Liu Chunlan was still full of emotions,After hearing Lin Feng teasing himself like this,I immediately blushed my face。

but,But Liu Chunlan couldn’t find any suitable words to refute her husband。
Regarding my previous attitude towards Xiao Fan,Liu Chunlan is really very, very regretful now。
Think about Xiao Fan’s ability now,Liu Chunlan is really even now,The whole person is also afraid。
Such a strong person,Back then,How can he endure his attitude towards him like that?。
to be frank,When Liu Chunlan saw Xiao Fan’s change so great at the beginning,She really worried that Xiao Fan would come to her to settle the bill!
but,Over time,Xiao Fan’s attitude towards her,It’s always been that way,I don’t want to blame her at all。
and so,Little by little,Liu Chunlan has never considered this issue at all。
And then,Liu Chunlan seems to have forgotten her previous attitude towards Xiao Fan,Slowly I became accustomed to the existence of such a son-in-law。
but,just now,Liu Chunlan’s husband mentioned this issue again in front of her。
Liu Chunlan suddenly thought of this question again。
And Lin Feng?
I seem to be aware of what I just said,Seems a bit too much。
after all,Liu Chunlan’s attitude towards Xiao Fan now,It is no different from yourself。
And I just mentioned the unhappy thing before。

“no need!”Xiao Fan walked into the company without looking back。

Chapter Seventy Three Accompany me to the bar
Shangguanyan looked at Xiao Fan and left without looking back,Also confused。
When I realized that I was so mercilessly thrown at the door by Xiao Fan,Yelled immediately:“Not Xiao Fan,What do you mean?”
Xiao Fan has already left without a trace,Naturally, I didn’t hear Shang Guanyan’s dissatisfaction。
Stomped his feet vigorously,After a cold snort,Shangguanyan also left the Lin Group angrily。
The scene in front of me was taken by the security guard at the company gate.,He didn’t expect that the beautiful police flower would take the initiative to find Xiao Fan,I never thought that Xiao Fan would treat that beautiful police flower with such a cold attitude。
Is Xiao Fan’s market already so good??
Thinking that Xiao Fan is also a security guard,Although it’s the security minister,But it’s also a security guard,At this moment, the security guard’s heart admires Xiao Fan even more.。
The security can do Xiao Fan’s job,It’s worth it!
Xiao Fan just sat down in the office,We ushered in another beauty。
Watching Qiao Anan,Xiao Fan asked:“How did you come?”
Qiao An’an cast a wink at Xiao Fan,Then teased:“This girl missed you,Come here to see you,what happened,do you have any opinion?”
Xiao Fan listened to Qiao An’an,Black lines suddenly appeared on my face,This Joe Anan,Again!
Xiao Fan looked helplessly at Qiao An’an,Don’t speak。
Qiao Anan sat down on the reception sofa,Said:“All right,Kidding you!Look scared you。”
“Let’s talk about it now,What the hell are you looking for me?”Xiao Fan asked。
Raise Erlang’s Legs,Picking nails,Said casually:“Suddenly wanted to drink,I want to come over and ask if you have time?”

