Postpartum Yoga Helps New Mummy Eliminate Fatigue

Postpartum Yoga Helps New Mummy Eliminate Fatigue

Yoga is a kind of physical and physical exercise. Even if people get inner peace and tranquility, they will also have a positive impact on health.

The new mummy after the baby is born will always feel physically exhausted, and many times the mood will be bad. Practicing yoga at this time may have unexpected results.

  ◆ Boat style 1.

Lie on your back with your legs straight.

Lay your arms flat on your side, palms down.


Inhale and lift your head, upper torso, legs, and body all off the ground.

The two countries should be straight forward and parallel to the ground while holding their breath, while maintaining this posture for as long as possible, subject to no effort.


As you slowly exhale, gradually restore your legs and torso and relax your body.

Repeat this exercise 3 times.

  Role: Improve human organs and muscles, and help promote interventional peristalsis and improve digestive function.

  Cat style 1

Kneel down, sit on your heels, and straight forward.


Lift the top and place your hands on the ground.

Inhale, look up, and contract your hip muscles for 5 seconds.


Exhale, lower your head, arch your spine, and hold for another 5 seconds.

Arms straight, perpendicular to the ground.

  Role: Helps the uterus to return to its normal position.

  ◆ Tiger style 1.

Kneeling at first, sitting on both heels with the spine straight.

Put your hands forward, place them on the floor, raise the stairs, and make a crawling posture.


Look straight ahead, inhale, and shrink your right leg backwards.

Without breathing, bend your right knee and point your knee towards your head.

Gaze upwards for 5 seconds.


Exhale, put your knees bent back under the hips, close to the knees, above the toenails, look down, your noses close to the knees, and your spine should be arched.

Press the right leg backwards and do 5 reps on each leg.

  Role: Reduces hip and thigh areas, strengthens reproductive organs.

  ◆ Progressive legs and hips 1.

Sit upright with your legs stretched forward and your palms on your thighs.


Straight forward and straight forward, shoulders retracted backwards, inhale, be sure to lift your head high, exhale, slowly bend forward, bend forward as comfortably as possible, hold your calves with both hands, and bend your elbows longer and downward, Lower your head, as close to your knees as possible, hold for 10 seconds.


Inhale, straighten carbon dioxide to reduce.Relax your body and repeat twice.

  Role: Helps to make the uterus and bladder full of vitality, and the gonads are nourished.

  ◆ Perfluorinated insect type 1.

Lie on your back with your arms straight back and exhale, while raising your head, chest, and legs.


Breathe regularly and keep this position for as long as possible.


Initial reduction, body relaxation, repeated twice.

  Role: It is beneficial to all organs in the pelvic area.

See how Chinese medicine diagnoses and treats the disease with smell diagnosis?

See how Chinese medicine diagnoses and treats the disease with smell diagnosis?

Hearing diagnosis means detecting the condition by listening to the sound and smelling the sickness and gas. Specifically, the content of smell can be divided into sound, language, breathing, discarding vomiting, bowel sounds and sickness.

The normal voice is natural, the tone is harmonious, and the language is clear.

See how Chinese medicine diagnoses and treats the disease with smell diagnosis?
  The sound is normal, the tone is harmonious, and the language is clear.

  Severe sound: hoarseness: including hoarseness and aphasia. Hoarseness is the lowest difficulty for a dry throat, and aphasia is not optimal at all.

Mostly caused by exogenous wind chills or wind heat, cold and heat intersect and cause lung injury.

  Sound: If you do n’t wake up, your snoring sounds will be unconscious and your airway will be unfavorable.

Dangerous evidence of heat into the pericardium or stroke into the viscera is more common.

  Moaning: When you have a sore or full body, humming in your mouth.

Most are headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, and toothache.

  Sneezing: Sneezing is caused by lung qi upstroke, which is more common in exogenous wind and cold.

The external evil enters the surface for a long time, and there is a sudden sneeze, which is a sign of healing.

  Language is the deity, and heart disorder is the language disorder.

  Astringent language: not fluent in speech, vague, slow, unsatisfactory words, more common in the sequelae of stroke or late fever.

  Slang: Unconsciousness and incoherent speech are mostly empirical.

  Zheng Sheng: Unconscious, repetitive language, discontinuous language, low voice is mostly false evidence.

