But what does it matter?,For the vast majority of consumers,They only believe in what their eyes see,I saw Ford launched an anatomical model of Victoria Crown,It shows that Ford has confidence in this car、Full of confidence,So they dare to show us the deepest hidden thing in a car,Do you dare other manufacturers??

You didn’t do that,Just say you have a guilty conscience,Explain that you have insufficient confidence in the quality of your products!Explain that your product is not as good as the Ford Crown Victoria……If consumers don’t think so,As a manufacturer,You are responsible、Obligation to guide consumers to think here、And get them to agree with you。
Listening to the cheers and applause that can almost overturn the roof,Henry·In Ford’s mind, he couldn’t help but remember what Chen Geng said when he persuaded himself to make an anatomical model of the Victoria Crown.,I admire Chen Geng to death:This is the real marketing master。
Simultaneously,He also thought of another thing Chen Geng said at the time:“Henry,When other manufacturers did not do this,Ford did it first,Ford Motor is the forerunner that consumers consider most in the automotive industry,You should take this opportunity to establish your own public image,Also if convenient,By the way, it is also possible to step on the feet of other manufacturers,For example, those Dongying enterprises……”
First264chapter I can still play like this?!
Watching the excited crowd and flashing flashes,Henry·Ford thinks Chen Geng is too correct,Since Chen Geng is always correct,So why are you polite?……
Thought of here,He covers his mouth with one hand,To the CEO Philip·Caldwell whispered:“Philip,Later, you will find a few media that have a good relationship with us,Let them publicize it。”
“Good boss,I will arrange。”Philip·Caldwell nodded immediately,He doesn’t even need to think,I already understand the purpose of the boss’s arrangement——As Lee·Iacocca’s successor after being kicked out,Philip·Caldwell knows his identity and position in Ford。
Look to Philip·Henry Caldwell Whispering·Ford,The reporters thought to Henry·Mr. Ford and Philip·The content of Caldwell’s exchanges was immediately extremely curious:Can make Henry·Ford wants to face Philip in front of such a reporter·What Mr. Caldwell said,Must be very, very important?The reporters suddenly shouted:
“Mr. Ford,Can you tell me what you just said to Mr. Caldwell?”
“Mr. Caldwell,Could you tell me what Mr. Ford said to you just now?”
“Mr. Ford……”
“Mr. Caldwell……”
Although I know my question99.999%Impossible to get a response,But the reporters still raised their hands and asked loudly——A reporter,Do you care about your own face??
But the results were a bit beyond the reporters’ expectations,Face everyone’s questions,Henry·Mr. Ford did not refuse to answer this question,Think a little,He actually nodded:“I also just thought of it……I said to Philips,In order to let users better understand our cars,In addition to this Victoria Crown,Ford will launch more vehicle anatomical models,Will also hold more experience activities,Let everyone have a deeper understanding of Ford。”