Not waiting for Cai Xiangdong to finish,Lian Changheng and Ding Haijun looked at each other,Nodded all together:That’s right,The root must be here!

Except for this reason,He couldn’t think of any reason to make Chen Geng so angry and dissatisfied。
Then report to Chen Geng about the articles he saw criticizing their boss,Is this weird?
Although the two have never read those articles criticizing Chen Geng,I don’t know which media published these articles,But China in this era,All newspapers、The media are national,Even a city-owned newspaper,That also belongs to the country,I can think of it with the soleplate。
As for why Chen Geng would know,Don’t forget that Chen Geng had two negotiating teams in China and FAW、Negotiations for cooperation with Magic City,Some of Chen Geng’s two negotiating teams can read Chinese、Understand domestic newspapers,In the eyes of Chen Geng’s men,They saw articles criticizing Chen Geng in these newspapers,It represents the official attitude of China,Of course you have to report these things to your boss,Maybe fax it back to the U.S.。
As for Chen Geng,He has made so many investments in China、Provided such a strong support to the country when it needed external support most,It happened that some domestic media made irresponsible remarks、Gesticulate,It would be a hell of him if he could be fine。
Thought of here,Lian Changheng threw a bitter punch on the table,Road with red eyes:“Such an important thing,Why didn’t you say it earlier?!”
Cai Xiangdong doesn’t know what to say,Feel wronged:How do I know this will have such a bad effect?
“Forget it,This is not to blame Xiao Cai,He didn’t expect Chen Geng to know the things published in these newspapers……right,Xiao Cai?But you can’t be so careless in your future work,Do you know how passive this incident has brought us?”Ding Haijun said,And winked at Cai Xiangdong:“and also,Lao Lian,I’m afraid we don’t know where the problem is,Now that I know where the problem is,Prescribe the right medicine、Just find a solution。”
Cai Xiangdong is not stupid,Of course I know what I should say,Apologize to Lian Changheng:“Yes,leadership,It’s all my fault,Didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter。”
Although Lian Changheng is humming,Didn’t say anything,Just waved impatiently。
I saw my boss beckoning me out,Where does Cai Xiangdong dare to hesitate??Oil the soles of the feet immediately、Good luck。
“What you said is light,”Cai Xiangdong is gone,Lian Changheng just grunted:“It’s people in our system who scold people,You say explain?How to explain to Chen Geng?Even explained,People will believe?”
He’s not really angry with his secretary,But angry with those bastards in the country:You bastards,Do you know that I worked hard、How hard is it to get a rich overseas Chinese who is rich in the motherland??But you guys are fine,Not only does not help,Instead, he desperately demolished Lao Tzu’s platform behind the scenes,Is there anyone like you?
If it’s not now abroad,,He went straight to find those bastards and had all his heart。
Listening to Lian Changheng talking about this,Comrade Ding couldn’t help but frowned:Yes,This is the problem。
The media criticizing Chen Geng,Definitely not CCTV、《Illuminati》、《People》、《Half moon talk》Central mouthpiece,Not even the provincial government media,At most local、The mass media,Such as XX Morning News,Publish such an article,It may not necessarily have any opinion on Chen Geng,Mostly for eyeballs。
But the problem is,Even if it’s the local people like XX Morning Post、Off-market media,In the eyes of Chen Geng’s American employees, that also represents the official attitude of China.。
Where’s Chen Geng,After knowing this,What would he think in his heart?Do you think that the country has the mind to shed its grind and kill the donkey?