  Monologue: Talk to yourself, murmur is more common in acute fever, or the elderly suffer from chronic illness and deficiencies.

  Wrong language: The patient’s language is upside down, confused, and he knows that he can’t autonomously make mistakes.

  Crazy words: exhausted hoarseness, fast language, high voice, cursing or ranting, more common in spitfire and madness.

  Respiration is related to organs such as lungs and kidneys, and it can be inferred that the viscera is empty or solid through changes in breathing.

  Wheezing: shortness of breath, shortness of urgency, or even lying flat.

Gasp is subdued.

The asthma is swift and swift, generally strong in shape, strong in pulse, and mostly in the lungs with real heat, and the sputum stops.

Deficiency wheezing is slow, less breathing and more breathing. Generally, the weak ones have weak pulses and belong to lung and kidney deficiency.

  Wheezing: Shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing, sputum in the throat like whistle, recurrent attacks.

Mostly due to phlegm drinking and exogenous wind and cold.

Living in cold and wet areas for a long time, or eating too much acid and salt can produce tremor.

Clinically, roosters and asthma often appear simultaneously.

  Shortness of breath: Shortness of breath and shortness of breath, shortness of breath and thirst, joint pain in the extremities is empirical; shortness of breath, weakness in urination, is deficiency.

  Cough: The occurrence of cough is closely related to the lungs.

  Cough and heavy turbidity: phlegm is clear, nasal congestion is blocked, mostly due to exogenous wind and cold.

  Cough sound: phlegm is easy to cough, mostly cold cough, due to dampness of phlegm, lung loss declared.

  Cough sounds like a dog bark: sounds like a dog bark with dumb sound, mostly diphtheria.

  Paroxysmal cough: constant coughing, or even hemoptysis.

Known as cough, whooping cough.

  A manifestation of vomiting of food, sputum, and water in the stomach.

  The vomiting sound is weak, and the vomiting is slow.

  Vomiting sounds loud, spit sticky yellow, or bitter: mostly empirical.  Vomiting sour rot: mostly due to overeating, overeating fat and thick taste, caused by stagnation in the stomach.

  Bowel: bowel sounds.

It can go beyond sound to distinguish the position and condition.

The bowel and stomach are like water in the sac, with vibration and sound. Press it with your hand when walking to block the phlegm.

  Bowel sounds in the abdomen: If you get too warm, you will lose food, and if you get cold or drought, you will not get cured because of prolonged illness, or if you have too much food, or if your abdomen is cold, it will be caused by asthma.

2-type fitness yoga

2-type fitness yoga

Modern people eat more and more finely, without highlighting fitness, it is easy to have health problems such as shoulder and neck pain, indigestion, and obesity.

Today, I recommend 2 fitness yoga exercises for you to help you correct various diseases.

  Simple angle variation This type has the effect of stabilizing brain waves, so we use it as the first exercise position at night.
Consciousness should be placed on the heart and breath that slowly becomes peaceful during practice.
  Adjuvant treatment: Periarthritis of shoulder, cervical stiffness, indigestion, insomnia, acne, migraine, etc.
  Relax: After completing this style, completely, close your eyes and relax.
  Tip: Try to keep the back end straight as you practice.

With the mountain standing, take a big step forward with your left foot, keeping the hip joints on the same plane, with your hands behind each other and straight.
Inhale, raise your head slightly, and straighten your body.

Exhale, bend your body forward, bring your body close to your left leg, press your shoulders down, let your arms gently extend forward, close your eyes, keep this position for 30 seconds, and do the same exercise while changing sides.

  Arrow style This style is a balanced posture with the hips as the fulcrum, which has the effect of adjusting the abdominal muscle lines, and also has the effect of correcting the leg shape and relieving back pain.

When practicing, consciousness should be placed on the body’s balance and breathing, and relax the face and face as much as possible.

Beginners can also bend their legs slightly if they cannot straighten them, but try to straighten them as far as possible.

Consciousness should be placed on the sense of balance and contraction of the legs and waist when practicing.

  Adjuvant treatment: indigestion, obesity, back pain, urinary system diseases, etc.

  Relax: After completing this style, sit relaxed, close your eyes, and relax your body.

  Tip: You don’t need to do all of these poses at once. Of course, if you have good softness and balance, you can do it all at once.

