“Scull,Liu Shu,Today has been treated,Let Liu Shu in the rest of the day,Causes can’t be too urgent,After Liu Qi slowly came over,I will come back to Liu Shu.。”

Say,Li speaks directly to the wind.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng to go,Liu Dafu quickly gave Zhao Xiaoli to make the eyes。
Zhao Xiaoli still doesn’t understand,Now immediately go to the refrigerator,Then take out a bottle of ice coil。
“Xiao Li,You are also tired,First come, a piece of Ice Coke,This is specially bought for you.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli opened a bottle of a bottle and drank a few mouthfuls.。
Seeing Zhao Xiaoli,Liu Dabu suddenly became nervous。
The 383th chapter invisible image
He knows that there is a medicine in the bottle Coke.,If Li Hui is not drinking,For a while, Li followed the wind.,Leaves Zhao Xiaoli,He feels that this is now, but it can’t wait for this mother.。
Li Hui Looking at the Ice Town Coke from the other person,Some embarrassment is in the hands。
“Row,Then I am going home,I don’t bother Liu Shu and my scorpions today.。”
Accessible,Li Hui is directly ready to leave。
Liu Dafu is anxious。
“Xiao Li,You first wait,Let me solve the rope first.,I feel very much now.。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I will let the scorpion will give you a good release.,And today I will give you a needle,I feel that you can have a scorpion.,But don’t over,There should be no big problem。”
Say this,Li Hui also gave Liu Bigfu, an awkward look.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng this eye,Liu Dafu is some want to cry without tears.。
He is clearly known,It is also clear that the power after Taking it.。
Zhao Xiaoli did not think that Li Hui Feng actually just passed through Coca-Cola.,There is also an urgent heart in my heart.。
Dark road:“Mostly,Really,If Li Hui does not drink,She has drank her own,Who will solve the efficacy for a while。”
Think about thinking,Zhao Xiaoli felt that the abdomen was going to start online.。
“Xiao Li,Would you like me to send you?,The street lights on this big night are about to be closed.,You have no flashlight。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoli,Liu Dafu immediately understood Zhao Xiaoli’s meaning.,This is a way you want to deliver your home.,Service home。
But now this situation,It seems only to be so,If Li Hui is also drinking Coke,He feels that he can still watch a good play today.,But very obvious,Li Hui does not seem to have the idea of drinking Coke。
“Scull,no need,My phone has a flashlight,I will go back myself.。”
Li Hui Feng felt that Liu Dafu, Liu Dafu, who tonight than last night.,Any neofability makes him some fear。
Go directly to leave,When he walked out of the door,I found that Zhao Xiaoli is also behind him.。
“Scull,No need to send,You go back.,If you really have to send me,I feel that I have to send you back.,After all, this big night,If you encounter a singular in the village,That can’t escape。”
Li Hui Feng, although it is a joke,But listening to the ear of Zhao Xiaoli means completely changed。
“Xiao Li,The scorpion is not going back tonight.,Xiao Li,What if you want to go to you??”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoli feels that the fire is really burning.,Don’t help but close the body,Then hug 李 随 风 ‘s arms,Taking Li Hui, a three-pointed,Seven points of charm,Looking for Li Hui Feng is a bit stiff。
“Hey-hey,Scull,Don’t tell you,You still have a good time to spend Liu Shu.,I still have something,I’m going back。”
Say,Li Hui has directly smoked his arm.,Then go to the legs and run。
I saw the people who disappeared in the blink of Li Hui Feng.,Zhao Xiaoli stayed。
Why didn’t she think that Li Hui will run away?,It’s so close to her.,I have even feel that Li Hui’s breath is also rushing.,But I didn’t think that the other party actually ran.。
Feel the body, just like to burn,Zhao Xiaoli is directly upset。
She doesn’t know what to do now.。
I can’t find a man casually solved.。

She laughed:“Mrs. Gu。”

Finish,She is planning to leave。
Lady see,Hand chest,Deep crying,“have a look,Don’t wait for me to pack you,Someone packs you.,I can tell you,In this circle,You don’t have a background,You will never mix it.。
Even if there is Lu Hao Cheng to support you,But how long can he take you??Um?”
NS154chapter:Does she look weak and bully?

