Li Da is wrapped with armor,Most of the horse, the horse, we are wide.,Time Gao Biyi actually didn’t recognize it.。lt;/Pgt;

“General Li,please。”lt;/Pgt;
“Recruitment。”Li Da arch,Gently wave。His palm flags around him take out a red flag,Waving hard!lt;/Pgt;
“Allocate,Break!”Li Da shouted,He squats 50 loading cavalry,Gather into a silver long dragon,Shooting the Scarecrow!lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi’s eyes suddenly,Watching the scarecrow and wooden walls like paper paste……lt;/Pgt;
NS217chapter Steel General Murong
Li Da with 50 items of equipment,Wood wall and her herger arranged with Gao Bo Yi,Cut seven zero eight,Almost in an instant,It is completely solved,No slim。lt;/Pgt;
Chopping straw Is a matter of nothing,But the problem is that people have a hurry.!That impact,As long as it is a person who has eye。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi can come out,Estimated impact of the installation of cavalry,Threats for infantry!On the front battlefield of the battle between the two armies,Suddenly there is such a cavalry,Ha ha,It is estimated that there is no general to laugh.。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao scared cold sweat,He is not worried about Li Da,It is fortunate that the cavalry brought by Yang Zhong,Both light cavalry,Instead of loading heavy ride。lt;/Pgt;
If Yang Zhong’s batch of cavalry inside the cavalry in the time,I am afraid that Luoyang City is not difficult.。lt;/Pgt;
“good!good,Sure enough, it is a hundred hundred fertiles.,I am relieved here.,This trip we successfully,Not in words!Camp tomorrow,Go to Zhangzhou!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Biyi praised Li Da and He Zuojun,Flower sedan,Nature is naturally harmonious。However, after opening a banquet at night,Fu May, pulls Gao Bo Yi to his own account。lt;/Pgt;
“Cavalry,Seems to be powerful,However, it is not to break their way.。”lt;/Pgt;
Fu Fu Shen,Take a string of Changping five 钱,Poster a pattern on the table。lt;/Pgt;
“We use the iron ring to make the wood,Assisted step army,First defense line in front。Can make the installation cavalry slow down。at this time,The other party’s step army and equipment,Sequence has been separated,It is difficult to support each other。”lt;/Pgt;


First0837chapter Life and death
The sun shines golden light in the big forest,Let this morning be full of infinite vitality。
Xia Jian walked into the cave with a tired look,Fang Fang and Xi Zhen hurriedly followed,The two of them don’t know what happened,Xia Jian does not say,They dare not ask。
“Rest awhile,We’ll be ready to rush out in a while。More than a day,There should be some movement outside”Xia Jian finished,Fall asleep。
Xi Zhen gently pulled Fang Fang out of the cave,Then whispered:“Why did Mr. Xia’s mind change again??It’s not like guarding the cave,Waiting for them to attack?Why did you say you want to rush out just now??”
“Ha ha!This is called adaptability,Can’t cling to Chen Mo。Because our opponents are always changing,So President Xia has been adjusting our countermeasures。If i guess right,They must have attacked us last night”Fang Fang said confidently。
Xi Zhen yawned and said:“impossible!So many of them,Once came,How much will make some noise,But we both slept till dawn,Seems to hear nothing”
“Neither of us heard anything,But did you see?When President Xia comes back,Holding a bundle of bamboo arrows,I found these bamboo arrows,Either the grass or the mud,There are several branches with blood stains on them。This shows that these bamboo arrows have been used by Mr. Xia last night”Fang Fang said this,Then stopped。
Xi Zhen turned her eyes:“Yes indeed!Your analysis is really good。President Xia is really awesome,One person beat these guys back silently”
Xi Zhen just finished speaking,I saw Xia Jian had turned over,Fang Fang said loudly:“Bring Xi Zhen,Cut up the bamboo nearby,Let’s make some more bamboo arrows,May be useful in a while”Xia Jian finished saying this,Fell down again。He is so sleepy。
Fang Fang hurriedly picked up the machete placed at the entrance of the cave,Speak softly to Xi Zhen:“go!Let’s chop near the cave,And be fast”Fang Fang finished,Strode away。Xi Zhen hurriedly followed。
Although Xia Jian is tired,But he has something in his heart,So I didn’t sleep well,Not waiting for others to call him,He woke up by himself。He sat up,Took a long breath,Then I moved my bones twice。
Fang Fang and Xi Zhen are sitting on the ground doing bamboo arrows,A small bundle has been placed on the ground。Xia Jian picked it up and looked at it:“Ok!well done,It’s like this。Divide into thirds,Each person carries two bows,Then we go out,Hit them by surprise”
“Can we three?”Xi Zhen asked worriedly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“In my estimation,More than half of them love hurting,Plus they think,We won’t go down for the time being,So we still have a little chance of winning。Moreover,We have been nearly 30 hours since the accident,So there may be movements outside”
“it is good!Maybe someone outside has entered the mountain,Looking for us。If the noise between us is a little bit louder,Will surely disturb those who come into the mountain to find us”Fang Fang said,Stood up。

