Four things you should never do when you wake up early in the morning

Four things you should never do when you wake up early in the morning


There is more and more people who can’t afford to sleep after waking up in bed, especially on holidays.

Anyone who has had a love for bed (both young and old) will have this feeling: sleep and bed time are more, but they feel that the four feet are heavy, the spirit is wilting, and there is “sleeping more tired”The feeling of “sleeping more and more uncomfortable” is not as energetic as being busy at work or studying every day.

The bed has disrupted the normal life rules of the week, making many biological clocks in the body wrong.


After the old man wakes up and wakes up, he wakes up in the morning. Maybe the bladder is full of urine. There is an urgent need to urinate. The more urgent the urine is, the more he will be able to get up, and not get up immediately, especially in old age.People, erect in the upright position to avoid.

Because the bladder emptying is easy to cause dizziness, and even urinary syncope.


After the three waking up, many people with high blood pressure immediately get used to proper physical exercise after morning. As long as they pay attention, there is evidence for health.

However, the exercise must take a short break after the morning, until the blood and yin and yang balance the operation.

  If you do not prepare for the activity after getting up, you will immediately spend the movement of the thumb, which is prone to heart and cerebrovascular accidents.


Four bogey do not eat breakfast Many people think that breakfast is not important, can eat or not; there are too many people for various reasons (sleep late to eat, or girls do not eat for “slimming” diet) do not eat breakfast.

Because of the accelerated pace of life and other reasons, there is a widespread phenomenon of “breakfast sloppy, Chinese food, and dinner”, which is contrary to the principle of scientific meals, and is a misunderstanding in the diet.

If you don’t eat breakfast or eat badly, it will directly affect the morning work and study efficiency.

The brain is damaged by the uneven intake of nutrients, because the energy of the brain is mainly provided by blood sugar.

Imagine that from the first night of dinner to the morning, it has been fasting for 12 hours. At this time, the blood sugar of the human body has dropped significantly, and the brain is experiencing an energy crisis. If it is not replenished in time, it will be hurt.

As long as you eat breakfast in time, eat breakfast, blood sugar will rise, the “crisis” can be lifted, the sensitivity of the brain is improved, and the efficiency of work and study is improved.

How does Gu Yu’s solar terms maintain health?

How does Gu Yu’s solar terms maintain health?

How does the rainy season save?
During the rainy season, the liver is angry, the heart is gradually strong, and the temper is also in a strong period. It is a good opportunity for the body to replenish, but it cannot be supplemented like winter. It should eat some foods that benefit the liver and kidney, laying a foundation for the summer.
Let’s take a look at what is going on in the rainy season.
  Jujube Yangduo morning exercise “One year is in spring, one day is in the morning.”
During the rainy season, the yang is getting longer and the yin is getting rid of. To get up early and get up early, pay more attention to mental health care. Don’t be overly tired and nervous in mental and physical strength. Don’t worry about anxiety and anxiety.
  The morning is a good time to adopt the natural gas, and the activity is the most important part of Yangyang. The elderly can choose the static movements such as Taijiquan.
Exercise can increase the body’s metabolism, increase the amount of sweat, and achieve the “dehumidification” effect, but do not excessive sweating, so as to avoid yang venting.
Wild spring tour is also a good choice to evacuate stagnation, improve heart and lung function, and enhance physical fitness.
  食  药膳益肝肾  谷雨一过,春季就要过去了,此时,肝脏气伏,心气逐渐旺盛,脾气处于旺盛时期,是身体补益的好时机,应适时进食补血气的食物,但不能像冬天The same as the big supplement, the ancients have the saying that “the seasons do not eat the spleen”, according to personal physique, eat some foods that benefit the liver and kidney, soothe the liver and nourish the liver, nourish the blood and improve the eyesight, strengthen the spleen and kidney, benefit the water and dampness, for safetySummer base.
  Common medicated diets are: yam chicken golden carp soup: 250 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of chicken gold, 10 grams of yam, ginger 4, rice wine, salt, MSG; corn must jujube black bean porridge: corn must 60 grams30 grams of jujube, 30 grams of black beans, 90 grams of carrots.
  The body changes into a natural disease. “Spring monkey face, the climate changes at any time.
Although the climate warms during the rain, the incidence of stroke, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction will increase significantly when the temperature drops suddenly. Peptic ulcer, chronic low back pain, and hemoptysisThe old disease relapses or the condition worsens.
Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to the warmth of the clothes, especially the warmth of the hands and face (mouth and nose), because these parts are particularly sensitive.
Everyone should also pay attention to the hygiene of the living room, keep the living room and the surrounding environment clean, often open the window and ventilate the air to keep the indoor air fresh and sunny, so that the germs lose the breeding conditions.
  Treatment, diarrhea, according to the acupoints, the spring and summer, the yang yang rise, the liver fire is strong, you can massage the acupuncture points to diarrhea.
“The line between the lines” is on the big toe and the two toes. It is a point of diarrhea; “Tai Chong” is 4 cm on the instep of the big toe. It is called the first major point of the human body.”Taichong Point” is like a gas cylinder of the human body, because it is the original point and acupoint of the liver, and it is the fire hole of the liver. By pressing the “Tai Chong”, the body’s suffocating gas can be rushed out to the maximum.
  The method of sputum is to find the most painful point carefully, and then push the sputum from the “Tai Chong” to the “line between the lines”, which can help to release the liver fire.