NS154chapter:Does she look weak and bully?
Tauntful look,Ridicule,Every word is like a sharp knife,Deep punctured skin into Blue Xin’s skin。
Intangible pain,Shrouped her whole body。
A person,One,Well-educated people,How can you be thin to this level?。
do not know why?Lady said like this,This pain,For a few times more than her seven years ago。
Blue Xin is parked in the three steps of Mrs.,Lift,Her beauty painful look is in an instant。
Ghevans who are not afraid of wealthy people:“Mrs. Gu,I think you are misunderstood.,I am Blue Xin,There is no relationship with Lu Haozheng.”
“hehe”Gu Duty suddenly broke her words。
“Blue Xin,You said it is so good.,If there is no relationship,Why do he introduce you?darene,Besides,Yi Tianqi is another thing?
Miss Lan seems very good??”She looked at Blue Xin’s eyes,Slightly,Don’t be deeply interested in the words.。
Who is Yi Tianqi??Hujiang City and Fan City real estate tycoon,Even she wants to see him.。
Blue Xinyi,Suddenly I feel that my lady is indisputable.。
She smiled and pulled her mouth.,said laughingly:“Queen’s understanding,It’s really not ordinary people who can understand.,In the eyes of Mrs.,There is no status,Do you have to have a dog??
Is there any qualification to meet the rich people??
Besides,Stop me in half of the way,Ridicule,Let me do not provoke Lu Haozheng,It’s better to go back to teach your daughter.,How can I hold a man’s heart??”Blue Xin finished,Watching a sharp crying, watching an eye,Turning anger。
Does she look weak and bully??Everyone wants to step on her head.。
So,She will tell them in actual actions.,She is not good for her,Not bad。
Seven years,She learns too much.,an expert,She is trying to be very good。
The rhythm of life is so fast,So responsible pressure,She is suffering and tired every day.,More。
During this period,I have been helping her down.,Is her best friend,And her dearest mother。
Waiting for her moment to stand up,She understands,Only by oneself,Can you feel comfortable,Only you have your ability,I can laugh more beautiful。
Not much money,She can find ways to earn,No car, no room,She can spell themselves,Hurt,It is also to bear it.。
A leaf given by others,She will be very grateful。
But she will use this leaf.,Give yourself a big tree。
She is blue,Few of the injustice of fate,She has always remembered a sentence,If you are strong,Big difficulties are small things。
No matter how big the difficulty in front is waiting for her.,She must rely on myself.。
“Blue Xin,You stand。”Lin Dynasty stepped into Blue Xin a few steps,Blocking her way。
Looking at the back of her toe,I am so angry,For a long time, I have said these few words.,Especially the last sentence,She almost didn’t come.。
“Blue Xin,Hao Jun,He is not a general person,He and Anan grow up from a small,The relationship between two people is also very good.,It is after you appear.,The relationship between the two people has gradually occurred.。
Blue Xin,Even if I ask you,Houheng,Let Hao Cheng and An An?Anan cried today,she”
“Mrs. Gu!”Blue Xin quickly interrupted her words。
NS155chapter:Good play is playing