I haven’t waited for this person to finish,A group of police suddenly broke in。

Watching the policemen who suddenly broke in,Oscar·The last fluke in Chapman’s heart disappeared without a trace,The whole person was completely paralyzed:He understands,Over!
Without giving any notice,The Detroit Police Department suddenly raided the North American Auto Workers Association headquarters,This is legal?
Theoretically,This is indeed illegal,Normal procedure is not like this。The official who gave the order may even be removed,But the Detroit police did it anyway,This shows what,This shows that Chen Geng must secretly give a promise that the Detroit police cannot refuse,This promise is so big that the relevant executives will not hesitate to lose their jobs。
As for whether future lawsuits can be won,For example, it’s like Simpson’s wife murder case,Even if the police provided the prosecutor with clear evidence of corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association,Also because the procedure obtained from this evidence is illegal and cannot be adopted……
Think about this too much,Chen Geng is not afraid of the evidence,As long as there is evidence,He can hire the best lawyers,So that these executives of the North American Auto Workers Association can’t stand up completely!
and,Even if it’s a step back,These evidences cannot be used,So what?,The police can publish these evidences through the media,Let all the members of the North American Auto Workers Association see what their union leaders look like,At that time, Chen Geng can fully promote the re-election within the North American Auto Workers Association.,These guys still have to get out……In short,There are always more ways。
Chen Geng took action on the North American Auto Workers Association!
Richest man today、 AMCCar owner、Representative of the American Dream、Fernandez who will be the new mayor of Detroit·Mr. Chen,Real-name report to the Detroit Police Department for corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association、Request the Detroit Police Department to investigate the situation and submit it to the prosecutor,The Detroit police received the report and the evidence provided by Chen Geng on the night,Made a surprise attack on the headquarters of the North American Auto Workers Association、In this sudden attack,The police got a lot of news about the evidence of corruption and profit transfer from the top and middle-level leaders of the North American Auto Workers Association,Detonated the entire United States in an instant,The media across the United States flocked to Detroit like crazy,Just to be able to send back relevant reports as soon as possible。
at the same time,There are too many big people who can’t sleep。
Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Geng’s harsh methods,More because they used to take money from the North American Auto Workers Association,Of course when I took money before,it’s good now,The Detroit police raided the North American Auto Workers Association as Chen Geng wanted,Will there be evidence that I took money from the North American Auto Workers Association??
under these circumstances,The phones of the Detroit Police Department and Chen Geng kept ringing,Those big people who are scared want to know what Chen Geng means,the most important is:You won’t be ready to yin me?
“rest assured,Tom,This time,Only to let the senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association get out,”To a certain state legislator on the phone,Chen Geng said seriously:“You know,I have a clear principle,Just don’t mess with me,I won’t mess with you,Some idiots of the North American Auto Workers Association,I want to stick my paw into my territory,Of course I want to chop off the paw。”
“Really?”Tom is relieved,Tentatively:“Fernandez,You know,I have a seaside villa in California,But I haven’t had much time……”
“Just right,Taking advantage of the last time before taking office,I am going to California to relax,Can you lend me your house for a few days?”Without waiting for Tom to finish,Chen Gengjiu:“rest assured,I give rent。”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Richest man today、 AMCCar owner、Representative of the American Dream、Fernandez who will be the new mayor of Detroit·Mr. Chen,Real-name report to the Detroit Police Department for corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association、Request the Detroit Police Department to investigate the situation and submit it to the prosecutor,The Detroit police received the report and the evidence provided by Chen Geng on the night,Made a surprise attack on the headquarters of the North American Auto Workers Association、In this sudden attack,The police got a lot of news about the evidence of corruption and profit transfer from the top and middle-level leaders of the North American Auto Workers Association,Detonated the entire United States in an instant,The media across the United States flocked to Detroit like crazy,Just to be able to send back relevant reports as soon as possible。

This is for Gao Xiaofang,What kind of blow is this??

Although Qin Feng didn’t experience anything like this,But just thinking about it, he knows how difficult it is。
“I……”Various complex emotions in Gao Xiaofang,He didn’t think that he would be appreciated the only time,I was still appreciated by one of my enemies。
The subversion of fate makes Gao Xiaofang really want to cry。
Even though he knows he can’t cry,Because once you bow your head in front of Qin Feng,I really can’t hold my head up。
But Qin Feng’s next sentence made Gao Xiaofang want to cry:“No need to say anything,I just want to ask you,Do you want to do a career?I have doubts about your character,But your work ability is recognized by me。”
Gao Xiaofang feels he can’t get around,He looked at Qin Feng in surprise and asked:“what do you mean?”
“I mean very simple,Are you interested in mastering this school,Develop this school into,Famous school in the country,At that time the school will provide you with a house and a car,Materially, you don’t need to worry too much。”
You also know that Qingshui Village now has such capital,But can you be worthy of me?
Jiang Yan is already Qin Feng’s girlfriend,Jiang Yan will definitely have a more important position in the future,So Qin Feng also wants to support Gao Xiaofang。
Still that sentence,Qin Feng is also a person who cares about old love,Gao Xiaofang didn’t leave when this place was most difficult,He naturally cannot disappoint Gao Xiaofang。
“Is not,You tell me again?”Gao Xiaofang’s wine taste also went away in an instant,His body is shaking,He went so hard to drill camp,Want to leave everywhere,Is it just to have a house and a car?。
But now he has discovered his dream,It’s so simple at this moment。
“I said,If you can take on the responsibility of the principal,Having a house and a car is just a moment of effort,You have served the school for ten years,This car and house belong to you。”
seriously,I didn’t recognize your character before,But I agree with your professional ethics,So this is what I said。
Qin Feng thought of the scene he saw before,There is also some warmth in his heart,In the previous few days,There are many things in the village。
But Gao Xiaofang did not abandon himself as he thought,Vent their hostility to those students unscrupulously,Instead, it’s all kinds of patient persuasion。
And what Qin Feng could not think of was,There are students with family difficulties,This Gao Xiaofang actually paid for the kid to eat。
Not much money,Not many people even notice,But that’s what makes it even more precious。