Vegetarian seasoning with fine wine, healthy and delicious

Vegetarian seasoning with fine wine, healthy and delicious

As summer approaches, the appetite becomes lighter, and the greasy greasy side stands, and the vegetarian dishes are good for health.

However, vegetarian dishes seem to be a little lighter. If you mix some wines, you will definitely feel richer.

  The two-way traditional French-style oysters prepared by the Western chef of the West Lake Hotel in Fuzhou, the chef of the Fuzhou Jindu Days Hotel, also recommended a yam colorful salad for the foodies.

Two vegetarian dishes, simple to cook, rich in taste, healthy and healthy.

This issue of “New Life Weekly” also invited the intermediate taster Shi Zhiyong of Fuzhou Wine Club to match the two wines with two wines. Mr. Shi introduced the basic rules of vegetarian dishes.

  Traditional French 烩 蔬 推荐 recommended restaurant: Fuzhou West Lake Hotel producer: Western chef SAWARTO ingredients: eggplant, pumpkin, color pepper (green, red, yellow), above the slice.

  Ingredients: onion, garlic, tomato sauce, olive oil, a small amount.

2 tablespoons of mustard, Italian fruit vinegar, chili powder, salt, pepper, a small amount, basil leaves, pizza.

  Practice: Sauté the garlic and onion with olive oil and put all the ingredients into it. When it is soft, season it with other materials.

  Recommended match: Italy ASTI sparkling wine features: light yellow, bright and clear.

It has a warm but subtle scent and aroma, a sweet taste and a pleasant fragrance.

  The bubbles are long and lasting, and the aftertaste is endless.

The fragrance is sweet, the aroma is pleasant, the nature is friendly, the balance is long-lasting, the alcohol content is moderate, the taste is excellent, and the quality is excellent.

  Reference price: $128 Yam colorful salad recommended restaurant: Fuzhou Jindu Days Hotel Producer: Chef Lin Tongxiong Ingredients: Yam, corn, red kidney beans, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin, olive oil, red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar.

  Practice: 1.

Cut the yam, carrot, cucumber, and pumpkin into pieces and rinse.


Wash all the vegetables, add olive oil and balsamic vinegar and mix well.

Or add salad dressing too.

  Recommended with: Italian Handmade Chardonnay Dry White Grape Variety: Chardonnay (Chardonnay) Features: This model is golden in color, rich in fruit, bright in body and rich in mouthfeel.

Suitable for 8 ° C?
10 ° C with the starter, cold cuts and soup, is a quality aperitif.

