Why working hard but not growing

Why working hard but not growing

The reason why people don’t grow fat is that these people don’t want to make the necessary weight gain efforts; they just want to find a simple, magical way to gain weight and become strong.

But if you are one of those few people who really want to grow stronger, please read on.

  The quick way to make you strong: First: buy some recent fitness magazines and rip out all the photos inside.

  Keep these photos as your goal, and then throw away the rest of the magazines, they will only confuse you.

Don’t bother with the daily training programs written in the magazine, this month’s nutritional supplements and so on, because those things are useless to you.

  Essentially, you need to learn the following weight gain rules.

  Rule 1: How do thin people gain weight?

How do fat people get stronger?

How do strong people become stronger?

There is only one answer, that is to eat!

“But I eat a lot, I just can’t grow meat” “I guess my metabolism is faster.”

Be careful, everyone uses this excuse, it’s totally nonsense.

Do you want to grow strong?

Or do you just want to be frustrated that you ca n’t grow meat?

If you want to get stronger, do it the way I will tell you.

Calculate calories.

If you don’t count calories you will never achieve your goal, in the end you are just wasting everyone’s time and your life asking me how I can grow stronger.

The only way to grow meat is to eat the right amount of food (calories).

If you don’t do this, any effort you make will not help you, no matter how much training you use, what special medicines you use, nothing will help you.

  The body works like this, assuming it needs x calories to grow.

If it gets it, it will grow and grow out of things that are either aunts or muscles.

If it is not available, the muscles will either stay the same size or they will shrink.

How many calories do you need?

First, buy a calorie calculator and buy some measuring cups.

It’s also a good idea to buy some cheap table, and finally, bring a notebook with you.

Next, calculate the conversions for everything you eat on a weekday and add them up.

  Starting tomorrow, eat 500 calories more than you usually do, and try to spread it throughout the day.

Continue this diet for a week.

Then measure your weight while you are in bed every day (before you eat).

Have you gained weight?

There’s none

Then starting next week, add another 500 calories a day.

If you still do n’t grow meat next week, add more.

If you ca n’t eat more, try something with a higher content, like auntie.

If you gain weight, keep on this diet; add 250-500 calories until you stop gaining weight.

  Weight gain guidelines: If you gain more than 1-2 pounds a week, then you need to lose 250 calories until you get used to it.

If you exceed this amount every week, most of your increase may be your aunt.

If you can add a pound per week, it’s already a lot. If you gain weight, you will gain 52 pounds a year, and you will soon become very strong.
If you are the kind of skinny person, maybe you need to add a lot of aunts to your diet.
Because adults are the highest calorie foods, adults have more than two calories of protein and sugar.

Then you can stuff more conversions into your belly.

Of course, you also need a lot of protein and vegetables.

If you are really as skinny and fragile as possible, eating more aunts will not have any effect on your health.