She is obedient.,This guy,It’s just playing her.!She didn’t see it.,Where do I know what I need below??!

Can’t prevent the collar,Zhai risk subconsciously slightly bent,With Yunqin’s action。
Distance shorten,Nose,Full of the hot breathing。
For more man,so,This era robot,Analog breathing function is added,therefore,Yunqin is also breathing,only,Even if you don’t breathe,I will not feel suffocation.。
Both people are extremely close,Far away,Like the girl in his head and kiss,While men,Metall with a lip。
Zhai Wei sexy Adam’s apple roll roll,Staring in front of the mutant tooth,Vivid girl,I feel that I have the urge to kiss.。
Open mouth,Sound sound,“Give,Of course!”
Tone as if,It’s like nothing。
Get satisfactory answer,Chin cloud can be happy,放 危,I have a good mood and I personally give it to the risk of a pleated collar.。
“As early as saying that it is not!”Do you want her to fire!
危 好 好 任 任 动,Waiting for Yunqin to get,Hand in the left hand of yourself with a circle。
“?”Yunqin’s questioning。
She is money,He reached into the front of her doing?!
Look at the front‘people’Eating with confused eyes,翟 危 不 不。
Is it a service robot?,She actually does not know the function of having a shared user bank account.?!
“Stand out,I will share bank accounts.。”Hailic explanation。
“!!”It turned out to be this meaning!Yunqin is a little smile,Put your own hand in a hot hand。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS248chapter The owner should help me charging.04
Yunqin does not have the original memory,For yourself is now a robot,Of anything can get information by scanning information,It is not very familiar。
After binding with Zhai-risk accounts,Yunqin back to your room to shop。
危,I looked at the back left of cloud Chin,Contemplate。
He has never seen it.,I have never heard of which robot will be so straightforward.‘Owner’Money,Could not,It is a new program that Her is unpowarted specially required.?!
Reflections,I also think that Yunqin is not bad.,危 性 性 性 事 事。
Close the door,The risk is again in the job again。
Just continue to see information?,The news of the newsletter comes。
Take a look at it,Several consumption information jumped out。What bed sheet is,Pillow,Besides,Actually there are also various clothing,shoe,Bag?!
It’s weird in a hurry.,It is also a few consumer information jumped out.。
This is just great,Actually there is still doll,Various electronic equipment!
these things,It is not expensive.,but,Is the type of these things,I have a little strange.!
If you don’t know Yunqin is a high-intelligent robot that is really a factory.,He thought,Which guest is coming to him?,To buy these things, disappointing his room space space,Ready to renovate it?!
Think,‘people’Anyway, at his home,His time is time to understand,The message notification of the communication instrument is closed,Invested in work。
This busy,I was busy after the night shrouded.。
Put down the information in your hand,身 身 松,Leaning on the back of the chair,Preparing to close the god,It’s another two knockout sounds.。
危 睁 开 双 双 因为 因为,Some lazy scorpions,Pause a second,This remembers yourself‘territory’,Already a‘people’!
no doubt,Knocking outside,Yun Qin is undoubtedly。
A deep breath,危 危 着 边 边 边 边 边,Go to the door to open the door。Outside the door,Sure enough, Yun Qin’s laughs。
“Time to have dinner,I am ready for dinner,Rim,You should eat!”Yunqin looks at the smile。

