“President Xia,Are you looking for me?”Zhou Li smiling,Respectful。

Natsuki pointed to the chair in front of him,I told Zhou Li to sit down:“I didn’t get your consent,Forced you over,You were a manager,But there is no job here,The secretary may also be a deputy,If you have any comments, just say it”
“what did you say,The headquarters of this group company,Not whoever wants to come,If it weren’t for you to advise Mr. Xiao,Can I work at the headquarters of the entrepreneurial group in my life?,Really unknown,do you know?You can learn a lot here,And Yiyuan just those two brushes”Zhou Li said,Staring at Xia Jian with both eyes,Xia Jian was a little embarrassed,This woman looks at him more and more weird。
Xia Jian and Zhou Li are old acquaintances,So talk more casually,As soon as the two chat boxes opened,It’s endless,But they talked about things within the group,Such as secretary Wang Lin,I heard Zhou Li say that she is Xiao Xiao’s capable officer,People are not only long and beautiful,More importantly, her English is super good。
When the two of you are chatting in full swing,Wang Lin knocked on the door and walked in,She glanced at Zhou Li on the chair,Brows move slightly,Then he smiled and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia,Nine o’clock is the company’s regular meeting,You have to participate,Mainly to let other leaders of the company know you,As for talking about work,I can deal with it”
Oh my goodness!Such an important thing,I almost forgot,This is what Xiao Xiao told him,Xia Jian patted his head,Hurriedly said:“Good secretary Wang,Let’s go there together”It’s true,If no one takes,The door of this conference room faces east or west,He really doesn’t know。
Wang Lin nodded,said laughingly:“Good manager Xia”
She just about to turn around,Said to Zhou Li again:“You also have a regular meeting!Remember to bring paper and pen,The focus of the meeting must be recorded,I’ll teach you how to write meeting minutes”
Zhou Li hurriedly stood up,A bit pleased to say:“Ok,Thank you Secretary Wang”
Xia Jian saw Zhou Li’s desire for knowledge,He should seize this opportunity,Enrich yourself,I can’t just look at beautiful women every day。See what’s the use,No matter how beautiful it is, it belongs to others。
In a large office,Information is classified,Very full,Xia Jian first found an internal magazine about venture groups,As long as the above is to introduce the origin of the entrepreneurial group,And several branches of the venture group。
Don’t know,Surprised at a glance,It turns out that this entrepreneurial group is really not blowing,There are more than a dozen subordinate companies,Involved in trade,Dining & Entertainment,Import and export processing,There is even the development of mineral resources。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but remember,Which adventure in the jungle,Could it be that Xiao Xiao is related to this mineral development?,Not right!Since it was developed by the entrepreneurial group,Xiao Xiao should go there,Why steal it?What is hidden in this?Xia Jian wanted to break his head,I can’t think of a ugly man。
It seems,Want to do something,Must have confidence,And have to be willing to do it。In a while,Xia Jian has gotten an idea of the venture group,Who is the vice president,Who is responsible for what,Hard to remember,Xia Jian also took notes,Especially the names of several vice presidents,And their scope of responsibility。
“President Xia,Meeting time is up”Wang Lin knocked on the door,Poked his head in。
咚咚咚咚!Xia Jian only felt that his heart rate was increasing。
First0051chapter Fright meeting room

As for the cooperation of the pharmaceutical factory, there is medicine to cooperate,His heart is also five flavors。

