Qin Feng’s first sentence was shocking,Tens of thousands of monthly income for each household?

What kind of concept is this?You know this is a big boss who can catch up with some companies。
“What do we need to do?”Huang Longwen knew that Qin Feng couldn’t find them just for this.。
Xie Zhiwei feels a little regretful,This is a step too late。
“What you need to do now is very simple,The first step is to clarify the villagers’ ideas,Then unify,Try not to take out the land here。”
Qin Feng knows that there are some things that cannot be forbidden,But he can only give some advice like this。
“Could it be that the company is going to acquire this place?”Huang Longwen said a little excitedly,He is really curious about this。
If it’s really such a big deal,I guess the people here are going crazy?
It’s not right to think about it,There is only 100 million capital injection,This money looks big,But so many people in the village,And one million per household,That was done by a hundred households,This money can’t be activated at all。
“Ugh,I think,But there is no such powerful force。”
Qin Feng also bowed his head and sighed,“I am going to plan all the shops here,Unified processing,I have to ensure that when everyone travels here,That kind of comfort won’t decrease。”
“This is really not easy。”
Huang Longwen also has a headache,Because chasing benefits is the mind of most people。
If you know that this side will be developed on a large scale,Those people are still willing to listen to Qin Feng’s words,That’s the hell。
Actually,Huang Longwen doesn’t understand,Why didn’t Qin Feng expropriate these lands directly before?。
When the dishes here are declining,If someone gives one million,They are also willing to sell all directly,At that time, what matters is not Qin Feng’s say?