the first time,Of course only choose expensive ones, not cost-effective ones。

“That’s the night,I take a shower first。”
Watching the woman walk into the bathroom,Chen Xiu’s little heart is beating wildly,I feel like holding a girl’s hand for the first time in high school。
“Do you want to be together?”
Girls throwing out sexy underwear,Chen Xiu received some body temperature in his hand,And let his heart sound,I ran to the bedside table and searched for a while。
The girl waited for a long time and no one came in,Just strange,Chen Xiu’s voice sounded outside。
“Did you bring that,Hotels are not generally prepared,So not here?”
The girl thought it was a rare Chinese that she didn’t understand,It took a while to react。
“no need,I think you were born gentle,Should be fine!”
Of course bringing that is not to let you rest assured me,I’m worried about you a little more, okay。
Chen Xiu suddenly remembered the sound of ecstasy just now,Didn’t you wear it just now?……Bar。
Especially when I saw a striking public service billboard beside the bedside table,The other is An Nan’s text, he didn’t understand,Written in red capital“AIDS”Particularly conspicuous。