  1. Sitting position with feet facing each other.

  2. The body leans later, the center of gravity moves to the hips, and the legs leave the ground, keeping breathing evenly for 20 seconds.

  3. Keep your left foot in the original position, slowly straighten your right hand and right leg upwards, keep the posture for 20 seconds, and take a uniform breath.

Do the same exercise on the other side.
  4. Or tilt your legs and tibia to both sides, relax the fracture, straighten your spine, and maintain balance.

Autumn and winter season, nourishing health – more choices

Autumn and winter season, nourishing health – more choices

Autumn is coming, not far from winter.

The function of the body begins to be in the state of the collector’s crouching, which is a good time to rehabilitate.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the soup is the most suitable for strengthening the resistance. In the coming year, you can have a healthy and good body.

Jujube Tremella Soup, simple and easy to do, nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Fujian Gutian fresh white fungus, 10 minutes to get the glue, 20 minutes soft palate, it is more convenient to make soup.

The fresh silver ear is full, the entrance is silky, nutritious and delicious.

More than a good selection of the mall special price 29.

9 yuan, four large packages, so that the whole family can warm up in this autumn and winter.

Nowadays, there is still a very important material. The jade jade is a half-day leisure in Xinjiang Hetian jujube. The skin is thin and small, the citron is delicate, and the taste is sweet.

More than a good selection of the mall special price 19.

9 yuan, a bowl of red dates and white fungus soup, affordable and delicious.

Choose from the best choices in real time to launch the best products for you, creating a beautiful life scene for the new city of Zhongshan.

There are more special promotions in the Mall of Good Choice, 9.

9 yuan package, full reduction of coupon activities and points redemption.

In this season, meet with you to choose a good shopping mall to come to a romantic health date.

Six parenting principles summarized by novice moms

Six parenting principles summarized by novice moms


It is very important to hold as little as possible without crying, let them lie more, and never have so much energy.

  In the first three months, Yiyi was very coquettish and always hugged. She woke up when she fell asleep, so her grandfather who hurt her always hugged her. Many neighbors also advised us to hold our children less, which is good for them.Development, so if the grandfather often wastes when he doesn’t cry, he will hide Mei Mei’s severe criticism. Now I want to come very sorry for his elderly, that is, his parents can accept their own scolding.


Feed your baby when he’s hungry, don’t feed him when he’s not hungry, don’t force every meal interval.

  Instead, the babies use their own conditions to eat more regularly. From the fourth month onwards, they eat milk for 4-5 hours during the day. The amount of milk is usually 130-150 ml of water and 6-7 spoons of milk powder (approximately 150-170 ml); two ton is usually added to about 200-250 ml from 6.30 to 8 or 9 in the evening, so that they can fill their little belly smartly and sleep peacefully, usually this feeling can last8-10 hours, so adults rarely wake up since the 4th month, and usually wake up for breakfast at about 5:30 to 7 the next day.

  If you wake up hungry before 7 o’clock every day, you will sleep after waking up until about 7 o’clock. At this time, you will usually yell for a while, seeing the adult’s face will laugh excitedly and talk to you.An hour later you start crying without dressing him, as long as you start picking him up and dressing, he will grin.

  Yiyi wakes up relatively early. Generally, she will wake up from 6 to 6:30 to open her eyes and look at the bright spots. Her mouth will be sloppy. When she sees an adult, she will kick and talk with you jubilantly, but usually it is 7I would fall asleep at about 6:00 and wake up again at about 8:00, at which time we would dress her.

So they open their eyes every day with a happy mood to face the new day, hoping that this is inherited the optimism of their mother.

(Unfortunately, since returning to Shanghai, Grandpa and Grandma returned, Yiyi became more and more attached to her mother. She cried in her sleep several times in the evening, hoping to restore her optimistic character in the future.

) 3.

Swimming once a week (plus touch, bathing), Tianyi and Yiyi are already famous in Meimei’s mother ‘s children ‘s gallery, and the aunts also like them very much. They wash each time very carefully and patiently.Shop swimming, feel a lot of poor quality.


In addition to windy and rainy days in the year, 2-3 hours a day out of the cart or driving for a drive, so that they can touch this colorful world, meet more strangers, and pave the way for future social skills.