  Reference price: $ 198 The basic rule of wine with wine.

Refreshing dishes with refreshing wine 2.

A rich dish with a rich wine 3.

Sour dish with sour wine 4.

Sweet dish with sweet wine

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Tranquility is a kind of ideological realm. It is not tired of power. It is not lured by fame and fortune. It is not attracted by the feast of the people. It keeps the pure land of the soul and tastes life leisurely.

To enjoy peace, we must maintain peace of mind and balance our minds. In peace, we will warm our hearts and relieve our troubles.

  From a medical point of view, the peace of mind makes people balance yin and yang, qi and blood, and calm emotions.

When the heart is quiet, the distracting thoughts are removed, and the distracting thoughts are qi and blood, and the qi and blood are physiologically healthy.

If you encounter a commodity, you will be eager to win. If you encounter a fame, you will ask for it. If you encounter power, you will want to climb. If you encounter difficulties, you will want to push the committee. The appearance looks calm, but the depth of thought is like a storm, and the whole day is a pound.Suffering from loss.

Such people are often premature.

As the ancient medical books said: “There is no doubt that the soul is scarred, but the anger is not the same.

Too much anger, God does not return to the room; love is uncertain, God does not guard.

If you want to, you will be annoyed; if you think about it, you will lose.

“Historically, humans have used wisdom to overcome the wolf, tiger, leopard, and snakes and beasts that threaten human health, and have achieved certain success with science and technology in the areas of bacteria, viruses, parasites and various infectious diseases.Some epidemics have spread, and some (such as smallpox) have been eliminated.

Now, in a sense, what is the greatest threat to human life and health?

It is a psychological factor, that is, nervousness and a serious state of mind.

  Nowadays, people have fully realized the impact of psychological factors on health. The medical model has evolved from the past biomedical model to the bio-psycho-social medical model, and the concept of health has changed greatly.

Modern health studies believe that the natural world is boundless, and people’s desires are endless. It is necessary to pursue infinite material interests with limited life, and it is bound to hurt the body and harm health.

To be healthy and long-lived, it is necessary to “clear the quiet and quiet, less private and vain”, or Zhuge Liang said that “non-indifferent is not clear, not quiet and far-reaching.”

  The competition in today’s society is fierce, the pace of life is tense, people are fighting for time and grabbing speed. This is the inevitable result of historical development and the symbol of social progress.

However, this fierce competition is often more than ambiguous than pure, and noisy is better than tranquility.

The more this time, the more important the serenity is.

At this point, you should see what the virtual name is, and the loneliness of the future; what is money, life does not bring, death does not bring.

In life, as long as you are not tired of fame and fortune, there will always be a quiet world, an indifferent mind.

This is a necessary condition for health and longevity today.

Clear soup to help lose weight


Clear soup to help lose weight

The characteristic of clear soup is that it does not add oil, salt, sugar, and it is completely natural and delicious. The soup can be replaced with soup with mushroom feet.

Rice noodles can be used instead of egg noodles.

  Clear soup helps cleanse the stomach and moisturize the skin, and you can fill your stomach with a bowl of soup before meals to reduce your food intake.

  Tofu fish fillet lettuce soup material: half of tofu, 100 grams of fish fillet, appropriate amount of lettuce, 2 cups of water or 2 cups of mushroom foot soup, 1 piece of ginger.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boil, add sliced tofu, fish fillets, slow fire, cook and then put the human dish Serve.

  枸杞 肝 liver soup material: 枸杞 200 grams, 200 grams of pig liver, 1 piece of ginger, 2 cups of water.

  Practice: clear water, ginger, shin bone roll for 15 minutes, add pig liver slowly cooked, then add 枸 leaf roll and serve.

  Winter melon meat soup material: 200 grams of winter melon, 100 grams of lean meat, 1 piece of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.

  Practice: clear water, ginger, melon seeds cooked, and add lean meat slowly cooked.

  Winter melon fiber is the best for the gastrointestinal tract and discharges stool.

