“Hahaha, my brother,That is not to say it.,I can do this 100%.。”

“Hey-hey,Since you can do it,I have been waiting for a few days, I will give you a real estate license.,By the way, you will be repaired.,Let me see your level,if it is possible,I will give you the whole village.,Just give me a lot of hardships,But I will definitely not have less benefits of Ye Big Brother.。”
Li Hui Feng’s guest,Ye Shuangzhou is considering。
“Oh, let’s go.,Want to give me the benefits,Come to the actual,For example, give me a whole dinner in this evening.,It is best that I haven’t eaten.,How about it?”
“Hey-hey,Row,Guarantee you have not eaten,But my craft is not very good.,Don’t blame me when you eat.。”
Haven’t waited for the leaves,Li Hui is directly to take out the mobile phone to Zhang Song’s call.。
Let the other party pack three fields,Then follow the price of 30 yuan per catty,When he will give money to each other。
Zhang Song heard that Li Hui’s words,Nature is also very happy。
I have to know that I will be a pound of twenty-five.,Now Li speaks from the wind to thirty,Nothing is to help pack up。
It’s just not black.,He caught one day during the day.,This is to let him be a hard。
But very quickly,He also went to another greenhouse to ask.。
A matter of query,Finally, three fields were,Then give Li Hui Feng to Li with the cleanliness.。
And Li Hui is a bonfire with the rushing ceremony in the yard.,By the way, buy the fruit charcoal in the best.。
I still have a bit cold in the early spring.,But with the rise of the bonfire,Ye Shuangzhou and leaf doubles are surrounded by the whole body warm。
Zhang Song brings Li Hui with the wind.,It is a hurry back.。
After all, catching the field in the evening, now there is one of their work.,During the day, I will take the time to sleep for a while.,Strawberry is now a mature period,The problem of catching insects is now basically no need to manage。
Li Hui also took a nine directly to find a few soaked bamboo sticks to put the nice.。
Then put the salt in the field,It is directly roasted on the bonfire.。
Soon, the oil slammed from the nice.。
The fragrance is also a fast four。
Ask the taste of the roast field,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Shuanghuang are both eyes。
“elder brother,Let’s live a live broadcast.,Let the audience between live broadcasts also see。”
“Forehead,This point is not very good.?
I don’t like these.。”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“It’s fine,I have already seen it very openly.,I can be different from before.。”
Then you say this,I will open it.,After all, I have a contract with others.。”
“Um,Open up,I just as a passerby。”
Say,Li Hui rushed to the pepper on the nature of the oil and light.,At the same time, cumin is also started。
With the gentle roll,Work with cumin,The fragrance of the pepper is directly refreshing.。
Even Ye Double is also can’t help but start the throat.。
Ye Shuangzhou did not expect the taste to be so fragrant,Although I haven’t eaten yet,But the crispy field has begun.,Let him can’t help but want to eat directly.。
“Lee brother,This is nothing?”
“Hey-hey,Need for a while,You broadcast first,It can be ours in front of it in another five minutes.。”
Will be reminded by Li Hui Feng,Ye Shuangzhou remembered that I have forgotten the live broadcast.。
soon,HD camera directly。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Ye Shuangzhou, this time I still changed the equipment.。
With the opening of the live broadcast,Just a few minutes,There are thousands of people come in.。
After all, Ye Shuangzhou is also a big major anchor.,Start broadcasting,Many people will receive a reminder。
Less than half an hour,Take millions of heats are stable。

Jiang Wan’er walked out of the bathroom,Ask wonderingly,“How did you find me?”

“Remember your amulet?That’s why i found you!”
Fang Yu explained。
“This thing……”
Jiang Wan’er gave Fang Yu her amulet for the first time,Special water treatment,Close-fitting。
did not expect,This time it really saved her life!
“but,Can this thing be positioned??Flirty……”
“Leave it alone……You just need to know,This thing can’t be taken off,Otherwise I can’t find you!”
Fang Yu is serious。
Also going to take a bath……
“That one……Sorry!”
Watching Fang Yu’s departure,Jiang Wan’er is very sorry。
It’s not that she is too self-righteous,Maybe won’t be caught。
Although the ending is good,But she also suffered a lot。
White arm,Has a lot of rust,She finally washed it off。
I finished washing up in Fang Yu。
Jiang Wan’er has been waiting for a long time。
“You are now like a schoolboy doing wrong!You are not wrong……I thought it was okay,But what is the intention of the other party,We still don’t understand!Still have fun with us?”