First586chapter It’s a bit different from what I thought

? For Chen Geng’s arrival,China has given a very high standard of reception,Not only the leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration,Leaders of foreign economic and trade departments、It will soon be reorganized as the leader of the Third Aircraft Department of the Ministry of Aviation Industry、The leadership of the central office、State Administration of Radio and Television Industry, which has a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng、State Administration of Computer Industry、The leadership of the Fourth Machinery Department that is about to be reorganized……The leaders of almost enough departments are here,The banquet hall of the huge State Guest House is full of dangdang,Also because there were too many big leaders,So that the leaders of those units that have a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng,Not even qualified to appear in this hall,All sat in the side hall on the other side。
“boss,Why do I think they look at our eyes as if they are looking at the Flying Sheep??”Rosemary whispered to Chen Geng,The eyes of everyone wishing to swallow their boss made her feel anxious。
“Ok,Yes,In the eyes of many of them,We are big fat sheep。”Chen Geng smiled and nodded。
Have no idea,Looking at the four machine department、State Administration of Radio and Television Industry、State Administration of Computer Industry、Modu Automobile Factory、Departments or units such as Chang’an Machinery Manufacturing Plant,Relying on the cooperation with Chen Geng to earn a lot of money、Eat brain full of intestinal fat,Look at yourself again,I can’t scrape two or two oils out of my empty stomach,Who is not greedy?See fat sheep now……Oh,Do not,The Lord has appeared,How could everyone have no idea?
Chen Geng is not afraid that they have ideas,I’m afraid they have no idea。
Looking at the confident expression of my boss,Rosemary nodded:As long as you have a good heart, boss。
Said it was a banquet for Chen Geng,In fact, it can also be said to be a preliminary contact before the formal negotiation、Find out,Like this moment,Deputy Director Li of the Civil Aviation Administration spoke with Chen Geng on the basis of a toast with Chen Geng……
“Mr. Chen,How much do you know about our China Civil Aviation?”
“Don’t know much,”Chen Geng nods slightly:“I only know that78When the reform and opening up,The elderly are just civil aviation management with an economic point of view;At the beginning of last year,The old man made it again‘Civil aviation must be corporate’Instructions;And after a month,The Chinese government made adjustments to the civil aviation system,Decided to separate civil aviation from the military establishment,Changed the Civil Aviation Administration from being under the Air Force to directly under the Cabinet,Implement enterprise management。
As for the specific situation of China Civil Aviation,with all due respect,The situation is not very good,As far as i understand,As of the end of last year,China Civil Aviation has one and only140Transport plane,And more than80%The models are all made by the Soviet Union in the 1940s and 50s.—14、in—2Waiting for the obsolete propeller-powered airplane,The passenger capacity is basically20People to40Between people,Even in terms of the classification standards of contemporary international civil aviation,These planes are also standard regional planes.。
And looking at the entire China,Passenger capacity can reach100The number of medium and large planes with more than people is pitiful,Only inconvenient17frame,The airport is only79A,1980year,The annual passenger traffic volume of the civil aviation system is only343Million;The total annual transportation turnover is even ranked in Singapore、India、Behind countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia,Ranked No. 1 in World Civil Aviation35Bit……”

Thought of here,Qin Feng looked at them and said:“We still think,How to bridge it,Does anyone have a plank that is more than three meters long??If any,Get it out first,Let’s build some bridges that can cross people。”

“Who has such a long plank?”
“Mary next door,This is to be trapped here?”
Many people are very depressed,Seems to be dissatisfied with this kind of thing。
Qin Feng is a little speechless,He didn’t do this,These guys rush like this?
Qin Feng ignored the nonsense of those people,He measures the distance here。
He glanced down again,If you fall,People may have trouble。
Because the distance is four meters high,And there are some sharp things below。
Qin Feng doesn’t know who made this,Can get to this level。
Qin Feng also weighed it,Then he took a deep breath,This place is difficult to handle。
While Qin Feng was thinking,There is already a car coming in the distance。
It’s just that the driving guy turned out to be Zhuang Kai。

“how about it,How is my good girl?”Wang Zicheng patted Wang Mengmeng’s head with his hand,Asked distressedly,The daughter who she regarded as the jewel of the palm ran and was rejected in public。

“Dad,Don’t blame you,I said no when I arrived,You still force me,Now it’s alright, your daughter is rejected by others,You are happy?”Wang Mengmeng looks aggrieved,Acting with Wang Zicheng。
“It’s bad father,Dad won’t force you anymore,It’s my father who made my baby girl wronged。”
Wang Zicheng naturally knew,My daughter’s mood,Not at all affected by this incident,And he looks very happy and proud,But as a father,Watching others reject my daughter in public,It’s not like being a father。
Wang Zicheng knows,My baby girl has always been a person no one yearns for since childhood,Unexpectedly, today I was rejected by the Hua family。
“You are cute,Sorry,Uncle Dai Ziyu apologized to you,This kid doesn’t know what happened today,I will educate him well when I go back,Please also give him a chance,Do you think?”
Why is Hua Tianyi willing to lose such a big piece of fat from the dealer?,As everyone knows, the Hua family is such a baby girl,In the future, his family’s property will belong to Wang Mengmeng。
So don’t look at anything else,This family background alone is quite a temptation,But my son is not up to date,As a father, he can only humbly and say good things。
“Of course not,Uncle Hua,You also think no one wants me,Or do you want your son,Refused me twice?”Although Wang Mengmeng said with a smile,But entering Hua Tianyi’s ears left him speechless。
“That was not what I meant,Don’t worry about today,Uncle will give you an explanation。”Hua Tianyi doesn’t know what to say at this time,Can only prevaricate,So as not to embarrass both families。
“Cute,Sorry,I don’t know you are cute,You know my heart for you,I really didn’t know it was you,Give me a chance to love, OK??”
Hua Ziyu, I can’t care if Qin Feng did it on purpose without waiting for Qin Feng to say anything,After talking with Qin Feng, he hurried to catch up,Now he just wants Wang Mengmeng to give him a chance。
“Hua Ziyu,Can you not do this,Can you be responsible for what you said,So many people are watching,Why am I the one who you say if you want it?”
Wang Mengmeng smiled,But his face is indifferent,Looks like a victim to others。
“What a nice girl,If I have a son, I will let this girl be my daughter-in-law。”Many people present praised Wang Mengmeng,But also a pity for the Hua family。
“ladies and gentlemen,friends,Just a small episode,Don’t mind everyone,Today is the birthday of Master Cheng,The descendants of the Hua family,Send blessings to all the guests!”
Originally, these procedures were performed at night,But now to ease the atmosphere,Had to go ahead。
Actually this link will not take long,Because those who can offer gifts at the birthday banquet except for the descendants of the Chinese family,Only those who are well-known or are friends of the doctor Cheng have the opportunity。
The rest don’t care what birthday gift you bring,You can only write your name and put it on the registration。
First of all,Is Hua Tianlong, the eldest son of Doctor Cheng,Although Hua Tianlong didn’t work with his father in medicine,,But I am also a businessman,I saw him come up on stage with confidence,Holding an antique solid wood box in his hand。