Walter listened to Otto’s words,Constantly considering the strength of reverse entropy。

Information obtained compared to the destiny,Reverse entropy is still less poor。
So,Some of the destiny of retrogractive entropy,Why do you want to be like this?。
“Caicas Lanna。”Otto finally called the other party’s name,“After coming out of the sea,Do you want to declare war with the destiny and reverse entropy??”
Gidelway:“The world snake is inadvertently destined or reversed to declare war,My purpose has only one,Let you help Holy marks plan。”
“Holy marks plan!?”Re-resurrection Valter knew a lot of things in Alistan and Teslana,These include holy marks plan。
“I can’t agree.,Snake you don’t intend to abandon more than half of the above and more people,I can’t promise you that is not mature plan.!”
Compared with the excitement of Vatt,Otto is more than the city.。
“Request,To pay the price,No free lunch under the sky,Then the world snake,What need to use to exchange my promise??”
“Oto!”Walte:“You will actually promise the holy marks plan of this guy?”
“Ha ha。”Outo is very easy,“Is this doing sale?,A sale that can fight against collapse。”
“Regardless of the death and death of the collapse, it is reversed,Or or the world snake,This doesn’t matter,During the process of eliminating collapse,Earn some convenience for myself,Not very normal??”
Speak between words,Otto has already regarded human beings as its own chips.。
Compared to two old guys,Say Walter is a furhead child.。
Eden Star has started,Black cracks produced under 10,000 times have begun to attack the void funeral creation。
Otto waved casually,The ability of void killing has been parsed by him,Valter’s power is at all about the root of God’s key。
“What do you think?”Keeping a cold ice-fried Kay first proposed questions to Walter。
Otto’s eyes are slightly shrinking,Kay is a big difference to two people.。
The crack produced by gravity breaks a small mouth of void.,His strength has begun to start over a small space.。
“This is my opinion,What holy marks plan,I will not agree.!”
“Our purpose is to fight against collapse to save the world,So I have to protect human beings for some interests.。”
“You are the hero worth respect and worship in this era.,But in the face of collapse,Your selfless dedication does not raise any effect。”
“World Snake Many years,I will fly immediately.,Under the leadership that is very familiar with the collapse,Humans will eventually go to victory。”
“I don’t want you to cause innocent.,So-called victory!”Walt is dissatisfied。
Kai is not satisfied,“Your spirit is worthy of praise,But your thoughts are too big.。”
“Continue to hug this innocent idea to resist the collapse,Everything will be unconscious,Because you,In the end, it will be collapsed.。”
Chapter 497 No one is not a small princess
Kevin’s patience to Walt is more than Outo,Because he is now there is no difference in nature of Outo.。
He understands the essence of collapse,Understand,I know that I don’t want to do some hyperviluted means that it is impossible to resist collapses.,Destroyed。
But you can’t represent him, you will go to the annoying Valt.,It is Valter,For human selfless dedication,Is the cornerstone of human beings。
Faced now,It doesn’t matter in various means.,Wait until the collapse is completely destroyed,The rest of the restraint after eradication,It is also necessary to hand to Valter.。
He and Outo people,The best destination is death in the final battle.。
But the world is difficult,What happens afterwards,Kevin also said。
“Mr. Walter,I think you should now leave.,I need some important things to talk to the leader of the world snake.。”

“Let me go!”

“Burning the sky will be killed,You let me go!”
Wang Zilin slapping Chen Xiu’s chest,To break free of his embrace,Chen Xiu hugs closer。
“Hold on,I won’t let go this time!”
“I’m afraid I will let you go,You disappeared again!” do you know,During your absence,How sad my life!”
Women are all hearing animals,Sweet talk,What’s more, http://www.szht92.cnthis is still Chen Xiu’s true feelings。
Wang Zilin trembled all over,Two lines of tears flowed down,I was so touched,But said:“Lie to me!”
“When I was away, you were not the same as Qin Zhi、Tang Yuanyuan、Policewoman Liu Ying、Song Rouer and the others are ambiguous!”
“I think you don’t have a better life than mine!”
“correct,And the two girls just now!”
Chen Xiu couldn’t think that Wang Zilin knew exactly the woman who had appeared next to him,Quickly explained:“Zi Lin,You have to believe me。
I have never had any actual contact with them!
I can swear,If i lie,Thunder Strike!”

