The price is too fast! Survey shows: Super 60 Americans intend to Christmas a penny is not messy

On November 17, according to the Singapore "Joint Morning Post" website reported on November 17, the US retailer thought in the heart of the holiday consumption season, but in the past 30 years, it is the most in the past 30 years. The price of a fast increase will make this year’s Christmas atmosphere.

The report quoted Bloomberg report that the influence of inflation is particularly serious for low-income families of about one-thirds of income for food and energy.

Recently, the price of salary has risen, and the federal anti-optic relief program supporting about 7.5 million people has also expired, and ultimately leads to price. Joshibin, director of the US Economic Policy Research Institute, pointed out that anything that brought a lot of pressure on the family budget in the short term, and the days of low-income families will be more tense because they digest the stress smaller.

According to the report, the gap between the rich and the poor during the economic recovery will be revealed when the holiday is coming. According to a survey, more than 11% of the American people intend to spend a penny, this proportion is the highest in last 10 years, and it is more than 2020.

Economists expect that price increase will curb consumer demand in the short term.