“Welcome to join Super Seminary,The food is ready inside,Go in together!”Qiangwei is standing in front of the restaurant,Said politely,Except for a certain stare at Xin Zhao,,Nothing else bad。

As for Xin Zhao,His eyes are just like Qiangwei。
“Big sister head,I am back!”
Xin Zhao ignored Rose,I just ran in,Then I saw the eldest sister Lena standing there with a plain looking farmer,But the atmosphere is a bit weird。
“Yo,Big sister head,Lord Xin, I’m back!”Talking,Xin Zhao rushed towards Rena,Then he came back faster,Hung directly on the wall。
“This is Lena,The other is Cheng Yaowen!”Qiangwei as the first to arrive,Give the following introductions。After introducing Lena,Qiangwei introduced the newcomer“Lena,This is Rui Mengmeng、Qilin、Liu Chuang、Ge Xiaolun!”
Lena has read the information of these people,But you can’t say this at this time。
“Hello,I am Rayna of the Sun,Also your goddess and future captain!”
“Hello, Sister Lena,I am Rui Mengmeng!”
“Hi Rena,I am Qilin!”
“Hello, Sister Lena,I am Liu Chuang!”
“Hi Rena,I am Ge Xiaolun!”
Few people introduced,Lena waved“Have a meal,All sit down,Eat at will,I treat!”
Qiangwei asked the sky silently,She finally found out that Xin Zhao could get along with Lena,Not without reason。

“daughter in law,Have you two eaten yet?,I have something to deal with,I don’t know what time is not finished,I won’t go back too late,Don’t wait for me,You two will go out to eat if you are hungry。”

The message goes for a moment,I received Jiang Yan’s reply。
“I know you are not reliable,Await your return,My sister and I are not starving to death。”
Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan’s simple reply,I know they have eaten dinner,He didn’t rush back。
And already asked Jiang Yan to leave,I believe she won’t doubt it。
“Young man,How much do you drink for other girls??”Old driver,Asked with a smile。
Look at that expression,It seems that I drive people in this place,There is a kind of strange expression。
“what?She drank it herself,I didn’t drink it for her。”Qin Feng was actually the driver,Sudden question,At a loss,I was embarrassed and even explained。
But after he finished speaking,I feel that my explanation is a bit far-fetched,Although it is true,But I don’t believe it,Looking at the driver’s expression。
Qin Feng knows,The driver will definitely treat himself as,Dare to be a beast。
but,Qin Feng doesn’t care,I would think so if I change myself。
If someone said to himself,Now I will smoke him a big mouth。
Big evening,A man took a woman to the hotel,She also said that the woman got herself drunk,Even if you say the sky,I’m afraid no one will believe it。
And the opposite,It’s not bad if others don’t say you prescribed the medicine。
“Young man,You don’t look like that kind of person,Treat women,Can’t use improper means,Don’t blame me for talking too much,I don’t usually tell customers this。
I think you are about the same age as my son,So I can’t help but say a few more words。”Obviously the driver,I really think of Qin Feng as that kind of person。
“she is my friend。”Qin Feng didn’t bother to explain,Even if
The driver was kindly reminded,Qin Feng would not appreciate this love。

“Never discussed this issue,Maybe it’s just not fate!There are so many people who never tire of seeing each other,No one is all together!”Xiang Chen pretended to say lightly。

