Sitting across from him is Father Lori。The latter is also very happy now,After all, he hadn’t expected all this。

“At that time I also said that the Tokugawa family would regret if they didn’t join hands with us to deal with the Miyamoto family.。Unexpectedly, the Miyamoto family blew up first。Let’s make a false alarm。”
It’s just Lori’s words just finished,Suddenly the teahouse made a loud noise。
“Demolition mercenary group attack,Who in the world competes!”
The teahouse was directly bombed,A man with a red turban shouted arrogantly。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five Blackpool dismounts
Members of the Explosive Mercenary Group attacked again,These people are like committing suicide crimes。Of course they won’t find a dead end。After bombing and shouting slogans, he will run away。That is, those who are too arrogant will be killed。
And this time,They somehow got the activity information of Oda Muska,Then play blasting directly in this teahouse。Then the teahouse was blown up.
Qin Feng froze when he saw the news,Then suddenly smiled。He didn’t understand the purpose of blasting the mercenary group,But as long as they come out and make trouble。
Now the chaos is definitely more beneficial to the Miyamoto family。After all, the Miyamoto family has already fallen behind the other two families in the hard power competition.。So if the two big families also suffered heavy losses,The Miyamoto family may be able to hide behind the fisherman。
It’s just that Qin Feng didn’t expect,The bombing just happened this morning,In the afternoon, Kurosawa invited him to a meeting again。
“What meeting?I am not an official。”When Qin Feng received the call, he went back so directly。
“Come quickly!”
However, Kurosawa Jiro did not give Qin Feng any opportunity to refuse.,Just hung up。

Can make the warrior of the extraordinary peak willing to die,The identity of that old man is not simple,Xia Chenglong looked at the old man who left,Whispered in my heart。

But the other party is pretty good,He actually helped pay for the meal when he left,This is not the bottle of peach blossom stuffing that blinded him in vain!
Out of the hotel,It’s already night,Busy day,I can finally go back。
But even though this is also High Peak City,But there is still some distance from the city where they live,At least three hours’ ride,Think about how big Lingxiao City is。
And when they go back peacefully,There are many people who are irritated by memories of what happened today。
Yuan Family Hall,The man sweeps the teacup on the table to the floor,Someone dared to attack his son,Also seriously injured,This kind of thing is never allowed in Lingxiao City。
“Patriarch,It seems to be caused by the third son,He takes people to provoke others。”The people below tell the truth tremblingly。
“Even if Huaer is at fault,A group of people,Don’t need to be like this!”
Yuan family’s famous guardian,This matter must be a big fight。
“Did you find out who that person is??”
Head down:“This one……I only know that the other party is called Along,Dress plainly,There should be no background!”
“should?”The man asked rhetorically,“I don’t want to hear such words,Go check it for me,Even if it’s digging the ground, I have to find it out for me。”

Alex nodded,Asked after thinking about it:“how about you?Do you want to stay here?”

Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Do not,I still want to continue to see。But don’t come down,The following will be more dangerous,I’m afraid I can’t take care of you。”
Alex nodded again,Tao:“Yes。I know!The environment below will only be worse than here,But what is worse than the environment is the human heart。I won’t be your burden。I will wait for you。”
“Well!You go up first,I will definitely come back to find you。We will leave here together。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Alex nodded,Waiting to leave,Suddenly turned around again,Said seriously:“land,I have an opinion,I hope you can accept it humbly。”
“Oh?”Lu Menglin was a little surprised,This foreigner still has opinions?I don’t know what he wants to say,So nodded。
Alex hesitated again,Still speak boldly:“I watched all your battles just now,I think your kung fu is great,But there are still some small problems。”
“Nothing,Just say it straight,I didn’t practice Kungfu for long。”Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Still very humble answer。
A smile on Alex’s face,He thinks his master is really great,There is no arrogance or prejudice in him,Get along with people like him,It’s really a very pleasant thing。
People like Alex,Actually not many friends,Because they spend most of their time and energy on dedicated careers,So the heart is still pure,Also very sensitive to people’s hearts,Is a person a good person,Kind enough,They can easily judge。
“When you moved just now,Speed can actually be faster。But you didn’t step on the most accurate point。Can you understand what I said?”Alex asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Seems to feel a bit,But can’t hold it for a while。
“such,The distance from here to the edge of the cliff,You run as fast as you can to show me。”Alex says。
Lu Menglin nodded,Suddenly burst out underfoot,Rush out like an arrow,Mention one,The toes only stepped on the ground twice,Fell steadily to the edge of the cliff。
His body method is based on the post,Grab the ground with ten toes at every step,Under a sudden force,Extremely fast action,There is already a feeling of shrinking in it。