Chen Riyuan saw Xu Liangquan,The original calm face is also a lot of anger.。

“This meeting……Also no。”Zhou Ye worried behind him behind him。
The airport specially transferred the passenger’s bus has stopped at the elevator.。
There are not many people transferred this plane.,So a big buse,The people below are waiting for Chen Riyuan and Wenyu.。
He Nova saw Ye Ye,The face is also a joy who can’t hold it.:“Little brother,Get on the bus,Are you waiting for you.。”
Zhou Ye did not respond,I don’t know what to say.,Just nod。
He Nuo this speech,Li Shouwei’s face is a bit uncomfortable,He looked at Zhou Yixiang seems to have always been a bit uncomfortable.。
In Li Shouwei’s eyes,Doctor is a weak scholar,Where is the tough guy of the iron and bones?!
Miss Miss actually worship this little doctor……
Zhou Ye went to the bus from Chen Riyuan。
The people on the plane seem to be in the bus.。
“goodbye,Wild。”A familiar sound in the distance。
Lu Tianhe shakes the window,Zhou Ye。
He is sitting on a high-grade high colored car。
“Second brother, goodbye。”Zhou Ye also shouted。
At this time, Chen Riyuan also noticed that middle-aged man.:“The traveler has just been over-tensioned on the plane?”
Zhou Ye:“Yes。”
Chen Riyuan does not understand authentic:“This guy is not simple.,I can let the private car will enter the airport.。”
According to the system,Private sedan cannot be opened to the airport,Especially when the epidemic control is so strict。
Zhou Ye walked toward the bus,Sideways explain:“Lu Di is the deputy general of Xiongke Medical Co., Ltd.,Lv Tun, Lu Tianva。”
Chen Riyuan listens to this introduction,I am also a surprise in my eyes.。
I didn’t expect this middle-aged drunken man who was disappointed.!
It is really a little unexpected。
Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan got a bus,As the airport bus steeled,The person in a car will start with the last point.。
He Novo, Hengji, I’m bus,I also asked a bunch of topics that have nothing to do with medical treatment.。
Originally, he is still thinking about the military background identity like He Non.,There is no special car to transfer,As a result, I learned that He Nuo actually wanted to follow the Tianfeng Medical Brigade to Wuhan Hospital.……
This kind of battle is the battlefield reporter.!
After the driver opened for a while,The bus stops in a spacious gain.。
With the opening of the window,A group of people took a car。
Chen Riyuan’s legs have some old cold legs,Rheumatism and gout,Slow down,So he and Zhou Ye have followed the finals of the team.。
Xu Liangqi originally walking in the next day, it is necessary to take a few steps.,Results Today, in order to catch up with Yi Xiaolian.,It is directly to the front of the team.。
He has wanted to go to the middle of the team under the protection of Li Shouwei.。
I have no problem in my ear.,Zhou Yewu’s ear grove has been cleaned.:“Sure enough, the reporters are a group of people who are headache.。”
When I think that He will go to a Wuhan Hospital life with Tianfeng Medical Brigade.,Zhou Ye can expect the scene to be like。

Wu Tingfang yelled,The right arm suddenly rolled out,A purple fire dragon appeared in front of him immediately,The power of the fire dragon is not trivial,The air was blown apart by this dragon fire dragon,There was a muffled explosion,The air around was trembling。

The ancestor Xuanwu on the side was so crushed by the terrible air current that his eyes could not be opened,That loud bang,Made his ears deaf,Hurry up and move infuriating resistance,He said he was not surprised:“I have realized half of the law of thunder attribute,The half-step stuck in the back is more than three hundred years,Did you meet such a master,Just use him to prove!”Bai Xiao
Right now, the palms are facing each other,Like a ball,Use the most authentic Tai Chi,In front of me is an invisible Tai Chi picture,The picture above shows the air of thunder and lightning attached to it。
“Half-step mine attribute law!”
It is the first time that Wu Tingfang has looked at this sloppy old Taoist priest in front of him.,With emotion in my heart:“A dead thing can actually cultivate to this point,Really a peerless genius。If he is not a corpse slave,It is estimated that the top ten masters of the world have his seat!”
I have to be cautious now:“Old Taoist,Nothing to do with you here,Get out!”
“He is my apprentice,You want to hit my apprentice in front of me,You said it’s none of my business!”Xuanwu is not giving up。
“In that case,Today I will let you two know the power of my dragon and tiger!”
Wu Tingfang suddenly pushed out his left arm,A white tiger of flame appeared in front of him immediately,And the purple fire dragon shines。Watching the dragon and tiger condensed from their true energy,A confident smile appeared on Wu Tingfang’s face。
The purple dragon and the white tiger,Are all condensed from his lifelong qi,It contains various attack methods,Even Gu Rimou, who is the same second-rate master, dare not resist his move.。
He used the trick to catch Chen Xiu quickly,I am also worried that the ancestors of other families will come to share with me。
A turn of mind,A dragon and a tiger immediately made the sound of dragons and tigers,Hit Chen Xiu and Xuanwu left and right!
See the dragon and tiger flying,Both Chen Xiu and Xuanwu’s faces changed a lot。

Look at its skilful and calm look,Seems to be used to it。

Li Shaoying hurriedly took out the prepared ointment,Help Black Jiao……
Jiang Zhiyi is very unwilling。
He just ended up like this。
In his opinion,Only need him,Can defeat all the students in Lichuan,No need for anyone else in the team to take action,How can I know that I only defeated the other two,And it won’t look good。
Then came Chen Bai and Lu Wenye。
Both of them are not very high,Solved by the other person alone。
Lu Wenye’s risk of fighting for life,The dragon that hit the opponent hard,Extremely reluctantly let the opponent off。
Lichuan,Four students have already lost。
And Mancheng High Court,Only two players。
This situation,Already very disadvantageous。
“Everybody,Sorry。”Lu Wenye’s face is a little pale。
Long die,It might make her impossible to improve in this life,The scene just now,Really dangerous。
Fortunately, Lu Wenye often goes out to practice,Relying on experience and instinct,Let your dragon escape。
But she still lost。
Did not make it to the next round。
She originally wanted to solve this difficult opponent,At least until the next round,Explore the strength of an opponent for your comrades,But her condition can no longer fight。
“nothing,Do your best。”Duan Changqing comforted。
Lu Wenye nodded reluctantly,She went off the court,I saw Zhu Minglang。


