Learning to wash your face, 6 traps you can’t step on


Learning to wash your face, 6 traps you can’t step on

Today I want to teach you how to wash your face. Do you think it’s ridiculous?

Don’t worry, you may not wash your face.

Washing your face is an alternative to any maintenance. Your face is not washed well. Where can your skin be better?

However, many people really have too many misunderstandings on the problem of face washing. Today, the editors have raised and solved them one by one.

  Misunderstanding 1: Washing your face with a towel will be cleaner. Towel loops are several times larger than pores. It is difficult to deeply remove dirt and oil from the deep. Long wet towels will multiply various bacteria and rub against the skin to make the skin allergic.

Therefore, it is best to wash your face with a soft cleansing sponge, and often dry it.

  Mistake area two: The more you use the facial cleanser, the better the effect is to clean the skin. If too many functional ingredients will lead to incomplete cleansing of the skin, at the same time, too many functional ingredients will enter the pores without any protection of the skin., Will cause a burden on the skin.

So facial cleanser needs to meet two basic conditions: clean thoroughly and moisturize the skin.

  Misunderstanding 3: Wash every corner of the shell to the T-shaped area is the easiest place to hide dirt, it is best to rub several times.

Wash your cheeks gently from bottom to top, because the stratum corneum cells on the face are distributed like fish scales from top to bottom. If you clean it in the opposite direction, it will be cleaner.

Hair buns and temples are extremely susceptible to styling accessories, so you have to pay special attention to cleaning. The skin of the eyes is particularly sensitive and should be left at the end to clean to prevent smoke from cleansing products.

  Misunderstanding 4: Washing your face with hot water can clean your skin more thoroughly. The choice of water temperature is very important, but you should not choose extremes: the recovered water can completely remove the skin’s protective film, which easily loosens the skin, enlarges pores, and causes rough skin.Wrinkles are generated; washing the face with lower temperature and slightly increasing the skin pores can not clean the dirt such as sebum and dust residues on the face, which not only can not achieve the cosmetic effect, but also easily cause skin diseases such as acne,Affects beauty.

The correct way is to wash your face with warm water at 35 ° C and then rinse with cold water.

  Wrong area: It is best to air dry naturally after washing your face. The skin will cool because of the natural evaporation of the skin, but the blood vessels will shrink and cause dry and peeling skin, and it is easy to wrinkle.

So after washing your face, you should use toner immediately, and then use a moisturizing cream.

  Misunderstanding 6: Foaming facial cleanser will cause skin loss after washing. Most people will experience skin tightening after using foaming facial cleanser. It is believed that the facial cleanser removes moisture from the skin.

In fact, washing your face does not wash off the water, but it is a humid time. The delicate foam can penetrate the pores and clean the skin.

The rich foam also cleans the pores in the skin.

However, it is not wise to blindly use a foaming facial cleanser. The beauty company recommends that you use a foaming facial cleanser in combination with a non-foaming facial, which is clean and thorough without causing skin problems.

30 Little Salts to Help Your Healthy Life

30 Little Salts to Help Your Healthy Life


Dandruff — You have dandruff and are annoying.

.Frequent shampooing can remove dandruff or prevent hair replacement.


Coffee + salt-can drink, of course, do not add Fanfan flavor (a little bit!



Washing broccoli — There are green bugs in the vegetables. As long as you put the vegetables in the hay, those bugs will crawl out and worship you.


Loss of Vitamin C — If you use a fruit juice or fruit and vegetable juicer to grind fruits and vegetables, you will lose a lot of vitamin C, so put some salt in it before it is minced and it is OK!


Dirt in the dishes — thick brine or brine + vinegar, it’s OK!


Candles — Ignite the candles and place some salt near the heart of the candle to make the candle brighter and last longer.


Relieve cough — Use a ratio of salt to water of 1: 100. After stirring well, drink saline with a straw.


Broken worms — Wooden furniture can damage worms. Rubbing the surface of the furniture with hay can effectively prevent maggots.


Boiled eggs — Adding a trace of salt to the water can prevent the shell from falling down disadvantageously, and even the broken egg protein will not change.