It can be said that the reasons for Chen Beidi’s retreat is that Li Hui’s appearance and scares the opponent.。
Now if you leave Li Hui’s prescription,Han’s pharmaceutical is the same as being closed。
After all, the competition is too strong.。
There is also the medicine field,He also heard that Li Hui Feng is personally guided.,Li Hui’s experience is rich in experts.,Even the professors of traditional Chinese medicine are praised by him.。
And all of this is to let Han are about to be around.。
If you promise your own daughter, I really have to be with Li.,He doesn’t want to make your own family, such a man in a vermilion.。
But don’t agree with your daughter,There seems to be no one can match your daughter.。
Now I have the same headache with Han, and I have Li Kai Fu.。
After the reminder of Han,Li Kai Fu first thought of Li Hui。
Because I don’t seem to someone else, I don’t seem to be this condition.,This matter。
Especially the grandson said that Li Hui’s means,He is more determined that only those men’s talents have the ability to master those prescriptions.。
Otherwise, how can it be so fast that new varieties have no harm to the human body??
But thinking about the things of your grandson,There is also a permanent destruction,At this moment, he is still stupid.,I also know what is going on.。
After the Ming put this, there is a shadow of Li Hui Feng.。
Hesitate for a long time,He directly looking for people to give him a hundred years of wild homage,Then I went to the hospital to see Li Wu Tian.。
Li Wu Tian’s inspection results came out,There is no danger of life,The body is also gradually recovering,Hearing this news, he is also a breather in his heart.。
At least prove, Li, is not harmful to his own grandson.。
“Day,Let’s go find that Li Hui Hui.,Now I only get the other’s forgive us, Li Jia, this support can survive.,Otherwise, all the industries in your grandfather will have no.。”
“grandfather,Don’t you say so serious??
He is still not so big.?”
Li Wu Tian is an incredible,After all, Li took the wind in his eyes.,Always a rural person,If it is not a strong strength,He even feels that Li speaks Li with the wind.。
“hehe,You should know if you do you.?”
“Um,knew,Xu family was completely driven away,Among them,Drunken Different Pavilion, our people participate in melons,But what is this connection with Li Hui Rong??”
Li Kaiqiao sighed a mouthful:“I think so at first I thought.,I feel drunk,The drug aware house is the golden home and Li Jia and Jiang family.,Hands these families jointly,But now it seems that there is a hand with Li Hui Feng.。”
How can he be so powerful??”
Li Wu Tian is an incredible。
“hehe,Yup,How can he be so powerful??
But we all have forgotten the strength of people.,If I know that he has this strength,It is worth it to give him a drug factory.,After all, this master is really too little.,As long as you have one,At least a family or hundreds of years will not be collapsed for hundreds of years。”
“That family, but there is a master,How can it be divided by so many families??
Sometimes money reaches a certain level, really, it’s like waste paper.,Still hard, strong!”
Li Kai Fu said this,I took a shot of Li Wu’s shoulder.。
“I will go with me for a while.,Let’s go, Li’s family can’t survive.,Look at this time。”
Chapter 111, personally
Li Wu Tian also did not expect things to be serious to so.。
If it is,He will definitely fight for life.,I will also revenge。
But when that person is a giant giant,Under the premise of any winning calculation,He suddenly found out,Even if you spell your life, you will bring the entire Li family.。
This gamble is not dare。
Two have prepared some,When I went to find Li Hui,But I was told that Li Hui left.。

Sun Bingren did not expect Li to talk to Zhou Shengjie.,In the end, I turned into him.,And it also changed the mocking of him。