For Huazai,The company’s handling attitude has changed from ambiguous to chaotic and increasingly tough,This makes Wu Jianguo very angry。Li Tianchou doesn’t feel like it,So I didn’t deliberately persuade my comrades,He feels at this time,Everyone should try their best to help Hua Tsai’s family fight for what they deserve。

The fifth day of the new year,Outside the farmers market,Small vendors have started to sell out,Various stalls,Snacks alone are dazzling,Dou Lao、Spiced Egg、Grilled seafood stall、Rice rolls, etc.,Varied。Outside the back door of the community, the bustle and complexity of the past has been restored。
Take advantage of lunch break,Li Tianchou slipped to the back door,Took a closer look,Although there are many kinds of stalls,But there is really no such kind of wonton stall in the north,This is a good opportunity,So I squatted down on the ground and chatted with Lao Wang from the bean curd stall。
Things are not as simple as imagined:If you want to have a small stall on the roadside,The procedures are quite complicated。Physical examination,Sanitation permit、Business registration, etc.,No less,NYamenkouzi,Tube size,All have to go through,After receiving a bunch of cards,To allow stalls。
Of course there are many wild stalls,Nothing to do,But business、When the cityscape comes, you have to run away。And the market management office has also checked,I heard that I also raised a bunch of bastards,No booth fee,Hit people to collect things,Cruel。
Li Tianchou was quite moved,It’s hard to mix anything。He gave Lao Wang a cigarette,I also learned more about the process of applying for a booth,Thanks,Back to the dorm。
Just arrived at the entrance of the dormitory,,Li Tianchou ran into Wu Jianguo who came back from a meal,Strange,“Jianguo,Have lunch so late?”
“Don’t mention it,Busy in the morning, I don’t even have time to fart。Hey,Really annoying。”Wu Jianguo complained。
“Huazi’s matter has not been resolved yet?”
“Early,Something big。In the morning you are in class,May not know,Hua Zai’s family went to the head office to make trouble。The security guard over there prevented us from entering,Both sides are froze,It happens that the company’s second boss Wang’s car is going into the gate,Was blocked by Huazi’s family。The people on both sides are pulling and pulling at the beginning,I fought for some reason,Even the police went。”
“How could it be like this?”Li Tianchou was surprised。
“Ugh……”Wu Jianguo sighed,Look around,Pointing at the stairs,Sign back to the dormitory。Comrades so careful,Li Tianchou is quite disapproving,But no longer wordy,The two went upstairs and returned to the room with a muffled sound.。
After the door is closed,Wu Jianguo didn’t care about eating,Tell me what happened like a bamboo tube。Li Tianchou listened to the blood churning,Look at the faces of your comrades,It’s not small。
The company’s approach is very unkind,Something that was easy to solve,Due to dragging,Finally complicated the problem。Now has more trouble,I don’t know what the head office suddenly smokes,Assigned an offending deputy manager of personnel to handle the affairs of Hua Tsai。But this kid is not learning and skillless,One pure son,Still above the top,I look down on wage earners。When receiving Huazi’s family,Outrageous attitude,And insulted them for extortion,Finally annoyed people。
Huazi’s family is naturally reluctant,Especially his brother-in-law is also a master of things,The lion opens his mouth,This fee,That’s a lot of money,The company will not accept,The two sides broke out。
“Anyway, a slap won’t make a sound,The messenger pulled a shit,I don’t know where to hide now。”Wu Jianguo was talking,Took a few bites of rice。
“What’s the plan of the company??Are you sincere about it??For example, let’s talk about the pension standard at least。”Li Tianchou couldn’t help but ask。
Wu Jianguo was taken aback,This is indeed the crux of the problem。He intervened in the middle of the road and was dizzy,Mainly according to the above explanation to persuade and appease the Huazi family。As for the pension,The company has never been in the cloud,Maybe the level is not enough,Thinking of this, he answered vaguely,“Old Hao should know,There should be a plan, right??”
Li Tianchou sneered,The old comrades are really kind to be deceived,Don’t even understand the key issues,No wonder the work is hard to do。This also shows that the company has no sincerity to discuss。No matter how much the pension,There is a fundamental difference between being and not being,This is of great significance to Huazi’s family,Even if you give more,For such a big company, it’s just a little drizzle.。But what makes him confused is,Trivial things,Why does the company destroy its image?

