That hat black shadow has some skills,Strength should be between Rank 6 and 7 entering the Holy Realm,If you can make those spirit-eaters gather around,Fighting power will increase a lot。

This kind of people are outside of what they can control,Not particularly powerful in itself。
Xia Chenglong doesn’t want to talk nonsense with each other,So as soon as I open my mouth, I directly put forward what I want to know。
“Sorry,I can’t tell you all three!”
“court death?”
“You are strong,But this is not your battlefield after all,So you can’t kill me。”
Confidence comes at a price。
The Xiaotian Sword has hovered around Xia Chenglong,Turned into countless sword shadows in the black night,Mixed with the white flames of the forest,Become a respected dragon。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
No need to talk nonsense,He still implements his own ideas,You can use the sword to solve the problems。
The Devourer controlled by the opponent has already moved away from him,How to block his blow next?
The shadow of the hat saw the sword light in front of Xia Chenglong,Dare not neglect at this moment,The soaring earth aura transforms into a huge earth-eating queen bee above the body,Inciting the wings to face the stegosaurus。
Two martial arts collide,Make a huge roar,Let this world become dazzling。
“Everything fades!”
The power of artistic conception unfolds instantly,He doesn’t believe that the other party can live。
Being able to defend against the previous attack is already very difficult for the shadow of the hat,Seeing Xia Chenglong directly unfold the power of artistic conception,No desire to fight at all。
The methods used before reappear,The body turned into a mass of spirit-eaters in the explosion,Fly around。