next, you will continue to contact your team members.,But must remember that don’t let them implement any assassination.,You only are responsible for collecting intelligence,Other things are handed over to us,Remember!”
“Yes!Then I can’t tell them the identity of my Miao team member.?”
“Sure,Time is more urgent,First come here today,Looking for a chance, I teach you some of the unique contact methods and dark texts of the seedlings group.。”Ritual,
“I can take this two days.。”
“Today is the 18th,We can’t see you before the 20th sheet,Don’t stay in the military machine?,You are suspected after you,After the end, I will find a chance to teach you.。”
“Team leader,Do you know my identity??”Gu Xiaomei is still very curious,
“I have already paid attention to you.,You are a trustic comrades,Xiao Meng,If it is not very understandable to you,I will not see you in such a way.,Mainly because I am more tight,I hope you can understand。”Sorry, I am sorry.,
“I am still awkward now.,However, it is my pleasure to join the seedlings group.,I am very happy to work with you.!”Since I knew that Long Chijun auxiliary is killing God,Gu Xiaomi is also very admired by him.,I am sorry that he is not your comrades.,I didn’t expect others to be comrades.,Still。
“Xiao Meng,You should go back.,Restart,Some people will secretly protect you。”Ritual,
“Is it ten parties and Yuxi Boyou??”Because the long-lasting pool is left together, there are several people around him.,Gu Xiaomeng guess the departure should be his own person.。
“Be right,They are all Chinese,Ten party is called Song Jian,Yu Zhibo is called Tangrui。”
“Nazhuang Xiaoman and Qingshan Yamei are also our comrades?”
“good,It is also a group of seedlings group。”
“Team leader!Thank you trust me.!”Gu Xiaojun has understood his mission at this moment.,
“move,I still have a lot of things to teach you after work.。”
After Gu Xiaomi left,Qi Rui immediately opened Nanjing map research action plan,This time you can’t use the blasting.,Because of this participating people, there is a bright building and Chu,This is the own person who knows well.,I don’t know what should be。
So this trick action needs to be accurately assassinated.,The Japanese military officer attending the meeting is not to consider so much.,As long as the condition allows directly to kill。
The most important thing is the list of participants now.,With a list, you can filter out assassination targets.,Who is a real traitor, I can identify it.。
So this thing also needs to find a bright building and Chu 3 brother to help,They should know the list of participants。
This time, I have Fu Yingxue.、Su Wenqian、Tang Rui、Song Jian、Schedule、Tan Lin、In Manli、Xue Min and the cold moon these people,Qi Rui first told this action task。
Weapons are not a problem,Previously, the weapons they used, there were six brothers Zheng Yao first,Is it important or action plan?,Because such conference definition measures are certainly strict。
the next day,Rui Rui called the Terrace to the front:“Give you a task,Go to the Nanjing Special Committee headquarters to find your big Mingminglou,Go out of him。”
“Team leader,Do you want to kill him??”I don’t know the true identity of the bright building.,
“I kill him!You will take him out,If he is very busy,Just at noon to eat。”
“Do you want to see him in person??”Table Table is actually suspected of being in the Minglou and Sincerely,It seems that there is still a lot of things that you don’t know.。
“Be right,What do you do if you do?!”If anyone can get a list of participants,Minglou is the most likely,Because he is the deputy director of the Expert Commission。
Nanjing from the Linglou and Ming Hi,He knows that he will know,This is a professional habit,As a Chief Economic Consultant, this Assembly is also speaking on economic issues.,He is preparing a speech。
“Big brother,Telephone,It is a game.,He said that he is now in Nanjing.!”Sincerely, I said that I am surprised by a phone call.,

What is this guy?,Why is there only he moved?,How high is his martial art??