Suddenly, the gas in his heart, I feel that I am going to explode.。
But think of the scene with Li Hui Feng,He still has to bear,After all, he fame but the other party.。
Zhou Shengjie listened to Li Hui, which is also understood.,Talking about 1,000,Li Hui is still charged,However, the price may be low.。
“hehe,Xiao Li brothers said this,Let me have a little envious.,Young and happy, enemies are really good,However, Xiao Li brothers prepare how to charge fees?”
“Um,Not very expensive,Remove 10,000 seedlings I need, I will give me 100,000 pieces.,Of course, if the boss is expensive, it is expensive.,You can go find an expert,After all, I have already gave you a sick.,However, I don’t recommend that the boss’s suggestions for the fool.,Gray,There are still some other leaves that have some other leaves.,It is the leaves of the whole tree fall.,The survival rate of trees is also very high.。”
Li Hui is so straightforwardly when Zhou Shengjie’s grievances,Let Sun Bingren hate the roots itchy。
Just he also knows,I really don’t necessarily judge their own level.。
Plus Li Hui’s voice talking,And confidence in the eyes,What makes him not dare to determine his right?。
“Since the Haha Xiaoli brothers said so,If I go to find an expert, isn’t it too much??
Row,This is done than I sell.,For a while, give me the account of the bank card.,I will turn money for you.,Then the troubles of the little brothers go home.,Help me brings some of the vibrant fluid you said to you.,how?”
“no problem,I will go back now.。”
Li Hui is also a thunderous,Directly with Zhou Shengjie and passenger a few sentences。
He did not go home,Just for a while everywhere,Then I found a place where no one was put into the space with my own mineral water bottle. I took a bottle of Xianquan water.。
As for insecticide, he directly went to the nearby pesticide store to buy a bottle.,Then remove the packaging,I have returned to Zhou Shengjie’s base.。
Just when he came to the base,It is to see that Sun Bingren takes a few older people who are looking for a tree seedlings that have been digging together with Zhou Shengjie.。
See this scene,Li Hui’s heart already knows what happened.。
“Oops,Xiao Li, this speed is too fast.,I thought you were going back in the evening.。”
Zhou Shengjie saw that Li Hui’s hand held two bottles of unidentified liquid,Heart is a laughter,Because after Li Hui,He directly found a few experts who have met.。
Chapter 36, Professor Zheng
Sun Bingren just listened to several experts.,Especially in knowing that these fruits are really inside the insects.。
He didn’t expect to be taken by Li Hui.,Of course, as an expert introduction,These bugs seem to be easily killed,And don’t spend 100,000 pieces at all,The total pesticide pesticide agent that only needs a few thousand dollars.。
This makes him feel secretly tone.,At the same time, it also picked a good impression that Li Hui Feng stayed in front of Zhou Shengjie before.。
Zhou Shengjie thought that he had to be really ahead of 100,000 yuan for Li Hui.,Then I was added by Sun Bingren to the oil.,The anger in my heart can imagine。
But so many years of touching,Angry emotions naturally won’t appear on his face。
“Zhou boss,I will take a taxi directly and then come back.,This is a vibrant liquid,This is insecticide。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,I will take it out to Zhou Shengjie on one side.。
But Zhou Shengjie is not connected.。
“Xiao Li brothers,I feel that the cost of 100,000 yuan is expensive.,You can see if you can’t be cheap.?”
100,000 expensive?
Li Hui also said that he was suddenly asked by Zhou Shengjie.。