Feng Yan waited in the hotel for a long time without seeing Wang Youcai’s shadow。She thought Wang Youcai was releasing her pigeons,She couldn’t help being furious,A phone call,I wanted to scold Wang Youcai,Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai was admitted to the hospital。

To prove that Wang Youcai didn’t lie,Feng Yan really brought a bag of fruits to Wang Youcai’s ward。Wu Wu looked at Feng Yan when he saw Wang Youcai,I know there is a story between these two people,So he walked away with excuses。
“What’s the matter with you?Where did it hurt?“Feng Yan sitting in front of Wang Youcai’s hospital bed,Asked a little concerned。
Wang Youcai sighed and said:“Was beaten by several societies,Hurt in the back,So I can only crawl or sleep on my side“When Wang http://www.thlcz.cnYoucai said this,,Extremely embarrassing。
“You’re the daughter-in-law who slept again and got caught.!”Feng Yan said,Can’t help laughing。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“With a beautiful woman like you by my side,I don’t like any of her women,This is real”Wang Youcai said solemnly。
“okay,Don’t push your nose on your face。Since you are hurt,Then you can raise it well,Waiting for the wound to recover,Let’s talk about business”Feng Yan stood up as she spoke。
Wang Youcai was anxious when he saw it,He said loudly:“I am traumatized,It didn’t hurt my brain,So it didn’t matter if we talked,Besides, this matter can’t be delayed any longer”
Feng Yan,I think Wang Youcai is right,Sat down again。She took a breath and said:“I don’t know what Hu always means,Let’s report about recruitment,It hasn’t been approved yet”
“She doesn’t criticize that is her business,But we don’t act sooner,If you can’t recruit people,Then the problem becomes both of us”Wang Youcai fell asleep sideways,He said word by word。The pain of the wound on the body is slowly reducing,It may be the medicine used on the body is working。
Feng Yan nodded and said:“Reason is this reason,But you are like this,I’m afraid this recruiting thing will really cause trouble。Moreover,Things in your country,I really can’t help much”
“Don’t worry about this,Today when I came out of the mountain,I have already sent people to recruit people in the mountains behind,If nothing happens,The result will be tomorrow”Wang Youcai said proudly。
Feng Yan,I was a little excited and kissed Wang Youcai’s forehead.:“You are really my god of wealth,After this fact, I want to thank you”
“What method do you use to thank?Isn’t it just a few sleeps with me?!”Wang Youcai’s mind got confused when he talked about it,It’s a bit insincere。
Feng Yan,Face changed,Reached out and twisted his hand on Wang Youcai’s fat arm.:“This is what you have in your heart,You just slumped right here!”Feng Yan finished,Got up and left。
Wang Youcai regrets a bit,I blame myself for always taking advantage of Feng Yan,Don’t you know that this kind of woman is very good,He can’t say that。Besides, he is still his leader,I don’t respect her much。After Wang Youcai wanted to understand this problem,,A little angrily stretched out his hand and slapped myself in the mouth。
Feng Yan came out of Pingdu First People’s Hospital,Walking on the street alone。At this time, Pingdu Street is a bustling scene。Walking,Sold at a street stall,There are neon lights flashing not far away。Make this night a little confusing。