However, the disadvantage is that they will cry after leaving the house and stop as long as they are held outside the door. Unfortunately, Shanghai ‘s own home is on the fourth floor, which is far from the first floor of her maid ‘s house. It is also dense and has a small commercial street.Meimei and her grandmother pushed the two little hair children to open their eyes, and at the same time, they could find the clothes they needed.

Coupled with the dragon and phoenix walking on the road is very eye-catching, all the way to accept everyone’s envious eyes and praise, adults and children are equally happy.


From the fourth month onwards, add fruit juice and complementary food (egg custard or porridge with custard) once a day.


Wear 1-2 more clothes than adults. Don’t wear too bloated.

How much do you know about deceiving creams_1

How much cream do you know

Creams and lotions are the most important step in basic skin care. Many people think that if you don’t use them, skin care will not be completed. Therefore, it is very important to have a good bottle of cream!

But in the face of a lot of exaggerated propaganda made by many manufacturers, you have to be vigilant!

  1. Pure plant ingredients First of all, one thing must be clarified, that is, a chemical structural formula, no matter what method is used to obtain it, its efficacy must be the same.

So whether a component is purely plant-extracted or chemically synthesized, its effect will not be the same.

Basically, extracting ingredients that are beneficial to the skin from plants requires very high technology and equipment, and the cost of refining and concentrating is surprisingly high. It is by no means a price of around one hundred yuan.

In fact, most of the face creams that boast pure plant ingredients are mainly chemically synthesized, and they do not even include plant residues, only attracting consumers with plant fragrance or color.

  2, multi-effect-type cream, both moisturizing and anti-wrinkle; both whitening and lifting firming; both oil control, and . what ingredients does it contain?

We all know the principle of “opening a lock with a key”. One ingredient can only target one skin problem.

How many kinds of active ingredients can be contained in a face cream that can fight many kinds of problems. Can these different kinds of effective ingredients coexist peacefully together?

For skin care, the essence should be separated from the cream. Because two products with the same function have different activities, they must be used separately. It is no wonder that substances with different functions are put together without fighting.

  3, detoxification Everyone knows that the two major detoxification organs of the human body are the liver and kidneys, and the skin also has some detoxification functions, but it must be done by perspiration, that is, a “exhaust” action.

Applyable cream is an inward “sucking” process, which is exactly the opposite of detoxification.

So what is called a detox cream?

What is the principle of its detox?

Why does it detox?

What is the mechanism of its detoxification?

What are the symptoms of detoxification?

Is it possible to detox by writing a “natural detox ingredient”?

  4, anti-aging editor recognizes that many creams have anti-wrinkle effect, if you insist on using it, the wrinkles on the skin surface will be reduced.

But the overall anti-aging is a bit nonsense.

Aging is the decline of the function level of the entire human body. In turn, over time, human organs such as muscles and bones are also aging. These agings are manifested through the aging of the skin. However, no cream or skin care product has changed the muscles andThe power of bones.

  5. Gene modification is the hottest word in skin care industry in 2009, but what is gene?

Genes are the material basis of heredity, and are the general term for specific nucleotide sequences with genetic information on DNA molecules.

Genes transfer genetic information to transformation through replication, so that offspring will have similar traits to their parents.

In other words, our genes are relatively fixed, and it is quite difficult to intervene through external forces.

I want to change one’s genes through a bottle or bottles of skin care products. I don’t know if it is a good wish or a concept hype.

  6. Collagen Collagen. First of all, it is a kind of protein. The molecule of the protein is so large that it cannot be absorbed by the skin. Even the digestion that we rely on for its ability to absorb nutrients must be broken down into amino acids firstabsorb.

Do not believe you try to clean the raw eggs and see if they can be absorbed.

From a biological point of view, only low-level disease-free can the epidermis absorb substances such as proteins.

30 million Chinese homosexuals

30 million Chinese homosexuals

Surveys have shown that the number of gay Chinese can be as high as 30 million.

According to the Chinese forum portal ChinaBBS.

comstat, there are more than 50 earlier influential gay online forums in the country. This website, which is known for providing authoritative rankings of various forums, believes that the actual number of gay online communities and the number of netizens in the country is considerable.

  However, for various reasons, such a large crowd has been living a life in the cabinet that is almost unknown.

Due to differences in physiology and psychology, closed communication channels and lack of information, many external speculations and doubts have been generated against homosexuals. This has made the psychological burden and inner contradictions of homosexuals who are relatively weak more seriousAffect their normal life and mental health.