Li Hui Feng asked this, let Zhao have a little inexplicable。

“Have seen it,what happened?”
“Hey-hey,nothing,Just want you to be a certification,I want to call the police,Let the kid are not bullied by the bore,At least let him go in a few days ago。”
Say,Li speaks directly to pick up the phone directly.。
See this scene,Where is Zhao’s helpless to let Li speak a police alarm?,If he feels that the military army can go to the mouth,But came to the police,Warrior’s personality,He feels that 100% will tell tonight.。
“brother,brother,Even if you have,No need to be too serious,And for a slag, it is not worth a good mood for one night.。”
“hehe,How do I feel that every time I have to deal with the man?,You always have reason.?
You won’t be a guy with him.?”
Li Hui Feng’s words let Zhao have no nervousness.,Especially when Sun Yaru is watching his eyes with Qin Snow.,Let him be more nervous。
“no,how is this possible?
I have no relationship with that man.,Just he hit my table,I stand up and want to find you.,But see these two beautiful women,I didn’t make the mind that made you compensate.。”
“Hey-hey,Row,Since it doesn’t matter,Then I will teach him first.,Then alarm again,Don’t stop me,You stop me, it is related to him.。”
Finish,Li Hui Feng goes directly to the army army。
When I was flying by Li Hui,The military army is very scared.,After all, he can have money in the House of Wang Dahai.。
If you are interrupted by Li apart from the wind,His money is probably difficult。
“Lee,Don’t come over,You come over again, I am alarm.。”
The military army took out the phone,Enter the number,Then loudly to Li Hui。
“hehe,You are alarm.,I have to see if you are gotting.,Still I was caught in,You should know if you have this consequence when you shoot Sun Yaru.?”
“Who let her so unclear,It is good to follow Lin Cheng,Also with you。”
For this reason,Li Hui is very disdainful。
“How do she don’t have the relationship with you??
You said.,Don’t call your own,Either let me export,Or you directly say that behind your person。”
Li Hui Feng said when talking to the military army.,He has already found that the Warda’s movement will see Zhao。
This has proved some of his guess,It is definitely that Zhao has no greatness to make Wu Dafa.,Otherwise, Zhao is no longer so launched.。
After all, so many people are indifferent or watching,But with Zhao’s helpless, it’s no one.。
Wu Dafa also did not expect Li Hui Hui to give him three such choices.,And he doesn’t want to choose now.。
“brother,I will see it.,You also played,Gas you also,You will be able to gossip now.。”
“Hey-hey,I am not afraid of gossip.,Just just, he said that he refers to this is you.,I don’t know if this is really true.,what do you say?”
After listening to Li Hui Feng,Zhao Wuji is a full man,The ice in his eyes directly looks directly to the military army.。
The Wudajun also knows that he was given by Li Hui Feng.。
Immediate anxious:“Zhao Laossa,Don’t listen to him,I didn’t say it just now.。”
The Warda army opened this,Li Xiangxiao understood。
And Zhao’s helpless face is even more iron.。
“hehe,It turns out that you are together.,Just don’t know where Zhao Bao is so much, where is it??
Is to let your younon’s younger brother?,Still want to get close to the beauty of such unreliable ideas。”
Li Hui’s ridicule let Zhao have anger directly.。
“Why,Trim him。”
Chapter 322 can’t afford
Although not the first time, I saw Li Hui’s fight,But high white snow still feels some pleasing。

“Ok!You are the same as i think,Anyway, idle is idle。Talk about you,Don’t patronize and say that I am here。How much is the difference?Let me see if I have any good solutions”Guo Meili said sincerely。

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“At least five million,If the loan can come down,This is much easier。Who knows!He did something bad halfway”
“This official affairs,You have to study hard。A set that can be used in the enterprise,It may not be feasible in officialdom。How about this!I’ll find a way for these five million,But I have to make it clear in advance,I personally raised this money for you,Definitely not an investment from a startup group”Guo Meili said,Lowered the voice。
Xia Jian glanced at the closed door and said:“I know,Xiao Xiao said,You can invest up to 5 million yuan in this project of Zhang Yangcun,So you can’t because of personal relationships,Broke the rules in this matter”
“OK,Nice to say,What personal relationship do i have with you,Really not too blushing。The pre-sale in Qingshan County is doing well,Where do I spend 5 million to lend you,You can return it to me if you have enough money”Guo Meili said with a smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Shaking his head like a rattle,He said repeatedly:“It really doesn’t work,I can’t send you to prison because of this project in Zhangyang Village。I will think of a way,If it doesn’t work,I personally have more than one million,Maybe enough”
“Don’t be mad,That’s it,I will let someone put the money on your cooperative’s account,Remember to ask the village to give me an IOU”Guo Meili said with a serious face。
Xia Jian’s heart was momentarily confused,He really wants this money ,But if something happens, wouldn’t it be wrong to Guo Meili?。But at this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He opened it,Ma Chuntao called。
Xia Jian hesitated and connected the phone,Ma Chuntao on the phone said anxiously:“Chief Xia,Which of the money we borrowed, Mayor Ma said he couldn’t get the loan,butLJWhere is urging money,People are waiting for delivery,How do you say we should answer people?“
Xia Jian’s head is big when he hears it,He didn’t know how to answer while holding the phone。Guo Meili, who sits next to him, has heard what Ma Chuntao has just said.,I saw her snatch the phone in Xia Jian’s hand,And said to the phone:“Five million will be credited to your cooperative in two days,You answer them truthfully“
Xia Jian is speechless,He took a long breath and said:“What are you doing,If this matter is not handled well, it will ruin you“
“Damn!What is this。I can have today,All your support。Besides, your relationship with Xiao Xiao is more delicate,Even if something goes wrong,She won’t treat me like that。Zhang Yangcun’s project is ready,The beneficiary is not your Zhangyang village family,So i did it right,Don’t worry“Guo Meili smiled and said。
Xia Jian took a breath,I closed my eyes tiredly。
First1369chapter Jealous
A small river like a jade belt,Slowly flowing from the edge of Chenzhuang Village。