“If the kill God lurking within us,That does not figure out what the!”Shadowo,

“correct!Long pool,That Guo Lianyun has been to the terminal??”Fujiyu,
Didn’t wait for a long to answer,Matsushita to build shook his head and said,:“I have read records,Guo ride this cloud has not been to the pier,So there should be another person。”
“Junior should always go to the pool for a long pier bar?”Ze Tiamao,
“His Majesty the Emperor let me help the task force handling the case,I need to survey the scene.!”Rui Rui explained,
“I have seen record,In the same day, I went to a pier in the morning.,Then never appeared,Then there is the outside of the vehicle are not allowed to enter,Junior long time in the pool and no chance incendiary device into the。”Panasonic said,
“Then what you mean should be a person on the army.?”Ze Tiamao,
“After investigation study,I agree with the rank and file say for a long time in the pool,This is likely to be within the military division stationed fifteenth pier,Otherwise, all this simply can not explain。”Panasonic said,
“Long pool!After all this time you have not shirk responsibility。”
“Yes!This is indeed unfavorable,I am willing to accept punishment!”Qi Rui head down, said,
“General!Zuo is a long time in the pool is framed,The next case also needs him to help investigate,”Panasonic said,
“Long pool,You have to get a bad guilt!”Shaozuo Zhao never wants to punish Jiuji,Because there are still many things to do。
()Opening and Zheng Yao first
NS452chapter Prime Minister comrades want to see you
A long history of Tiri is the fault of his hand, Yu Zhi Boyou is privately separated from the executive task.,And his own itself has no negligence,But because the Longchi Mansion is used to use the loss treasure,This pot is definitely to be back。
After walking well,Shadowo Zhao Zhaoyu、Sanmu Qiuqiu and other explanations:“This Urshi Boyou is a member of the Gemini Plan.,I have trained for more than ten years in local training.,Later, I gave a long history of the front.,Now he is the owner of Yuxi Boyo and Ten Party.,I heard that my owner is attacked, and it is also true that it is true.。”
“But this is also their weaknesses,And let the jellyfish killer group master!”Ze Tiao said,
Shado Zhen Zhao is very sighing:“Ze Turnd,Jellyfish Cross-Secretary Bo Hall,Shanxi Huizi and other senior specialists have been assassinated,These killers can be said to be quite understanding of the Longchi Mansion.。”
“Why do the jellyfish murder group understand the Longchi Mansion?”Sanmu Qiqiu asked,
“According to my intelligence,Long Tiri Juncai Duo Wang Tianwu,Let the military and the Chinese losses,Especially the military is more hated in the long spring.!”Shado Zi Zhao did not lying,The information he got is like this.。
Ze Tianmao、Sakurai,Sanmu Autumn,Rock Ying Yixi,Tian Zhong Zhengxian,Panasonic and other construction listened to the whole do not speak,Because this time they did not know for a long time pressure and dangerous pool Shunsuke bear much。
Shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao continued.:“From the intelligence we get to see,Junior long pool of intelligence is still very accurate,Chen Shu Gong is indeed in Suzhou,The pier bombings are the dryness of the killing action,This makes it possible to determine the jellyfish assassination group and the killing action group belong to the Military Bureau.,But they differ division。”
“Jellyfish assassination group is largely in the assassination of,God kill the Action Group is planning a major design action,Such as destruction of counterfeit shirts authorities plan,Sakura train hijacking,Slices of Xu Sheng Pier Warehouse, etc.,They are definitely a big action!”Shadowo,
“So this action group to kill God really is terrible ah!We have to take elites to investigate them!”Miura said Yi autumn,
“Panasonic Colonel is not here yet?”Shadowo,
“Kill God so powerful action group,Jellyfish assassination group seems not bad ah,A make-up person alone into the hotel,This gut is admired.?”Panasonic said,
The whole white eyes are turned off and opened.,But did not say what,Because what he said is true。
“Panasonic Colonel jellyfish do not know that the assassination of the group assassinated a number of generals do?Former Consul General Muto Chi-hung was their shooter’s!”Shadowo,
Iwai Britain a long sigh:“Muto, a former commander of the third army into the shooter’s is their!There predecessor agencies shirt authorities Grow Island cattle thirteen generals,Junior authorities say the long shadow of good,They are indeed divided into labor。”
“Panasonic,You can have any idea of the?”Miura asked righteous autumn,
“I think we want an internal investigation,Because these things don’t have it, I can’t do it.。”Panasonic said,
“so,We always suspected that kill God’s action group members lurking in our internal,But we haven’t found it several times.!”Shadowo,
“Yes,The 15th Division has conducted strict investigation,There is no finding of anti-war molecules!”Shozo Sakurai said.,
“That’s more!Especially the squadron of the day!”Ze Tianmao command,
Qi Rui first returned to the long pool,See Tang Rui’s face:“Your make trouble,Don’t blame,If you are in danger,I will definitely take someone to save you.!”
“Owner!I didn’t regret it.,It’s just that you all have a big mistake.!”

