827 Bizarre murder
Xiao Li is a low down payment Li Ying whispered in her ear:“team leader,you forgot。That case was too bizarre,The Secretary asked us to be on standby for 24 hours during this period!”
Li Ying was clever when thinking of the case,Put the wine glass in his hand。This time the phone rang。
“Li Ying,Hurry to Lujiazui Financial Center88Floor,problem occurs!”
“King Bureau,What case?”
“The same as before,All three senior women in the financial center were murdered,Preliminary conclusion,All the blood on his body was taken clean,There are two holes in the neck。It is estimated that it is a perverted killer simulating vampire killing!”
Li Ying took a breath:“understood,I will be there in ten minutes!”
After hanging up,Li Ying said to Qin Zhi:“President Qin,I still have something urgent,We’ll drink again next time!”
“it is good!”
Said to Chen Xiu again:“You won’t leave the magic city in a short time?”
Chen Xiu is unheard of,Holding a knife and fork in a daze,Qin Zhi kicked him under the table to react。
“Ok,I shouldn’t be leaving recently。”
“Row,See you when my case is solved。”
Li Yinglei was so popular that she led Xiao Li straight out of the western restaurant,Chen Xiu looked at the back of her leaving, but he was worried。
With his ear power, he naturally listened to Li Ying’s call just now,I was thinking:“It is estimated that the ancestor Baihu sent me and Zhu Huiwei to the magic city,The police also thought that a perverted killer imitated a vampire to kill someone,But I don’t know if there are real zombies!No way,Li Ying was too dangerous in the past。”