Xuefeng City
Need to pass through the mountain pass behind Xuefeng City,To get closer to the brown earth,After Zhu Minglang arrived at Xuefeng City,Also rested here for a while。
The Dragon is already snoring like thunder in the spiritual realm,I wish Minglang helpless but can only ride horses,I went all the way back to the brown earth。
Took a look at the spiritual realm,Silver Snow Cocoon、Golden silk green cocoon、Metal sword bud、Giant black cocoon……
Like four gorgeous tombs,Nothing happened,Let Zhu Minglang miss them every time,I can’t wait to put some incense under their cocoons。
How come the reincarnation has changed。
Tianshalong is full and drunk,Unless you have life concerns,Otherwise it won’t work hard for itself,This makes Zhu Minglang, Venerable Dragon Shepherd, return to primitive people overnight,Not even a mount,Can only ride a horse。
Fortunately, Xuefeng City is more prosperous,Have money on hand,A flying dragon in the concession,I believe there is no need to travel so long。
Days without dragons,It was a bit bitter indeed。
And how should I explain to my own ladies?……Madam and sister-in-laws confess!
On the way back,I have to rely on them again for some things。
of course,Big things,I can do it myself,But it depends on whether this matter is big enough,Big enough to be the Dragon King level。

Xia Jian asked Niu Li to pour everyone a glass of boiling water,He just sat down,Asked with a smile:“Everyone waited for me for many days,What is it for?”Xia Jian knowingly asked this,But he doesn’t ask like that,What can you say?

Everyone, look at me,I see you,No one speaks out。Chen Haiping glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Mayor Xia!When the village cadres’ accounts were checked this time,All of us have problems,But I am not convinced”
“Oh!I finally understand what you mean。This time it’s a unified action across the town,He Shuicheng in Hejiaping Village has serious problems,Not only have to spit back the embezzled money,And face jail。So don’t have any objections to this matter。If it’s really your problem,Have to face。Knowing mistakes and correcting them is still a good cadre”Xia Jian said some Mandarin,Because on this occasion he can only say that。
Chen Haiping paused and said:“Mayor Xia!What kind of village is Shuijing Village,Others don’t know,You know。These years,I have no credit,Hard work。But this time,It turned out that I had embezzled more than 1,300 yuan in public funds。Although not much money,But it’s shameful!”
“I understand you very well。But everything is about evidence,As long as you can show that the money is not evidence of your embezzlement,We will hold a village meeting for you,Restore your reputation”Xia Jian said with a serious face。
Chen Haiping whispered something,Xia Jian did not hear clearly,He didn’t ask。Suddenly these more than ten people stopped talking,The whole office seems quiet。
“Thank you for trusting me so much。If you feel wronged,Then we have to show evidence that we are not wronged,No proof,That won’t work”Xia Jian broke the silence,Said loudly to these more than ten village officials。
Suddenly the head of Zhangjiawan Village said loudly:“Mayor Xia!Our Murakami’s accounts are also right,Missing more than seven hundred and twenty yuan,I really can’t find any evidence。How about this!I admit the money,I took my money back to the village,Is that not counted as corruption??”
“I can call the shots of your money now,You only need to return the money to the village account in front of the inspection team of the town’s discipline inspection committee,You are not corrupt。And you have to remember this,There must be evidence for doing things in the future”Xia Jian said loudly to these people。
With my patience and a solid tongue,Xia Jian finally persuaded these people to leave。Niu Li poured water on Xia Jian and said:“Mayor Xia!You can do it。These people have been here for days,Don’t listen to anyone。Mayor Tong and Secretary Wang have both persuaded,But they always said they want to see you”
“Hey!This is also a mistake in our work。These people want to do things for the village,But lacks some experience in accounting,This requires help from our town”Xia Jian sighed and said。
Niu Li said in a daze:“What can we do for them in town?”
Xia Jian glanced at Niu Li and said:“I’m going abroad in two days to investigate the black potato,You take advantage of my absence,Learn about financial management,Then take time to give each village accountant a simple training”

