Cangzhou Ke City explores the common prosperity of mountains

People’s Net Zhangzhou November 4th (Zhang Fan) This afternoon, Zhangzhou held "Full to build a four-province’s marginal co-affordable demonstration area" theme press conference in Ke City special. The meeting introduced how to explore the new path of the total wealth of mountainous counties in Mountainous Areas, find the key difficulties and key points of the mountain counties, the common prosperity, and the local system should have realized innovative breakthrough work initiatives, and accelerate a batch of Kucheng The common wealthy first line model of identification. Borrowing "Ecological Advantages" Determining Sports Leisure as the Leading Industry "as the provincial ecological civilization construction demonstration area, ecology is the biggest characteristics of Ke City, the most valuable resources.

"Zhu Shufang, secretary of the Kucheng District, introduced that in recent years, Ke City has always firmly rely on" Green Water Qingshan "to seek" Jinshan Yinshan ", and is based on the national sports and leisure tourism resort, further exploration will The ecological advantages are transformed into industrial advantages, economic advantages, development advantages, struggling to open up the sputum and revitalizing the countryside to achieve common prosperity.

At present, Ke City is in accordance with the "three-year formation, five-year name" of the Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee, accelerates the construction of the Lingbi Mountain Tourism Resort, ensuring that this year’s provincial tourism resort is created, striving for 2023 National tourist resort. "Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government puts forward the ‘focus characteristics, one county and one policy’ requirements, the key points of Cohtou ‘one county one" is to combine the advantages of the main city, create as a support in Lingbi Mountain National Tourism Resort Platform, the sports and leisure is determined as the dominant industry. "The Standing Committee of the Cohti District Committee, the executive deputy director Qi Fujun has" four excellent "in the development of sports and leisure industries, respectively, has a good location, elegant quality, excellent quality. Ke City has 200 kilometers, 39 kilometers of car cross-country road, there are 285 people, about 10,000 in the future, Ke City will also create "1 belt 5" industrial chain, which is the Baili sports promenade. Better, micro-transformation, and improve 30 future villages, create colorful cocheng demonstration belts; use sports car city as the core of the car off-road industry chain; Zen integrity of the spirit of the prospecting of the spirit "; The high-altitude park is the core limit sports industry chain; the exploration of the research industry chain as the core of Taoyuan Qili Scenic Area; the rural cultural industry chain of the future country is the core.

By 2025, Ke City plans to achieve 26 million tourists, with an income of 25 billion yuan, annual taxation of 1 billion yuan, providing 20,000 jobs, and driving the peasant annual income of 5,000 yuan. It is no modernization without industrialization of high-energy ecological industrial platforms.

In order to achieve leap-forward development, Ke City has created a high-energy ecological industrial platform in the region by doing a fine-selling ecological industrial park. The industrial acres has a tax return reached 280,000 yuan / mu, and 10,000 jobs have been added.

"There were 167 enterprises in the Hangye Industrial Park, including up to 121 enterprises under the acres of taxes, 2020 total production volume billion yuan, the storage tax, only more than 100 million yuan, it is difficult to support the high-quality development of Kucheng Industry. Dream. "Zhu Sufang said, Ke City, in accordance with a batch of reservoirs, integrated into the park, rectifying a batch, shutting down a batch of required requirements, 30 departments, 30 departments, gridization Advance, in just 2 months, the "low scattered" enterprises rectified, and there is more than 700 acres of low-efficiency industrial land.

At the same time, Ke City will further do the strong platform by accelerating the construction of the "Hydropower Road" and other infrastructure and small micro enterprise parks, and further improve the strong platform, such as the total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, the Wanyang Small and Micro Enterprise Park has started construction. The first phase will be built at the end of this year, and it will provide high quality carriers for more than 50 small and micro enterprises. In terms of enhancement, Ke City, Jinwu shares, Jinwo shares, and promoted the rendering of the bearing accessories industry extension. Up to now, the Kucheng Ecological Industry Platform has introduced a project of total investment billions, of which 2 billion yuan or more projects, and 4 items.

Cultural Employment Country Helps Rural Revitalization "I have started in Ningbo for many years. I returned to Ke City last year. I have been the first batch of homesick people who have been in the future countryside. For more than a year, I saw Yu Dongcun realized huge The leap, all kinds of business are like the spring bamboo shoots, and the tourists are constantly increasing.

At the press conference, Kokocheng Xian Ye Jinying told the story of his returning home business. "There is more than 800 people in the village of more than 800 people in Yu Dongcun."

In recent years, we have focused on a cultural culture, a village, and focus on building a future rural village, exploring a cultural empowering countryside, achieving a common affluent path.

Chen Jianfeng, secretary of the party committee secretary of the Tangxi Township Township, Cohti District, said that local insistence on the advantages of the human resources of Yu Dong Village into rural economic development and rural residence.

Through cooperation with enterprises, continuously broaden the characteristic cultural industrial chain, such as village enterprises cooperation and development literary, research, study, casual camping, and rural brigade integration, etc., promote six One "feature industry flouries.

According to statistics, Yu Dongcun has achieved the transformation of selling paintings, copyright, selling scenery, selling, selling, selling, selling copyright, selling scenery, selling, selling copyright, selling scenery , There is a live dry, have money to make, the village has also made money from the original two thirty peasant painters to the village.

At the same time, Tangxi Township has achieved a village rich by doing a good job in village enterprises, villagers jointly, villagers, villages, and things. An old man sighed, and he lived in the village for more than 70 years, and the guests came without this seven days. (Editor: Zhang Fan, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.