Seeing Chen Geng’s surprised eyes when looking at these two Chinese Garden Dog pups,The leaders of the delegation breathed a sigh of relief.:Became!

before this,Many people still have fierce opposition to giving Chen Geng such two ubiquitous puppies as gifts.,Even if this is Chen Geng repeatedly begging domestic comrades for help before returning to the United States,Their reasons are irrefutable:The puppy must help Chen Geng find,I want two puppies,Don’t we give it?Not only looking for,Also look for the purest Chinese pastoral dog,And we have to go through all customs clearance procedures for these two puppies,So that Mr. Chen Geng can raise these two puppies legally,but!
First237chapter Has a relationship with the military?!
Everyone chatted for a while,Ding Haijun can’t help but curiosity in his heart(And Hu Liang and other delegation members winked over),Ask Chen Geng:“Chen Dong,When we just came,I saw a weird-looking plane parked at your company,That is your company’s new product?”
“You said that power delta wing,”Chen Geng casually responded:“Ok,Is our new product。”
That big kite-like thing is called a power delta?Ding Haijun is a good general“This kite-like thing can really fly?”This sentence says bald mouth。
The same idea also exists in the hearts of all delegation members present:This big kite-like thing can really fly?Are you sure you are not joking?
No wonder they have this idea,They are not from the aviation system,Does not have basic knowledge of aerodynamics,I have never heard of unpowered delta gliders,Just instinctively feel that the plane has to be a fighter—5、Annihilate—6、Luck—5And the Boeing I took when I came to America707Wait for these planes,There are a pair of big metal wings on the fuselage,This is the plane,But this big kite in front of me……Power delta wing is really crude and outrageous,Just a few steel pipes(Actually not steel pipe,But aviation aluminum tube)A triangular piece of cloth,This thing can fly?!
They have a big question mark in their hearts。
Even Professor Song Jingying and Harbin Institute of Technology in the delegation、Several professors from Xi’an University of Technology,Although they are professors of science and engineering,But after all, it’s not an aviation professional,Although with my rich knowledge, I think this thing should almost be able to fly,But there is also a question mark in my heart,And they have never seen an unpowered hang glider——Although it is said that the power delta is in70First appeared in Europe at the end of the decade,But the first power delta that can be tested is1982Just appeared,They haven’t heard of this stuff and it’s normal。
Who is Chen Geng?,Of course, the suspicion in everyone’s eyes cannot be hidden from his eyes。But he is not angry or irritated,Smiled and nodded:“Although this thing is a bit simple,But it can really fly,Still flying……Anderson,You arrange,Let our Chinese friends take a look。”
Although he doesn’t mind flying by himself,But this time,Chen Geng’s identity determines that he can’t fly。
But no one stopped,Everyone is really curious:Such a simple thing,How could it fly?then……