Everyone shocked two companies,Never want to,The third consequence。
In the invisible sword touch,Slimming a moment of blood,The sword is suddenly gathered,One moment I entered the sword。
Old Jian Sheng Yangwang,Sigh:“Sword heart is not old,After all, it is difficult to calm。”
Fall into the voice,Swordsman,The body of the sword is a sound,Disappeared in front of the main hall。
Inner hall,Needle,Everyone has a sense of affection,I haven’t come out from the shadow of the stunning sword.,Then
Liao Jie did not pay attention,Touch the chopsticks away in the ground。
“Oops,Scared my chopsticks.。”
Liao Jie leaned over the chopsticks,Pat,A frightened look。
Letter you blame!
Sitting on the throne,Dramatic breathing,Cold eyes, Liao Jie,Fly quickly。
Not dare to see more。
Just sword holy sword touches the eyebrow,Harm, the heart is slight,At this moment, the head is heavy as the lead,It feels like a rough storm and sewing.。
It does not matter,Important,Better is very clear,When everyone is compressing the sword,Only Liao Jie is not affected,One heart, I’m going to die, the dead chicken bone。
Obviously, there is a chance to save him,But it is vainless,Sitting and wait for him to kill,Fortunately, he stood at him.,I didn’t let the despicable little person.!
Billy hate,If you don’t do it,His dominance,Can you tolerate Liao Jie?。
Calculate your luck,If you don’t fight,You will die!
“The male helper is a stunning,High martial arts,I am waiting for sigh.。”
“Since then, there is only the world of the world.,No swordsman and unparalleled,Gratifying!”
“Help the host,Cheng Wu De,Qianqiu generation,Unified rivers and lakes。”
“Lord domineering”
Slowly half-shot in the martial arts people returned to God,Rapida is sent to the sky to send a garde.,Be right,Judan is not died in the hands of heroes,It is lost to the years.。
But what is it??
Since ancient times,Time transport is also a kind of strength,Now the sword is dead.,Sunda is still alive,Then he is a winner。
Forward,More popular is too hot, not too much!
Heroes and beard laugh,Breath disorder,Face is still pale,I’m looking at the clouds of the hall.,Killing the machine,Get up

The boy is staring at the last rough man in Mai on the right,The more I look, the more I feel the temperament of Tianzun,Thick eyebrows,Wide frontal bone,Hair roots up,I am proud of my face,At this moment,Li Tan’s words floated over again,He knows everything about the boy,No matter the behavior or the inner thoughts,This makes the teenager very uncomfortable。

“Three left,Are all heroes,So when the royal court licensed statues wore battle armor,To show the glory。”
The boy just glanced at the statue on the left and stopped looking,Do not know why,He doesn’t like these three,Dislike none of them,Although they don’t have one more hand or one more eye than others,But teenagers have a natural rejection。
“Are you dumb?Why I always talk?”
“what did I say?”The teenager replied casually,He doesn’t know Li Tan’s purpose,Also unfamiliar tight here,Can’t tell。
Li Tan was obviously choked,But just shook his head slowly,Go on。
Through the square,Step up,This is the stairs of the first floor hall,A total of eighty-eight steps,All made of ancient and rare gray jade,Main hall for‘Zhengde Hall’,The world is tentatively determined,To act with integrity,The lintel of this temple is tall,Red wall yellow tile,Hot golden cornice,Very grand。
Till now,It was a young man who saw the presence of palace men and gods at the entrance of the hall,Split into two shifts,Almost dull and solemn,Like clay sculpture wax man,No wonder it’s hard to change the desertedness in the imperial court、Lonely atmosphere。
Li Tan steps up,Young people follow suit,The eighty-eight steps are quickly completed,Palace people and gods will salute Li Tanchui,But ignore the teenager。
The two walked along the central main road into the main hall,Li Tan has never spoken,Young people don’t speak,But secretly feels wrong,Right way is the exclusive way of the emperor,The road on both sides is the way for the ministers,The drama on the mainland is like this,Li Tan’s strutting swagger,Don’t you care about these in the free world?
“Another day,If you can ascend the position of heaven,No need to worry about these red tapes。”
Li Tan’s words rang in the boy’s ears again,Like answering questions,It’s like showing the glory of one’s own heavenly status,Without scruples,There are palace men and gods nearby,I’m not afraid that they will reach the heaven after listening?The teenager peeked at these clay nerds,Secretly shook his head。
In addition to the tall and brilliant main hall,It is a statue on the throne of Jinluan that can impress young people.,This person looks strange,Stalwart,A pair of copper bell-like eyes are extremely vicious,Young people just look positively,I was immediately stared at by these eyes,Eyes like a deep sea,Seems to swallow everything,The teenager shivered uncontrollably like an electric shock。
“He is the ancestor of Shenshi,Enlightened!”
Li Tan’s words are extremely timely,With the sound,The tactile inductance of the teenager also disappeared,I don’t know how to get rid of the entanglement of my eyes,But when I look in my eyes, I no longer have the sudden and terrifying。

Even if I abandoned such a huge power,She also wants the traitor to die without a funeral place.!