“That is naturally good!”Of course Qiao Tianyu knows that the Rothschild family is something he cannot afford to provoke,Reconciliation with them is my best way out right now。

“But Lord Lu,How can we resolve the conflict with the Rothschild family??”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Haha,We have already thought of this for you。”Seeing Qiao Tianyu agreed,Lu’s face showed a relaxed color。
“Cui Laosan invited the messenger of the Rothschild family,almost there,You put down your posture for a while,Two cups of tea,Say something nice,We should apologize,Should lose money,This matter is over。”
“OK then。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and agreed,Even though he still doesn’t know where he is wrong,I don’t know why I apologized and lost money。
But for the Fuxing Society、For Palizovsky and other close friends,Qiao Tianyu decided to lower his noble head this time,Let the Rothschilds let them go。
Talk about Cao Cao,Cao Cao arrived。
Lord Lu just mentioned the Rothschild family messenger,Then I heard the elevator door“Ding”A bang,Cui Laosan smiled、The waist is bent like dried shrimp,Guided a teenager out of the elevator。
Master Lu dare not neglect,Immediately pulled Qiao Tianyu and the others,Greeted him with a smile on his face.
First0212chapter Extremely provocative
On going“meet”On the way,Qiao Tianyu looked the boy up and down。
By the way, the boy looks seventeen or eighteen,Medium size,Typical Jewish appearance,Handsome face、The blonde hair is combed and shiny,A slim tuxedo is extraordinarily noble and elegant,He is a young talent who is personally loved。
But the young man exudes an unpleasant arrogance all over his body,The nose grows to the top of the head,I’ve been holding my head high since I entered the hall,I completely ignored the smiling faces of Lu Ye, Qiao Tianyu and others.,Go straight to the chair in the middle of the hall,Sat down。

When the nurse saw this, he ran over quickly,Support the real dragon,Homeopathy also promoted another operating room。

Real Dragon and Xia Chenglong,The national backbones of these two great Chinese nations,Are performing operations in two operating rooms respectively,In this small hospital,Carrying the hope of this nation。
It’s no exaggeration to say,If one of them falls,Great China may all fail,May become a colony of others。
The operation went on for a day and night,The surgeon dared not panic the slightest,Have always maintained full vigilance,All the doctors who are operating on these two people,Since the moment I entered the operating room,Although the operating room is very cold,But their backs are always wet。
Till the end,When the doctor finished the last stitch,At this time, he let out a long sigh of relief,The operation was finally completed without any risk。
And the two operations performed simultaneously are very smooth,In fact, even the doctors who performed the operation are also lamenting Xia Chenglong’s injury,Because his body is terrible,Countless blood vessels have burst open。
And at this time Xia Chenglong’s internal organs,Almost all internal organs have been damaged to varying degrees,His body is also overloaded,If it wasn’t for his strong desire to survive,I’m afraid it’s already dead。
The doctors present were also moved,Feeling Xia Chenglong’s strong desire to survive,I also sigh with the will of this iron man。
Among them, a little girl cried directly,She felt sorry for the one standing in front of Xia Chenglong。
Actually, it’s not just that little girl,Some people’s eye sockets are basically moist,They are feeling how much this iron man has paid for Dahua。
At this time, Xia Chenglong was plunged into darkness,That darkness,Bottomless,Out of sight,He ran like crazy,But not a trace of light,He doesn’t know where to go。
So he can only run crazy in one direction,But he didn’t know how long he ran and didn’t find the right direction,At the end he was desperate。
One thousand one hundred and eight chapters wake
Xia Chenglong sighed quietly at this time,And at this moment,He suddenly saw a ray of light in the distance,When he saw the glimmer of light,It’s like grabbing a straw for life,At this moment he desperately ran towards that place。

Amei asked Taozi because it is because Taozi is closely related to Lin Shangyun and Xiao Xiao.,May has a good impression of Lin Shangyun,Get along well for some days。