Blue Xin’s speechless,If he suddenly stopped,She will have such a tragic moment.。

In front of Lu Hao,How can I follow??
“hehe”Lu Haozheng saw her down and painful appearance very cute,Laughing smiles from autonomous。
His voice asked lowly:“Blue,Hurt your hurt.?”
Lan Xin first heard his low and cool laughter,She can’t help but look at him.,I have returned a few steps quickly.。
Indifferent tone:“Continental,sorry!I am not careful.,Hit you。”
Lu Haocheng looked at her action,Listening to her indifferent sound,Happy mood disappears。
He looked at her little face.,When you have a distressed heart,Foundation temperature,Also one inch is informed。
She is in my mother’s words.。
Lu Haozheng slightly,Deep looked at her,Tone,“Let it go,It’s too late.。”
Finish,He turned,Elegant figure,Rolls Rolls that is not far away。
Blue Xin breathes deeply。
And Lu Hao,She feels difficult to breathe.。
Lu Haozheng’s attitude towards her,I suddenly changed。
Lu Hao Cheng has opened the door,Waiting for her。
Blue Xin looked at it,It is the location of the car,Some drums in my heart。
If she did that position,Be seen by Gu Anan,That is still,This is indirect to pull yourself.。
She is walking downwards,Just pull the door,It was blocked by Lu Haocheng.,He is eyebrow:“Blue,Sit ahead。”
Plain tone,Unrestrained。
Lan Xin helplessly looked at him,Have a good job,What is she afraid??
She lows her head,Raw him,Sitting onto the coiled drive。
His taste,Clean and clear,Very good。
Blue Xin time,Some face red heartbeat。
Lu Haocheng looked at her blush,Slightly hidden lips,Whole people,Roll-glow。
Blue,you,I can’t escape my Lu Hao’s hand。
His mood is particularly good to go to the driving position,See Blue Xin in the belt,He quickly connected from her hands.,Help her。
Blue Xin’s heart,At the moment of him close to her,Sudden jumping。
Lu Haocheng, but she accidentally recovered her body.,Fire,Then open the car to leave。
His mouth,Always bring shallow smile。
He has been thinking,in life,No one has hurt,Hurt,Lose,Sorry,However,The most painful thing in her heart is that he lost his blue。
More and more time,He is sometimes thinking,The person who once wandered with him,Where is it??With the growth of age,Have you encountered your own happiness??

Between conscious and unconscious,The teenager jumped on the back of the golden bird,Birds flutter their wings,Fly towards the blazing sun。

