In place,Li Hui is stunned.。

“Peach uncle,This address is not your choice.?
There should be a high person.?”
“Click one’s tongue,Xiao Li,I have to say that your eyes are still poisonous.,This is the place where my family is specially invited to high candidates.,How about it?”
Chapter 1,348 Ecological breeding
“Um,Very good location,And it is also far enough from the village.,The degree of pollution can also drop to the lowest。”
“But I am curious, my grandfather is preparing for how many pigs.?”
Peach is listening to this,Laugh:“Not much,A thousand first。”
There are not many people?”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Jianyu to raise so much,He originally thought that the other party raised two or five hundred or four hundred,But why didn’t you think so much?。
“Not much one thousand!Also just enough farm fertilizer,Of course, these money is also a villager.,Selling pigs, you can also dividends。”
Divided into this truth or Tao Hao said,Otherwise, the peach roll is still afraid it is still in the heart of the wind.,Want Li Hui to invest in。
Li Hui Feng also didn’t think that Tao Wan is actually rhyme.。
This is indeed a little unexpected.。
“What is the shallow pool here??”
“Hey-hey,This is a planting,But now I am not fixed.。”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng also understands。
“Is a houttuynia?”
“exactly,Houttuynia,It seems to be good to the environment。”
“Be right,Is to deal with sewage purification sewage,Even possible fishing。”
Li Hui also didn’t expect others to live alive,Especially this is still in remote rural,Actually used nature ecology。
“Oops,Xiao Li,Your opinion is also very powerful.,Simply exactly the same as my boyfriend of my wife.。”
“Peach uncle,I just said that there are high people.,It turned out to be your future son-in-law.!”
Li Hui said that this is also a sense of emotion when this is said.,I didn’t expect the ancient spirits, and there was a boyfriend.。
Peach is listening to this,It is sighing a gap.:“That child is good,It’s too dead,If there is half of your kid, I will satisfy it.。”
“Forehead,Peach uncle,Don’t let others listen to this matter.,Otherwise, what can I get out?!”
“Humph,You think http://www.xingfudaren.cnthis is your lotus village.?
Whoever travels in our Peach Lucun, I will drive him out of Taohua Village.。”
When I said this,Peach is also very weak。
“sure,Peach uncle, this management ability is also amazing。”
“okay,Don’t boast your kid,First give me a plan to plan a pig farm.!”
Li Hui Feng is also directly planned.。
Until the evening,Li Hui Feng gives the plan。

On the ring,Two vain together,Like electricity,The speed is too fast。

Both sides have no weapons。
Constantly touching between fists,Send a sound like a metal vibration,Air constantly shaped ripple。
NS4017chapter Take care of him
NS4017chapter Take care of him
For the first thousand places,Not in the heart。
His ambition is not only one thousand,Two hundred。
He wants to fight,Thirty in the past 20th。
Not known,There are too many five series.。
Relying on his strength now,There is also a gap before 20。
therefore,Take advantage of the game,He crazy challenges against the sky genius。
Not only testing,It is also exploring these genius combat characteristics。
He wants to fail in the constant failure,Summary to improve your combat power。
Every battle,He will set a day and night,Then continue challenge。
Today,He has already challenge the first ladder and the second step of the second step.。
so,This field with the pair of wood http://www.leshengwenhua.cncliffs,He still lost。
Wooden cliffs not only have a power of chaos,Itself has the peak level of Tianzun,Estimated in the work,He is the ability to enter the top ten。
Two big waves,Airfractive,The ravaged energy layer layer stacking shock wave swept spread。
After the ultimate collision,No, it is shocked,Falling on the edge of the ring。
His mouth overflows silk blood,Strong fluent blood,Archway,“I lost。”
Wooden cliff nodded,Not ridicule,It is appreciated,“Your progress is very large。”
A month,No central frequent challenge against the sky genius,Wooden cliff these genius,How can I not pay attention?。
Not exaggerated,As long as you don’t come to the stage challenge,Many squats are far away from afar。
Just like this,Lin Feng, who has not challenged、Su Chan、Fish right、Avenue、Tang Hao and others, Also pay attention。
They can see huge progress in the past one month.。
There is no one, therefore。
but,Those who are not very good at the eyes are different.。
No central jumping,I have passed a slap in all around.。
Everything is everywhere, it is a bad voice.。
“Ha ha,This guy lost。”
“What is this guy?,Don’t you lose face??”