Mu Rongsi thought for a while and said:“Pingdu’s market is currently saturated,After all, there are so many people in the city,And the suburban population is the majority,But we can’t find a sales outlet,Just a few supermarkets,Throughput is too small。Bucheon has a very big market,But no high speed,Development of the market,There are still many difficulties“

“Suburban population is the majority,They also want to eat vegetables!Don’t the farmers here grow vegetables??“Xia Jian is very interested in what Mu Rong Si Nan said,He hurriedly asked。
Mu Si Rongkong smiled and said:“Some time ago,I did a survey,Due to soil quality and irrigation problems,Very few people grow vegetables,And the vegetables grown,No matter from which aspect,All very bad,So most of the vegetables they eat are shipped from outside,This invisibly raised the price of vegetables,Low-income people,Just don’t eat or eat less vegetables“
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up excitedly。
He kept walking around the office,What Mu Rong Sisi said is a very good business opportunity,But how can we make good use of this business opportunity,For Xia Jian,Really a problem。
suddenly,He remembered going this timesMarket time,Saw many vegetable supermarkets,What kind of supermarket specializing in vegetables,If it can be imitated,Why not just…
Xia Jian thought of this,Could not help shouting:“Build a vegetable supermarket“
“what?Vegetable supermarket?“Mu Rongsisi looked at a loss,Of course she has never touched this new type of thing,It’s not an exaggeration to have such an expression。
Xia Jian discovered,My own tripsThe city inspection is really not in vain,Almost killed by a poisonous snake,But he learned a lot of things。
“President Xia!Don’t patronize and be happy,Speak up and let me hear,What is this vegetable supermarket??There are a lot of department stores,You have never heard of this“Mu Rong Sisi’s mood was also mobilized by Xia Jian,But Xia Jian didn’t say anything at this time。
Xia Jian after being happy,Finally calm down,He immediately said to Mu Rong Sisi:“Give me a list of towns outside the urban area of Pingdu,It’s best to go with a brief introduction to this township,Can it be done?“
“no problem,I’ll get it for you right away,I went out to investigate some time ago,All these materials are on hand“Mu Rong Sisi said,Began to organize。
Xia Jian immediately called Fang Fang,Let her take Zhao Hong to Pingdu immediately,Anyway,Zhao Hongcai is the president of the Xiping Village Cooperative,Moreover,About vegetables,How good is it? People discuss it,After all, Zhao Hong is an expert in this area。

“But you have been laughing,Have no stop”

“Shut up,I am a happy monkey showing the horse feet.,There is one or two,One day later, I will make him monkeys and get。”
Tie fan princess waved:“okay,No you are there here.,You go to,You don’t want to stay with wine,What is this?,Not dark yet?”
“Is such that,Niu brother said that the wine is hurting,Let me drink less,Don’t delay the time,Then he pushed me,Go to yourself.。”
“There is something like this?”
Iron fan princess,Suspected that the Niu Demon Wang was lost,Full of joy, go to confirm。
Liao Jie shrugged,Turn over the yard,Push a wedding room embellant red silk,I saw the dungered fox in the big red bed.。
Refreshing refreshments,There is a piece of crispy,Extract is quite neat。
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan,General case,The groom has two sentences,There will be a new woman is shy.,Then affectionate,Both faces,Groom burns in anger,Take the initiative to circle the fire。
very good,Maybe
In the middle of the play。
Smart in the fox,This paste is in order to show him.,I’m right.。
Liao Jie only did not see,Go to the red bed,Lift your hand and pick up red cover。
Yucai princess,White cheeks,Two hands are holding hands,Finger back and forth,A pair of strong appearances。
Liao Jun is gave up,Because of a layer of red robe,Quite bloated,What is the fox?,I can only see that she is not a big fierce.。
certainly,It may also be a type of dressing.。
Does it don’t matter,Although he is a disadvantageFSlag male,But the win is very strong,Don’t mind, change, a constant boring daily。
“Husband,Hour,How have you been so rush??”
Listening to soft mosquito tones,Liao Jie nodded,not bad,This play is not under him.。
Replacement into old cow,80% has been soft,Unfortunately, I met him.。
A nonsense,Liao Jie out, is a strike,In the jade, the princess of the jade is forced.,Push it down in red。
Yucai princess gets up,Careful:“Husband,To drink a cup of wine first,Then there is no black.!”
“alright,Listen to you。”
Two people go to the round table,Jade face princess end porcelain bottle,Two cups,Pushing one of the cups in front of Liao Jie。
Liao Jie’s wine glass,There is no change in the cup.,Bedding。
Fine taste,Very pure wine,No additive,There is no so-called Montamon。
“interesting,I think the princess will make hands in the wine.,I didn’t expect you to pay yourself today.。”Liao Jie。
“Husband,I am willing to die for you.,How can you say this kind of hurt??”Jade face princess small face one white,The eyes are fast and moist。
“no way,Wrong in you,Your fox is not well known,Both the two rolls before,I must know clearly.。”
Liao Jie shrugged:“Ming people don’t say dark words,We will see today,I didn’t say two words.,You don’t want to marry the kings,More impossible to marry me,What is this puzzle??”
“Husband,you misunderstood,I’m only inhabited,And you old,never separate。”Jade face princess tears,I am a heart-sorry story,Be unbearable。
However, there is no egg,Just get the recognition of Liao Jie in terms of acting:“Be,No need to play,You have to say your truth,I shouted the old cow.。”
“Husband,You are willing?”