There is no cloud steaming Xiawei ahead,Only the violent sunlight,If you get closer, you can’t see anything,The terrifying heat is worse than imagined,But the boy was not roasted,It’s not as painful as when the ground is quenched,The mark of the three-legged golden crow in my mind is always blooming with a faint brilliance,This may be the real reason why he can resist this burning。
The golden bird sinks into the blazing sun,quickly,The boy’s eyes can see again,In front of you is a very grand golden palace,The appearance is like the five elements temple,Towering pillars in front of the door,Cornice,Although it is a single-layer independent shape,But it gives people a spirit that captures the whole world,The difference is that this hall is very luxurious from inside to outside,And the Five Elements Temple is simple and old,What exudes is a breath that lasts forever。
The golden bird fell on the platform in front of the temple,Juvenile jump,Look up at the horizontal plaque on the door of the temple,But not a word,Turning to look at the golden bird in amazement,The bird has disappeared。
“He is the heir of the Five Elements Palace,Enter the hall。”A clear voice came from the hall,But made the boy nervous for no reason,He remembered his terrible image of being burned by lava,Carefully retouch and organize,But found the place where the finger touched,Smooth and round skin,All the injuries healed。
So stepped into the temple,The furnishings of the main hall are unexpectedly simple,But it reveals a luxurious atmosphere everywhere,The surface is amber and slightly dark red,Staring like flowing magma,Stepping up is very smooth。
On the front is a high platform surrounded by flames,The whole body is hot gold,Step through,A three-legged golden crow is squatting on each side of each step,There is a luxurious seat on the high platform,There is a man of god sitting on it,Facial blur,There is a blazing sun on the back,Wear a high crown,The crown is inlaid with a golden pearl,Wearing a golden cloak,No wind automatic,Look carefully, but the dim flame is floating。
“juvenile,Into the hall is my family,Watch。”
Two golden birds flew from both sides of the hall,After turning around in the air, he carried a round futon on the left and right and landed on the boy’s feet.,The futon is also surrounded by flames,The teenager was roasted all the way,No longer afraid,Sat down on it。
“Dare to ask god,How to call?Where is this place?”
Since goodbye Huo Tianzun,In a short period of time, he experienced all kinds of strange situations,Every time is thrilling,From the ground quenching body to the lava lake in the twelve peaks of the imperial court,All ups and downs、Incredible,I’ve been in a daze,Form changes too fast,I have no time to joke,And the memory of the Holy Spirit in the temple,Now we are facing another kind of wonderland,As if it was a world away。
“Name?,It doesn’t matter,Call me the ancient god of the blazing sun,Here is the Great Sunlieyang Palace,Long not come out,No one can remember。”
“Oh,No wonder。”Juvenile pondering,Thinking about how to state that I took the liberty to come to this hidden temple,“I suffered some minor injuries before,A little unclear,I always feel a voice calling me,So I followed this voice all the way,Then there was a god bird to lead the way,Not intentionally disturbing your peace。”
“what,Haha。”Lieyang ancient god laughs,“When you scolded the animal, you weren’t so humble and polite。”

There are still people who dare to hit,For example, the young child of Huaxia。

“Mr. Cook,Do you know the contact information of the professor John who left Google??”
Yes,Call just connected,Tim·Cook heard such a question。
A few meanings?
Tease him?
Force the brain on,I have a stomach fire,However, the next sentence on the other side,Let his irritation disappear。
“If you can give me the contact information of Professor John in one hour,I can call the shots,Provide orders for solid-state high-energy batteries through Apple within one month。Allows Apple devices to use the latest batteries a little bit faster than Samsung,how about it?”
“Get the battery order in advance?”
Ok,It didn’t surprise Wang Yufei at all,Tim·Cook moved。
By the way, he was still communicating with Ge Lingyue last night,Hope to get the order in advance,But the current output is insufficient,There are still many production lines that need to be debugged because they were rejected。
Unexpectedly,It’s not light yet,Someone came to give warmth。However, after being activated by this good news, the brain cells,Tim·Cook quickly found the problem。
Three o’clock in the morning,Where does he go to find john·Martinis phone?He’s not familiar with this person?Does he have to learn from Wang Yufei’s disturbing dreams in the middle of the night??
“and many more,You just said that within an hour?If it’s more than an hour?You know it’s only three o’clock in the morning,”
“Start timing now,Every additional hour,Apple’s battery order signing time is delayed by one month。that’s it,I hang up first。”


