Look at its skilful and calm look,Seems to be used to it。

Li Shaoying hurriedly took out the prepared ointment,Help Black Jiao……
Jiang Zhiyi is very unwilling。
He just ended up like this。
In his opinion,Only need him,Can defeat all the students in Lichuan,No need for anyone else in the team to take action,How can I know that I only defeated the other two,And it won’t look good。
Then came Chen Bai and Lu Wenye。
Both of them are not very high,Solved by the other person alone。
Lu Wenye’s risk of fighting for life,The dragon that hit the opponent hard,Extremely reluctantly let the opponent off。
Lichuan,Four students have already lost。
And Mancheng High Court,Only two players。
This situation,Already very disadvantageous。
“Everybody,Sorry。”Lu Wenye’s face is a little pale。
Long die,It might make her impossible to improve in this life,The scene just now,Really dangerous。
Fortunately, Lu Wenye often goes out to practice,Relying on experience and instinct,Let your dragon escape。
But she still lost。
Did not make it to the next round。
She originally wanted to solve this difficult opponent,At least until the next round,Explore the strength of an opponent for your comrades,But her condition can no longer fight。
“nothing,Do your best。”Duan Changqing comforted。
Lu Wenye nodded reluctantly,She went off the court,I saw Zhu Minglang。