Director Tang hiding in the dark,Suddenly picked up a shovel at the corner of the courtyard,Quietly walked behind Xiajian。

First0355chapter A surprise drop
Wang Huimin standing on the steps,Shouting loudly,But no one can listen to her,Tian Hongyu saw this in the yard,I was crying in a hurry。
Director Tang touched behind Xia Jian,Silently raised the shovel in his hand,To meet Xia Jian’s back will be cut off,Although this person is the village director of several natural villages,But he is treacherous and vicious,The right person,He will definitely be tricked。
A few years ago he coveted Wang Huimin’s beauty,But Wang Huimin is decent,Don’t give him any chance,Doesn’t Old Liu from Xiaotian Village invite him to dinner tonight?,By Jiujin,On official grounds,Rushed into Wang Huimin’s house,What he didn’t expect was,There is still a man in Wang Huimin’s house。
He took Wang Huimin’s rejection of him over the years,It’s all on Xia Jian,So his shovel goes down,Xia Jian has a disability if he doesn’t die,As for the consequences, he really didn’t think about it。
at this time,Just listen to a sweet drink,Two figures rushed into the courtyard,Director Tang held the shovel in the air for a moment hesitated,Has been snatched away,I got a kick on my stomach。
The yard suddenly became chaotic,Two black shadows quickly approached Xiajian,Protected Xia Jian,I saw one of the dark shadows first asked:“Are you Mr. Xia?”
“Fang Fang!Why are you here?”It’s Fang Fang’s voice,Xia Jian almost jumped with excitement。
Director Tang who has been frustrated again and again,Shout loudly:“Villagers of Xiaotian Village,Everyone can do their best tonight,Don’t you see it?This person has an accomplice”
These impatient villagers,Was inspired by Director Tang,Surrounded again,Fang Fang saw something bad,Hurriedly said to He Jing:“Protect Mr. Xia”Finished,Quickly took out a flashlight from his backpack,After lighting up, swayed in the air a few times。
“Villagers,Come on,Kill these guys first,It seems that they still have accomplices who have not entered the village,Your situation in Xiaotian Village is not good!”Director Tang yelled loudly,It feels like Xia Jian and the others are Japanese devils entering the village。