After cooking, put in cold water and the eggshell will peel well.


Throat — Singing, speaking hoarse, not drinking a bit of salt water.



Bamboo utensils — Washing rattan and bamboo utensils with salt water can make them change and be durable!


Fire-Adding salt to the fire with newspaper wrapped in it will not only increase firepower, but also reduce smoke.


Brushing — Brushing your teeth with fine salt or salt water will make your teeth stronger and whiter.


Emetics-When food is mildly poisoned or excessive drinking causes discomfort, use concentrated saline to help induce vomiting.


Soot-When soot stains white clothing or cloth, it can be washed with warm saline water to remove soot.


Broom — Soak the newly bought broom in salt water for a while, it will not be shed when used after drying.

Clams-Before cooking the clams, soak the clams in salt water and let it spit. No sand will be eaten when eating.
  18 years old

Milk — Don’t be afraid of milk taste, add salt can be stored for several days will not change taste, expired no longer used to bake cakes and wash your hair.


Steamed rice — Add salt water and washed rice to the rice cooker. The steamed rice is not only soft and soft, but also flavorful.


Fruits — Apples, pears, and other iron-containing fruits will change color after peeling for a long time. Don’t worry, just put them in a jar after cutting to prevent discoloration.

  twenty one

Bathing — Adding bath salt or table salt when bathing in the bathtub can not only sterilize or even refresh yourself.

  twenty two

Vinegar — Add some salt to the edible vinegar, it can be stored for a long time without bad.

  twenty three.

Scorching marks — If there are scalding marks on tables and chairs, you can use olive oil and salt to reconcile them. After rubbing for one hour, wipe off the scalding marks to restore the original shape.

  twenty four

Weeding — If the weeds in your home grow quickly, you can sprinkle a large amount of salt on the weeds, and 3 or 4 days later.

  25 years old

Cramps — If there are cramps and cold, you can fry the salt, wrap it in a cloth, and wipe it back and forth on the four limbs!


Fire, burns — Soak the wound in saline for 10 minutes or sprinkle the wound with salt to relieve pain and sterilize.


Towels — Towels will be wet and sticky after being used for a long time. After rubbing with salt, they will not be wet and sticky after washing with water.


Woodware — Woodware will turn black for a long time, and it can be restored after wiping with salt water.

.  29.

Oil splashing — When frying food, you can put some salt in the pan. This will not only prevent the oil from spitting out but will not burn.

  30 years old

Mouth broken — Mouth broken can not be good for a long time, as long as you wipe the mouth with salt to recover.

This vitamin is almost lacking for everyone, and three methods can be added!

This vitamin is almost lacking for everyone, and three methods can be added!

Many friends may not know that vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the Chinese population, and almost 9 out of 10 people are lacking.

What is the impact of lack of vitamin D?

Xiaobian will give you a specific talk.

Is vitamin D useful?

Vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis, prevent spinal diseases such as chicken breasts, funnel chest, and O-legs, and is very important for bone health.

More and more studies have shown that vitamin D can significantly reduce the threat of cancer, can regulate immunity, reduce the risk of diabetes, colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Since vitamin D is so important, go to the pharmacy to buy a few bottles to make up for it?

And slow, first judge that you are lacking and say.

Do you know that you are lacking vitamin D?

There are 2 strokes below.

1, self-test body lacks vitamin D, the bones themselves will “speak”, for example: hips and waist and legs often have pain, move more pain; muscle weakness, feeling the body is hollowed out, climb the stairs, sit up and stand upPressing on the sternum, ribs, fractures, etc., there will be tenderness, even difficulty walking, bedridden, easy to fracture; osteoporosis; hunchback, height shift.

If you have 1 in it?
2, it means that the body is deficient in vitamin D.

2, taking blood to the hospital to check the serum 25-(OH)D, is the most accurate and direct method.

If 25-(OH)D is at least a certain level, it means that the body is deficient in vitamin D.

How many vitamin D do people need per day?