First0596chapter The privacy of the rich
I have been doing it at 7 o’clock in the evening,Everyone in the company has left,But the light in Xia Jian’s office is still on。
There is a thick stack of materials on the table,He looked and looked,Calculated and calculated,I’m always worried about something wrong。This is his first investment plan,In case there is a little mistake somewhere,He can’t afford to lose this person。
Gu Yue opened the door and walked in,She laughed and said:“It’s late,Do it tomorrow!”
“Damn!Just done,That’s it”Xia Jian said,Stood up from behind the office,Stretched a long waist。
Gu Yue listened,Busy with a smile:‘Let me see first“
Xia Jian walked away,Gu Yue sat in Xia Jian’s position,Keep scrolling the mouse in my hand。From a good face,Xia Jian saw that Gu Yue was very interested in his plan。
More than ten minutes passed,Gu Yue just smiled and stood up,She told Xia Jian:“You are a migrant worker from America, right?Really amazing,It seems that it’s not just talking outside“
“What do you mean by saying this,I don’t seem to understand“Xia Jian asked blankly。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“You are a legend,There are more or less reports outside。But it’s almost as you said“Gu Yue said,Signal Xia Jian to get off work。
After Xia Jian turned off the computer,So he followed Gu Yue downstairs,Two people get in the car,Xiaoting smiled:“Mr. Xia!I didn’t expect you to be a workaholic,I took you to learn to drive,It looks like it must be dead tonight”
“Damn!This is not in a hurry,You just work hard,Give you more bonus this month”Gu Yue laughed and said。
Xia Jian sitting in the car,Have not spoken,He is full of ideas about the investment plan of the East Lake Park.。He didn’t even bother to ask where the car was going。
Gu Yue didn’t bother him,But let Xia Jian sit quietly。When the car enters the villa area,Xia Jian just recovered,He asked in a low voice:“Where are we going?”

The sound of the ear again,Word heart,Zhenfu sea double eyes red,I really drink very much,Signature golden light,Over the shoulder dragon sticker flying away in the arm shoulder back。

“Dawei Tianlong,Shi Zun Tibet,Like a Buddha,Well, how is it?,Feilong in the sky……”
Golden flames stunned Buddha light,Lifelike 100 meters of dragons carry violent heat waves,Rush into the sky,Weaving Buddha light。
Haven’t end yet。
Fahai waving dirt,White silk wreath,Between the mountains and rivers,As he burst with him,Hard students plug five mountain peaks,Liao Wenjie。
Fantasy,True,How much is it necessary to break。
Chapter 364 Three five must not take hundreds of millions of billion
Five mountain peaks,Moved to the Mount Mountaineering,Fire Dragon is holding down the golden clouds,Surround mountain peaks,See the mountains in an instant。
Air is awkward,Golden view,Gods,It is golden in the world.。
Five mountain peaks ignited golden Buddha light flames,Heat and horizontal,God light is floating in half air,Heaven and earth,People like anti,Small to not worth mentioning。
With a low drink in the law,The Fun Dragon is between five gold flame peaks,Integration of breath,Understanding。
Terrorism,The soul of the expectation,In the roar of oscillating,Fire Dragon,Fell with amazing speed,The direction of the mountains and the earth。
“Have a good time。”
Liao Jie,Red mountry,Become the evil sword gear shock,Fracture of the Jian Feng,Welcome to the master of Qing Tianzhi。
Bloody,Dyeing gold light。
It seems like a respiratory motion,Thin thin blood fog dramatically,Raochemium blood waves in the mountains。
Huge vortex formation,Remote clouds dance with cyclone,Running the river,An instant formed dozens of water dragons,Group of dragons,Straight blood swirl center。
Blood sword is half-air,The priests that are not flustered are suddenly explosive,A blood color is venting from the whirlpool。
Airflow through,Fierce,Cut peak,Crush fire dragon。
Baizhang red light continuous dance,Fire Dragon,Mountain peak inch crack,Negotonize thousands of people,Swaying golden fire,It seems like the meteor falls in the earth。
Jin Guang black shadow falls mountain Sichuan Dawu,Such a continuous surprise loud sound,Gravel shot,Water flowers,A blossoming ground blossom,Dust and losses。
As the mountains are moving,红 火 浪 不,Burning dust, black smoke。

Bai Suzhen and Xiaoyan Wang,Although I started to know that the pillow is not a common,There is a big god of movement,Can see this battle,Still can’t help but doubt whether you are in the dream。
Be too untrue!
Bai Suzhen:I was seduce him that he was not killed.,Counting not luck?
Young:It’s worth me,Such a powerful man is compressed as a post。
Besides,Liao Jie and the Fahai are completely two kinds of paintings.,A Buddha gorge,An evil devil,How did these two people make a brother??
Shouting and shouting with the law,I have no sand in my eyes.,Why is Liao Jie??