Qin Feng’s first sentence was shocking,Tens of thousands of monthly income for each household?

What kind of concept is this?You know this is a big boss who can catch up with some companies。
“What do we need to do?”Huang Longwen knew that Qin Feng couldn’t find them just for this.。
Xie Zhiwei feels a little regretful,This is a step too late。
“What you need to do now is very simple,The first step is to clarify the villagers’ ideas,Then unify,Try not to take out the land here。”
Qin Feng knows that there are some things that cannot be forbidden,But he can only give some advice like this。
“Could it be that the company is going to acquire this place?”Huang Longwen said a little excitedly,He is really curious about this。
If it’s really such a big deal,I guess the people here are going crazy?
It’s not right to think about it,There is only 100 million capital injection,This money looks big,But so many people in the village,And one million per household,That was done by a hundred households,This money can’t be activated at all。
“Ugh,I think,But there is no such powerful force。”
Qin Feng also bowed his head and sighed,“I am going to plan all the shops here,Unified processing,I have to ensure that when everyone travels here,That kind of comfort won’t decrease。”
“This is really not easy。”
Huang Longwen also has a headache,Because chasing benefits is the mind of most people。
If you know that this side will be developed on a large scale,Those people are still willing to listen to Qin Feng’s words,That’s the hell。
Actually,Huang Longwen doesn’t understand,Why didn’t Qin Feng expropriate these lands directly before?。
When the dishes here are declining,If someone gives one million,They are also willing to sell all directly,At that time, what matters is not Qin Feng’s say?

Three forces have surrounded this place,Waiting for the final showdown。

The firmness of this hall is daunting,Their previous battles did not cause much damage to it,Want to get out from here,The only way is to turn this place into ruins。
No one can resist the pressure caused by the collapse of a hundred meters of land,Xia Chenglong couldn’t do it when he asked the gods,So neither of these two。
He is not strong enough,Of course to catch the power of these two。
The three-party attack has begun,It means that what happens next cannot be stopped。
Xia Chenglong is very excited,This is a crazy show。
His swordsman has its own appearance,Without any power,So next he only needs to avoid the attacks of both sides。Then let it help smash the top beam above。
This is a bet,After all, it is not easy to get rid of the attack of the two,But he has the teacher’s Yuanhuo plate,That is the basis for him to be so bold。
But the result was surprising,Because Xia Chenglong’s sword is not only tangible but also godlike!
“One sword,The second type of broken sword”
If Xia Chenglong saw the effect of his last sword before leaving,Maybe it doesn’t need to be as real as it is right now,He can use this sword himself。
Three terrible energies collide together,The imaginary explosion did not appear,But finally disappeared at one point。
This condition is not common,But it doesn’t mean it won’t appear。
Because the three forces reach a certain balance,So I just tear up that little space,Take away all the power of the three parties。
but……This situation will not last too long,After all, a space that is not deliberately built does not have the ability to accommodate for a long time。
and so……
Xia Chenglong really panicked,Kick off the lid of a coffin next to it,Then nothing else,Jump into it quickly,at the same time,The Yuanhuo Pan appeared in the body。
Absolutely unimaginable power,When the three parties come together,Will burst out in an instant a force far beyond the previous one。
Xia Chenglong thinks he is strong,But he has not been so arrogant。