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation 2008 and the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s 2010 guidelines, the supplemental dose of vitamin D is: healthy people aged 19-49 years old 400-800 IU healthy people over 50 years old 800-1000 per day Where does IU vitamin D start?

Among the foods that are often eaten, egg yolks, cheese, mushrooms, milk, butter, animal offal and certain marine fish meats provide a small amount of vitamin D.

Among them, the liver carp (cod liver oil) of marine fish can provide a large amount of vitamin D, but they are not daily food.

Therefore, vitamin D deficiency is a common problem.

The supplementary method is still oral-based, and the intramuscular injection is inconvenient, and there will be a problem that the vitamin D level rises too fast.

Because too much dose can cause vitamin D poisoning, you should consult a professional doctor before choosing to take vitamin D.

The safe dose of vitamin D is no more than 4000 IU per day, so as long as it is taken correctly, it is usually not a problem.

Vitamin D supplementation, there is also a way to not spend money on the body itself, although it can synthesize vitamin D, but there is a necessary condition: sun!

Vitamin D is mainly synthesized by the skin, and the predetermined condition for the skin to synthesize vitamin D is that there is sunlight.

At this time, in the summer, stay in the sun for about 20 minutes, it is possible to meet the needs of the day, and it takes a little time in the winter.

Eye self-care methods

Eye self-care methods

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the main organs for feeling outside objects.

With the increase of age, various eye diseases will appear, common dry eyes, eye pain, itching and congestion in the eyes.

Here are some self-care therapies for my eyes.


In the morning, drink a cup of green tea with chrysanthemums, multiple fragrances and refreshing, refreshing, and green tea and chrysanthemums have multiple liver-clearing effects, which are quite effective in treating red eyes and dizziness.


If your eyes often have bloodshot eyes or suddenly have a small area of congestion, you can drink with 1/3 or 1/2 fresh lotus leaves.

The lotus leaf can relieve heat and clear the heat, elevate Qingyang, dissipate blood stasis and stop bleeding, can eliminate bloodshot and congestion in the eyes, and make eyes bright.


If the eyes are swollen and painful, or the eyes are impaired, use one or two fresh plantains to soak in water.

This grass has the functions of clearing heat, water, and eyesight.


Massage your eyes and face frequently.

Many meridians in the body’s internal organs go through the face and eyes, and every 10 minutes of massage, several times a day, perseverance, not only has a health effect on the eyes, but also great health for the entire human body.


The three acupuncture points of Zusanli, Quchi and Hegu can be used to replenish kidney qi, clearing away heat and dampness, reconcile camp guards, and retreat consciously, refreshing and refreshing spiritfull.

  These methods are simple and easy to use, and do not cost much, but they can benefit a lot.

Why working hard but not growing

Why working hard but not growing

The reason why people don’t grow fat is that these people don’t want to make the necessary weight gain efforts; they just want to find a simple, magical way to gain weight and become strong.

But if you are one of those few people who really want to grow stronger, please read on.

  The quick way to make you strong: First: buy some recent fitness magazines and rip out all the photos inside.

  Keep these photos as your goal, and then throw away the rest of the magazines, they will only confuse you.

Don’t bother with the daily training programs written in the magazine, this month’s nutritional supplements and so on, because those things are useless to you.

  Essentially, you need to learn the following weight gain rules.

  Rule 1: How do thin people gain weight?

How do fat people get stronger?

How do strong people become stronger?

There is only one answer, that is to eat!

“But I eat a lot, I just can’t grow meat” “I guess my metabolism is faster.”

Be careful, everyone uses this excuse, it’s totally nonsense.

Do you want to grow strong?

Or do you just want to be frustrated that you ca n’t grow meat?

If you want to get stronger, do it the way I will tell you.

Calculate calories.

If you don’t count calories you will never achieve your goal, in the end you are just wasting everyone’s time and your life asking me how I can grow stronger.

The only way to grow meat is to eat the right amount of food (calories).

If you don’t do this, any effort you make will not help you, no matter how much training you use, what special medicines you use, nothing will help you.

  The body works like this, assuming it needs x calories to grow.

If it gets it, it will grow and grow out of things that are either aunts or muscles.