  Tomato beef soup material: 200 grams of tomato, 75 grams of beef, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water.

  Practice: add water to the ginger slices and boil, put the tomatoes, and cook the beef slowly.

  Beef can be sliced or minced into beef.

  Festival melon fillet soup material: 200 grams of melon, 100 grams of fish fillet or 100 grams of fish, 1 mushroom, 1 ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boiled, add melon pieces, golden mushrooms, fish slowly cooked and served.

  Mustard sliced meat soup material: 200 grams of mustard greens, 75 grams of chicken or lean meat, 2 slices of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom feet.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boiled, add mustard to the sea, then add the meat pieces slowly cooked and served.

  Tomato egg soup material: 200 grams of tomato, 1 egg, 1 cup and a half of water or mushroom foot water, 1 piece of ginger.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boil, add tomato slices and roll, then add the well-mixed egg liquid Serve.

  Golden needle fungus chicken soup material: gold needle 1 撮, fungus 1 撮, chicken 100 grams, 1 ginger, water or a cup of water for a half cup of mushrooms.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boil, add soaked gold needles, roll the fungus, add chicken slowly and serve.

  Spinach broth material: 200 grams of spinach, 1 slice of ginger, 1 cup and a half of water or mushroom foot water.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boiled, add spinach and serve.

  Cabbage expanded bamboo shoots soup material: 150 grams of cabbage, 50 grams of bamboo shoots, 75 grams of meat, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boiled, add cabbage, boiled bamboo shoots cooked, and then add human meat slices slowly cooked.

  Cabbage, dried vegetables can make the stool smooth.

  Seaweed tomato soup material: 200 grams of tomato, Japanese instant seaweed or instant seaweed amount, water or mushroom foot water l cup and a half, ginger 1 piece.

  Practice: clear water, ginger slices boiled, add tomatoes to cook, then add ready-to-eat laver or seaweed Serve.

  Black bean fungus red jujube soup material: black bean 50 grams, fungus 1 money, red dates 3, ginger 1 slice, water or mushroom foot water 2 cups.

  Practice: Dip black beans with clear water, ginger, fungus, and red dates to cook together to 1 cup of water Serve.

  Gansun bamboo cane horseshoe soup material: 100 grams of bamboo shoots, 100 grams of bamboo cane, 150 grams of horseshoes, 3 cups of water.

  Practice: boil the materials together under the lower level, cook until a cup of water is ready.

  You can go to the supermarket to buy the packaged dry product “bamboo cane horseshoe bamboo shoots powder soup”.

  English white mushroom soup material: 200 grams of whitening, 2 mushrooms, 1 cup of water or water in the feet of mushrooms?

1 piece of ginger.
  Practice: After clearing the water, the ginger slices are boiled, and the white tablets are added.

Computer family five strokes delay skin aging

Computer family five strokes delay skin aging

Now the office worker arrives at the office at 9:00 every day. The first thing to do is to turn on the computer. I don’t know if it is hurting my skin in disguise.

If you don’t care for your skin, the computer family, you will suffer a lot!

Computer damage to the skin This is your most common working day: 9 am, before you go there, put down your handbag, turn on the computer, and start your day’s work.

But you have known that when you press the power button of the computer, it will open the computer to the skin of your skin. First, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the computer will directly damage the skin, causing the skin to be dry and itchy, skin tone.Yellowing, resulting in fine lines, dry skin becomes more and more dry, oily skin is getting more and more vicious cycle of oil.

  2, the static electricity of the computer is turned on, the surface of the display screen absorbs a lot of dust and dirt in the air, so that your skin close to the feet is in a “dirty” environment that is invisible to the naked eye, speeding up the skin.Oxidation and aging processes.

  3, long-term face of computer work will hurt the eyes, causing dry eyes, fatigue, fear of light, eye skin is prone to aging, dark circles and gradually increase.

  In fact, if you want to list the damage of the computer to the skin, it can be said that it can be said for three days and three nights.

So, how do we deal with the damage of the computer and bid farewell to the “computer skin” that goes from bad to worse?