“Straight,I can understand your taste……”Zhang Song, who had already grayed out, finally found an ally。

“Bang bang bang!Bang bang bang!”Lu Yi could not determine the exact location of the opponent,I could only fire a few shots in the direction where the sniper guns were heard。
“Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!”Cao Anna also shot violently in that direction。
“Worthy of being a dragon fruit player,I don’t know when I changed my main weapon,I used the sniper rifle to take away those who wanted to go to the tunnel to supportShunzi!”Haruno Sakura explained。
“I have a document here,It shows that the firearms that dragon fruit players are best at are‘SIG550Sniper rifle’。This gun can also be said to be an unpopular firearm in the game,As a weaker sniper rifle,Need a strong shooting rhythm to control,When he uses this gun,Does it mean he is taking the game seriously?”Asked Mr. Sakata。
“Hehehe……A bunch of pig teammates who can only pull me into the water!it’s good now,As if the whole world is quiet……Look at,By myself,Can take them one,One,One,Kill all……”Pitaya said fiercely。
Obviously know that the other party must be hiding in a tunnel corner,But Lu Yi did not get a grenade。
“Do you have any grenade??”Lu Yi asked to Cao Anna。
“No,No more,Only the one just now……It basically blows you up……”Cao Anna is still embarrassed about the incident that injured Lu Yi just now。
“It doesn’t matter,I’ll lead him out,Shoot when you see the opportunity。”Lu Yi said。
“it is good,Ok……”Anna Cao agreed。
“not good!Get away!!!”
Cao Anna suddenly heard Lu Yi’s shout。
I saw a large red burning fire bottle flying in mid-air,After drawing a beautiful arc,Bottom of the bottle,Oil fire splash,Detonated in front of Anna Cao。
In an instant,A sea of flames spreading to the surroundings was ignited in the tunnel……
And Cao Anna is like an isolated island in the sea,Will be swallowed by the hot sea at any time……

the first time,Of course only choose expensive ones, not cost-effective ones。

“That’s the night,I take a shower first。”
Watching the woman walk into the bathroom,Chen Xiu’s little heart is beating wildly,I feel like holding a girl’s hand for the first time in high school。
“Do you want to be together?”
Girls throwing out sexy underwear,Chen Xiu received some body temperature in his hand,And let his heart sound,I ran to the bedside table and searched for a while。
The girl waited for a long time and no one came in,Just strange,Chen Xiu’s voice sounded outside。
“Did you bring that,Hotels are not generally prepared,So not here?”
The girl thought it was a rare Chinese that she didn’t understand,It took a while to react。
“no need,I think you were born gentle,Should be fine!”
Of course bringing that is not to let you rest assured me,I’m worried about you a little more, okay。
Chen Xiu suddenly remembered the sound of ecstasy just now,Didn’t you wear it just now?……Bar。
Especially when I saw a striking public service billboard beside the bedside table,The other is An Nan’s text, he didn’t understand,Written in red capital“AIDS”Particularly conspicuous。

Director Tang hiding in the dark,Suddenly picked up a shovel at the corner of the courtyard,Quietly walked behind Xiajian。