“Do you like me?”Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen and asked seriously。
“If i say,the firstesdcf.Saw you,I’m hard,Do you believe it?”
Xiang Chen smirked……
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Four Entrust
The smirk on Xiang Chen’s face may be unknown to Bai Lu before,But now Bai Lu is no longer what he used to be,Xiang Chen’s voice came down,Understand in an instant,Immediately two-finger Zen continued to greet Xiang Chen’s waist。
The force between Bai Lu’s fingers is getting stronger,But Xiang Chen is still calm and calm。
Reach out to hold Bai Lu in her arms,At the beginning, Bai Lu also symbolically resisted,In the end, he shrank into Xiang Chen’s arms as if he accepted his fate。
“I haven’t fallen in love with you yet!You’d better not get into it。”
Leaning on Xiang Chen’s shoulder,Bai Lu’s tone is a bit headstrong。
“Will fall in love in the future。”Xiang Chen said confidently。
Bai Lu uttered a question,Looking up at Xiang Chen,Asked:“Listen to you,Looks like a veteran in love,How many women have you dated before?”
“Can’t remember!Work required,Sometimes I can’t help myself!”Xiang Chen tell the truth,I don’t want to deceive Bai Lu on these things,God knows when the crazy lady Lan Youmeng will kill a carbine。
“I will beat them!”
Bai Lu seemed to cheer herself up when she spoke,Two cheeks bulging。

Maybe because of the cold weather,Few people on the playground,Very few。

Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan walking in the snow,There is a squeaking snow under my feet。
“So beautiful!The snow here,Very clean!”Kim So Yeon looked at the snow scene in front of her,Can’t help but feel。
“Come,I take you to a fun place。”Lu Menglin is playing,Took advantage of Kim So Yeon’s little hand,Take her through the playground,Go to the opposite audience stand。
Kim So Yeon was holding her little hand,Pretty face reddish,Even breathing seems to be a little bit short。
If able to
Such a clean place,Stay with him for life,Grow old together,What a happy thing!Kim So Yeon thought to herself,A happy smile on my face。
The spectator stands in the big playground are built against the mountain,Behind the cement wall is the foot of the mountain,The mountain in front of you is not very tall,Not too dangerous,It can only be regarded as a very ordinary mountain。
Lu Menglin pulled Jin Soyan,I climbed up this ordinary mountain along the trail at the foot of the mountain。
Rugged mountain road,The path under your feet is surprisingly narrow,It’s a little difficult to walk alone。
Lu Menglin’s agility,Take care of Kim So Yeon behind every step,Lead her to climb up。
Uneven mountain,The slope is getting steeper,Plus the snowy road,Jin Suyan can only carefully follow Lu Menglin behind。
Fortunately, she has good physical fitness,Used to practice yoga,Physical strength and speed can barely keep up。
And every time Lu Menglin turned his head and stretched out his hand,Every pull,Can make Kim So Yeon feel the power,Is pouring into the body continuously,Not tired at all。
quickly,The two climbed up the extremely narrow mountain road,What appeared in front of us was a slightly flat terrain,exactly,Is a large bamboo forest。
“Do you know why the road we came up just now is so narrow?That’s not the way,That’s the bamboo slide!Farmers on the mountain fell the bamboo,Then slide down that path,Concentrate on processing。”Lu Menglin said cheerfully。
Kim So Yeon’s eyes blinked,Nodding。

Su Xuehen was also scared,In her memory,There has never been such a moment of panic。

Mom disappeared?Still taken away by bad guys?
what should I do?Do you want to call the police??But the voice just now,what is that?
All kinds of questions keep attacking my heart,Made her feel confused,Helpless。
but,Su Xuehen quickly calmed down,She tried to remember the last scene,Every word mother said。
“Run fast!Go to Lu Menglin!”
Why did my mother ask me to find Lu Menglin?
He is the overlord Aotian,What does he have to do with me?
and,Will he help me?
Unknowingly,Su Xuehen has already taken to the street alone,Her desperate look,Attracted many passersby。
Such a beautiful girl ran aimlessly in the street,And her eyes are full of confusion,This makes many bold men think。
Su Xuehen also felt the malicious gazes around him,And those who follow,Eager men,I feel more miserable in my heart。
“do not care!Only find him。”Su Xuehen gritted her teeth in her heart。
She took out her phone,I dialed the phone number I didn’t plan to dial。
“Overlord Aotian,I am Su Xuehen。I have bad guys in my family,Mother is gone,Can you help me?”Su Xuehen said softly。
“where are you?I will be there immediately!”Lu Menglin heard Su Xuehen’s request for help,I was shocked in a cold sweat,Asked quickly。
He thought Hong Kong Island was already his sphere of influence,No one should be against Su Xuehen,How can I know that I have been away for less than 24 hours,There was a problem immediately。
“I am in Sheung Shui,On Donghua Street near home。”Su Xuehen was weak,Whisper。
“it is good!You are in place,do not leave,I will call someone nearby to protect you。I will be there soon。”Lu Menglin said。
“it is good,I’ll wait for you at the door of Starbucks。”Su Xuehen answered helplessly。