Ami prepared steak for dinner,I ordered a few candlesticks in the restaurant,The temperature in the restaurant is carefully controlled by Amei,During decanting,She talked about the history of the winery with great emotion,And some stories about wine……
Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but think of what Wang Shuai said,When getting along with May,Her style and taste are very interesting,Ritual preparation,For Ami, it is a sense of ritual itself。
May tells the story behind the wine,Taozi listened very carefully,At the end,Learn the wine tasting steps of others,Drank。
“The fruity aroma and vanilla aroma of this wine are charming。”Lin Pinjian’s words remind Chen Wenjin of a friend in memory。
“The thick taste is also good。”Xiao Xiao added her opinion。
Amei looked at Chen Wenjin,He had to say seriously:“My taste is stronger,Appreciate the mature black currant fragrance more。”
A smile flashed in Lin Shangyun’s eyes,Chen Wenjin caught it when he looked at him instantly,But just continue to pretend to be serious。
May is very happy with the taste of the three of them,I didn’t want to ask Taozi,I’m afraid she minds,Just asked:“Do you like peaches?”
Taozi liked it after hearing the story,But don’t know how to say,Just want to say something delicious,Lin took the sentence:“Peach has been observing the wine,I should really like the beauty of this wine’s dark ruby red。”
“Ok,Is pretty,Taste good too。”Tao Zi didn’t have the right silence because of Lin’s relief,Such sincerity makes Amei feel that her mind is simple and good。
May introduces the prepared steak……
Chen Wenjin expected this meal to be insufficient,May has always been exquisite style,Deliberately prepared more,But it only scored three or four points。
Finished eating,Watched another movie at May’s house,It’s almost time,Thank you so much。
When Chen Wenjin sent Lin home,Big Bear drove and waited at the intersection of Jinhu District,Picked peach away。
This time,Lin didn’t say anything to get off at the intersection,Obviously feel that there is no need to hide。
Send it inside,After polite farewell,Xiao Xiao looked at Chen Wenjin,said laughingly:“Let’s go,Go to dinner with you,I must not have enough to eat at night?May I can’t guess your appetite。”
“Then thank you。”Chen Wenjin drove back,The few sips of red wine in the evening were taken as alcoholic beverages by him,A few sips of drinks said it could affect his driving?Anyway, he would never believe it if he didn’t run into a drunk driving check!
“Amei just told me,Surprisingly you still like wine tasting,The taste is very accurate,I don’t know you have this hobby。”Xiao Xiao naturally cares about Chen Wenjin’s preferences,But only heard him say with a smile:“I just say something like that,I vaguely remember that your tasting words with Lin were used with that word。I mostly don’t pursue refined style in eating and drinking,Thanks to Ami for his meticulous hospitality,Respect her preferences。Look back and find an opportunity to help let Ami know the truth,So she doesn’t get me wrong,That was a waste of her treasure。”
Xiao Xiao couldn’t stop laughing for a while,Thinking of Chen Wenjin’s serious appearance at the time,And the number of tasting words just right,Take Ami’s stunned moments and moments,I was so excited that I found a soulmate,I know the truth later,Afraid of being angry and funny。

Facing these few used car dealers who fell into silence,Chen Geng continued:“In addition,You might be surprised to say it,But according to my calculation,After becoming a partner of Fernandez,You actually earn more than the first plan。”

Todd raised his head suddenly in surprise:“Earn more?why?Just because you don’t charge for testing,as long as5%Maintenance fund?It is absolutely impossible。”
“Because the partners will tune up with each other。”
Internal shunting?
Todd、Molson and the others suddenly realized。
When Fernandez had just implemented the four promises,Coordinating with various used car dealers,Maybe it’s because the business of Fernandez is so prosperous.,Maybe it’s simply unhappy with Fernandez,Same car,The price transferred to Fernandez is much higher than the price transferred to other used car dealers:Isn’t the price of your car sold high?,Then I will make a fortune from you。
Everyone has a good idea,But Fernandez is more ruthless,After realizing that I was tacitly targeted by Detroit used car dealers,They first persuade customers who come to buy cars to choose other cars,Most users don’t really insist on the car,If Fernandez recommends a car that meets their requirements,Basically bought,If a customer insists on buying a certain car……Fernandez does a great job,They would rather not do this business,Don’t give Detroit used car dealers a chance to blackmail themselves!
Come and go,The second-hand car dealers in Detroit also know about Fernandez, although they didn’t say it.、But everyone knows the attitude:Want to cheat me?I really want to blind your hearts!
But based on Fernandez’s current daily turnover,If they realize mutual mobilization of vehicles between several partner companies……It’s really exciting to think about it,Let’s not talk about all the other benefits,Only this,At least it can add at least10%Monthly volume?
This is all money!
Just want to understand this,Several used car dealers are silent,One by one, I started to figure it out in my heart:If you become a partner of Fernandez, you can make more money than now,So it doesn’t seem impossible to give up part of the shares。
Only Molson’s grievances:“You didn’t say this just now。”
Chen Geng looked surprised:“Did i not say?”
Molson nodded heavily:“You didn’t say。”
Chen Geng:“Then treat it as I didn’t say it,I probably forgot。”
Finished,Chen Geng is just a pair“Anyway, I’m done with you,Where to go, think about it yourself”Emoji,Master sitting there drinking tea。
Molson suddenly wanted to cry。
More than Molson wants to cry,Several other used car dealers actually want to cry。
At this time,They completely understand,Chen Geng was playing with a yangmou:Promise my terms,You can make more money,Not agree to my terms,Just wait to eat some of my leftovers!
Fernandez has firmly dominated Detroit’s used car turnover10%,And it’s the most profitable10%,Once Fernandez’s high-end used car alliance is established,They can extract the fattest piece of meat in the entire Detroit used car market,Want to occupy20%to25%Of used car turnover is not a problem,In addition, it is estimated to affect5%to10%Customers who were planning to buy a new car,Let them turn around and buy used cars in their alliance。