First0355chapter A surprise drop
Wang Huimin standing on the steps,Shouting loudly,But no one can listen to her,Tian Hongyu saw this in the yard,I was crying in a hurry。
Director Tang touched behind Xia Jian,Silently raised the shovel in his hand,To meet Xia Jian’s back will be cut off,Although this person is the village director of several natural villages,But he is treacherous and vicious,The right person,He will definitely be tricked。
A few years ago he coveted Wang Huimin’s beauty,But Wang Huimin is decent,Don’t give him any chance,Doesn’t Old Liu from Xiaotian Village invite him to dinner tonight?,By Jiujin,On official grounds,Rushed into Wang Huimin’s house,What he didn’t expect was,There is still a man in Wang Huimin’s house。
He took Wang Huimin’s rejection of him over the years,It’s all on Xia Jian,So his shovel goes down,Xia Jian has a disability if he doesn’t die,As for the consequences, he really didn’t think about it。
at this time,Just listen to a sweet drink,Two figures rushed into the courtyard,Director Tang held the shovel in the air for a moment hesitated,Has been snatched away,I got a kick on my stomach。
The yard suddenly became chaotic,Two black shadows quickly approached Xiajian,Protected Xia Jian,I saw one of the dark shadows first asked:“Are you Mr. Xia?”
“Fang Fang!Why are you here?”It’s Fang Fang’s voice,Xia Jian almost jumped with excitement。
Director Tang who has been frustrated again and again,Shout loudly:“Villagers of Xiaotian Village,Everyone can do their best tonight,Don’t you see it?This person has an accomplice”
These impatient villagers,Was inspired by Director Tang,Surrounded again,Fang Fang saw something bad,Hurriedly said to He Jing:“Protect Mr. Xia”Finished,Quickly took out a flashlight from his backpack,After lighting up, swayed in the air a few times。
“Villagers,Come on,Kill these guys first,It seems that they still have accomplices who have not entered the village,Your situation in Xiaotian Village is not good!”Director Tang yelled loudly,It feels like Xia Jian and the others are Japanese devils entering the village。

Li Hui also did not expect Song Ting to suddenly gave him a pot.。

He is also a bit helpless。
“Hey-hey,This brother,My partner is really a common pet dog,Very powerful。”
The other party heard Li Hui Feng,Eye is even more uncomfortable。
“That dare not, than I?”
“Forehead,This is still better than it is better.?
After all, we have to perform the task.,But I can let you take okay.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly to the big white road:“Big white,Let them see your real battle status。”
Dahuai heard Li Hui’s words,Directly to the two police dogs,Deep eye god。
“Taier” A wolf,Two police dogs are close to the cold and cold,Staring in the eyes of the big white,Don’t say that it is a police dog.,It is also the person who trains the police dog is also a feeling of cold.。
Dalu is not exposed?,But just a look, it’s scared by two police dogs.,I don’t dare to go to the big white dental teeth.。
Li Hui saw this scene,Laughing and patted a big white head。
“All right,All right,Not talking to you, don’t be scared??
Almost get。”
“Wow wow wow” Big white is also very good with Li Hui,Directly issued some grievous sounds。
Song Ting did not expect to seem to be so powerful with a large pet dog.。
Just think about this screaming, the police dog is screamed.,If this is the battle,What strength is there??
“okay,Everyone gets bus,Then give me the collection of our personal clothes for Jiangyu.。”
soon,Someone put oneTTail,Let the white have been smelling。
Although Li Hui, although he knew that the big white is certain than ordinary police dogs.,But it is some touching, but it is a bit touch.。
“How about it?
Can you find it??”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Dahuai nodded directly,This kind of scene is even more than the surrounding players.。
Li Rong Life:“Row,Then you take the way in front of,We follow you。”
Say,Li Hui rode directly on a police motorcycle.,Others are also getting on the bus,I ran directly with the big white.。
When you are in the city, you run very slow.,Li Hui Feng is a big white road,I am afraid that I have been hit by the car.。
However, the adaptability of Dahuai is completely exceeded by Li Hui Feng.。
Soon big white, take the county town,Then go directly to the distance。
Always run along the earth along the way,Even Li Hui felt that it feels that it is reliable.。
In his impression, the police dog is looking for a walk away.,But the big white pressure roots did not stop。
After passing through the road through the woods,Big Bai directly rushed a cemetery that was not far away.。
At the point of the cemetery,The big white stopped directly,Then around the cemetery in one of the cemetery.。
Snow White Wolf Claw Direct Planet,Soon, you will open a thirty-centimexious deep pit.,And the deep pit is clearly exposed to steel plates。

“He Dafu,This is your own,The village can’t take it.,And you should know what it means now,I will tell you.,As long as you go in,Don’t think about ten years old。”

