Constructing science and technology province "four galvan pillars" Hubei to play technology innovation "combination"

On October 27th, at the 18th "China Optical Valley" International Optoelectronics Expo, a concentrated signing "Starlight".Pentium laser intelligent equipment Wuhan R & D Manufacturing Base, Guangyi Filter R & D and production base, highlighting electronic high-end test equipment R & D and intelligent manufacturing industrial park … 27 projects cover laser, semiconductor, artificial intelligence, quantum information and other industrial fields,The total amount reached 30.6 billion yuan, and the creation of the Creative Globs will have a new amount of surprises.At this moment, many people have a strong feeling – Hubei has entered the rapid track of technology innovation, innovative initiatives are more powerful, and the innovation atmosphere is more strong, and the innovation momentum is more rapid, and has become an increasingly important in my country’s innovative layout.

"Full eye life is transformed, the Tianshu is trying to get new." As of now, the increase value growth in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the province has increased the increase in high-tech industries; the first three quarters of this year, the province’s 12,327 enterprises were selected in the national technology type SME library, ranking No. 8 nationwide; technical contract transaction billion yuan, year-on-year growth%. Activating innovation "a chess" phospantine resource comprehensive utilization technology is a world-class problem, and a large number of phosphite accumulation not only occupies land resources, but also safety and environmental hazards.

On November 3, the reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that as a high-energy major innovation platform supporting Yichang Construction Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center – The Three Gorges Laboratory has been substantially operated.

Professor Pool, Chief Scientist Pool, will increase the integration of joint research and research, and strive to increase the comprehensive utilization of Hubei phospantine in two years, and finally realize zero emissions. The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed to accelerate innovation and driving development, adhere to the core status of innovation, optimize the province’s regional innovation spatial layout and innovation factor configuration, and effectively transform the advantages of science and education resources into innovative advantages, talent advantages, development advantages.

The province has a joint association, "1 + 4" policy, "1 + 4" policy, "combined", "combined punches", science and technology province "four beams eight columns" accelerate construction, innovative driver development has achieved remarkable results. Since the establishment of the Guanggu Kok Children’s Corridor, Wuhan, Ezhou, Huangshi, Huanggang, Xianning actively promoted, 82 major innovation projects of more than 50 billion yuan, Wuhan National New Generation Artificial Intelligent Innovation Development Demonstration Zone released application scenario 103 Item; Wuhan Practice Intelligence Computing Center, Wuhan Super Country Center, the first "Double Carbon" Industrial Park, etc. in the middle, start construction.

Today, in this "gold corridor", more than 70% focus on the three innovative industrial bands of optical electronic information, great health, intelligent manufacturing, a series of innovative carriers, is full of regional innovation. energy level.

Xiangyang, Yichang Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center construction hoofs are stable. Take Fuyang, Yichang is the leader, "Yushu", "Yijing Jing", "Yi Jing Jing", "荆恩" and "宜 随" and "荆 荆" Science Corridor, linkage with Guanggu Technology Innovation Great Corridor, promoting North and South Two arrays integrated innovation and development. Breakthrough, first "one kilometer" October 26, Guanggu Laboratory Movement and Health Intelligent Technology Innovation Center will be established to face the major needs of people’s lives, focusing on actual scientific issues and key bottlenecks in sports and health care.

In just 8 months, the Optical Valley Lab has been published in the world’s top academic publication. The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to translate into key accelerated innovation applications, accelerate the development of large science devices, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and maximize innovative entrepreneurship creation vitality. At the beginning of the New Year, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, the new journey started, the Optical Valley Laboratory, Jiangxia Laboratory, the LaCK, Hongshan Laboratory, etc. 7 Hubei Laboratory were unveiled. From the major strategic needs of the national and Hubei economic and social development, Hubei Laboratory has enhanced the original innovation capabilities in the major sectors, breaking through key technology bottlenecks in key industries, and conducts major original research and collaborative research and research, and actively striving for national laboratories. .

The reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that the laboratory has achieved a number of important scientific research results. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Qiza, director of Hubei Hongshan Laboratory, said Hongshan Laboratory, won the investment of Daba Nongnan Group, and both parties will fully strengthen the basic research in the field of biological breeding, key core technical research, product research and development, and achievement transformation. "Chinese species" construction.

The large scientific device is known as the "National Heavy), which is a necessary condition for the breakthrough in many fields in modern science and technology. On November 9, the reporter saw on the construction site of major projects in Donghu Science Town, has been included in the national planned pulsed strong magnetic field experimental equipment optimization, the research facilities of national crop phenotypics, deep geotechnical engineering disturbance facilities, etc. 3 major science The device is accelerating in advance.

Wanli sang sails and rushed again.

Adhere to the "four face", Hubei is struggling to break through "first-kilometer".

On October 19, the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the first batch of "new species" enterprises in Hubei Science and Technology Department. Among the highest levels of "驼" enterprises, Wuhan Huaxing Optoelectronics is the first semiconductor display panel company in Hubei, accounting for 20% of the world’s small size display panel market; Wuhan Jingdong’s code is the highest generation line panel production line project.

The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to enhance innovation ability, optimize high-tech enterprises, and cultivate more subdivided fields "Tile Champion" and more industry leading enterprises.

This year, the province has arrested innovation, and the strength and atmosphere of promoting entrepreneurs have never been unprecedented and effective. In the first three quarters of this year, the province’s technical contract has been exceeded, the year-on-year growth is increasing, and 12,327 enterprises are selected in the national technology-based SME library, which is more than 7606 high-tech enterprises than 2020. It is 2020 annual declaration. Total quantity.

As the birthplace of the National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, Hubei ‘s Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Since this year, there have been two new national science and technology parks in the province. 9 national technology enterprises have 9, the Science and Technology Park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Wuhan University Science Park have been awarded a national excellent.

Up to now, there are 678 provincial-level technology incubators, spatial spaces, and 678 spatants, Xingchuasia, and the number of middle part of the first; more than 2,500 hatching companies, providing a source of rapid scoring regulations for high-tech enterprises. new force. The Dajiang Flow Day, the generous song is not. At the great journey of the new era, Hubei is rushing to the "Star Ocean" of the Science and Technology Innovation in Hubei, and the great journey of the construction of the world’s science and technology, and makes Hubei contribution! (Wen Jun, Qiu Jian Mountain) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.