Always adhere to the party’s leadership struggle to create a new future

Our party has always firmly strengthened the mass route.

Putting the "people" in the heart, in the stormy revolution, the party leads the people to fight the treasury, the land, carry out the anti-Japanese war, drive away the aggressor, overthrow the Kuomintang’s reactionary rule, establish a new China; And the reform of the spring tide, the party leads the people to carry out socialist revolutions and construction, change the national appearance of a poor two white, implement reform and opening up, promote socialist modernization, and have been fundamental for the people for more than 100 years.

From the deeds of the outstanding Communists such as Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen, Huang Wenxixi, I saw the people in their hearts, and forget it, I was so good, and I was dead.

Our party has come, always insists on seeking truth from facts.

Seeking truth from facts, as a basic way to understand the truth, require us to adhere to the actual existence from the objective existence, not from any subjective expectations; adhere to the practice as a test all theory, route, policy, policy is objective The truth standard, inspect and develop truth in practice.

Seeking truth from facts, is an important ideological method of the Communists and is the key to ensuring the healthy development of the party and national undertakings. The premise for "Yes" is to see "real".

Through the emphasis on the eyesight of the problem, our party’s eyesight, the mentality of the matter, the listening of the people, and take the level of the grassroots, and launch a solid foundation for successful work.

Our party has always adhered to independence.

The party’s experience is not from the sky, nor is it from the book, but has accumulated in the long-term exploration of hardships. It is full of success or loss, condense blood and sweat, full of Wisdom and brave.

Through continuous summing of experience, improve the skills, our party continues to improve the risk, meet the ability to challenge, the insurance is the ability, not sticking to the dogma, moving foreign model, boldly try, boldly, exploring my country in compliance with China Characteristic socialism road.

(Wang Ye).