If it is not available, the muscles will either stay the same size or they will shrink.

How many calories do you need?

First, buy a calorie calculator and buy some measuring cups.

It’s also a good idea to buy some cheap table, and finally, bring a notebook with you.

Next, calculate the conversions for everything you eat on a weekday and add them up.

  Starting tomorrow, eat 500 calories more than you usually do, and try to spread it throughout the day.

Continue this diet for a week.

Then measure your weight while you are in bed every day (before you eat).

Have you gained weight?

There’s none

Then starting next week, add another 500 calories a day.

If you still do n’t grow meat next week, add more.

If you ca n’t eat more, try something with a higher content, like auntie.

If you gain weight, keep on this diet; add 250-500 calories until you stop gaining weight.

  Weight gain guidelines: If you gain more than 1-2 pounds a week, then you need to lose 250 calories until you get used to it.

If you exceed this amount every week, most of your increase may be your aunt.

If you can add a pound per week, it’s already a lot. If you gain weight, you will gain 52 pounds a year, and you will soon become very strong.
If you are the kind of skinny person, maybe you need to add a lot of aunts to your diet.
Because adults are the highest calorie foods, adults have more than two calories of protein and sugar.

Then you can stuff more conversions into your belly.

Of course, you also need a lot of protein and vegetables.

If you are really as skinny and fragile as possible, eating more aunts will not have any effect on your health.

How to eat oat in the summer health breakfast

How to eat oat in the summer health breakfast

The weather is getting hotter and people’s diets are getting lighter and lighter. Many people are not as active about breakfast as usual. Part of the reason is that people are not happy to burn their own breakfast or eat hot food.

The busy living environment also makes people ignore the existence of breakfast. The first meal in the morning is actually the most critical meal.

In an age of stress, white-collar workers will work harder and return to their families and careers sooner or later. Balanced nutrition can replenish physical strength and bring vitality to the day.

So what should I eat for breakfast in the summer?

Nutritionists tell us that it’s best to eat oats.

Oats are personally satiated and long lasting.

  Oat is rich in nutrients, ingested carbohydrate metabolites and supplemental fiber, and the unique micro fiber β-glucan will prolong prolonged digestion time, which can continuously and stably provide energy, and can bring sufficient energy throughout the day to ensure healthAt the same time, it can provide long-lasting energy and prepare you for the coming of summer. Even if children exercise a lot in the summer and consume a lot of physical energy, they can also energize you and your family and perform well in study and work.

  The medical value and health care of oats have been recognized by the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign medical circles.

According to 1981-1985, five rounds of animal tests and three rounds of 997 clinical observation studies of 18 medical units including the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Beijing Cardiocerebral Vascular Research Center and Beijing Haidian Hospital have proven that naked oats can prevent and treat hyperlipidemia.Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

That is, taking oatmeal for 3 months (100 g daily) can obviously reduce the plasma, triglyceride, β-lipoprotein in cardiovascular and liver, and the total effective rate is 87.

2%, the effect is not significantly different from Guanxinping, and there are no complications.

It has the same obvious effect on secondary hyperlipidemia caused by liver, kidney cancer, diabetes, liver cancer and so on.

Long-term consumption of oatmeal is beneficial to the control of diabetes and obesity.

  Summer health of oats in summer is the highest season of the year. The metabolism of the human body is very strong. Many people often suffer from general weakness in the hot summer, loss of appetite, easy sweating, dizziness, upset, lethargy, etc.In order to spend the summer, experts recommend a light diet and balanced nutrition.

Due to the reduction of gastric acid secretion in summer, coupled with drinking water concentration, dilute the gastric acid, resulting in weak digestive function of the body, you should eat more nutritious, light-scented products, avoid greasy, fried and hot food.

If it is easy to process oatmeal with egg and milk products, and breakfast made of vegetables and fruits, it can provide long-lasting energy while maintaining balanced nutrition. For example, Quaker’s new ready-to-eat oatmeal is basically fast-food oatmeal.Add different types of ingredients or fruits through different cooking methods to present another fashionable way of eating.