Xilin snorted,Core of hard work,Pieces a piece of fragmentation,Like the land is lost。
Sudden,The sound of the chain is coming,A golden long spear is in the foot of Xilin。
Xilin looks in the direction of the arms to the weapon,Laugh:“It’s rare to come back.,Still not good,Do you have to come over??”
De Lisa does not pick up,Another iron cable with a spear attacked the past,But by Xilin Qing and avoided。
Smiles on the face of Xilin face open,Her legs are suddenly ridden by the vines that have been taken out.。
Those vines,Still growing,Stress Xilin firmly。
Seliia,Qigger,Han Jiang,There is also Qiana appeared in the side of De Lisa.。
To other people to kill themselves,Xilin is not placed at the eye。
She is just unwilling to look at Secilia,Ask:“You are really lie to me,Your purpose,It is necessary to completely eliminate me.,right?”
Semilia lamented,Her intention,Originally not the case……
“hateful,hateful,Be evil!”Xilin is violent,The collapse of the body becomes unusually violent。
“why,Why do you like this?,why!?”
Xilin roared,The surrounding space begins to fluctuate dramatically.。
Instant,Seclia and Qiger fly together,Lisa left on site,Qi Yana also has Hanjiang three people。
“What is the place in Cesecia??”De Lisa holds a spear,Guan Jindin。
Xilin’s eyes are coming back in the three people in Hanjiang.,“First solve you first,Leave them,Let them feel desperate。”
“By the time,The two loved ones are all killed by me.,Last death in my hand,This is the best punishment for them.!”
Make a parent to care about yourself,What is more sad is that Xilin is actually true.。
Leave from the dream manufactured by the feather dust,They started to mention the weapons to align themselves.,Sure enough, you will not be good at the beginning.!
“I won’t let you succeed.!”De Lisara has a Judah extended chain,Taking Judah to his own body,“Judah!”
“You two,Hurry away!”De Lisa said to Hanjiang two。
Han Jiang did not pay attention to De Lisa,Tunned to Zi Yana:“Next,It is our two things.。”
“Delisha is not let us leave??”Qi Yana does not conquest。
“Don’t you want to defeat the second law?,Save your mom and dad?”Han Jiang asked。
“But……”Qi Ya bit bite his lips,“Here is just data space……”
“Even the data space,I also have to defeat the second law.,Come out of dad and mother!”Qi Yana demonstrate his own sentence。

“Ding Dynasty,When you last last,The efforts will only send people to kill the sea.,Then why didn’t they kill him?,But choose to kill you?”

