How much do you know about deceiving creams_1

How much cream do you know

Creams and lotions are the most important step in basic skin care. Many people think that if you don’t use them, skin care will not be completed. Therefore, it is very important to have a good bottle of cream!

But in the face of a lot of exaggerated propaganda made by many manufacturers, you have to be vigilant!

  1. Pure plant ingredients First of all, one thing must be clarified, that is, a chemical structural formula, no matter what method is used to obtain it, its efficacy must be the same.

So whether a component is purely plant-extracted or chemically synthesized, its effect will not be the same.

Basically, extracting ingredients that are beneficial to the skin from plants requires very high technology and equipment, and the cost of refining and concentrating is surprisingly high. It is by no means a price of around one hundred yuan.

In fact, most of the face creams that boast pure plant ingredients are mainly chemically synthesized, and they do not even include plant residues, only attracting consumers with plant fragrance or color.

  2, multi-effect-type cream, both moisturizing and anti-wrinkle; both whitening and lifting firming; both oil control, and . what ingredients does it contain?

We all know the principle of “opening a lock with a key”. One ingredient can only target one skin problem.

How many kinds of active ingredients can be contained in a face cream that can fight many kinds of problems. Can these different kinds of effective ingredients coexist peacefully together?

For skin care, the essence should be separated from the cream. Because two products with the same function have different activities, they must be used separately. It is no wonder that substances with different functions are put together without fighting.

  3, detoxification Everyone knows that the two major detoxification organs of the human body are the liver and kidneys, and the skin also has some detoxification functions, but it must be done by perspiration, that is, a “exhaust” action.

Applyable cream is an inward “sucking” process, which is exactly the opposite of detoxification.

So what is called a detox cream?

What is the principle of its detox?

Why does it detox?

What is the mechanism of its detoxification?

What are the symptoms of detoxification?

Is it possible to detox by writing a “natural detox ingredient”?

  4, anti-aging editor recognizes that many creams have anti-wrinkle effect, if you insist on using it, the wrinkles on the skin surface will be reduced.

But the overall anti-aging is a bit nonsense.

Aging is the decline of the function level of the entire human body. In turn, over time, human organs such as muscles and bones are also aging. These agings are manifested through the aging of the skin. However, no cream or skin care product has changed the muscles andThe power of bones.

  5. Gene modification is the hottest word in skin care industry in 2009, but what is gene?

Genes are the material basis of heredity, and are the general term for specific nucleotide sequences with genetic information on DNA molecules.

Genes transfer genetic information to transformation through replication, so that offspring will have similar traits to their parents.

In other words, our genes are relatively fixed, and it is quite difficult to intervene through external forces.

I want to change one’s genes through a bottle or bottles of skin care products. I don’t know if it is a good wish or a concept hype.

  6. Collagen Collagen. First of all, it is a kind of protein. The molecule of the protein is so large that it cannot be absorbed by the skin. Even the digestion that we rely on for its ability to absorb nutrients must be broken down into amino acids firstabsorb.

Do not believe you try to clean the raw eggs and see if they can be absorbed.

From a biological point of view, only low-level disease-free can the epidermis absorb substances such as proteins.