Xia Jian quickly laughed and said:“President Hu’s arrangement is reasonable,I totally agree”

Lu Xiuli faintly felt that the atmosphere between Hu Huiru and Xia Jian was a bit wrong,But she didn’t dare to ask more。But Xia Jian suddenly asked Lu Xiuli:“Hey!Mr. Lu!Why haven’t you seen Mr. Wang??”
“You say Wang Wei!He is in Qingshan County。Which side of the few projects are particularly tight,He has been supervising the office”Lu Xiuli took a peek at Hu Huiru,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Hu Huiru snorted coldly:“Mr. Lu!You can listen,Mr. Xia is our biggest potential commercial competitor in Pingdu,Something that shouldn’t be said,Better not tell him”
“Ha ha!President Hu wants to draw a clear line with me!”Xia Jian said embarrassedly。No matter if Hu Huiru is joking with him,Still come true,Anyway, he feels very uncomfortable。
Lu Xiuli laughed,Rush to say:“how could be?Who doesn’t know that you Xia and Hu are always best friends”
“is it?”Xia Jian said,Deliberately glanced at Hu Huiru。
First2380chapter Hole cards
Hu Huiru asked with a cold snort:“What does Xia mean??Aren’t we good friends?”
“It must be counted!”Xia Jian said that,But in my heart, I have more defenses against this woman。In case she is unhappy,Then he will be miserable。
Hu Huiru’s treat this time is not a big hotel,It’s a restaurant across the road from their company。But the repair is pretty good,Gives a sense of class and elegance。
The three of them just sat down and ordered the dishes,Feng Yan hurried in。She smiled at Hu Huiru and Xia Jian:“There was still a traffic jam today,Didn’t it waste your time?!”
“No!Just ordered”Hu Huiru’s words are concise and concise,Just say so casually。Xia Jianchong and Feng Yan smiled slightly,Did not speak。
Feng Yan glanced at Hu Huiru,So he sat down next to Lu Xiuli。Hu Huiru has a look,Busy talking to Feng Yan:“Coming from Xia Jian,Your task today is to accompany you。from now on,You two have a lot of dealings,So we must fix the relationship first”
“Hi!This is unnecessary,I, Xia Jian, are always right and wrong。It’s easy to say everything when things are done,Things are not done,It’s no use accompany drinking”When Xia Jian said this,,Deliberately looking at Hu Huiru。
Feng Yan sat next to Xia Jian very obediently,She laughed and said:“Easy to say!We have the right temper。Don’t worry about your project,We will definitely finish it for you,And it’s quality and quantity。It’s just that some factory drawings need to come in faster”
“All right!Let’s eat and drink today,Don’t talk about work”Hu Huiru suddenly said something like this。This makes Xia Jian very confused。
Dishes and wine on the table,Hu Huiru took the lead and started drinking。Xia Jian doesn’t know what medicine this woman sells in the gourd,So he has been on guard。
There are not many opportunities to eat with Lu Xiuli,Xia Jian’s memory,This woman doesn’t seem to drink much,Unexpectedly, she played the leading role today。Alone with a glass full of drinks on the table,And drinking round after round。The two bottles of liquor soon reached the bottom。