at this time,EOVThe big broadcast at the venue rang。

“Attention all players,Games appeared in the King of Fighters DivisionBUG,Repeat again,The King of Fighters on stage 74 is suspended,The organizing committee of the conference will hold an emergency meeting on this matter。”
The host’s voice is in addition to the announcement in English,I deliberately used Chinese and repeated it again。
Heard the news,There was buzzing discussion all around the venue。
Genius remembers this site address in one second:.。Mobile version read URL:m.
text Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Forbidden move
? All the King of Fighters players are making a noise。
Some people think that the child’s Iori is unlimitedBUGUp,Seriously affect the balance of the game,Should be banned。
Some people think,This is a new technique developed by the Chinese,Should face its existence,Then find a way to beat it。
For a while,There was a lot of discussion everywhere,Team Menglin and the child were on the cusp。
And this match between Team Menglin and Team Golden Sun,Requested to be suspended。
The child sits in front of the console in a daze,Haven’t got up for a long time。
He remembered the words Menglin said to him on the eve of the game。
“This trick is called a trickUnlimited connection,It’s the ultimate forbidden move of Iori!if possible,We better use it in the finals。Early exposure,It’s hard to say what the result will be。”
“Ok!Menglin brother,If you meet a very strong opponent before the final,What to do if you can’t win?”
“Don’t worry!There are resurrection matches,And me!We two join hands,There is no unbeatable opponent。”
Lu Menglin’s words are still in my ears,It’s a pity that the child was dazzled by victory,He didn’t keep the agreement,But to win,Used a ban in advance。

That hat black shadow has some skills,Strength should be between Rank 6 and 7 entering the Holy Realm,If you can make those spirit-eaters gather around,Fighting power will increase a lot。

This kind of people are outside of what they can control,Not particularly powerful in itself。
Xia Chenglong doesn’t want to talk nonsense with each other,So as soon as I open my mouth, I directly put forward what I want to know。
“Sorry,I can’t tell you all three!”
“court death?”
“You are strong,But this is not your battlefield after all,So you can’t kill me。”
Confidence comes at a price。
The Xiaotian Sword has hovered around Xia Chenglong,Turned into countless sword shadows in the black night,Mixed with the white flames of the forest,Become a respected dragon。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
No need to talk nonsense,He still implements his own ideas,You can use the sword to solve the problems。
The Devourer controlled by the opponent has already moved away from him,How to block his blow next?
The shadow of the hat saw the sword light in front of Xia Chenglong,Dare not neglect at this moment,The soaring earth aura transforms into a huge earth-eating queen bee above the body,Inciting the wings to face the stegosaurus。
Two martial arts collide,Make a huge roar,Let this world become dazzling。
“Everything fades!”
The power of artistic conception unfolds instantly,He doesn’t believe that the other party can live。
Being able to defend against the previous attack is already very difficult for the shadow of the hat,Seeing Xia Chenglong directly unfold the power of artistic conception,No desire to fight at all。
The methods used before reappear,The body turned into a mass of spirit-eaters in the explosion,Fly around。

“What?You agreed?So fast?”Wei Xiaoxing heard what Cao Wen said,I didn’t expect it to be ironic,I just feel that happiness comes a little too soon,Too unreal。

“roll!”Cao Wen expresses in the simplest and most direct way。
“what?”Wei Xiaoxing was stunned,I thought this woman had such a bad temper,I really want to be together from now on,I’m afraid it’s not easy to get along with!
“Get back!”Cao Wen said again,The tone and words used this time are very straightforward,Make everyone laugh constantly。
All the students in Class 16 are suffocating a smile,Everyone is laughing miserably!
“Wei Xiaoxing!You cow!”
“Our study committee is too strong!I served!I’ll serve it in the future!”
“You deserve to be a student committee member,Please take my knee!You are my honor!”
The classmates in Class 16 are screaming,Laughing to fly,Don’t care that Wei Xiaoxing is suffering from the pain of losing love。
And these laughter,Also deeply stimulated Cao Wen,Her eyes wide open,Can’t believe it,Class 16 in front of me,It’s just a bunch of hooligans!Such a group of hooligans,How could he be a military student carrying glory,Take on the responsibility of defending mankind?
“enough!Shut up all!Hear me out!”Cao Wen furious。
The freshmen of Class 16 saw the head of the beauty department get angry,They closed their mouths obediently,After all they are just naughty,Not really stupid,Except for Wei Xiaoxing that nympho,Who would touch the head of the department at this time?!
“Don’t you think you can go to the red zone??Then I will tell you now,All wishful thinking!Absolutely impossible!”Cao Wen said loudly。
suddenly,All the students in Class 16 are silent,Even the laughter stopped completely!
They have a strange look,Staring at Cao Wen who said this。