Spin,His two legs play out five legs in half air,Long whip,Just hear the air in the air,In a chaos,Five security stones,Summer crashed。

But the rest of the security is still fast moving,Among the summer again。
Summer is not afraid,A person and one hundred people have no difference in their eyes.。
Sudden long hacking,身 节 噼 脆 响 响,Happen,Taking him as if there is an invisible air wave swept。
That is his mental force extension。
No eye is needed,No need to listen,Four-week, all scenes reflected in the heart。
When the four-sided eight-party farewell,He is usually seen in the crowd like a meteor.,Leave a lighter residue。
Then there is a side of one person.,A punch,It’s like a push-torn shell,In bone skew,This person is half-air。
then,His waist and abdomen,Drive the whole body,Every inch muscle on your body seems to live,Chemope a fish,Shuttle in the crowd。
A whip leg is going out,A robust security is in the painful boldness。
Summer is like an adhesive,Constantly fist,When he leaves,This person has not fallen in the past.。
嗖,Residual shadow,He turned and he was a high side leg.,Skate it next to the security guard,An acceleration in an instant,I hit it on another person,The backhand has a hike with the heart of the person who bombards the person side.。
噼噼噼噼 声,Three people flew out,Far away,Spap。
Various dull collisions are endless,These security guards have killed their eyes.。
Unfortunately, they can’t pose a threat to the summer.。
He opened the big,Straightforward。
But when these movements come together,Flooding a fluency that is bloody。
Those who are watching are all stayed.,hard to imagine,So many people siege,It is actually such a result。
The look on the moon face has been in a complex,Unable to describe your emotions。
She always knows that summer is very powerful.,I have seen many times from primary school to high school. He fights with others.。
But she still saw the summer like this.。
Dictionary is violence,But people have a beautiful feeling。
噼 噼 啪 响 成 片,I can’t see the skin of the summer.,Only hammerous collision。
in vain。
A sound from Hong Zhong Da Lu’s voice,Then it is like a volcanic eruption,Unclear pain continuously,Seven or eight security guards surrounded by summer,It’s like a broken cloth and fly around.。
Summer around three meters and no one。
but,After a short hike,The last five or six security guards are not afraid of the summer rushing。
Summer is not afraid,Take the initiative to welcome,In the crowd in crossing。
He opened the big,Invincible,Fundamental no one can block,Found,The pain of the pain and the ossence become a piece。
When he stopped,There is no one in the side of the world.。
Four-week customers stay looked at。