“Not someone discloses me to the army hospital!”
“Ding Mun Village,Want to kill you a lot.?There are many people who know you.?Your team arrived at the Army Hospital,The chance of being found is large?”
“You are all assumptions,Even if the person of the bank discovers me,Then they will notify the judge to combine the long-term experience of the on-site tank class.?”Ding Mun Village asked,
“Ha ha……,Ding Dynasty,It seems that you still don’t know much.,Judge combination in addition to cooperation with Zheng Yao first,People who have the efforts of the trip will not know their,If you don’t believe, you can ask Tangshan Sea, they are waiting for their efforts.,Sustaining agency, even if you find that you appear in the hospital, it is impossible to contact them.,So there is only one possibility,They are personally coming.!Do you tell me what I said??”
Ding Mun Village is indeed reasonable,According to the level of the sentence,Power, Shanghai Station, I really don’t see them.,But said on your mouth:“Can they be two people!More than a dozen people!”
“How do these more than a dozen people?”
Ding Mun Village sucks the tank,It may be because Li Shun hurts yourself too anxious to see this layer.,More than a dozen people in action ability will never be a general efforts,At this time, Ding Mo Village has regretted to ask for a long time.。
“Ding Dynasty,I am asking you questions。”
“Very strong!Absolutely not a general action personnel,Their purpose is clear that covering judge combined with retreat,And very easy to leave,If it is not planned in advance,The skills they randomly strain are too strong.。”How do you think about Ding Mun Village?,
NS269chapter Interrogation of the old eight seas
Ding Mun Village dare to question his legacy,Seeing him has been asked by himself.,Continue asking:“Ding is actually do not know that there is a strong action team in Shanghai in Shanghai.?”
“You are talking about hurricane!?”Ding Mun Village has really heard of,This traitor is a power station to pick up,After the Shanghai War War, they did not have news.,It seems to stay in Shanghai。
“It seems that Ding Dynasty knows。”
“This liver should also be dispatched by Shanghai Station.!”Ding Mun Village feels that he is ugly,
“good,And I also know that the judge is not only the jellyfish and animal husbandry.,Their total person in charge should be killing God according to my guess.!They have several core members in the end.,And what is the relationship between the hurricane, this needs to be investigated.。”
“If today is a hurricane,Then they should listen to the judgment combination,Or disguise the god。”
“I do not know about this,But it should be like this.,I ask you again.,You have already active last night.?”
“You sent Li Shizun to live in the new Asian hotel.,Passing Zhong Liang went to Joy Hotel,Your Army Hospital, who took the team in the morning.,Is it right?”Qi Rui,
“Is Wang Mun, told Long Tailor??”
“you guessed wrong,She can do this,I don’t allow her to do this.,so,Ding Dynasty,Don’t think that only you are smart.,Many times the real action master is able to infer the enemy target plan with limited clues.,Is this the highest realm of intelligence person??Obvious,Our opponents have such a level,Otherwise, we will not be hit by them.。”
Zhuneng Yunzi said:“that is,Ding Dynasty,Because they have such an ability,So, I will bring people to the long-term cloth leader in the morning.,Long Pool class leader, pre-regulating the killer will hit the team in the clock tower.,Seeing Hai Zhengchu safe passed the car to pick you up,At that time, the tailor long, I already know that you are not in the team.。”
“So according to my judgment,Judgment combination they should find that Ding did not get on the bus.,Instead, I left the hospital so it is a action to change.,Give up the killing sea,But choose to kill you。”
“Why do you say that?”
“DING should be one of the people who want to remove the people?”
“This is right,I only hit me after the Emperor,They always wanted me to die。”
“You caught eight big king’s old eight,Judge combination and the old Zheng Yao first relationship is very good,They prefer to give up the killing sea.,Society, they are hate to you.,Ding Dynasty,You are our big Japanese emperor real friend,I understand that Li Shousun is hurt for you, you are sad.,So you have no rude this time.,But please don’t have a next time.,Because I am a large-scale Tri-class class class,I am not allowed to question and blasphemy to the empire.!”
Ding Mun Village has been repeatedly turned to a long-awaited,Seeing that the wine Yibei Huizi and Zhunee Yunzi have some desirable eyes,Apologize quickly:“Yes!Yes!Weird,Also please long-term Pool Leafai Haihan,I blame, I am too simple to see my opponent.。”
“Ding Dynasty,You are very good,Dare to doubt any suspicious people,Please keep it,But in doubt, you still see the suspicion,I am a big Japanese Emperor Shao Jojo,Recruitment,How can I make a betrayal empire interest?,You are not a white waste。”
“Yes!Yes!Yes!Please ask for a long time to forgive my stupidity.。”Ding Mun Village is apologizing,But the doubts in my heart have not completely eliminated,
“All right,Long pool,Haizheng first is still from you.。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
Hurry and hurry:“I am not trial.,One original person,What should I do?,Wine well training is still looking for an interpretation expert.。”
“The meaning of Tanaka is to let you review。”Wine Yi Yibei is a smile,
Rui Rui made a long-awaited cry of tears。