  First, drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea every morning and eat an orange.

Tea is rich in vitamin A, which is quickly absorbed into vitamin A after it is absorbed by the body.

Vitamin A not only synthesizes rhodopsin, but also makes the eyes look clearer in the dark. Therefore, green tea can not only eliminate the harm of computer radiation, but also protect and improve vision.

If you are not used to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating body functions.

  Second, you should buy a new computer as much as possible.

Generally, do not use old computers. The radiation of old computers is generally more powerful. Under the same distance and similar conditions, it is generally 1-2 times that of new computers.

When using a computer, it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the brightness of the screen is lowered, and the electromagnetic radiation is stronger, and vice versa.

However, it can’t be adjusted too dark, so as not to affect the effect because the brightness is too small, and it is easy to cause eye fatigue.

Also be careful to keep an appropriate distance from the screen.

The closer to the screen, the more electromagnetic radiation the human body receives, so it is better to be half a meter away from the screen.

  Third, remember to turn off your computer while you are sleeping, not just turn off the screen.

In fact, the keyboard is more powerful than the display screen. Only turning off the screen can not prevent the radiation, and we are all sleeping, the head directly facing the keyboard close-up is into a misunderstanding, and quickly correct such bad habits!

  It is very important for people who regularly go online to increase nutrition. 1. Pay attention to skin cleansing.

Apply the barrier lotion before surfing the Internet. After the Internet is finished, the first task is to cleanse the skin. Wash the surface thoroughly with warm water and cleanser, wash off the static dirt and then apply mild skin care products.

It can reduce damage and moisturize skin for a long time.

  2, for people who regularly access the Internet, it is important to increase nutrition.

Vitamin B is very beneficial to mental workers. If you sleep late and the quality of sleep is not good, you should eat more animal liver, fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin B substances.

In addition, meat, fish, and dairy products also help to increase memory; chocolate, wheat doughnuts, seafood, and dried fruit can enhance the coordination of the nervous system and are the best small snacks when surfing the Internet.

  3, from time to time to drink some clam juice and carrot juice, for eye care, skin care effect is also very significant.

If you are very concerned about your appearance, then quickly discard those carbonated drinks and change to carrot juice or other fresh juice.

  The best source of protein for the computer family MM anti-aging must eat: fish and fish can provide a large number of high-quality protein for women, and the digestion and absorption rate is extremely high.

At the same time, the cholesterol content in the fish is reduced, and it does not bring in more cholesterol while ingesting high-quality protein.

Eating more fresh fish also helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

  Anti-aging food: Broccoli broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that can fight vitamin C and carotene.

Cruciferous vegetables have been scientifically proven to be the best anti-aging and anti-cancer foods.

For women, it also has a cosmetic effect that protects the skin.

  Lipid-lowering foods: Onions and onions can clear blood and help lower plasma.

At present, more and more professional women have increased blood lipids, and the incidence of hyperlipidemia has increased year by year and younger.

Proper supplementation of lipid-lowering foods is an effective way to prevent hyperlipidemia.

  Antioxidant foods: Tofu is a good source of protein in addition to lean meat and fish and shrimp.At the same time, legumes contain a chemical called isoflavones and are an effective antioxidant.

“Oxidation” means “aging.”

For working women, choosing a bean product helps to strengthen the body’s anti-aging ability.

  Keeping Vibrant Foods: Korean Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable with a rich vitamin C content. It also supplements fiber, promotes gastrointestinal motility, absorbs the system to maintain youthful vitality, and helps the body detoxify.

  Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Carotene is the best element for anti-aging. It can maintain the health of the outer tissues of human tissues or organs. Women with long acne on the skin should pay attention to the absorption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C and vitamin E can delay the aging of cells due to oxidation, leaving youthful face.

In addition, these fresh fruits and vegetables that ingest fiber can promote health in the body and help toxins from the body.

Looking at the phone and computer screen every day, are you worried about blue radiation?