PS:Brothers sorry,This chapter is a bit late,Please forgive me。
In addition,Happy New Year, brothers and sisters,Everything goes well。
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Give me strength
First601chapter Play hard
? Still Louis·Michael Roy reacts faster,He quickly realized that one of Chen Geng’s words,For Cyrus, who is a little confused·Roberts·Vance says:“From the perspective of efficiency,The medium excavator is obviously more powerful than the small excavator.。
If there is an earthquake somewhere in China,Need to letCH—54Immediately lift the excavator to rescue,To ensure that the helicopter can fly,China needs to remove the bucket of this medium-sized excavator and the oil and water of the entire vehicle、fuel——Bucket of this excavator、Oily water、Fuel needs to be lifted by other helicopters。
After arriving at the destination,This excavator can’t work right away,Need to add a variety of fuel、Engine oil、Coolant and other oil and bucket,At least one hour before rescue。
But if you can do twoCH—54Lift an excavator cooperatively,It can not only lift medium and large excavators with stronger digging capacity,The excavator can also be lifted in a ready state,After arriving at the destination, the excavator can be put into work immediately without maintenance。”
Sellers·Roberts·Vance stunned:Ok like this?

Chapter five hundred and forty one Buddha illustration

Cen Wen is crying,“Old man,What’s the matter, let’s talk about it later?Don’t move your hands, OK??I want to go to the toilet now,Can you let me go first?”
“Young man,I heard about your conversation before,Don’t you want to be an innate monk??Why are you leaving in a hurry??”Old man puzzled。
Cen Wen is almost crying,“Old man,Didn’t you ask knowingly??They are all like this,Once i was affected,I will die no doubt。the most important is,Even if Qin Feng is my friend,I cheated him over,It’s really a ghost if he doesn’t get me revenge after he settles Qingxin。”
Cen Wen feels he has insight into people’s hearts。the most important is,This is not a joke,Once I guess wrong,The price is death。That’s why he wouldn’t use this to gamble。
The issue is,He doesn’t want to bet,But the old man doesn’t want him to leave either!
“Old man,You let me go?”
“Little brother,This is your chance!”
“Chicken edge an egg!”Cen Wen has already begun to shake hands,I want to put aside the old man and hold his arm。It’s a pity that the two are compared,He found that he had no way at all。
How to do?Are you going to die here??
Just when Cen Wen was thinking about it,Qin Feng finally couldn’t hold it。
The crazy Nikaido Harunobu is indeed stronger than Qin Feng by more than one level,If it weren’t for the Kunlun dagger as a buffer to resist,,Maybe Qin Feng will be hammered to death by this one in minutes。
When Nikaido Harunobu’s demonization ends,Qin Feng put the short sword out without saying a word,Cut off the opponent’s head directly。

“Qin Feng,Call your people too。”Cen Wen directly changed the subject。

“my people?what’s the situation?”Qin Feng looked puzzled。
Then Cen Wen clapped his hands,Another familiar face appeared。
“Qiao Wei?Oh my God,Why are you here?its not right,At that time, the official information said that you and Yao Xiaoqin were fighting off
Into the sea。How come here?”Qin Feng felt that the gap between him and them was too big。How come all the information I received seems to be fake?
Cen Wen smiled and said:“It was our people who fell into the sea。But Yao Xiaoqin has indeed been caught by us。Is coming here。I must be there tonight or tomorrow。That’s why I asked you to inform your people to come。”
“my people?”Qin Feng thought,What else can i have,Isn’t it you guys??
Qiao Wei smiled,“My son and Wanyu!Call them over。”
“amount.”Qin Feng just remembered that there was such a thing。
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Chapter Three Eighty One Xuanmen double pride