30 Little Salts to Help Your Healthy Life

30 Little Salts to Help Your Healthy Life


Dandruff — You have dandruff and are annoying.

.Frequent shampooing can remove dandruff or prevent hair replacement.


Coffee + salt-can drink, of course, do not add Fanfan flavor (a little bit!



Washing broccoli — There are green bugs in the vegetables. As long as you put the vegetables in the hay, those bugs will crawl out and worship you.


Loss of Vitamin C — If you use a fruit juice or fruit and vegetable juicer to grind fruits and vegetables, you will lose a lot of vitamin C, so put some salt in it before it is minced and it is OK!


Dirt in the dishes — thick brine or brine + vinegar, it’s OK!


Candles — Ignite the candles and place some salt near the heart of the candle to make the candle brighter and last longer.


Relieve cough — Use a ratio of salt to water of 1: 100. After stirring well, drink saline with a straw.


Broken worms — Wooden furniture can damage worms. Rubbing the surface of the furniture with hay can effectively prevent maggots.


Boiled eggs — Adding a trace of salt to the water can prevent the shell from falling down disadvantageously, and even the broken egg protein will not change.

After cooking, put in cold water and the eggshell will peel well.


Throat — Singing, speaking hoarse, not drinking a bit of salt water.



Bamboo utensils — Washing rattan and bamboo utensils with salt water can make them change and be durable!


Fire-Adding salt to the fire with newspaper wrapped in it will not only increase firepower, but also reduce smoke.


Brushing — Brushing your teeth with fine salt or salt water will make your teeth stronger and whiter.


Emetics-When food is mildly poisoned or excessive drinking causes discomfort, use concentrated saline to help induce vomiting.


Soot-When soot stains white clothing or cloth, it can be washed with warm saline water to remove soot.


Broom — Soak the newly bought broom in salt water for a while, it will not be shed when used after drying.

Clams-Before cooking the clams, soak the clams in salt water and let it spit. No sand will be eaten when eating.
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Milk — Don’t be afraid of milk taste, add salt can be stored for several days will not change taste, expired no longer used to bake cakes and wash your hair.


Steamed rice — Add salt water and washed rice to the rice cooker. The steamed rice is not only soft and soft, but also flavorful.


Fruits — Apples, pears, and other iron-containing fruits will change color after peeling for a long time. Don’t worry, just put them in a jar after cutting to prevent discoloration.

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Bathing — Adding bath salt or table salt when bathing in the bathtub can not only sterilize or even refresh yourself.

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Vinegar — Add some salt to the edible vinegar, it can be stored for a long time without bad.

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Scorching marks — If there are scalding marks on tables and chairs, you can use olive oil and salt to reconcile them. After rubbing for one hour, wipe off the scalding marks to restore the original shape.

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Weeding — If the weeds in your home grow quickly, you can sprinkle a large amount of salt on the weeds, and 3 or 4 days later.

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Cramps — If there are cramps and cold, you can fry the salt, wrap it in a cloth, and wipe it back and forth on the four limbs!


Fire, burns — Soak the wound in saline for 10 minutes or sprinkle the wound with salt to relieve pain and sterilize.


Towels — Towels will be wet and sticky after being used for a long time. After rubbing with salt, they will not be wet and sticky after washing with water.


Woodware — Woodware will turn black for a long time, and it can be restored after wiping with salt water.

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Oil splashing — When frying food, you can put some salt in the pan. This will not only prevent the oil from spitting out but will not burn.

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Mouth broken — Mouth broken can not be good for a long time, as long as you wipe the mouth with salt to recover.