  Control blood sugar, beauty and beauty Modern food is more refined, and busy urban people are more likely to suffer from dietary diseases such as hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

Consuming 3 grams of supplemental plasma fiber provided by oatmeal every day for 30 consecutive days can effectively reduce cholesterol in human blood.

Plasma glucose fiber absorbs plasma like sponge and supplements it to replace the body, reducing the chance of diabetes being absorbed in the large and small intestines, thereby helping to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which in turn lowers blood lipids, lowers cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Consuming 100 grams of oatmeal (or oatmeal) per meal can supplement 9 grams of fiber, which is very effective in controlling the sharp rise in blood sugar after a meal and preventing diabetes.

Dietary fiber can cause food to stay longer in the stomach, prolong the digestion and absorption of starch in the small intestine; gradually accumulate fiber to form an adhesion coefficient in the intestine, wrap the food, prevent the small intestine from absorbing starch, and make the postprandial blood glucose rise tend to ease and moderate.Therefore, it is rationally used to help control the effect of regulating blood sugar and preventing diabetes.

Trace element chromium participates in glucose metabolism in the body and has a better complication effect on diabetes.

Not only that, oatmeal is high in fiber content, strong in water absorption, swells and increases in volume, and prolongs the residence time of food in the stomach. It has a feeling of fullness and can be eaten less, and oats are resistant to obesity and laxative, so it has a weight loss effect., Do environmental protection for the human body.

Long-term increase in dietary fiber intake can eliminate the effects of toxins and beauty by sliding the bowel; vitamin E, linolenic acid, copper, zinc, selenium, and magnesium in oats can remove excess free radicals in the body and fight aging; oatsContains melatonin, which can remove dark spots, make the skin white and greasy, and also induce sleep, rest well and refreshed.

The variety of oatmeal on the market is dazzling. Careful selection of high-quality oat foods ensures the health of yourself and your family.

  How to choose good oatmeal?


It is best to choose oatmeal, which are all about the same size, so that the degree of dissolution will be the same, and it will not cause discomfort on the taste.


Do not choose oatmeal in transparent packaging, which is prone to moisture and some nutritional value will be lost. It is best to choose oatmeal in tin foil packaging.

Why is a broken woman more painful?

Why is a broken woman more painful?

Scientists find out why women are more distressed after a love affair-women’s brain regions that produce depression are far more active than menChanging their brains is the real reason why women have more pain than men when it comes to romance.

A report on the study has been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Ajif who leads the research team at South Carolina Medical University?

“After a broken relationship or the death of a loved one, it is very common for women to experience symptoms of depression, such as depression and loss of motivation and appetite for life,” Dr. Narebi said.

The most important point of this research is that it shows that the effect on the brain caused by the breakup of men and women is completely different from the effect on the brain caused by the grief after the loss of a loved one.

“The study looked at women between the ages of 18 and 40.

They have had at least six months of romance, and their relationship broke down at any later time 16 weeks ago.

These women can’t bear the shadow of emotions after breaking up with loved ones, leading to psychological problems.

During their painful memories, the researchers monitored their brain cell activity using advanced MRI techniques.

Camping: bed for the ground and bed for the sky

Camping: bed for the ground and bed for the sky

Would you also like to adjust it to the formulated work life, and then use the false to supplement nature?

And the easiest way to occupy nature is camping, not to mention camping life, you can get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can also change the monotonous and tedious rest, when the holiday is called, you will have another impulse to live a new life.

  What is camping?

Camping means not relying on artificial equipment such as mountain houses, hostels, etc., but using props prepared by yourself to live in the mountains.

In the past, camping activities were the most common nouns in Boy Scout sports and military activities. Camping is fun, but safety is the first element. The following points must be noted: 1.

You should try to set up tents on the hard, over-ground ground, and do not camp on river banks and dry riverbeds.


The entrance to the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be kept away from the rocky hillside.


To prevent the tent from being flooded when it rains, a drainage ditch should be dug just below the top edge of the tent.


The corners of the tent are to be pressed with large stones.


Air circulation should be maintained in the tent, and cooking in the tent should prevent fire.