“impossible!”Cheng Li Snow is reversed。

Han Jiang twisted the neck:“How is it impossible?,Try only to know if there is hope,Have you succeeded in the two years??”
“Don’t think about it is impossible,Now I have me to help you,Even if we fail,The law of the last inflammation must have to do my body.。”
“I am so big.,There is no habit of hazarding girls.!”
“Ding,Cheng Li Xue10。”
I heard the system-type Cheng Li Xue’s improvement increase,Han Jiang, this understands,Feelings this girl is not safe.。
How reliable people look at Cheng Lixue,I will encourage her because of Han River.、If you want to protect her, you have a feeling.。
“I will try it first.,Fans Wings,You calculate the intensity of the collapse,By the way, cover me。”
Han Jiang said,I found a way to the exterior wall.。
“no,Outside!”Cheng Lixue stationed in front of Hanjiang。
“Outside is a collapse and a dead,If you accidentally attract a lot of enemies!”
Han Jiang took out the red scorpion:“It’s fine,I will go out and see it.,I found that the crazy beast has an immediate way.。”
“no,I can’t let you go out.!”Cheng Li Xue said resolutely,It seems to be avoided。
“Fans Wings,Energy gun is aligned closest the dead,try it!”Han Jiang’s flag of the shoulder。
Seeing Han Jiang no longer wants to go out,Cheng Lixue has not stopped。
“We rely on defense on the wall,May be able to defeat with the laws of inflammation,But as long as the city wall,There is no way to defeat each other,Even if it is possible to die in the hands of the law of the law。”Cheng Li Xue’s eyes are bleak。
The flag of the flag does not use energy guns,Form a fireball in your hand。
The fireball sways to the dead under the control of the wings of the flag.,But when you are going to meet the dead,I was blocked by an invisible barrier.。
“what happened?”Han Jiang and the wings of the bisele show the surprised eyes。
Cheng Lixue looked at the next death:“Be right,That’s it,Don’t look at these killes,But it is very difficult to harm,Only use heavy weapons to completely eliminate them。”
“Not a fireball at all”The wings of the flag must be refuted。
Cheng Li Xue also said:“The energy of that fireball,Normal deaths can not eliminate,Don’t say the dead below。”
Han Jiang and the wings of the flag of the flag,Cheng Lixue seeing things,It seems to be different from them.。
“Just now?The fireball?”Han Jiang asked。
Cheng Li Xue said curiously:“Is not it,Everyone present, everyone saw it.,After the fireball is in the fire, it is scattered.,Even the dead of the hair is not burnt。”
Han Jiang blinked his eyes:“I am not hurting yet.,Bloom,Need to take a break,Let’s go back.。”
In this world bubble,The results of Han Jiang and Cheng Lixue see are not the same.。
Wall outside the wall,More like anxiety in the heart of the reactive。
Three people drive the original road return,Back to the small town,Han Jiang saw a few children playing in the big tree。
there,There is also a girl sitting on the stone bench in the distance.,Staying at the children who play。 Little girl’s expression calm,But the envy of the eyes,Sale of her inner ideas。
“Why not play with them??”A gentle voice rang in the head of the girl。
Hanjiang, Hanjiang, was scared by the scene in front of him.,Because he saw that the person who cares about the little girl is actually Ji,Whether the quantity Tower Ji。
“what is her name?”Han Jiang said in the snow in Ji。
Cheng Lixue saw the past,Under the big tree,Ji is touched the head of the little girl,I don’t know what to say.。

have to!

Hanjiang patted his hands,Scared cats。
After a while,Han Jiang also bought two bags of cat food to Fu Lai Deire。
Yishi Del is happy to give these wild cats again.,Snow cat is happy after eating,A slotted run。
“what,Time is almost。”Yishi Del suddenly said。
Han Jiang looked at the time,Has been 5 o’clock in the afternoon,Asked:“Is it the task of Lita??”
Fu Lai Dalong opened hands,Stood up。
next moment,She seems like a drunk person,Dizziness,Han Jiang hurriedly。
“What’s wrong?”Hanjiang asked nervous。
Pu’er Wu of Yan Lai,I will never be numb because of the long time.,Is it a dark injury??
Yi Lai Derm holds forehead,Shake the shake:“Station is too fierce,Dizziness。”
Han Jiang was surprised to say no words,YouSGrade female martial arts。
This will halt,This will be insufficient for blood,How much is this speed?!
The physical quality is there.,Qi Lai Del will quickly recover,Inadvertently push the hands of Hanjiang。
“I am going to pick up.!”Fu Lai Deire said to Hanjiang。
Hanjiang nodded:“That line,I have a lot of time.”
“let’s go together。”
Han Jiang looked at each other,This is not like Yi Lai Deire, saying it.。
Fu Lai Deer looks far away,Follow:“Just now,Thank you。”
As long as you are not interested,Fu Lai Deal recovered the look of the royal sister。
“Lita is in the museum,let’s go。”Fu Lai Deire,I walked in the direction of the museum.。
Han Jiang smiled,Follow up behind。
When you are about to arrive in the museum,The two have seen no tourists on the outer square.。
Responsible staff responsible for blocking tourists entering,I don’t know where to go.。
But it is the museum,Rumbled voice,It seems like a house,But the movement is too big.,I can feel the shake of the ground close to some.。
Qi Lai Denl querying the positioning system,I know the direction of Lita。
Both people bypass the main entrance,Walk from the direction of the side door。
Close the museum,The more the movement inside。
Han Jiang is still worried about what,But Qiran is quiet,Do not care about these。
I don’t know if she is really uncomfortable.,Still not put these movements in the eyes。
“Someone fell to the ground。”
When it is approaching the wall,Han Jiang saw a person in the ground,Peaceful old high,Nothing。
Go on a look,This face can reflect,There is also a palm above。