  Through interviews, “Global” reporters have met such a special but ordinary group of people who are eager to be treated as usual and who expect to be treated equally in a more tolerant society.

Interviewed experts and homosexuals believe that “social respect and family recognition can completely improve the contradictions facing homosexuality.”

  What is certain is that while thinking about the lives of homosexuals, people will take a deeper view of the existence of heretical, heresy, and alternative groups of people who have been regarded as heresy.

Psychological phenomenon of Oedipus, Oedipus complex

Psychological phenomenon of Oedipus, Oedipus complex

The boy’s “Oedema complex” and the girl’s “Electra father complex” are a unique emotional phenomenon in the process of sexual psychological development.

Between the ages of 3 and 6, children will inevitably become more emotionally attached to one of their parents.

The son is more attached to the mother and the daughter is more attached to the father. Is this the case that most children enter 3?
A psychological phenomenon that appears at the age of 6 years.

At this time, there is only one possibility: Electra, Oedipus, all or none.

  People are always accustomed to eclipse and overlapping of eclectic complexes is a relationship problem. If the child does not attach to the parent, many people will think that because they are not good enough for the child, double compensation.

But forget that this complex should be played down at the right time.

  Psychologists believe that the ecstasy of a boy must fade in time, or even be severed.

If left unchecked, it will have an adverse effect on boys. When they grow up, they may still fall in love with their mothers, and it is not easy to transfer their feelings to other women.Other obstacles affect future life.

  If you have seen the Japanese animal movie “Fox Story”, in which the male and female foxes do their utmost to feed their children, the male fox “kills himself”, but in desperation, the female fox goes out for prey and is caught by the hunterBroken leg, and finally limped to bring food back to the baby fox, the scenery was touching.

But when the baby fox grew up, the mother fox began to train her children strictly.

On a sunny morning, the mother fox drove her grown-up children away from her, forcing her to venture into the world.

This film is said to be a masterpiece made by Japanese photographers hiding in the forest for 4 years. It is relatively natural and frankly displayed in front of us and should have a positive revelation to our lives.

  The suicide of Hong Kong artist Chen Baolian in 2002 aroused great media attention.

There is a comment in the newspaper: Love is a fatal injury to Chen Baolian.

Since her parents divorced since childhood, Chen Baolian, who lacks fatherly love, has an elder father complex, which makes her very eager to be loved and loved by her father. Therefore, she will interact with so many wealthy Taiwanese businessmen who are older.I hope I can regain care.

  I believe that such a comment will improve vigilance for parents who want to catch their children’s unrestricted attachment to their tails.

  Many parents disagree with their daughter’s marry to an elder, and even consider it a shame for the family.

Some mothers lament that their sons do not always want to get married, but how many parents have seriously thought about it, the direct responsibility of this result is often the parents themselves.

Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits

Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits

Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits: 1.

Consuming directly can supplement human body moisture and vitamin C.

Because its trace amount is low, and it has strong contractility, it is conducive to reducing trace amounts and is a good medicine for weight loss.


Prevents cardiovascular sclerosis and reduces blood viscosity.


Vitamin C absorption triples the absorption of activated iron.


Hot lemon juice and honey are very effective in treating bronchitis and nasopharyngitis.


Lemon has a certain effect on angina, biliary and pancreatic diseases.


Its shrinking effect can also cure diarrhea.


Alkaline urine can help eliminate stones and urinary tract infections.


Inhibits the production of Aspergillus flavus, the meta-salt salt, and has anti-cancer effect.


Causes scarring of wounds in a short period of time, which is also conducive to the treatment of indigestion.


Lemon is known as “beauty fruit”. It can be used or veneered to whiten and smooth skin wrinkles, eliminate spots and reduce pigment.

  Topical method of lemon: 1.

A few drops of lemon juice into the nose every day can cure sinusitis.


Rubbing your hands and feet with lemon can cure frost.


Lemon also cures mosquito bites and repels flies.


Rubbing your sore with lemon can reduce neuralgia.


Rheumatism can also be reduced by rubbing lemon on the affected area multiple times.


Applying hands and feet with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice at night can cure chapped skin.


Lemon can be used directly as a deodorant.