Before going to bed at night, check whether all the flames have been extinguished and whether the tent is firmly fixed.

  Quick “settle down” When we choose a camp and prepare to camp, we should first build a public tent.

At the downwind of the camp, first set up a cooking tent, build a stove, burn a pot of water, and then arrange it upwind in turn, used to store public equipment warehouse tents and their camping tents.

When the tents were built throughout the camp, the boiled water had been boiled, and they could be immediately incorporated and started cooking.

In addition, don’t forget to put up a simple toilet in the downwind and away from the water, so as not to be embarrassed when using it.

  Outdoor toilets When participating in outdoor activities, we often camp in the wild. When we arrive at the destination to build a camp, it is extremely necessary to build a simple outdoor toilet.

The wild toilets should be selected on the leeward side of the campsite, a little lower than the campsite, and should be far away from the river (at least 20 meters away).

It is best to dig a tubular soil pit about 30 cm wide, about 50 cm long, and about half a meter deep with stones and fir leaves inside (to eliminate the odor).

Surrounded by plastic cloth or packing box on three sides and fixed, the open side should be leeward.

Prepare some sand and a shovel in the toilet, and prepare a board or cardboard.

Cover the excrement and toilet paper with some sand and soil afterwards, and cover the pit with wooden boards or cardboard to eliminate odor and maintain hygiene.

In addition, a more obvious signboard is located outside the toilet so that others can see from a distance whether or not someone is using the toilet.

When camping is over, bury the pit with sand, mark it, and tell others who are participating in the field.

  The tent surface should be facing south or southeast to see the morning sun. The camp tries not to be on the ridge or the top of the mountain. At least it should be instructed. Don’t place it near the stream, so it will not be too cold at night. The camp is selected in the sand., Grass, or rock cuttings and other well-drained camps, do not need to dig drainage ditch, stones, trunks can replace camp nails, it is best to find a camp sheltered by woods.

  Don’t rush into the decision to use the camp pillar. Don’t rush into the process. If you want to complete the cover in the shortest time, sometimes it will cause cracks in the camp pillar or loosening of the metal ring. It is best to carry a three-inch aluminum alloy tube for backup.

  Hiking boots should not be put into tents. Sludge or small stones on the bottom of the boots will pollute and wear. It must be taken off raincoats and wet clothing to avoid getting wet with other items, especially sleeping bags. Keep the inside dry and meet people with bad behavior in the future.Refusing to live together.

  Before folding and packing the tent, dry it first and then wipe it clean. In the snow season, you can wipe it with snow blocks. Do not put the sleeping bag or invert the tent to dry it and wipe it clean.

  The lighting system in the tent can carry candles, which is lightweight and convenient to carry, but gas lamps are currently the mainstream.

  Carry a thin linen to tie the two ends of the tent, hang wet clothes and air dry it. When you leave the tent all day, it is best to spread out the sleeping bag on the sleeping pad and let the sun shine for a while.

  Fuel oil, main rope and other climbing equipment can be inserted into the corner of the tent.

  Avoid cooking tents inside the tent. The fire resistance is quite fragile, especially when the interior is full of flammable materials such as jackets and sleeping bags.


Wait, it is best to cook inside or outside the tent, or use a 6×6 inch triple plywood bottom. All doors and windows should be completely open and ventilated to avoid moisture condensing on the inner wall of the inner tent and prevent the flame from being uncontrollable during the warm-up period.During this period, some people may sleep or be trapped. The sleeping bag must be packed to avoid flooding the tent.
When an unfortunate event occurs, the kerosene stove will be replenished, and it will have a pungent smell. At the same time, the stove must be removed from the tent when the fire is turned off.

  Do not omit items After the construction of the camp, fill the tent cover with unused items. The loosening of the battalion joints must be fastened with adhesive tape. If some parts of the tent are missing, the tent cannot be combined.

  After weekday maintenance and aftercare activities, it is best to wash immediately. If the weather is interrupted, you should also wipe it once, dry it, and try to hang it in a ventilated place on weekdays.