Say,Yao Huai Li is directly let people go back.。
If this is an ordinary person,He may not be able to intimidate each other.,But Li Hui Feng,That is the celebrity in the county,One number known in the eyes of the leadership。
Such a person you dare to intimidate?
I don’t want to think about it.。
He Dafu did not expect to change so fast,The first second, Yao Huai, took a group of people to help.,After a second, let him solve him alone。
How did he solve??
“Yao Village,I can’t solve this this.。”
He Dalifu has some helplessness。
“Humph,I can’t solve it, waiting for people to report you is a black society.,Let’s wait for it to go in a ten years old.,And those things that I do, I feel that it is light in ten years.。”
I am scared by Yao Huai,He Dafu directly feels some soft。
Hey, Yao Huai, who took people left,He Dalifu has some want to cry without tears, Li Hui。
“Hey-hey,That Lee brother,You can’t spare me once.。”
He Dafu, I don’t know how to say this.,But in the face of Li Hui, he is really no other courage.。
“Rao you can,Xiaoping Anjia’s account,I have given me five thousand pieces.,I have to buy a new motorcycle,And what is the lack of things you have?,Grasp will make up,Otherwise don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.,I really want you to go in.。”
For Li Hui Feng,He Dalifu can only beat the teeth into the belly at this time.。
“Row,I will come back to give you,Then I have a few brethren.”Li speaks from the wind knows the other party。
But he is embarrassed to the other party.。
“First take the money with the receipt, then,In the future, I will always see Xiao Ping.,If you are known, you are bullied.,Then you should be prepared by me.,I usually don’t like others.,But if I want to just want to touch the other party,Violate the rules,As a result, I don’t have to say more.。”
“You go back to take the thing I want.,By the way, riding a motorcycle,You are just like this.,Don’t want them to freeze you, you can’t come.,Of course, you can also choose alarm.,At that time, the child has trapped the child.。”
Li Hui’s simple sentence put He Dafu all the returns blocked。
“Hey-hey,Not dare,Not dare,I will go back.。”
This time,He Dafu is fast,Come back。
Hand holding a stack of monocons,Then cash five thousand pieces,And a shabby motorcycle。
Li Hui took a few drug orders.,The brow is wrinkled directly.。
He Dafu is fake,Some Chinese medicine given before, there is no found,Even the pharmacology is probably not understanding。
Key those drugs are still very expensive,But in his eyes, it is worse than the cheapest drug tube.。
Seeing a village doctor,Li Hui also does not help but feel the world。
He is clearly remembers that in fact, the pharmacy of big cities is also the case.,Going to buy medicine is recommended,Obviously, a few yuan can solve things,It is recommended to give you a few hundred yuan.,A few dozens of pieces。
He sometimes has an illusion,The pharmacy is more than the supermarket.。
Pharmacy is also a pressure-free price,Even if you can also increase the price。
“I will not say the bill on these prescriptions. I don’t say it.,Your medicine you open,There are a lot to eat not only can’t cure the disease.,And it is harmful to your body, you know?”
In the face of Li Hui Feng, this question。
He Dafu is also a glimpse。
How can he not know?,Have a lot of medicine, he feels that I have been opened for the body.,What to earn more money,And the average person will definitely find it.,Even if you find him, there is a set of words.。
“Forehead,I also see the treatment efficacy of the medicine box is given.,There is a pain such as anti-inflammatory pain relief,I will open it.。”
For the argument of the other party,Li Hui is also angry, not playing.。

“Abandoned weapons at this time,He is looking for death!”

“Does he think a broken sword can hurt me?”
An instant,Many questions in Liu Yibai’s mind,Seeing that the soft sword is about to fly to his face,His fan and stick operated the soft sword and swung away,To shoot down the soft sword。
Chen Xiu’s left finger trembles like playing a piano,The soft sword in the air changed its direction and flew around Liu Yibai like a silver snake。
Liu Yibai was so scared that he unfolded his fan and danced impenetrably,Protect yourself。
You must know that Yu Jianshu is the super combat skill of the Sword Xianzong in the mysterious super sect.,Can pick up people from thousands of miles away,Can fly with sword!
“Is this kid the representative of Sword Fairy Sect in the world?”
“If so,I knew I wouldn’t provoke him!”
The Liu Family in Kyoto is the representative of the secular of Jinglemen,Jingleimen looked down on the Falling Cloud Sect behind Dai Yun。
But Jingleimen is not worthy of being exposed in the eyes of Sword Immortal Sect!
Sword Immortal Sect is definitely not something the Liu family can afford!
Liu Yibai was shocked,Dare not study,If he investigates carefully, he must find that there is no essence。
Chen Xiu is just fake swordsmanship,Use puppetry to make an appearance!