“This turtle carapace actually has an advanced function,Is to help children stimulate their potential,Adjust bones,Grow the way the family needs,In other words,A child wearing a turtle carapace,Can actively choose future career,Pre-lay the foundation for the chosen profession。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

After saying this,The whole audience seemed to be ignited,The crowd is boiling。
“I have to order one from Beigong,Do not,Order three!”Bei Gongwang quickly shouted。
“Our Sun Du clan also wants one!”
“Xiangliu wants two pieces!”
“Order now!I want five pieces from the fire!”
Suddenly passionate in the banquet hall,Everyone is ignited。
To know,The point Lu Menglin said just now,Is the place that really touches these gods。
Bet the hope of summoning heroes on the heart of a young boy,It’s a little ethereal,As for the cultivation of temperament,Only the real big names,Or those upstarts who want to be among the richest have the most direct needs,But choose a career in advance,But it is something that has a strong attraction to all the wealthy young children。
These giants in Hongliu City,Deep savings,Many children in the clan,But with the continuation of blood and the tilt of resources,Many of them will have a problem,Is that the whole family prefers a certain profession,The ratio of the three occupations is very uneven。
Such as Nanshi,Is the Taoist family,Most of the people in the tribe are Taoist professions of choice,The other two professions are very few。
Thus,Had to ask for help from outside,Exchange resources and manpower,Sometimes even a great price。It’s far from a simple matter of cooperation。
And if these families in the gods can let the younger generation of disciples choose careers in advance,Can maximize the use of resources in the family,For the future of the whole family,Has an extremely important role。
Those real giants,Such as the four great families,Basically, the children of the clan have three occupations。So this is what other families dream of wanting to emulate。
And at the moment,This tortoise shell from another world,Can have such a miraculous effect,Allow young people in the ethnic group to choose their own occupations in advance,Lay the foundation,This is for families other than the four giants,It’s the gospel,No wonder they are all competing to offer,I haven’t even seen the real thing,Just for a hope,Already started to compete。
Seeing Mufeiyan,The eyes rolled a few times quickly,Suddenly stood up,Take the initiative to step forward,I got in front of Lu Menglin。

“Hahaha,I guess you don’t believe it,Please wait。”The old man smiled and shook his head,Got up and went to his desk to fetch a pile of documents,Pass it to Qiao Tianyu one by one。

“young people,You look,This is my letter to the European Banking Association Clearing Center,Ask them to close the international wire transfer business of the Union Bank of Siberia。”
“I gave these copies to Citibank、JPMorgan Chase Bank、UBS Group、HSBC Bank、Co-organizers issued by Bahrain Bank and other banks,Let them freeze all of Morgan Stanley’s trading funds。”
“This is my order letter to the Federal Reserve,Let them notify the New York Stock Exchange、Clearing centers of major exchanges such as Chicago Board of Trade,Freeze zero funds separately、Morgan Stanley、All trading funds of some Goldman Sachs trading accounts!”
“Oh,and this,It’s just that I asked the messenger boy to take out those Chinese women’s embroidered shoes from the Rothschild Museum,Just to humiliate you。”
“Old man,you!!!.”
There is a lot of hard evidence,Can’t tolerate Qiao Tianyu’s unbelief,But he doesn’t believe it,This unreasonable bastard turned out to be the kind-looking old man in front of him.。
“Haha,young people,Don’t get excited,sit,Sit down and speak slowly。”
The old man smiled and pulled Qiao Tianyu back on the sofa again to sit down,Pick up an apple from the table and stuff it into Qiao Tianyu’s hand,Let him eat some fruit to defeat the fire。
“young people,Do you think those things I did,Very incredible,Special bastard,right?”
“Kind of。”Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,Said dissatisfied。
“Haha,I like kids who tell the truth!”The old man reached out and gently touched Qiao Tianyu’s hair。
“young people,You have an old saying in China,It’s clear that people don’t do dark things,I won’t go around today,I just want to take the opportunity to force you out,Let you come see me!”
“what?”Qiao Tianyu looked at the old man dumbfounded。
What is this theory,Head of the Swiss branch of your famous Rothschild family,Made such a big bend,It was just to force me out?
If you say something,I, Qiao Tianyu, will definitely come over to see you,The face of the Rothschild family,Who dare not buy,Do you need to go around like this??