Looking at the phone and computer screen every day, are you worried about “blue radiation”?

Contradictions, there is an eye hazard that has entered the public’s field of vision – blue light hazard.

It also produces anti-blue light glasses, blue light doping software, anti-blue light tempered film and so on.

So what is the blue light hazard and what impact does it have on our lives?

What is the use of anti-Blu-ray glasses, and what do we need to do with our daily eye protection?

Today, Xiaobian will share with you the true colors of Blu-ray.

What is Blu-ray?

Everyone is familiar with ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to the human body.

Ultraviolet light is the shortest wavelength and highest energy wave in the spectrum. Blu-ray is actually its neighbor, that is, electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 400nm and 500nm. Due to the proximity of ultraviolet light, blue light has attracted people’s attention.

Is Blu-ray really scary?


You look at the sky, that is the blue light reflected in the air, and there is no problem in watching the blue sky for so many years.

The sun is already the strongest source of blue light in the natural environment. If you notice the sun, it will cause eye damage, or a combination of ultraviolet and blue light.

But without looking at the sun, people’s eyes have not had any major problems in the sun since ancient times.

The conditions under which blue light is harmful are the conditions under which blue light is harmful. Light intensity and time. Our eyes can withstand some of the blue light, because after all, blue light is also visible light, which is acceptable to our eyes.

However, in the case of blue light, two conditions are required, one is the light intensity, and the other is the illumination time.

If you look at the sun or read a book in the sun, it is dead.


At this time, the blue light does cause damage to our retina and cornea.

The intensity of the blue light on the screen around us says that the blue light hazard requires intensity and time. Let’s look at the intensity of the blue light generated by the items around us.

According to the national standard: no danger is 100W / m2 / sr, LED lights for children need to ensure that the blue light intensity is below the indicator.

The low-risk level is less than 10000W / m2 / sr. Our mobile phones, computers, and tablets are all under this indicator. It is a safe range. Don’t worry about low-intensity blue light causing damage to our eyes.

It is more effective to use the eye habits and hygiene than to prevent blue light.

It is worth mentioning that infants and children before puberty, vision is still in the development stage, the resistance to blue light is much lower than that of adults, so it is necessary to replace the LED lights without risk indicators.

And reduce the time they look at the electronic screen, or cause damage to their eyes.

Anti-Blu-ray glasses Since the blue screen damage to our glasses is very small, anti-Blu-ray glasses are not so necessary for us, nor as magical as the business bragging.

The anti-blue light glasses have no obvious effect on relieving and treating myopia, and can not prevent the myopia degree of patients with myopia from deepening.

Blu-ray-resistant glasses can only give people some visual relaxation, but they can’t prevent dry eyes, eyelids and visual fatigue.

Ophthalmologists say that anti-blue glasses are mainly used for health care products, mainly for patients or special workers. Normal people do not need to use anti-blue glasses.

Normal people filter out too much blue light, but instead expect visual quality to drop, affecting the contrast and sensitivity.

In fact, Blu-ray is not a bad light. It is necessary for our visual color. If there is less blue light on the screen, the color will become yellowish, resulting in vividness and vividness. The colors we see will also lose more.The color.

Three eye protection methods, three eye protection methods, do not let the blue back pot 1 again.

Dry eyes and eyes are tired.

If you use your eyes for a long time, you will naturally have such symptoms. You should let your eyes rest more and blink more. Don’t stare at the screen for too long.

In addition, do not rely on eye drops, the natural science of eye use, pay attention to intermittent rest, more healthy and effective than anti-blue glasses and eye drops.


Looked for a long time blur.

The glasses stared at the screen for a long time, and the focus was not changed, which required the eye’s line of sight to be changed.

For example, half an hour to see the distant place, look out the window to see the room, look out the window to see the room, exercise the focus of the eye.3.

Look at the phone and sleep well.

It is not that blue light inhibits melatonin in the body, but it is more likely to be excited.

.So put down the electronic products half an hour before going to bed, do the eye massage, have a good sleep?