But now I know those bosses,His eyes are also wide.。

I know that I want to make money with myself.,Don’t have any rich and great expensive。
So he decided to set up an security company to make money.,Free to make a dart,But for free for free,After three days, I will return directly.。
Chapter 1144 no longer retains
I want to not return to your team,Then it is to leave or talk about the price of the bodyguard.。
“Row,As long as you promise to help,Two years,I am in the past two years, I am purely brush in the village.。”
“Hey-hey,I am so busy with you.,And I have another condition。”
For Xu Tianci, did not start,This kind of thing that has been running,Li Hui’s heart is not happy.。
The reason for promise each other,It is also looking at Xu Laifu’s face.。
“What conditions?”
Xu Tianci naturally knows that Li Ping is not likely to be such a simple condition.,After all, it is not a day and two days.,Many things do he know。
If you want to make Li’s cheap, it is almost impossible.。
In fact, as long as Li speaks cheap,So, he earned him.。
“Very simple,I have to choose ten security people.,How about it?”
“rest assured,This is also very busy.,Otherwise, you have trained who don’t give you to find a job.?
I like this, I solved the employment problem.。”
Xu Tianci thought about it.,Indeed。
“it is good,We opened the day after tomorrow,Can you rush??”
Li Hui also didn’t expect the other party to open so anxious.,This is definitely there are other things,But he doesn’t know.。
But think carefully,These things are not much related to him.,He just went to help!。
It is also nod to agree.。
The third day of the third day,Li Hui Feng has already felt Rao Shang City.。
And Xu Tiancai is already busy。
What is the first time to open the security company is also challenged.,The same seems to be an indispensable regulation on the rivers and lakes in the South River.。
“He Big Brother,Do you really have a lot of people who come to find??”
“Um,After all, there is one more to open security.,Less earnings less,No one wants to make new power,Unless the new forces have absolute strength。”
Xu Tianfei does not know that this choice is or wrong,But he feels that it should be failed.。
When the bodyguard is a month, he feels the peak.,But he can’t be a bodyguard for a lifetime.。
And Li Hui cultivated him as an security manager,He also likes it very much.,After all, although he is a smile and enemy.,But a lot of things, I can’t go to the ridge.。
For these, he feels that Li Ping should also know。
8:28,His security company started listing,Then the drums,Firecracker。
Tang Can I want to tease Xu Tianci to play.,But I will see this time with Xu Tian.,She felt Xu Tianci’s indefinite to a man。
Every time I have something to come forward.,And the other party can restrain the fantasy to her.。
Once two people are drunk,She took the initiative to kiss each other.,Then it is a Tianlei rope。
Just when you want to make the last step,She decisively refused。
According to her at the time,If the other party is impulsive,She may be half-pushed。
But it is a moment that she refused.,For the convenience of stop all actions。
This also made her have a new understanding of Xu Tian.。
“Go and talk soon.,Don’t be in this。”
Seeing more people around you,Tang Can also knows almost。