One drop of lemon juice into the eyes can cure conjunctivitis. It is best not to replace it, it will have a burning sensation, but it works.

Mixing lemon with salt and scrubbing for half an hour can remove oxidative stains.

Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer

Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer

As the saying goes, “Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, doctors do not prescribe prescriptions”.

White radish is a seasonal vegetable in winter, and it is also a good food for health. The folks use white radish and other foods to form a small recipe that can treat and alleviate some common winter problems. Everyone does not want to try it.

  Stewed rock sugar, cough remedy: 500 grams of white radish, mashed and juiced, add rock sugar slices, stew and take warm, twice daily, 60 ml each time, can be used to treat cough.

  Opinion: Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are “delicate” and are the first organs invaded by external evils, which require special care after the beginning of winter.

White radish is cool, sweet and sweet, returning to the lungs, and the stomach meridian. It is especially suitable for those who have heat in the lungs and stomach, sputum and sticky sputum, flatulence, stagnation, indigestion, and poor stool.

For white radish to have the best cough suppressant effect, it must be paired with rock sugar.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rock sugar has the effect of nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, resolving phlegm and removing fire, and the two can be used together to achieve the effect of reducing qi and digestion, relieving phlegm and relieving lungs, and stopping cough, and facilitating stool.

Therefore, the above formula is effective for cough.

  It should be reminded that although white radish has a good lung-moistening and cough-reducing effect, it should not be eaten in large quantities due to its cold nature, those with cold spleen and stomach, chronic gastritis, patients with gastric ulcers, and those with thin stools.

  Fried green fruit, throat remedies: 500 grams of white radish, 10 green fruit, when used as a tea drink, can treat sore throat.

  Opinion: It is often said that “the November radish race ginseng”.

In winter, the climate is dry, especially in the north. There is heating in the house. Because the room is hot, everyone loves to eat hot pot this season. Drying and adding dryness will inevitably lead to dry throat and pain.

  Green fruit is known as the “fruit of the lungs and stomach”, which can be used as medicine or diet.

Qingguo Xingping, sweet, sour, enter the lungs, stomach meridian, clear the lungs, Liyan, Shengjin, detoxification and other effects.

White radish and green fruit can be used as tea after decoction to relieve sore throat caused by lung and stomach heat.

  In addition to this diet, you can also use nasturtium, chrysanthemum, jade butterfly, and oatmeal tea, which can clear throat, nourish lungs and cough, relieve respiratory tract pain, and have a certain anti-fog effect.

  Usually, family members should pay attention to maintaining proper temperature and humidity in the room. The air in the room is dry and cold, and overheating will affect the defense mechanism of the pharynx and cause pharyngeal paresthesia.

In addition, pay attention to oral hygiene, insist on brushing teeth in the morning and evening and after meals; correct bad habits such as mouth breathing; eat light and digestible, eat less spicy foods such as ginger, garlic, and pepper; quit smoking and alcohol; strengthen physical exercise to prevent respiratory infections.
  Add onion ginger to prevent colds Recipe: Cut white radish into thin slices, add water to fry with rock sugar, onion root, and ginger slices to make a soup to prevent colds.

  Opinion: Onion root is usually thrown away when cooking. In fact, it is a very important Chinese medicinal material. It has the functions of dispersing cold, anti-inflammatory, and sterilizing.

Scallion root and ginger have the function of sweating and can make sweating.

Cut the white radish into thin slices, add water to fry the soup with rock sugar, onion root, and ginger slices, and drink it. It is very effective for the initial treatment of colds and colds.

But remember, it must be treating colds and colds. If it is cold and cold, it will not only be ineffective, but it will worsen the illness.

  What is the difference between a cold cold and a wind cold?

Wind chills are caused by the external attack of wind chills and loss of lung air. Symptoms include fear of cold, mild fever, no sweat, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, sputum, white phlegm, thirst or thirstHot drinks, thin white tongue coating, treatment should be based on Xin Wenjie table.

Fengreganmao is a manifestation of the evil culprits of wind and heat. It is caused by the loss of lung air. Symptoms include severe fever, slight wind, head pain, sweating, sore throat, cough, sticky or yellow sputum, and yellow stuffy nose.Snot, thirst like to drink, thin yellow fur, should be based on Xinliang solution.

Therefore, one prescription cannot be suitable for all populations, and should be treated according to different clinical manifestations.