  If you want to have a good dream in the mountains or even in severe weather, there are no problems at all. It is better to have some joints, such as corners and camp pillar joints.

.Wait and strengthen it.

  Different manufacturers of camp nails have the same design for camp nails, ranging from six to eight inches, T-shaped, I-shaped or half-moon-shaped, or even spiral-shaped camp nails. For hard, rocky or snowy grounds, of course, the trunks near the campOr branches, tree roots can easily be nails.

  During camping, the backpack must be closed tightly to prevent small animals from stealing food. At night, the backpack cover must be used. Even in sunny weather, dew will still wet the backpack. During the snow season, you can use the backpack as a door to the snow cave. If you walk or crawl in the woods,Blade forest, it is more suitable to lower the center of gravity of the backpack. The camping can insert an empty backpack under the feet and put it outside the sleeping bag. It is insulated from the cold ground to improve the sleeping temperature. The backpack must be cleaned. If it is too dirty, use a neutral detergent to clean the backpack.Place it in a cool place to air dry, but avoid exposure to sunlight for too long, because ultraviolet rays can hurt the nylon cloth. During the hiking process, you must still pay attention to the basic maintenance. If the backpack is scratched, you must sew it immediately. You must choose a thicker needle thread that is specially used to sew chair cushions.It must be sewn tightly. Nylon thread can be cut off by fire.

  When walking continuously for more than two hours without supplementation, your brain will protest, headaches and dizziness will appear. The best thing is all kinds of cereal products on the market.

Gu Yu is suitable for eating VB food (health health)

Gu Yu is suitable for eating VB food (health health)

Gu Yu is the last solar term in the spring. There is a saying that “the snow is clear and the snow is broken.”

At this time, the rainfall began to increase, which is especially suitable for the growth of crops. The so-called “谷雨” means “rainwater and a hundred valleys.”

  Spring is a high season for mental illness. In the last solar terms in the spring, people can eat some foods that can relieve mental stress and regulate emotions in addition to regulating their emotions through mental health care.

  Early nutrition and psychophysiological studies have shown that diet has a certain impact on the mood of the human body.

For example, people who like to eat sweets are more gentle. Some foods contain some nutrients that increase the level of a neurotransmitter called serotonin in the human brain, making people feel calm, happy, and even relieve pain.
Some research data have confirmed that eating more foods containing vitamin B group changes has a significant effect on improving depressive symptoms.

Other studies have observed that eating more alkaline foods can help relieve the irritable mood of the human body, so people who are prone to anger and anger will eat more seafood such as shellfish, shrimp, crab, fish, kelp to improve their character and stabilize their mood.

  Foods rich in vitamin B are: wheat germ powder, standard flour, standard flour noodles, buckwheat flour, soba noodles, barley, millet, soybeans and other beans, sunflower seeds, raw peanut kernels, black sesame seeds, sesame seeds and lean meat.Wait.

  Alkaline foods include: kelp, natural green algae, grapes, white radish, soybeans, carrots, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, squash, strawberries, egg whites, dried plums, lemons, spinach, etc.

  Diet that can regulate the mood of the human body: breakfast: soy milk, bread (or taro, rice), fresh side dishes (such as kelp); Chinese food: main food rice or taro, vice colgent, mainly based on vegetarian food, such as green vegetables, tofu, appropriate amount of lean meat and soup (such as tomato egg soup, seaweed seaweed soup, etc.); dinner: staple rice or pasta, non-staple food is mainly green vegetables and a variety of porridge (such as rice porridge, millet porridge, bean porridge, lotus seedsPorridge, etc.); eat one to two slices of bread and drink a glass of milk half an hour before going to bed.

  If you can flexibly master the above dietary principles, it will improve the mental state of the human body and facilitate spiritual maintenance.

(Health Times special expert Zhang Guoxi)

What are the benefits of parent-child reading, you should choose some books

What are the benefits of parent-child reading, you should choose some books

Children’s reading habits need to be cultivated from an early age. Imagine a child who does not love reading. In the future, his learning ability will not be very high. Parents will also be very afraid of their children’s learning problems. Therefore, many families will be with their children.Carry out parent-child reading, so what is parent-child reading?

What should parent-child reading do?

In fact, many parent-child readings between parents and children have many imperfections and need attention. Let’s take a look at the details below.

  What is parent-child reading? Today’s parents pay more and more attention to children’s education. Parent-child reading is actually a pleasant educational method. It can make children like reading and fall in love with the knowledge in books. At the same time, it can also develop children’s intelligence andChildren learn to think, learn to analyze and innovate, so what exactly is parent-child reading?

Let’s look at the definition of parent-child reading.

  Parent-child reading, also known as “parent-child reading”, is to use books as a medium and reading as a link to allow children and parents to share various forms of reading processes, which play an important role in students’ extracurricular reading.

Through co-reading, parents and children learn together and grow together; through co-reading, create opportunities for parents to communicate with their children, and share the emotions and fun of reading; through co-reading, children can bring joy, wisdom, hope, courage, and enthusiasmAnd confidence.

  The benefits of parent-child reading Parent-child reading can cultivate the baby’s learning interest, but also develop oral expression skills, expand thinking and so on.

More importantly, create opportunities for parents to communicate with their children and share the joy of reading.


Parent-child reading can cultivate students’ interest in reading languages and make children love books.


Parent-child reading satisfies the children’s need to listen to stories and sparks their thirst for knowledge.


Parent-child reading can greatly improve children’s reading ability, accumulate and develop languages, develop intelligence, and develop creative thinking.


Parent-child reading can deepen the relationship between parents and children, make them deeply experience the warmth of parental love, motherly love, and promote the physical and mental health of young children.

  The critical period of parent-child reading. Theoretically, parent-child reading can be started from birth, and gradually select the appropriate books for children to read in person.

But 3-6 years old is a critical period for the development of children’s language ability, and it is a critical period for developing children’s reading ability.

This period is also the time when children receive a lot of knowledge and fully understand the world, so parents should focus on this period.

  Books for parents and children to choose before the age of one: buy babies “tear-proof books” made of cloth or non-toxic plastic, these books are easy to clean and disinfect.

Babies prefer simple, clear, and colorful books.

In particular, books with obvious patterns and temporary text can most effectively improve your baby’s language development level.

Books with simple rhythms, pictures of plants and animals, and smiling faces of dolls are most popular.

  2 years: Buy some sturdy card books for your baby.

Depicted nursery rhymes books, or fairy tale books with simple plots.

  3 years: Choose a story book with a rich plot for your baby, especially those with a special note on simple text.

Participate in brain and hands-on intelligence books.

Inspirational and instructive books such as daily norms and orientation concepts should also be prepared for babies.

  3-6 years old: You can try to choose multiple complicated books for your baby, such as popular science books or 100,000 why books.

  Questions for Parent-Child Reading 1

Prepare lessons in advance.

Before reading to your child, parents should read it carefully and feel the fun brought by the text, so that they can bring the joy of reading to the child.

Parents can even rehearse, how to read is more interesting.

Parents should realize that reading to their babies is not a sloppy thing and needs to be taken seriously.


Read aloud with emotion.

When reading for your child, don’t speak too fast, it is best to change your tone to play a role, and try to exaggerate your expression.At key moments or in suspense, lowering your voice and slowing it down will allow your child to stay focused.


Can read while playing.

For younger children or children who ca n’t sit still, parents can let their children read aloud while playing.

You can also let your child flip over and give pointers if necessary.

When you first start reading, you don’t have to read pages one by one, or even read the entire book.

Books are just toys for smaller children. What parents need to do is to help children find the fun of books.


Fixed reading time.

Schedule a fixed time with your child for a wonderful reading time and try to make it a habit.

It is not necessary to insist on the duration of each reading. Reading a picture book for 10 minutes intently and enthusiastically can also impress the child’s mind.

  Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has understood what parent-child reading is. It is not enough to understand the concept of parent-child reading. The key is to grasp the key points of parent-child reading and the critical period of parent-child reading to better help children read happilyGrowth, harvesting more knowledge from reading, and happiness, will greatly help future learning.